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: Parenting the Gifted Child

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  1. Any suggestions for online schools for gifted learners?
  2. The old "it all evens out by the end of third grade"
  3. Advice on discussing grade skip with child
  4. Singapore Math: Standard or Common Core?
  5. Advice needed: tender hearted almost 3yo
  6. Discipline for Gifted Preschooler
  7. Book suggestions for emotionally-immature 7 year old?
  8. Disparate IQ results among siblings? Or 'Do I know my kids at all??'
  9. Math options for 3rd grader
  10. Changing school in April
  11. Managing Dabrowski's OE
  12. What do I want from the school?
  13. Seeking outside opinions :)
  14. 6 years after the grade skip
  15. Bored in Kindergarten
  16. Educational Magazine For Kids To Improve Educational Skills
  17. 3yr old speech delay but gifted in Maths
  18. Question about asq survey
  19. From unschooling to school
  20. Books for parents of gifted child
  21. prepping for CoGAT
  22. Working Slowly--Distracted?
  23. 4 year old and reading question
  24. Good Home School Program for 3y/o?
  25. Smart but Scattered workshop
  26. Son doesn't want to be in GT
  27. What do you wish you knew from the beginning?
  28. How and when to ask for more advanced work?
  29. Helping dd study for gnt test. Looking for help
  30. The lived experience of the gifted child from an adult's perspective
  31. Need Picture books or short story collections for advanced reader.
  32. are gifted schools for gifted children?
  33. Vision Therapy - Does it help a voracious reader?
  34. Singapore SAFRA Lil' Stars
  35. Help! Testing all over the place. What to do?
  36. Help! Regular v gifted v charter school choice?
  37. Is my child sensitive or just... a brat?
  38. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  39. Advice on grade acceleration
  40. Rocklin Academy in Rocklin CA
  41. bored to tears in kindy
  42. Gifted kids and timed math fact tests
  43. Help keeping my child engaged?!
  44. Things to think about after meeting with childs teacher
  45. Child reading all the time in class
  46. Possible 2E? ADD or Overexcitabilities?
  47. Three year old reading help
  48. Giving Kids Advice for College
  49. Brief Child Behaviors and Parenting Attitudes Questionnaire
  50. Kindegarten troubles
  51. Daughter is Gifted, School doesn't know what to do with her
  52. Potentially Gifted Child...Now What?
  53. Brag thread -- with a twist
  54. Advice for newbie parents with an early talker
  55. academic underachievers/anxiety
  56. let them keep learning new things or practice?
  57. Brief Child Behaviors and Parenting Attitudes Questionnaire
  58. Emotional problems with gifted daughter
  59. How much to "push" (or let him get ahead of his peers)?
  60. Laurel Springs Academy?
  61. Math worksheets for K-12 kids
  62. how long to adjust to grade-skip?
  63. reading levels in kindy
  64. About my girl - Gifted or just normal?
  65. PBS Milestones
  66. There used to be two cats in my siggie...
  67. Holiday gifts for 9 year old
  68. tell me about your positive/negative experiences with G&T testing & school programs?
  69. "Tantrums" at 8 years old?
  70. More Kindergarten Worries
  71. Gifted... with dyslexia?
  72. Book suggestions?
  73. Question about Gifted organization
  74. Advice about my 4 year old son
  75. In class idea for 5th grade
  76. Should we test?
  77. New here. Need advice, guidance, friends...
  78. Confused by IQ test: Not 2e just ASD?
  79. Transitioning to Kindergarten
  80. Bored Already
  81. To Accelerate or Not??
  82. Parenting Quirky Kids
  83. New here and want to know about how giftedness works
  84. New here and looking for help
  85. Talk to me about books / puzzles / toys...
  86. Distracted.
  87. Need to know my options and how to handle this...
  88. Subtest Scatter on WISC IV
  89. Curious how advanced my son is - please comment!
  90. Getting Nervous About Kindergarten
  91. Highly Gifted Child: Death & Trauma
  92. Books rec for parent of gifted young child
  93. Care and Feeding of Voracious Readers
  94. Pretty sure my toddler is gifted. What can I do to help her the best?
  95. No SAI score listed on OLSAT results
  96. Characteristics of a gifted toddler?
  97. When grade skippers go to college...
  98. I'm obviously real confused as to what my problem is - just call it discombobulation
  99. Homeschooling a possibly gifted child? (*Long, I'm sorry*)
  100. New with baby questions
  101. Need resources for your gifted child?
  102. My deaf 14-year old son
  103. gifted and APD
  104. FSIQ v. GAI v. Extended on WISC
  105. Interesting university transition program
  106. Advocating for your gifted child(ren)
  107. 2e
  108. High school math credit early?
  109. Long brag about ds17
  110. 10 year old girl, has read all of the original Sherlock Holmes, need more
  111. DS starts college tomorrow
  112. Parenting the Gifted Child
  113. What should I do? I feel my son is gifted and bored in kindergarten.
  114. picking a kindergarten, questions to ask?
  115. Evaluation results out... what next??
  116. Math for PG 6yo
  117. Are all of your kids gifted?
  118. Dr. called me an "aggressive" parent - Are my expectations too high?
  119. Where to start? Newly learning of son's IQ
  120. 5 year old DS wants to learn a language. Any good programs out there for kids?
  121. Marveling at DS's memory...and a general introduction.
  122. New here
  123. Which apps do you recommend for a 2 year old?
  124. Lord of the Rings -- ok for a 10-year-old girl to read on her own?
  125. My 7 yo is having a math explosion. But the other class moms are having a test anxiety explosion...
  126. Not sure
  127. Help me mainstream-up this birthday party idea!
  128. Struggles with my gifted teen
  129. Really excited about this math book
  130. Emotional Resources for possibly gifted child - HELP!
  131. Am I crazy for not wanting to put my kid in the gifted program?
  132. Need help understanding my daughter's WISC-IV score
  133. Need suggestions for advocating for DD
  134. Not sure where to go from here
  135. Please help. What to do about this situation?
  136. Question about my husband's "giftedness".
  137. Early public K? Montessori?
  138. Bizarre question: gifted 4yo and potty training
  139. What does abstract thinking look like in a 2yo?
  140. Please read
  141. Gifted class or cluster grouping: pros and cons
  142. Help with gifted child who has checked out of school
  143. Montessori PT Conference Advice
  144. What's next mom??
  145. Gifted?
  146. Gifted or ADD?
  147. WISC IV scores v. Kauffman FCI
  148. Imaginative play is good, right?
  149. "Book Club"
  150. Imaginary friends?
  151. School admin pushing to get my DS evaluated...please advise
  152. Need Book series ideas
  153. goal of music lessons
  154. help looking for a music teacher
  155. "teaching" suggestions
  156. Obsessions, or at least, really high interests in certain things...
  157. how do you explain?
  158. kindergarten?
  159. Good book/resources about explorers?
  160. She does not want to "bruise" her brain (math)
  161. How to foster early primary math skills? In search of book/curriculum recommendations.
  162. Is "pushing" academics too soon possible if they want to learn it?
  163. Should she be in more clubs or teams or something?
  164. January 2014: Updates, Brags, Ponderings
  165. Skipping grades/materials
  166. STEM Opportunities for early elementary aged kids
  167. Favorite courses of study for homeschooled kids?
  168. Issues with 13 year old
  169. Book list on goodreads
  170. Obsessions - How long do they last?
  171. Anyone's kids attended the SIG summer programs?
  172. Books for Mama
  173. Please help me find a good place for my maybe gifted child
  174. Ugh
  175. Long post - anxieties as the parent of a too smart kid
  176. Movies and the highly sensitive child
  177. 3 year old sleep - night terrors & more
  179. private to public trouble
  180. December updates, brags, ponderings: post 'em here!
  181. help me advocate for my son to be accelerated for science (4th grade to 6th+ grade)
  182. Need globe recommendation
  183. 2 year old - Obsessed with Books, but something changed...
  184. Tantrums in perfectionist that hates to lose - I'm not doing this right :(
  185. Math ability- Nature v. nuture
  186. books
  187. Parents of older kids (8+)--what are they up to?
  188. Smartest toddler in the class
  189. Potty Regression - or Something Else?
  190. What to do about kindergarten
  191. Inattentive DS6
  192. Resources for spelling words
  193. New here! Gifted preschooler problems
  194. November updates - How was the start of school (for those who school)? How's fall going?
  195. No intervention for gifted kids (particularly girls)
  196. Has your kid taken the talent search exam for the CTD's NUMATS?
  197. Where is this season's "What are your kids doing?" thread?
  198. Child Genius 2014
  199. Can you help me interpret these scores?
  200. What to ask when visiting a prospective school?
  201. Test results... finally... now questions re: Working Memory
  202. Cool moment
  203. Sleep.... again the question, however, this is nuts!
  204. Relocating our gifted family
  205. 1st grade isn't going as hoped...
  206. Explore by ACT
  207. Introverted kid. Big school problems.
  208. EPGY Open Enrollment
  209. Sleep - Does anything help?
  210. Who tests a child before kindergarten? The district? Private testing? What do they ask about?
  211. Anxiety, organization
  212. DS having trouble in school...any ideas to help?
  213. Cracks me up
  214. October updates - How was the summer? What's new this fall?
  215. Violin lessons for a young 3 year old? How should we approach her teacher?
  216. Another whether to test question...
  217. Playing alone
  218. Problem with working memory for visual information
  219. Sharing our journey :-)
  220. When/if to push the reluctant reader (4.5 yo)
  221. Testing... What do I need to know? Questions I need to ask?
  222. I am so tired of fighting - please tell me it gets better
  223. How do u know u have a gifted child?
  224. Help me pick her new obsession!
  225. I need lesson plans for gifted 9 yr old.
  226. WASI vs WISC IV?
  227. Spelling issues
  228. Davidson Gifted Young Scholars: Portfolio Only?
  229. Gifted toddler or proud mummy?
  230. Book recommendations 4 year old at dra 34
  231. How should I respond?
  232. Letter to a teacher?
  233. How to help a very sensitive toddler
  234. DS is SOOOO sensitive
  235. Lots of reading, but little writing this summer
  236. Gifted children with intense interests - what is typical?
  237. Humming/throat clearing/eye blinking
  238. DD starts HS tomorrow.....
  239. Online schooling resources for gifted children?
  240. How do you find other precocious toddlers like yours?
  241. Homework/ reading expectations during the summer months
  242. Is there value in this activity? Or is it a commercial waste of time?
  243. Book recommendation for my toddler please, re space/rockets
  244. Acceleration - differences for boys/girls? Facts and anecdotes, please!
  245. Help with parenting my 4 year old son!
  246. My issues affecting my child?
  247. Davidson Young Scholar Program admission
  248. How do I deal with social concerns with my gifted child?
  249. Gifted 4 year old emotional issues
  250. Supporting the very young reader