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  1. Chickens & pregnancy
  2. Anyone off-grid in TN?
  3. Country house plan help!
  4. Off-Grid: Need a fan... reaching unusal temp of 100F
  5. Socializing in the country
  6. Is your piece of the country peaceful? looking for perspectives...
  7. Shade Veggies?
  8. financing building off the grid
  9. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  10. Off grid raw land rental opportunity
  11. anyone totally off the grid?
  12. What to do with older layers?
  13. Sustainable Homes
  14. Homesteading with no "job"
  15. Going off the grid using solar panels
  16. Which of these two properties?
  17. AMAZING Off Grid/Homestead Opportunity!
  18. New Year's resolution. Do you have?
  19. Gift Ideas for Self-Sufficiency Dreamers
  20. 2015 Garden Planning
  21. If you could direct the other half of the conversation...
  22. Making a Mattress or Buying an Affordable Non-Toxic One
  23. Goat lice
  24. Greenhouse: 6mm or 10 mm twin wall UV protected polycarbonate
  25. Global Television Casting
  26. Poultry Thread
  27. Anyone moved to another country (outside USA)? Canada?
  28. Alpaca, Goats, Horses, or...?
  29. Help Me Choose Greenhouse.
  30. Farmer's Market
  31. How to install stickable solar panels without sticking?
  32. Goals and suggestions to work toward self sustainability!!!
  33. Come be my neighbor in the country!
  34. Eat what you grow: Summer Loca-vore Challenge
  35. Giradora, Laundry Pod and simliar - Hack?
  36. Help me chicken keepers!
  37. How to get eggs cleaner?
  38. Selling at farmers' markets
  39. Farm as a business
  40. Book/Resource Recommendations
  41. I think one of my chicken's has Marek's disease
  42. Mid-atlantic or the other side of the world
  43. free online homesteading magazine
  44. Potty learning with an outhouse?
  45. Extended or crew cab? We need a pickup to fit 3 carseats and 2 adults.
  46. Self-Sustaining Ranch for the Homeless
  47. Choosing a place to live.
  48. looking for a quality clothes drying line -- advice?
  49. Revising my dreams
  50. Moving from zone 1A to 6B. Wow, I can have perennials!
  51. making salt pork
  52. Just bought a 10 acre property
  53. brining meat
  54. What are your favorite plants to grow for use in homesteading?
  55. first time pregnancy and a new Dairy cow
  56. anyone pressure can on an induction stove?
  57. Should I force my new goat to let me milk her?
  58. I just performed bumblefoot surgery
  59. Quick Intro
  60. My chickens :(
  61. Minimalist Homestead?
  62. Hoping to "Take the Plunge"
  63. GRAWR!!! Mice in the car. Out Out OUT!!!
  64. Quail
  65. Composting toilet
  66. When do you let your kids play by themselves?
  67. Recycling
  68. Buying Land
  69. Help I have mildew!
  70. Living on the road- What's it really like?
  71. Please help us keep our hens!
  72. Who else is in the process of going off grid?
  73. Any Mountain Mamas Here?
  74. Broody hen questions
  75. Animals to keep pasture grass down
  76. nigerian dwarf goats, worms, and two year olds
  77. Carpet or wood or ... flooring?
  78. Mosquito
  79. Mouse in the house...make that mice
  80. RV and 3 3 and under
  81. how we live off the grid.. appreciate any tips to make life easier.
  82. Newbie questions about owning land//responsibilities
  83. Chickens without upsetting the neighbours
  84. Where in the world?
  85. fuel from waste
  86. Beekeeping?
  87. Delaware Chickens for Meat
  88. Muscovy ducks and the Garden
  89. Salatin Farming
  90. Getting started with chickens?
  91. Too many eggs
  92. question-
  93. Things to do with rosemary
  94. You Know You're a Country Bumpkin If.....
  95. Yurt Living this spring-fall BUT what about a toilet?
  96. Simple Living in our Yurt! We need bathroom ideas!(composting toilets????)
  97. Help me name my farm...?
  98. Maple sugaring?
  99. how to buy with one income?
  100. Keeping up with the kids
  101. Can pigs and cows live together
  102. maple trees are gushing!
  103. Beeswax candles
  104. LGD
  105. My chickens won't lay in their boxes
  106. Yurt Living
  107. What Exactly Does This Mean?
  108. Wanting to learn more about living off the grid
  109. Getting Away From Corporations - Your Favorite Places for Online Shopping
  110. Earthbag Homes in Michigan
  111. Kids Witnessing the hunting/butchering of animals process? What do you think?
  112. Alternative Generators for emergencies
  113. How much land do you have?
  114. Anyone using rain catchment for household use?
  115. time of year to start pullets?
  116. Are you living in the country, off grid or dreaming about it?
  117. Pump house ideas
  118. Good Book About Pasturing Hogs?
  119. refrigerators for off-grid
  120. Self-sufficient Community
  121. new urban farm .35 acres, what would you get?
  122. APEC RO-45 system, you like?
  123. Canning question
  124. Help for cat who has suddenly turned into a panther/murderer
  125. Types of homes
  126. Hi All. I have some questions about cloudy days and solar
  127. tomato canning question
  128. Moving back into a dry cabin.
  129. Anyone have a small, house mounted wind turbine?
  130. Hand crank ice cream tips wanted
  131. Seeking people in Washintong State, interested in OTG.
  132. Buying a house in the country
  133. Anyone use VA home loan?
  134. Slaughtering your own animals
  135. Living in a "tiny house"
  136. sustainable community in western NC
  137. WSHTF???
  138. Keeping Cool Off Grid
  139. Ducks & Bunnies?
  140. Security Systems & Insurance Coverage for Off-Grid. Is it possible?
  141. .
  142. Tetanus vax and farm/homestead/off grid/rural/horse living...
  143. Anybody milk goats?
  144. Off Grid Appliances
  145. Cost of homemade chicken feed (estimate)
  146. Best places to live?
  147. Families in Bear Country, how do you deal with food waste?
  148. Chicken with a wonky!
  149. Mountainy, friendly, artsy place to live sustainably?
  150. help I'm thinking of a chicken book..
  151. Pay off land, then build house? Or pay off land and build house at same time?
  152. Fleas in our CABIN and I'm 33 weeks pregnant - please help!
  153. It's Farmer's Market Time Again!
  154. Homesteading in a rental?
  155. Looking for people to join an OTG in WA
  156. buying pigs for meat
  157. Anyone have any luck buying small parcels out in the country?
  158. yurt organization
  159. Planning Our Transition - Advice?
  160. mice in the urban chicken coop
  161. Top Money Saving Homesteading Tips
  162. Feel isolated by the country... love hate relationship
  163. Do bears eat bunnies?
  164. Root Cellar in deep south anyone?
  165. Living off the grid and Child Protective Services (PLEASE HELP!!)
  166. Cover cropping for chicken forage
  167. simple chicken house/tractor design for preschool use, and breeds...
  168. Anyone live in or build a cob home?
  169. I started on my orchard :)
  170. anyone use the wonder wash?
  171. raising a homestead pig or two
  172. Whistling Chick?
  173. Urban homesteaders - Where to get soil?
  174. family cow breeds
  175. Homesteading m/others, what do you do with your toddler?!
  176. Might be moving to a house on 10 acres!
  177. Country dream living - but for one catch. Cast your vote. Take it or not?
  178. I just killed a chicken...
  179. Anyone have a hand operated grain mill?
  180. Earthbag building
  181. Long term goal - where do we start?
  182. DUCKS! Advice wanted
  183. Anybody ever rescued chickens?
  184. bio mass gasifier
  185. Let's talk well water
  186. How to make LIQUID soap from biodiesel glycerine? Recipe appreciated! : )
  187. High speed internet options in the middle of no where?
  188. Any advice for making a smooth transition to living in GMIL's house?
  189. rural properties - any advice?
  190. Detox period from high powered career?
  191. Raising chickens?? Some very very basic questions...
  192. Hello everyone
  193. Where to locate the woodstove? Wanting to avoid a costly mistake....
  194. Beginning my transition
  195. Dilemma...
  196. Looking for a specific blog...
  197. Finally moving to "our forest"; wanting to teach caution without scaring the kids.
  198. grinding grain - how much to buy?
  199. grinding grain - how much to buy?
  200. Thinking about raising chickens...
  201. Indoor air quality and woodstoves
  202. EarthShips
  203. Chicken feed info...
  204. Great Pyrenees advice needed
  205. Best solar oven?
  206. Line Drying...inside?
  207. What to do with an Acre?
  208. Homesteading Question: How much will it cost to build my own cabin?
  209. Helpful off-grid videos for all the mamas!
  210. Our new tiny cabin
  211. Has anybody built their own wind turbines?
  212. Building Bat Houses
  213. Wood cook stoves
  214. Purchasing Raw Land
  215. Location
  216. Woodstove Mama's- House temperature?
  217. Question about eggs...
  218. It's time for the "W" word again, and I'm not talking winter: It's wood season!
  219. our very first barn!
  220. My chickens are terrified of my son's new muscovy ducklings!
  221. Slaughter of older hens/roosters?
  222. Sleeping this true?
  223. Spinning wool?
  224. Advice on Keeping Chickens off the Road
  225. Help! My chickens are eating my tofu!
  226. Financial question- What kind of income does your homesteading/hobby farming family NEED each month?
  227. Chickens: Can I give the girls a happy home, or would they be super sad?
  228. Windmill or not to windmill,that is the ?
  229. Any families looking to start a homestead with other families?
  230. Canning!
  231. Sun-Mar and flies?!
  232. Cook Stove / Wood Stove Toddler Safety
  233. Just wanted to share.
  234. If you could live anywhere...
  235. How do you earn cash to pay the bills?
  236. Buying our homestead!
  237. we got our guineas!
  238. Anyone know anything about raising a meat cow?
  239. Would you move if you knew the new neighbors were AWFUL?
  240. How to raise chickens
  241. Moving to our homestead in 2 years...what to do now?
  242. Our hen's hard work paid off!
  243. British homesteaders?
  244. Milking goats who HATE to be milked?
  245. Grey water and homemade laundry soap
  246. Question for you folks that raise sheep?
  247. Off-Grid Family Oriented Self Sustained Community in Canada
  248. Bees living under my house. Should I be worried or happy?
  249. Rural living without a partner in crime
  250. Chicken Mamas: Mobile coop or stationary?