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  1. Inspiring quotes idea :)
  2. Making friends
  3. Anyone want to start an organizing challenge with me?
  4. What are your thoughts on fathers vs mothers staying home?
  5. Grieving over kids growing up
  6. When The Kids Are At School
  7. "Starting Over"
  8. Dealing with kids and an injury?
  9. How to get clothes for babies that won't break the bank?
  10. New SAHM
  11. Scared to try for #3
  12. SAHD depressed about my kids growing up.
  13. SAHM and kids with separation anxiety
  14. I want to be a SAHM again!!
  15. Both Parents Staying At Home
  16. Help! I can't keep up!
  17. Is there an organization/website for SAHP support?
  18. SAHD needs SAHM advice HELP!!!!
  19. Sometimes I regret having a baby and I don't like parenting at all
  20. Does anyone here not assign chores?
  21. Any SAHM Exclusive Pumpers?
  22. is it possible?
  23. Struggling. A lot.
  25. Stay at Home Parents Conversation Thread?
  26. How to cure laziness?
  27. losing friendships
  28. New member with a question
  29. How do you make decisions about vaccinating your kids?
  30. SAHMs: What is your Myers Briggs? (poll)
  31. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  32. What is your Myers Briggs? How many SAHMs are "T"s?
  33. Stay At Home Mom Venting
  34. sahm and how do i rebuild relationships?
  35. time to yourself and with spouse
  36. Student mother asking your help
  37. New to be SAHM - Would love advice
  38. "Accountability" for your time?
  39. Making a realistic routine two little ones
  40. Supporting my art habit
  41. Brief Child Behaviors and Parenting Attitudes Questionnaire
  42. Cub scouts? Am I being unreasonable?
  43. unreasonable expectations?
  44. I need help finding joy in parenting again.
  45. SAHM and I dont have one single friend, how do I make friends?
  46. Husband needs advice
  47. If you could direct the other half of the conversation?
  48. How can you not hate bedtime?
  49. Deciding whether or not to keep working
  50. Talking to Your Children About Pedophiles
  51. Concern about daughters friend
  52. how to deal with pushy in-laws?
  53. Thinking of quitting my job to stay home....q
  54. Home, Filthy Home...
  55. Long time SAHM now wondering what the heck I have done.
  56. Stay at home mum's looking for a hobby?
  57. 6 Year Old Staying Home Alone?
  58. New here. SAHM with abusive husband.
  59. What makes your day feel successful?
  60. Would a SAHM be asked to do this:
  61. forgotten what to do by myself
  62. I Am Miserable
  63. Stay at Home Parents
  64. Becoming a SAHP
  65. weekends always stressful
  66. Are you a competitive or cooperative mother?
  67. Need advice!!!! Where to live??
  68. SAHM and the marriage life
  69. ONLY NEED 20 MORE SURVEY TAKERS - SAHP: I want to hear your opinions on how families should be portrayed in children's advertising
  70. How do you take care of yourself?
  71. Please help with my dissertation on child feeding!
  72. Graco recall
  73. New SAHM
  74. Hi all, new here and very sad and lonely
  75. questions to ask holistic pediatrician (reposted from baby health)
  76. Hey SAHMs, how do you meet other "mom" friends????
  77. SAHMs: I want to hear your the opinions on motherhood and communication!
  78. Pool at MIL's house - wwyd?
  79. Just one more thing
  80. Will you encourage your daughter to be a SAHM?
  81. I'm DONE.
  82. Working Quandary
  83. How do you feel about being financially dependent?
  84. Ever feel stuck?
  85. Holiday funk
  86. What to say when people say, "You're so LUCKY you can be a SAHP!"
  87. Question about retirement
  88. Anyone have a schedule they're willing to share?
  89. Activities for 15 month old
  90. What did you give up to SAHM?
  91. going to be an at home mom in future
  92. How many hours are you alone with your children each day?
  93. A Day In the Life of a Mom of 4!
  94. SAHMs with kids beyond grade school
  95. Creating fun and balance
  96. Is society negative about stay at home moms?
  97. Flow Chart for television viewing.
  98. im a stay at home mom with cats
  99. People don't understand me being happy as a sahm
  100. For us
  101. Working with a "life coach"
  102. SAHM
  103. The Dreaded Gray Area- What's your "job", what's DH's... Needing help and not knowing how to ask for it
  104. Daily activities for a 1 1/2 year old while caring for a newborn?
  105. How do you introduce yourself
  106. Being a SAHP while the kids are all in school
  107. SAH Group?
  108. Considering offering afterschool care for one or two families
  109. Mama needs a break =\
  110. Just started babysitting
  111. Guess what my 3 year old told me today
  112. Basket case ;)
  113. What are the biggest misconceptions about SAHMs?
  114. Balance house and teaching children
  115. In home child care
  116. hugging or not hugging babies under 6 months.
  117. DH wants what?
  118. School-schedule friendly jobs? What will you do when your kids are in school?
  119. Do you ever pick up your children's toys?
  120. Becoming a morning person
  121. No One Cares, So Why Should I?
  122. SAHD of 9yrs - Overwhelmed and More
  123. Help! I need advice on a mil who dosent respect me because i stay home
  124. i hate my life as a SAHM.
  125. Stressful time in life, don't want to take it out on my son...
  126. stay at home mom with concussion
  127. Stay at home, homeschool, cooking from scratch.. So much to do!
  128. 9 years of SAHM and feeling burnt out...and summer holidays are starting
  129. *vent* love my family, hate how they don't care.
  130. WAHM & Medical Transcription
  131. How to get your child to break away without breaking his/her heart?
  132. I Want A Night Off!
  133. A shot out to my wifey, the home engineer
  134. Serious Identity Crisis, getting depressed-help!
  135. Looking for other military moms--- where are you?
  136. Oh the STRESS of Motherhood!
  137. Want to get a degree but...
  138. When you're sick, how do you cope?
  139. I make no judgements
  140. Padded Boobs in Dress
  141. Baby Yoga and Working out during day with baby
  142. How much time do you spend playing?
  143. DH has much less patience
  144. Please tell me it gets better!
  145. Help me change my attitude
  146. Disconnected Urban Mama Blues
  147. Birthday party I have to invite them?
  148. ADHD husband and probable ADHD child
  149. Wanting to do it all while doing too much
  150. Engaging in parenting as a radical homemaker
  151. No mom friends. Lonely and tired.
  152. How Do You Do It All?
  153. Bored frustrated of doing the same thing over and over.....
  154. How often do you get out of the house??
  155. Need some ideas for at-home play for infants - preschool aged children?
  156. Husband does value stay at home moms...
  157. Burnt out and at a turning point. (Long.)
  158. Stay At Home Activities for Infants through Preschoolers
  159. creating a new schedule for child..
  160. Live close to hubby's work or where "I" want to live
  161. "All you have is time"
  162. HELP!! How do I get dad involved?
  163. No village here. Raising kids alone
  164. A survey about Disney Movies and Children's Gender Socialization
  165. Was your initial plan to stay at home or did you change your mind after birth?
  166. Being selfish but a good mama
  167. Terrible twos.... What have I done?
  168. Vent on New Parents
  169. How to Stay Motivated?
  170. Napping with baby #2...
  171. Daily routine
  172. Positive thread.......I know all of our kids drive us crazy at some point.
  173. Feeling out of touch with society
  174. Underwear
  175. I'm a full-time mom taking the leap into owning a business
  176. Hey, breastfeeding moms!!
  177. Just having a hard day!
  178. Private Practice Counseling?
  179. worries about future transition back into workforce
  180. who to trust?
  181. Feeling lost and don't know what to do "next year"?
  182. Back-up daycare 1st day, I'm feeling stressed
  183. Intro Post
  184. Recently got custody back. Staying at home & resentful.
  185. trying to make a decision on staying home
  186. Input for a Book I am writing
  187. SAHM free time head check
  188. How do I start a good playgroup?
  189. "So, what do YOU do?"
  190. Do you ever feel trapped?
  191. How do you respond to family/friends about STAYING HOME?
  192. Has anyone else had a moment like this?
  193. Sticking to a schedule!!
  194. CPS Issues
  195. Making the deicision to stay home
  196. Are you happy as a Stay At Home Parent?
  197. How much do you get out on your own?
  198. needing advice on how to start a yoga moms playgroup
  199. What am I missing?
  200. First-time Mommy Fears: Need Reassurance (Not sure if I posted this in the right spot)
  201. Sick of Everything!
  202. feeling a lot of guilt for staying home. anyone else?
  203. How to feel *valued*.....
  204. Not Sure where to post this
  205. Tips on not going crazy
  206. could you please keep my family in your prayers today?
  207. Brand of favorite yoga pants
  208. should we have a third!?? agh help please
  209. Do you pay family to occasionally babysit for you?
  210. Watching friends 2 dds on top of my 3 I crazy?
  211. any SAHMs in PA?
  212. I want to be a morning person!
  213. Not sure where to post this..need advice about staying friends with divorced couple
  214. Weird jealousy sometimes, Am I the only one?
  215. Toddlers and Being a SAHM
  216. husband's job change..need advice!
  217. Am I a SAHM now? ...How about NOW?
  218. Fair hourly rate for experienced regular babysitter/part-time nanny in SF Bay Area?
  219. How do I do this, again?
  220. How do you reset the day?
  221. "Mom, are you retired too?"
  222. You know you need to get out more when...
  223. A new man..
  224. New Here...wanting to vent????!!!!!
  225. Using kids as an excuse to yourself
  226. Did your SO change how they treat you once you started to stay at home?
  227. Thoughts on visible tattoos (re: possibility of returning to work)
  228. Hubby feels he has "two jobs"
  229. What's your favorite thing to do as a SAHP?
  230. Hair/Appearance rut
  231. I don't like being a parent
  232. Was your partner reluctant to have you SAH?
  233. What are the challenges to being a stay-at-home parent?
  234. Really a whole lot I think
  235. Article/blog about importance of SAHM?
  236. Significant Other Questions?
  237. Ideas for a good routine?
  238. Tips for managing baby & preschooler together
  239. SAHparents - how do you and your working spouse handle money
  240. Household tip swap
  241. thought I wanted a third, got pregnant, and now wondering if I've made a huge mistake
  242. SAHMing on a tight budget - support thread?
  243. What to do once all the kids are in school?
  244. do you like being a sahp?
  245. Need to vent
  246. When do you have down time?
  247. Help transitioning??
  248. Ideas for a day with a 1 yo and a 3 yo
  249. PLEASE help me to bring some order into my chaotic life..
  250. Television Decompression Anyone?