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  14. Back Pain!!
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  34. Life With a Baby
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  36. did i let my baby cry it out?
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  43. ARTICLE LINK: The importance of the placenta
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  62. Is this Safe?
  63. Breastfed 10 month old son still not eating solids
  64. What time does you older infant go to nap after waking for the day?
  65. Need advice about baby going to sleep.
  66. Nursing to sleep & the Pantley Pull Off
  67. Baby Changing Tables
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  69. clothing questions
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  71. 5mo barely sleeps during the day
  72. 2 month old baby and Noise exposure
  73. Getting LO to go to sleep
  74. First word
  75. "stop coddling that baby"
  76. When did your baby start to crawl?
  77. baby led weaning
  78. attachment and daddy
  79. Introducing solids with nutrient-dense food
  80. Sleeping habits
  82. Looking for a banana birthday cake recipe for a 1st birthday...
  83. Rocking Back and forth repeatedly
  84. Homemade Baby Food...
  85. What should I expect to pay a mother's helper?
  86. spoiling an infant
  87. SLEEP ISSUES? You might want to read this!
  88. The BEST baby product you own?
  89. When and how were you able to transition baby from napping only in carrier to napping on own?
  90. Looking for support and advice for dealing with a "spirited" baby
  91. 6 month old STILL ONLY SLEEPS IN SWING!
  93. RSV.
  94. Buying a used stroller
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  96. How do you keep baby asleep?
  97. Cradle cap on face?
  98. Mom & stroller Friendly Races near Louisville Ky
  99. The BEST baby product you own
  100. Babies and TV: Do you let your baby watch? How big of a deal is this for you?
  101. Research Study Opportunity
  102. different leg thickness
  103. Is there ANY trustworthy formula out there?
  104. Getting an older infant to accept bottle when breast unavailable
  105. An article to pass on to friends/family - how to help postpartum
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  107. 3 Month Old Suddenly Won't Eat
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  110. Baby Bath Seats? Ring Seats? What do you use?
  111. 5 week old refusing bottle
  112. My perfect beautiful healthy daughter died
  113. Introducing yogurt? What age?
  114. Self-feeding with 6 month old
  115. Too much sleep?
  116. What songs do you like to sing to your baby?
  117. Going back to work with 12 month old
  118. extremely forgetful!
  119. 7-month old won't sleep unless held or slept next to...
  120. Has anyone tried both beans and lentils? Which more tolerated?
  121. Help! SAHM with 5 month old. Every day is the same.
  122. Baby not crawling
  123. Reflux still at 8 months - when does it end?
  124. Bored baby?
  125. My 9month old throws tantrums
  126. My 5-month-old throws tantrums over food and drink she can't have. Advice?
  127. Questions about baby-led solids
  128. almost 5 weeks post partum
  129. Would you swaddle an 8 month old?
  130. Jealousy?
  131. Trouble in Sleepytown (Again)
  132. Blood Streaks in Poop
  133. Is Constant Groaning and Fussing Normal?
  134. Can't get my 10 month old to nap on his own
  135. What key feature would you prioritize when buying stroller?
  136. P.E.I.
  137. Life with the babe(s)
  138. 8 month old poop issues-help!
  139. Another grandmother vent
  140. prior pregnancy induced GERD - ?
  141. 14 months old and worse sleep than when she was a newborn. Help :(
  142. improving baby's sleep without losing even more sleep ourselves
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  144. Swings, sleep, and reflux
  145. 8 month old, naps 45 minutes still
  146. Bajingo Mamas and Babies - Having babies in our 30s - '11, '12, '13, and '14
  147. Non-toxic crib in Canada?
  148. Post Pregnancy Foot pain? 1 year post?
  149. Is this CIO?
  150. 9 month old only naps in car
  151. When does food become critical?
  152. 4.5 months - dairy intolerance?
  153. 3rd child - you'd think I wouldn't worry so much
  154. 9mo doesn't roll over...has anyone else experienced this?
  155. pumping questions, bottle vs sippy
  156. My 4 month old has stopped sleeping! Help!
  157. I have a one month old, what books must I read?
  158. Introducing honey
  159. changing table
  161. Support for a fledgling walker that doesn't kill the back?
  162. Activities to engage baby pulling to stand?
  163. Compassion
  164. Light sleepers "get used to it?"
  165. First night without kiddo- two hours left
  166. Bottle Feeders; How Do You Deal With Guilt?
  167. Baby Comes Too; Do you bring your baby places they don't normally go?
  168. New baby and dealing with relatives
  169. Book suggestions?
  170. Moving feedings back to the day?
  171. Locked out with baby inside!!!
  172. Well, heck, told I can't bring my baby
  173. baby and public places/strangers/personal space
  174. Natural Teething Remedies--What Have you Tried?
  175. How cold is too cold?
  176. Fish oil supplement for formula fed infants?
  177. Advice on early weaning
  178. Does anyone have any natural remedies for wakeful babies?
  179. 45 degrees in CA, what to wear for 6 month old under Ergo outside?
  180. Keeping baby #2 safe in a house with a curious toddler
  181. Shoes for a REALLY Early Walker?
  182. I hate how I'm treating my toddler since DS2 was born
  183. Quiet time in lieu of naps
  184. Frequent colds
  185. What are your favorite baby products?
  186. help baby wount feed unless asleep
  187. BLW-what do I need to know?
  188. Topponcino (Montessori sleeping pad) experiences: did it work? SIDS concerns?
  189. I want to quit the pacifier.
  190. Inconsolable crying
  191. What were you fed?
  192. Letting baby watch TV.
  193. opinion plz
  194. Baby prefers sleeping in a carrier?
  195. Help with alterning snow pants
  196. BLW Anxiety
  197. How to help a new mama?
  198. How has your parenting changed with a second baby?
  199. We're awake, anyone else?
  200. Zen and the art of Peaceful Parenting
  201. Is my baby spoiled? Rarely sleeps on his own during the day..
  202. How do you vaccum?
  203. My baby wont sleep before 1 am!!!
  204. Totally Overwhelmed FTM
  205. Winter gear for young baby?
  206. hypotonia
  207. Need a bigger infant car seat
  208. Adjusting to New Caregiver
  209. Toddler has cold. Will two week old get it?
  210. Surviving with little to no sleep
  211. Winter, car seats and how to dress baby
  212. Baby shaking head & acting weird.
  213. White noise recommendation?
  214. Nasal congestion-how do you deal?
  215. Suddenly spitting up more?
  216. Crib reccommendations?
  217. Atopic Dermatitis/Baby Eczema
  218. Baby trying to suck/lick everything non-boob
  219. How soon will you introduce your baby to the water?
  220. So what is the deal with sheepskins and babies?
  221. Learning to sit up, question.
  222. Traveling with baby!
  223. 6 month old night potty trained?!
  224. If you delay solids to 12 months, what do first foods look like? Do you go right to table foods, or start with typical first foods?
  225. Flat head
  226. I am having unwanted thoughts of hurting my baby
  227. Cluster feedings/fussy evening strategies?
  228. "Must-Have" baby gear you hate
  229. Keeping baby warm in winter
  230. Caput Succudeneum
  231. Breastfeed newborn doesn't poop much
  232. (Get Your Baby Fix Here) Video: First Week In the Life With 4 Kids!
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  234. Crying while mouthing toys....teething?
  235. Mother's helper
  236. Amby Baby Hammock Questions: Safety and Size
  237. FTM needs a reality check... 6 week old can't be awake without crying... normal??
  238. Vaccinating or thinking about it? Something of interest...
  239. Amount of healing time after delivery
  240. Baby Mamas! Have you used any of these?
  241. First foods
  242. Why nothing gets done: The Mommy Productivity Cycle
  243. Flying across county with baby any tips?
  244. My baby seems to only want mommy
  245. About starting solids and poop
  246. Breast pumps, bottles, etc.
  247. Anyone use a hammock with a 5 month or older baby?
  248. Help! My iPad fell on my babies head :-(
  249. Baby crying and older siblings?
  250. 3 Month Old Driving Me INSANE- Perhaps advice of parents with precocious baby might prove invaluable