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  1. Dads
  2. Any SAHD books?
  3. New dad? Soon to be dad? Help me in my research study about birth support!
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  13. Book recommendations for new dads (sorry so long)
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  15. Dads--your thoughts on changing toddler girl in men's room....
  16. Better to stay in an unhappy marriage?
  17. Dads Rules and Guidelines
  18. First Father's Day and wracking my brain. Wanna help me out, boys?
  19. Is it too much of a liability for a dad to have other kids over?
  20. Dads, any help on this is appreciated
  21. Thinking of you gift for newly divorced dad?
  22. What do you do with other Dads?
  23. Off topic Braun razor opinion
  24. Income and public assistance
  25. How would you handle this?
  26. Bathtime with 2 year old DD
  27. Stay at Home Dad's?
  28. Reducing Child Support
  29. The My Life as Young Dad Thread
  30. Older Fathers out there?
  31. Book Recommendation for Father (Pregnancy/Birth/Newborn)
  32. Fathers of Girls
  33. Have you built a loft bed for your children?
  34. The sister found Thread
  35. The Good Men Project
  36. What does it mean to be a father
  37. I'm trying to learn how to dad. help?
  38. screaming baby when mama is away
  39. TMI:Vasectomy question
  40. Forgot what it's like
  41. Poll: moms worried about sons using men's room -- your opinions
  42. Happy father's day!!!!!
  43. dad's & doula's
  44. Any "pregnant" dads out there?
  45. Post Vas question for dads...
  46. Anything in particular bring you here?
  47. X-posted under Toddlers: 28 mo. old "hates" Daddy
  48. Dads I need some help!
  49. Job Discrimination!
  50. Feeling a bit down.
  51. Need Advice - Stay @ Home Dad
  52. Extended Breastfeeding and Divorce
  53. Question for the Dads/Dads to be
  54. deleted
  55. x-posted from PAP: I need a reality check Re: satisfaction with family life
  56. The "Dads how would you feel" and "Dads, your advice" Threads
  57. At Wits End
  58. anyone else do this?
  59. Is this the end?
  60. ttc question
  61. What did your partner want from you during labor?
  62. Tips for New Dads?
  63. So im kind of having a hard time...
  64. Counseling with DD and X Soapbox Rant by me
  65. What's your crunchy factor?
  66. Organic Briefs
  67. DH being pressured to drink...
  68. Finally! A Birth Movie for DADS...
  69. Help dads!!
  70. vasectomy question
  71. Cup Help Needed
  72. Breastfeeding Support Annoyance
  73. Advice from Bradley dads?
  74. All dads - please input
  75. New partner not the blood father of my unborn baby...Advice please
  76. Introducing myself. :)
  77. Soon-to-be Dad here
  78. Papas teaching our little boys to be respectful yet strong
  79. The thread "UA-friendly version - Dads" has been removed...
  80. How many Dads in the dads section?
  81. My wife is pregnant
  82. Two different worlds
  83. I Can't Be The First Guy With This Problem...
  84. Labor support hints for dads?
  85. Wife had a miscarriage...
  86. Unexpected!!!
  87. Any other single papas? Any queer papas? Trans papas?
  88. Dads that play by themselves
  89. Alright kiddo, you can come play any day now...
  90. Must-read books for dads (new and old) as well as heads of families...
  91. Happy Father's Day!
  92. Happy Fathers Day!
  93. Happy Father's Day!
  94. Hey dads, can you please weigh in on this thread?
  95. Our birth story
  96. Mother's Day Weekend 2008: statements of appreciation
  97. boy scout like
  98. scared crapless
  99. How to become a handyman
  100. crunchy moms and Mainstream dads finding a balance???
  101. Mags for dads
  102. What does you dlo call you?
  103. Here's What An Alaskan Dad Does To Homeschool...
  104. Dad of another on the way...
  105. Our Challenges
  106. Dads letter to ins. co.?
  107. The baby's kicking!!
  108. How to make time for Dad
  109. Good books for expecting fathers?
  110. Another noob.
  111. Dads 50 ish and up?
  112. New to the forums
  113. Chatting with Dads
  114. Let's go already!!
  115. Fathers who breastfeed!?
  116. Home role?
  117. Finding career while still helping enough with twins
  118. My pregnant wife
  119. Disaster !
  120. Work less and see your family more
  121. Dads: How do we feel about preteens and contraceptives
  122. Storytime playgroups
  123. Like father, not quite like son
  124. Getting Ready For The New Arrival
  125. Papas where are you?
  126. Any SAHDs feel alone?
  127. Any SAHDs feel alone?
  128. What do you think of kilts?
  129. Who do you SAHDs do during the day?
  130. Any other good "dad" websites?
  131. How to help new fathers:
  132. Could the dads take a look at my vas ? in h&h?
  133. Knocking on someone's door and running away
  134. New to the boards
  135. The thread "OK Seriously...intimacy" has been removed from the forum.
  136. Happy Father's Day!
  137. Happy Father's Day!
  138. Happy Father's Day To All Of You!!!
  139. not for the faint of heart! women need not view
  140. Exercises with kids
  141. Another Newbie
  142. New here.. Hello..
  143. Hi Daddy, I am Eating!!
  144. 2nd child for her, 1st for me
  145. new SAHD member - need help w/ naps.
  146. Am I being selfish ?????
  147. Kids and your 'junk'
  148. Help me. What can i do?
  149. Question for the Gentlement
  150. Make-up
  151. Blessingway/Ceremony for fathers? Help!
  152. nice ribs recipe
  153. 4 kids, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol
  154. Cross Post: Which electric razor gives the CLOSEST shave?
  155. Hey Dads, how do you handle feeling "left out"?
  156. A dad's version... Evan's birth story
  157. Working from home
  158. Why do Police have guns?
  159. any D&D dads out there?
  160. vasectomy linked to dementia risk
  161. tattoos?
  162. Dad rooms, Dad things. No girls allowed.
  163. More ways to be active????
  164. Alternadad/hipster dads
  165. Need permission to be fixed?
  166. Need a husband's opinion on Valentine's gift
  167. A Question for all the Dads!!!
  168. How do I convince DH that the baby doesn't hate him?
  169. morning erections and co-sleeping
  170. Embarassing pics of you as a baby?
  171. ummm not so sure
  172. What was your biggest fear?
  173. do you wear underwear under long johns?
  174. Only for dads who post: babywearing
  175. Dad's please speak up...
  176. vasectomy - how did you feel afterwards?
  177. Do you co-sleeping dads mind sleeping elsewhere?
  178. to all u dads out there
  179. calling all help from SAHDs
  180. Vanguard Open Beta is Patching!
  181. Just remember....there is always someone worse at fatherhood than you.
  182. Dad, How old are you?
  183. young dads
  184. how can I support the bonding between dh & dd and get some time for myself??
  185. What can moms do more?
  186. spinoff - New Dad Books for a non-reader
  187. Dads - How much do your wives help you?
  188. looking for other dads opinion
  189. No One Rocks A Sick House Like Tata!
  190. Are there other SAHD out there?
  191. How to be helpful for DADs during labor
  192. Advise needed on "new dad" book
  193. Can I get some Dad's opinions on this?
  194. Gamefly For Christmas
  195. Need Christmas Present Ideas
  196. Seperated spouse bashes me to children...
  197. Do you travel for work?
  198. Daddies, help a mama-to-be out!
  199. Reading to Children
  200. Homebirth?
  201. DH needs interview suit buying tips/recs from Big & Tall Dads
  202. How Will Does DH balance Work and Family?
  203. Dads. What charms you?
  204. do we have a right to know how much the dad makes???
  205. Do you write?
  206. Help me understand how DH feels...
  207. This dad is a senior (member, that is!) Post 1000!
  208. Dads: any widowed dads raising kids alone?
  209. Figured this would work here too
  210. Daddy Slings
  211. What do dads need?
  212. Art your kids like
  213. Night Papa Parenting Ideas
  214. please help - DS extremely hostile to DH
  215. younger dads
  216. Paternity Leave - How Much Time Did You Get Off, If Any?
  217. I have a creepy question, sorry
  218. How much time do you spend with your dc?
  219. How much time do you spend with your dc?
  220. Dad's suffer from PPD? post
  221. Dads: What was your feelings/thoughts when your wife said "I want to hire a doula"
  222. anything like this site, but mainly for fathers??
  223. What do you use to keep going???
  224. looking for CAC lurkers
  225. attachment to Daddy
  226. Dads - do you prefer cloth or disposable diapers?
  227. does your baby get mad at you???
  228. does your baby get mad at you???
  229. Supplements and male fertility?
  230. What to expect when DH has his vasectomy
  231. Dudes.....
  232. book recs for young father-to-be
  233. dads please help...
  234. Dads - please help dh put my 16mo dd to sleep!!!
  235. I could use some advice...
  236. Dads and Daughters
  237. Adjusting to Fatherhood.
  238. Pulled my gun...
  239. Happy Fathers Day..
  240. Dads: What carrier do you like? (anyone with pics?)
  241. Dads travelling with daughters and public restrooms. Or, might as well bring a bucket
  242. Dads-Do your kids do this and how do you handle it?
  243. Good Electric Razor?
  244. How do Dads feel about being in the delivery room?
  245. Friends dont get it....
  246. Fiance made me cry today :(
  247. has GYN exams caused a loss of intimancy between you and your spouse?
  248. In ref to thanks for your help but no thanks
  249. Thanks for your help but no thanks
  250. Ahhhhem....May I ask something?