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  65. 3 children and we are delaying vaccination
  66. Pg in 1st tri, only partially immune to chicken pox, should i vax my 3 kids?
  67. Just wanted to clear the air here.
  68. forever undecided :(
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  93. Update
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  101. Hindsight
  102. Normal Reaction?
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  107. Questions
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  111. The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears
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  125. 12dd Never vaxed, but now going to
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  128. How to Delay Vaccinating?
  129. why I am leaving the anti vaccinating movement
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  142. ...
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  144. How to Delay Vaccinating?
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  147. am I overthinking this? first vax for teenager
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  152. Tetanus Shot
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  154. Traveling to China/Hong Kong/Tibet next year
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  162. Selective & Delayed Vaccination
  163. Over 50 School Children in Pakistan Hospitalized After Measles Vaccination
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  165. delayed vac in il
  166. Adacel or Adacel-Polio
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  173. Questions from Canada
  174. MMR + Shedding
  175. Considering vaxing my 5 year old while I'm expecting my 2nd child...
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  178. Working With Doctors
  179. Just starting vaccines
  180. Vaccinating foster children.
  181. Titer test for Hib and Pcv?
  182. Religious exemption for Pre K in NY state with partially vaxxed child
  183. How to go about this?
  184. Vaccines and Gut Health
  185. Delayed vaccine schedule & ped recommendations in Durham NC
  186. Palilalia (whisper repeating) after hepB vaccines
  187. The Worst-of-Mainstream-Media Thread
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  214. non/selective vax friendly doctor
  215. Routine Hospital Shots for Newborns (VITAMIN K and HEPB)....HELP!
  216. The "my kid just had a shot and it's not a celebration" thread
  217. How long does 2 month DTaP, HIb, IPV combo shot last in 3yr old?
  218. Can teachers view students' vax status?
  219. Would you get the Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine for your child if your husband has never had it or the illness?
  220. Any solid mainstream sources about Hepatitis B risks and the risks of the shot?
  221. CT-Selective/Alt. schedule friendly pedis
  222. Single dose of HPV vaccine may be enough--study
  223. Thinking about Hib....
  224. If you wait until later........
  225. Wrongly administered flu shot?
  226. What age did you start vaxing?
  227. Delayed long enough?
  228. So conflicted, I don't even know which board to post in!
  229. A giveaway for vaccinating parents
  230. Vitamin A and vitamin C for infants, please help!!
  231. What vaccines do you all believe are needed and which do yous avoid?
  232. Traveling to South Africa in nine months
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  234. MMR concerns?
  235. Delayed vax friendly ped. in Hardin County???
  236. Nevada Vaccines
  237. Question about school and "catching up" a 5 and 8 y/o who have been on a selective vax schedule
  238. Boosters for kindergarten - which order is best?
  239. What Vaccines Are You Getting for Your Children?
  240. And idiots guide to titers?
  241. Respiratory Support
  242. Trip to ER has me doubting again
  243. Pregnancy/post-partum vaccination recommendations
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  246. Daptacel shortage?
  247. Ready to begin with our almost 5 yr old
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  249. Gardasil
  250. Pertussis