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  1. So different from each other...
  2. Suggestions to help dh cope with 7th job loss (last ditch effort to save marriage)
  3. Anyone Concerned that this Forum is now searchable and accessible to new members?
  4. Advice on possible abandonment
  5. he-said-he-was-leaving-she-ignored-him
  6. Parents as Partners
  7. dh plays and feels free with best friend & his wife
  8. Struggling with husband's erratic sleeping and eating schedule
  9. Husband and porn issues. Please talk to me.
  10. I'm glad to be married to my husband because...
  11. Lied. Cheated. And hit me.
  12. Husband's Job is not paying the bills - how to approach him
  13. Deeply moody husband - how to cope
  14. Offended by DH's use of the term "well-behaved"
  15. I feel like breaking up - but cannot
  16. Change & growth
  17. Unable to work through conflicts constructively - LONG
  18. Child support from boyfriend?
  19. Ok, be honest, is it me?
  20. When the husband "helps"
  21. What can I do?
  22. Poll time! How much does your partner help out around the house?
  23. Is your partner truly a partner?
  24. ADHD Partners - what are you willing to take over?
  25. The lesser of two evils
  26. When does it become abuse?
  27. In desperate need of input! Move now or later?
  28. Dh doesn't find me attractive anymore
  29. changed my mind!
  30. Need input - WWYD - give up your dream for him?
  31. nevermind
  32. Who should give in? Sleep with a cat or not?
  33. Is your partner your best friend?
  34. Moms married to men from India
  35. Feeling so neglected
  36. DH and power struggles
  37. Husband left five year old at home
  38. dp unmotivated with work
  39. Respectfully Stepping in During Spouse/Child Conflict
  40. Did you change your name when you got married?
  41. Telling others about lice. What would you do?
  42. What would you do? Need some advice please
  43. *VENT* I didn't see a Vent corner on Mothering (MIL ISSUES)
  44. Summer Date night ideas?
  45. Need some advice
  46. Frustrated with DH's "need" for sleep
  47. Filing for divorce
  48. Did your husband/partner ask you how you wanted to celebrate Mother's Day?
  49. Does marriage counseling ever help?
  50. How can I offer support?
  51. Mostly frivolous vent.
  52. Seriously, why am I still here?! *updated
  53. Another "one parnter wants a baby, the other doesn't" thread, we have issues.
  54. Solving a major "fundamental" disagreement
  55. Just don't know what to do
  56. Emotional Affair -- totally blindsided
  57. Please advice - lying husband (might be on the longer side...;) )
  58. My pessimistic husband
  59. Deleted
  60. Need perspective.
  61. Having another baby with an unhelpful partner
  62. DP always takes kids' side... Even when they're in the wrong
  63. Intensive/Weekend Couples Therapy?
  64. Partners but not married
  65. If your SO takes extended work trips, what is a reasonable expectation for speaking with each other?
  67. conflict over unplanned pregnancy
  68. Emotional incapity - now I know the problem, how to handle it?
  69. Anyone else's dh/ partner do this?
  70. Getting out of the house
  71. DH talks negatively about DS and I in front of DS - we are 'too slow'
  72. Getting past the anger
  73. Any thoughts on how to help dh?
  74. Life would be easier if I just didn't care
  75. That's Just the Way It Is? Just Frustrated
  76. how to overcome jealousy, trust issues, and expectations?
  77. snide comments
  78. Please tell me I have nothing to worry about. Should I let this go, forgive and move on?
  79. help me give DH parenting advice!
  80. infidelity: confronting the other woman's partner tonight--tips? + questions
  81. Minor disagreement over major in-law issue
  82. I'm pregnant.
  83. Handling the unhappiness while trying to work things out . . .
  84. Dh is not home alot -venting
  85. Am I being selfish? Is he being selfish? What should we do to resolve this successfully? HELP!
  86. How much should earning power determine which parent stays home?
  87. Is this as messed up as I think it is?
  88. I can't understand his depression
  89. Please Tell Me This Will Be Okay (Update #17)
  90. Is "I can't afford to divorce" a reason to stay married?
  91. I Give Up!
  92. My DH can be such an asshole.....
  93. Emotional affair
  94. I just need to get my thoughts out.
  95. I feel like I'm not appreciated
  96. Advice for counselling?
  97. Question about Alone time with your partner
  98. Ready To Let Go
  99. Overcoming Resentment?
  100. Encouragement needed
  101. How often is your DH physically affectionate with you?
  102. How often does your DH tell you you are beautiful?
  103. What are appropriate expectations for romance and tenderness?
  104. fluffy post on farting…..
  105. Hubby tore up our wedding picture
  106. Is it possible to be a single stay at home mom?
  107. DH made my birthday wonderful
  108. If your partner is a terrible gift giver...
  109. Can people change?
  110. That nonmonogamy stuff has risks.
  111. Anyone with their DH/DP/DW for a LONG time before deciding to have kids? Like 10+ years?
  112. It's time to leave when...
  113. When is it time to leave?
  114. How to choose a counselor that can actually help?
  115. Never expected... Feelings for someone else
  116. Anyone have a partner that works away from home?
  117. DH and my postpartum body
  118. Need Help! Communication with dh is at an all time low :(
  119. Finally figured out why I'm so mad at DH
  120. Beyond Jealous
  121. i need objective advice; can i trust dh?
  122. Frustrated at partner who can't talk about feelings (long!)
  123. Silly problem, help me figure it out.
  124. Is this bad?
  125. Need another opinion or advice- married to a procrastinator
  126. DH taking our love to a whole nother level
  127. TMI sorry must delete
  128. dh has an "extra" phone
  129. Singled out - Why don't they ever hear me?
  130. PLEASE HELP!!! mothers of 4 or more!!!! im pregnant again n very doubtfull :'(
  131. Needing "me" time and space versus needing together time
  132. Need Communication Strategies
  133. Need help with impending confrontation (update #744)
  134. Pothead Husband
  135. DP doesn't listen to me, having trouble ever "coming to terms" with anything
  136. I'm on a roll.... Dh burns way too many (important!) bridges (*latest: post#42!)
  137. Dh is unhealthy but steadfast in denial
  138. Feeling sad.
  139. Do you (personally) feel like you need to sleep with your partner to stay connected?
  140. Hormonal and need some insight. Am I being too sensitive?
  141. DS has a bruise
  142. Not sure what's wrong with my dh
  143. Vent: How can DH buy so much for one kid and so little for the other?
  144. dh flirts in front of me
  145. I swear, I don't know how he's survived 40+ years on this planet.
  146. Help with bipolar dh? X posted in mental health..
  147. Would you tell your spouse if you were hit on or asked out?
  148. When are you "done" having children?
  149. termination of rights due to ex-spouse harassing
  150. Husband is just a guy, but it's a big deal to me.
  151. Grumpy Partner--how to stay positive?
  152. Anyone have trouble sleeping next to their husband?
  153. I sure wish my dh had been on board with this sah parenting thing.
  154. help needed: asked dh to stay at a hotel tonight
  155. Do u get help from DH?
  156. peaceful communication
  157. just a little pet peeve
  158. So... Am I wrong or what?
  159. Help! Need ideas to show romance and love towards DH
  160. Marriage and money issues
  161. Horrible Dilemma: Ferber vs. CoSleeping, Round 8 Million
  162. Just need an unbiased opinion--resume hobby without hubby?
  163. Tired and sad
  164. Would you tell your partner that you are afraid his dad *might* sexually abuse children?
  165. Do you expect to spend Valentines with your SO?
  166. Anyone suffering from a cultural barrier within their relationship?
  167. Help me understand? DH and our baby
  168. What is with dh coming home and matching my mood, whether good or bad?
  169. Who is the "Man" in your relationship?
  170. We need help. Any advice?
  171. Open Communication With Almost No Alone Time
  172. Wife in charge
  173. I'm really confused about my relationship... Anyone btdt?
  174. DH wants another baby and I don't
  175. Help w/ my New Year's Resolution: be kinder to DH
  176. Two homes: Two completely different lives. How do I ease this transition for DS?
  177. something or nothing at all?
  178. trivial, I guess, but I feel like we're doomed UPDATE #15
  179. Starting the new year with a LOVE MAP
  180. Wanting to gush about my DH and his understanding of bending gender roles!
  181. Tell if I'm crazy...
  182. Does this seem like overly controlling behavior?
  183. help to validate what i am feeling......
  184. How Do You Deal with a Depressed Partner?
  185. Husbands unfounded jealousy is killing me
  186. Should I tell husband to leave?
  187. This is long, and for that i am sorry
  188. Broken promises
  189. Help with divorce decision
  190. We are now parenting as partners after separation
  191. Do you think these things are reasonable to want from dh?
  192. When your DP has cronic pain.
  193. Grandparent Drama-At a total loss
  194. DH and an our ongoing problem
  195. Struggling with Marriage
  196. Dh got me a lame present - again!
  197. Breaking my own rule!
  198. What's your take on this continual argument?
  199. Confused about abusive marriage in DH's family
  200. dh and his anger
  201. need opinions, please
  202. Abuse... can it be worked through?
  203. Why can't I just enjoy & love the great husband I have?
  204. How To Create A Real Change
  205. When you want an "open relationship" and DP doesn't
  206. Incredibly frustrated with my husband
  207. How would you react?
  208. How our house runs
  209. Parents As Partners: Gratitude Version
  210. "I can't have beer, so neither should you!"
  211. Complaining about our Partners
  212. Retrouvaille retreat saved our marriage
  213. DH and a job
  214. An overseas move without a solid marriage?
  215. How can I get my husband to cook?
  216. .
  217. Love and appreciation (for those married/together 5 + years)
  218. Follow up to, "The Shocking Truth for Thirty Percent of Divorced Women "
  219. Mental Health and Decision Making - When/How?
  220. Need perspective on a financial/business/communication situation- final update, post 40
  221. In Laws, Sigh . . .
  222. "A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not 'Crazy'"
  223. I have no idea how to support DH in this anymore...
  224. Need support, please
  225. How can I live with a partner who is not reliable?
  226. Not sure where to go from here
  227. the end of our first deployment is approaching. worried about reconnecting.
  228. nm
  229. I am the "enemy"
  230. Drowning
  231. divorce
  232. How awful would I be if I asked dh to cancel his trip? ** UPDATE Post 35**
  233. Conflicting plans
  234. Slightly fluffy: support thread for sports widows?
  235. DH and I back together but he isn't sure if he wants to live with us
  236. How much support to reasonably expect?
  237. Second job
  238. I want to believe him, but should I?
  239. Married to a bipolar partner ***UPDATED in First Post***
  240. Not sure how to handle this..
  241. How would you have handled this?
  242. I want a night out??
  243. How do you know when it's best for the kids if you leave your marriage? (Can a narcissist ever change?)
  244. How do I make my feeling clear w/o upsetting my DH
  245. Am I a bitch?
  246. How do you share the love?
  247. how would you interpret this?
  248. Mother recently moved in need some advice
  249. Tips For Re-building Our Marriage
  250. i think my mom is drinking again after 6 years :(