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: Blended and Step Family Parenting

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  1. New To this and need advice.
  2. Moving forward
  3. butting heads
  4. Psycho Bio Mom with NPD
  5. Loyalty conflicts in children
  6. Last Name for "Ours" Baby
  7. She gives me nightmares
  8. Blending finances
  9. Need analysis: Step daughter relationship
  10. Father doesn't want to drive during his placement
  11. Anonymous Step-mom, HELP!
  12. New blending
  13. ex using kids to verbally assault me and disrespect
  14. Advice Please
  15. DS vs SS - constant battle
  16. Ok, I need help with this...
  17. Suggestions? Best Parenting Books for Post Divorce Life
  18. New to community, needing help staying positive! UGH
  19. new baby in a blended family
  20. No Control Over My Own Household
  21. Step vs half vs real?
  22. How do I know if I'm overstepping my stepmom boundaries
  23. Crunchy mom in a Jerry Springer world
  24. Blended families in 3 months Help!!!
  25. Terrible 3s?!
  26. summer visitation and transition back
  27. Self induced parental alienation rant
  28. Who Gets Life Insurance?
  29. Sweethearts Day!
  30. Twitterpated
  31. Here to see me as much as dad?
  32. Don't know what to do!
  33. SS with FAS - anger at birth mom
  34. My mother will not accept my husbands hobbies
  35. Should I let my kids move in with their dad?
  36. feel like a basket case
  37. Lots of questions about step parenting
  38. Nevermind the Glare
  39. Baby brought into a volatile blended family situation!
  40. In the Blender...
  41. Finished with the relationship
  42. Possible step child relations?
  43. ...and we're off
  44. 8 year old's heart broken by her dad and future stepmother
  45. Blended Family Now Unblended - Step siblings missing each other
  46. Give it a chance?
  47. He broke my hand.
  48. Is this abuse you would leave??
  49. Frustrated and unsure...
  50. sometimes turns to always
  51. When you are the "wicked stepmother"
  52. dealing with issues with religion vs non, sorry long..
  53. Blended family problems due to extreme lack of parenting!
  54. Advice for me with my half sister (different moms)
  55. My parents won't accept step kids into family
  56. birthday parties for bio and step kids
  57. New to this, uncomfortable, not sure how to blend 2 families together...
  58. Playing Your Role
  59. Possible abuse happening? Not sure, what would you do?
  60. Pot in DSS's room...advice?
  61. Introductions
  62. Will they ever come around?
  63. Encouragement needed!!!!!
  64. Are you the "less cool" family?
  65. Tied the knot this weekend !
  66. Voluntary Increase in Child Support?
  67. Talk me down, please!
  68. Six year-old possessive of her STEP-dad - thoughts?
  69. The ex factor :(
  70. Stepfamily hell!
  71. :smile:
  72. preparing to embark
  73. This dad could use some advice
  74. 8 months pregnant, need advice. Going crazy!
  75. Not sure what to do
  76. Blending our family just caused a rift with inlaws
  77. 14 yr old Stepchild manipulating!
  78. Troubled Step daughter ruining my life. Desperate for peace.
  79. WTF????? (Protective orders)
  80. when will the novelty wear off?!
  81. Not a real mom/parent
  82. I love you!
  83. What did you need, when your partnership broke down?
  84. Finding it hard to co-parent
  85. Desperate for advice. BF has 50% custody and ruining my life.
  86. Stepparent to replace real parent?
  87. WWYD - XH moving in with GF
  88. maybe i.m idealistic... please, tell me your thoughts
  89. Stepgrandparents question (sort of)
  90. I've bee a stepmother for 5 years and I don't know what to do!
  91. Should I Volunteer...?
  92. Care less?
  93. Feeling Frustrated and Ashamed
  94. Bunny Problems
  95. Should I be upset?
  96. Step family who's not in the picture
  97. Kids not accepting blended family
  98. Stepmother who just doesn't know what to do!
  99. I know Im probably selfish but I just don't want to the blended family thing anymore.
  100. Personal Space
  101. How does this work?
  102. My husband is becoming so controlling & my kids are really starting to dislike him
  103. Financial Vampirism in Parents - Just venting...
  104. What to do with stepchild's room when she goes off to college?
  105. Stepkid hell
  106. My husband can finally adopt!
  107. Hoping for advice.
  108. Help! Child sleeping arrangements
  109. who parents whose kids?
  110. 4 year old problems
  111. BF disapproves of how I parent my own children - HELP
  112. talking about the other family and general 'bragging'
  113. Blended Families and Facebook Etiquette....?
  114. advice needed.
  115. 47 year old entitled step daugter
  116. My son said his grandfather hits him- help!?
  117. Stepdaughter calls Dad her "Boyfriend"
  118. How do you get through a hearing?
  119. My life... With an Ex and his fianc?
  120. I need some advice with my 6 year old stepdaughter
  121. ARGH! Again with the crazy making...
  122. Need perspective please
  123. When blended families break up
  124. Stepdaughter in trouble...
  125. To Get Married or not...HELP!
  126. Is my DH and overprotective stepfather?
  127. Really trying and need some advice...
  128. My husband/stepfather to my daughter has had enough
  129. Father-Son Struggle, HELP!!!
  130. Stepson troubles :(
  131. normal behavior or other issues?
  132. Confront DSS's mom about false cyberstalking accusations?
  133. Children, ex's and long summers...oh my.
  134. Only child...
  135. wedding number 2
  136. Feeling snide on DSS's birthday
  137. extracurriculars in a blended family..
  138. complaining about food i make...
  139. 13 y/o depression and stepfather (xp in teen parenting)
  140. New to site & step parenting
  141. Advice from StepMoms Please
  142. Extended breastfeeding and joint custody
  143. Step Parent Question
  144. 12 year old step daughter
  145. How much effort should I put into teen's vegetarian phase? XP in Parenting Teens
  146. Blended Family Finance Trouble
  147. Uncooperative parent
  148. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  149. My ex-wife just married a sex-offender
  150. What is wrong?
  151. Single mom dating, needing advice!
  152. Cave to NCP's undermining?
  153. step grandparents and other step extended family
  154. resources to help children deal with relationships ending
  155. Spring Break loveliness
  156. Weekend Sports
  157. About to be new to this
  158. One Year in the Step Life & Wondering if I Should Run...
  159. How to accept step son
  160. Transitioning from stepmom to mom.
  161. 4 y/o attention!!
  162. Advice desperately needed =(
  163. 10yr old still being treated like a 4yr old...When does it end?
  164. Kid's mother & scheduling issues
  165. Am I wrong for feeling this way
  166. Beginning to think that me having another child will hurt my son...
  167. Beginning to think that me having another child with hurt my son...
  168. My DH parents his 6 y/o out of guilt and its driving me nuts!!!
  169. I am just having troubles and feeling overwhelmed with the blend
  170. Advice: addressing Stepkids' rude behaviour
  171. How to approach husband about how he disciplines my daughter?
  172. 16 year old & father (my boyfriend) sleep together
  173. Would you take step-kid somewhere you think he shouldn't go, b/c partner OK'd it?
  174. vacation - force to go?
  175. Step parent needing advice.
  176. Help! My SD using nicotine vape.
  177. Don't know how to handle this.....
  178. making the blend work
  179. How far is too far for weeknight activities?
  180. Boyfriend's daughter is starting to lie/manipulate...
  181. How to nip the drama in the bud before it gets worse?
  182. Uneven step parenting situation, feeling walked on.
  183. blending birthday party issues
  184. advice?
  185. Just a "friend"!
  186. When did you stop showering with your kids and explain privacy?
  187. Monster-in-law
  188. troubled 12 yr old SD. please take the time to read
  189. The in-laws....
  190. What would you like to talk about?
  191. How to tell DH's ex we are expecting
  192. Holiday budgeting with a blended family.
  193. Communication between Visits
  194. My husband can't stand my son
  195. Holidays and step parenting...
  196. Children with much older siblings
  197. Step Sibling conflict
  198. Here's an interesting question...
  199. How to help a child cope with a absent parent
  200. Holiday Cards...again!
  201. Support groups for children after death of parent?
  202. Blending out families with 2 very different 5 year olds.
  203. Need help articulating my feelings to my partner around step-parenting
  204. Husband angry he has little in common with my son
  205. It's too early for summer drama!
  206. I think my stepdaughter hates me.
  207. marriage meltdown
  208. Maximum Commute Time to Elementary School
  209. Can a nonbiological child be added to my lease if I have subsidized housing?
  210. My wife doesn't let me parent at all.
  211. The "Messed-Up Families" Club?
  212. Kids "sad contest"creating resentment
  213. Sex questions from 11 yr old
  214. Boyfriend disagrees with how I handled daughter's behavior
  215. DSD gets different standards
  216. In the beginning... how to do this right
  217. Would love your advice: I don't think step parenting is for me
  218. Pressuring the kids to move - would you say something?
  219. Am I expecting too much?
  220. Reluctant Resentment
  221. What the fudge-sicles????
  222. Stb step sibling teasing ds, tips to stop it
  223. step kids sharing vs having own items
  224. Stay or go
  225. Problem with MIL....
  226. 3.5 year old daughter says she doesn't want to be with Daddy
  227. what to do?
  228. Just the usual visit drama...
  229. Our first blended family vacation
  230. Even after 40 years . . . !
  231. We are blending!
  232. Becoming a step-parent - advice/support/honesty needed
  233. Adult stepkids, problems never stop
  234. Hi! Need some advice please
  235. New to Step-Parenting. Need Advice!!!
  236. Are step-parents, parents???
  237. The Queen is Coming-Stepdaughter Question
  238. Gentle Step Parenting?
  239. not sure what to do anymore
  240. at a loss with step kids
  241. book recommendations for blended families?
  242. Anyone a sahm to bio kids and step kids?
  243. New father - need advice please
  244. Summer visitation (x-posted in Single Parenting
  245. My boyfriend's kids' mother wants to keep me away
  246. Hello! New and need some much needed guidance
  247. Blended and Step Family Parenting
  248. Blended Family with Bio/Step Kids Full/Shared Custody - Need Advice
  249. Mother in Law--Am I Wrong?
  250. A useless rant about DSS's mom