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: Blended and Step Family Parenting

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  1. Extended breastfeeding and joint custody
  2. Step Parent Question
  3. 12 year old step daughter
  4. How much effort should I put into teen's vegetarian phase? XP in Parenting Teens
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  6. Uncooperative parent
  7. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  8. My ex-wife just married a sex-offender
  9. What is wrong?
  10. Single mom dating, needing advice!
  11. Cave to NCP's undermining?
  12. step grandparents and other step extended family
  13. resources to help children deal with relationships ending
  14. Spring Break loveliness
  15. Weekend Sports
  16. About to be new to this
  17. One Year in the Step Life & Wondering if I Should Run...
  18. How to accept step son
  19. Transitioning from stepmom to mom.
  20. 4 y/o attention!!
  21. Advice desperately needed =(
  22. 10yr old still being treated like a 4yr old...When does it end?
  23. Kid's mother & scheduling issues
  24. Am I wrong for feeling this way
  25. Beginning to think that me having another child will hurt my son...
  26. Beginning to think that me having another child with hurt my son...
  27. My DH parents his 6 y/o out of guilt and its driving me nuts!!!
  28. I am just having troubles and feeling overwhelmed with the blend
  29. Advice: addressing Stepkids' rude behaviour
  30. How to approach husband about how he disciplines my daughter?
  31. 16 year old & father (my boyfriend) sleep together
  32. Would you take step-kid somewhere you think he shouldn't go, b/c partner OK'd it?
  33. vacation - force to go?
  34. Step parent needing advice.
  35. Help! My SD using nicotine vape.
  36. Don't know how to handle this.....
  37. making the blend work
  38. How far is too far for weeknight activities?
  39. Boyfriend's daughter is starting to lie/manipulate...
  40. How to nip the drama in the bud before it gets worse?
  41. Uneven step parenting situation, feeling walked on.
  42. blending birthday party issues
  43. advice?
  44. Just a "friend"!
  45. When did you stop showering with your kids and explain privacy?
  46. Monster-in-law
  47. troubled 12 yr old SD. please take the time to read
  48. The in-laws....
  49. What would you like to talk about?
  50. How to tell DH's ex we are expecting
  51. Holiday budgeting with a blended family.
  52. Communication between Visits
  53. My husband can't stand my son
  54. Holidays and step parenting...
  55. Children with much older siblings
  56. Step Sibling conflict
  57. Here's an interesting question...
  58. How to help a child cope with a absent parent
  59. Holiday Cards...again!
  60. Support groups for children after death of parent?
  61. Blending out families with 2 very different 5 year olds.
  62. Need help articulating my feelings to my partner around step-parenting
  63. Husband angry he has little in common with my son
  64. It's too early for summer drama!
  65. I think my stepdaughter hates me.
  66. marriage meltdown
  67. Maximum Commute Time to Elementary School
  68. Can a nonbiological child be added to my lease if I have subsidized housing?
  69. My wife doesn't let me parent at all.
  70. The "Messed-Up Families" Club?
  71. Kids "sad contest"creating resentment
  72. Sex questions from 11 yr old
  73. Boyfriend disagrees with how I handled daughter's behavior
  74. DSD gets different standards
  75. In the beginning... how to do this right
  76. Would love your advice: I don't think step parenting is for me
  77. Pressuring the kids to move - would you say something?
  78. Am I expecting too much?
  79. Reluctant Resentment
  80. What the fudge-sicles????
  81. Stb step sibling teasing ds, tips to stop it
  82. step kids sharing vs having own items
  83. Stay or go
  84. Problem with MIL....
  85. 3.5 year old daughter says she doesn't want to be with Daddy
  86. what to do?
  87. Just the usual visit drama...
  88. Our first blended family vacation
  89. Even after 40 years . . . !
  90. We are blending!
  91. Becoming a step-parent - advice/support/honesty needed
  92. Adult stepkids, problems never stop
  93. Hi! Need some advice please
  94. New to Step-Parenting. Need Advice!!!
  95. Are step-parents, parents???
  96. The Queen is Coming-Stepdaughter Question
  97. Gentle Step Parenting?
  98. not sure what to do anymore
  99. at a loss with step kids
  100. book recommendations for blended families?
  101. Anyone a sahm to bio kids and step kids?
  102. New father - need advice please
  103. Summer visitation (x-posted in Single Parenting
  104. My boyfriend's kids' mother wants to keep me away
  105. Hello! New and need some much needed guidance
  106. Blended and Step Family Parenting
  107. Blended Family with Bio/Step Kids Full/Shared Custody - Need Advice
  108. Mother in Law--Am I Wrong?
  109. A useless rant about DSS's mom
  110. blended family/ military restationed
  111. Feeling at the end of my rope.
  112. Daughter Acting Out--Jealousy? Advice for blending families needed/appreciated.
  113. A really good article.
  114. tips on cohabitation
  115. A happy share...
  116. Have you been able to get no coropral punishment in a court order?
  117. Isn't it ironic...
  118. moving in with fiance
  119. Loving a stepchild who is stuck on prior stepparent
  120. Daughter heartbroken over breakup
  121. Meeting his 12year old son
  122. personailty conflict
  123. Step-parenting survey
  124. new here...looking for advice on how to move on...
  125. Visitation and the flu
  126. Help! I'm going crazy!
  127. Sleeping Arrangements for Step Kids
  128. double standards
  129. Sometimes it's just so hard!
  130. Comparisons
  131. DH has several children I have none, but have baby fever..looking for some advice
  132. Remarriage, More Kids & Your Sex Life
  133. DSS's chilling comment re child support news story
  134. Ex eloped, Kid's don't know yet.
  135. In-law question - WWYD?
  136. Issues with stepsons mother.
  137. feeling defeated by nine year old sd...
  138. Problems with Stepmother
  139. Dd's father is going to prison
  140. My boyfriend's daughters are violent
  141. My fiance's children can do no wrong. I'm getting really tired of this. :-(
  142. Vacationing without SS
  143. Not Good Enough for MIL
  144. Staying mom to stepchild after relationship ended?
  145. Your thoughts on this Xmas travel dilemma?
  146. A child's-eye view of blending...
  147. In need of advice please
  148. Ex bouncing in and out of sons life
  149. Vacationing with the EX
  150. New... father-in-law?
  151. Toxic EX - Vent
  152. Separation. What worked/didn't work for you?
  153. Single, childless woman about to dive into step-motherhood for 2 young children!
  154. Standing by as your abusive ex continues the cycle with new women.
  155. Holiday Cards
  156. could use some advice
  157. Thinking about moving out of state for support.
  158. Please help. Feeling uncertain. Battling step-daughters, with a new baby.
  159. Halloween
  160. Dealings about the birth mom
  161. Dealing with badmouthing when the child has been asked to keep it a secret
  162. Jealous of the ex.
  163. "mom" vs "your mom"
  164. DS1 (11) hates dad's girlfriend, wants to only live with me
  165. New, overwhelmed stepmom
  166. Blending the family of a deceased spouse
  167. STep-mother who still can't get used to it. Makes me sad to be a step-mom.
  168. BF Not Sure of My Kids
  169. DH is rude and impatient with his step sons/my bio sons.
  170. XH wants kids to have visits with his fiancee' when he's at work
  171. Boyfriend still has ex on insurance..
  172. Letting Go of SD
  173. Will I ever genuinely accept he has had a baby already?
  174. Possiblity our 4yo was molested - what to do?!
  175. 'You knew what you were getting into'
  176. Step Parenting, so weird...
  177. FIL potentially a pedophile? need advice!
  178. Vent: Why do you demand things that you don't really want?!?
  179. mother in law and crazy ex girlfriend
  180. Need advice on giving tough update to Ex
  181. When Your Ex tells your kids false/misleading/inappropriate things...
  182. step children problems
  183. Step cousin issues
  184. Tiny Tirant?
  185. Step Sibling Attraction
  186. after graduation/college
  187. I need advice
  188. Blended family questions....
  189. Bedrooms? Sleeping arrangements for 5 kids?
  190. Research on Women in Stepfamilies
  191. Son comes and goes, baby stays-future advice needed
  192. loving an enabler/fiance's daughter
  193. Different kid...different rules?
  194. supervised visitation......HELP!!!!!!
  195. Seeing a lawyer tonight, worried.
  196. custody pain and fathers' rights - please read
  197. How to deal with a nosey stepchild?
  198. Step sons vs. MY son
  199. Can't trust 9 yr old stepson around our small children
  200. step child adjustment
  201. New baby & 2 Step Kiddos
  202. My new 9-year-old step son is driving me bananas...
  203. DH wants to send DSS to live with his mom :(
  204. Parenting Step-daughters and my son full-time while fiance works away.
  205. First time posting here
  206. Thoughts on changing schools, explaining ex's poor behavior
  207. Fighting, verbal and emotional abuse in front of kids at Ex's- Help
  208. It's not fair!
  209. Introducing a budget to SD
  210. Blending families question
  211. New husband anger issues, parenting style differences etc
  212. Age Differences - What activities do your kids do together?
  213. My husband hates my daughter
  214. maybe its not possible to blend our families...i am completely losing my mind
  215. Back to the room-sharing drama: What arrangements should we make?
  216. He is not defending me to his Ex.
  217. URGENT - CPS
  218. Equal Medical Decisions--who gets to choose PCP???
  219. Intervening in Parental Alienation? Feedback appreciated!
  220. DH and I have a blended family but no common child, I want one, he does not. Is there hope?
  221. BM is ruining my life!!!
  222. Custody Schedule for preteen/teens?
  223. Not sure what my role is here! Advice greatly appreciated in blended family!
  224. Pittsburgh--need lawyer FAST
  225. Husband and son can no longer live together
  226. Sister-in-Law Problem!!!
  227. step parent adoption process
  228. 1 week of alone family time after baby is it unreasonable of me to ask for this?
  229. Travel to Mexico to visit husbands family with the kids......
  230. just sayin hello
  231. I feel invaded and overwhelmed and I don't know what to do!
  232. BF's ex wife is insane!
  233. "Did you learn that from your mom?" :/
  234. Need advice on custody, what's truly in a child's best interest, and throwing a new partner/baby in the mix
  235. Step parenting and frustrated
  236. Tuition and divorce?
  237. I could really use some advice
  238. Suggestions? 2+ years since separation, 11yr old DD wants nothing to do with her dad
  239. Stepdaughter troubles!
  240. I'm jealous of my husband's daughter! Help!
  241. Please HELP!!
  242. Accepting H's toddler daughter from an affair
  243. Le Sigh: some thoughts from people that have BTDT
  244. Looking for advice/input...
  245. Blended family, new marriage & baby. What should our last name be?
  246. Two Q's: Introducing your blended family and Label- step/ half/ 'real' etc.
  247. Free Family Therapy Kansas City Area
  248. A little gift from Mother Nature...
  249. Going through a divorce but pregnant by someone else..
  250. Mediation complete. Better than expected! (Can't believe how long this turned out to be. Sorry!)