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  1. OPOL home, one parent feels left out
  2. Help! Crazy religious family beliefs!
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  8. Multicultural Families
  9. My white latino baby
  10. NEED ONLY 20 MORE RESPONSES - Parents: What do you think of your children being exposed to different family types in advertising?
  11. How do you deal with one parent making a big deal about how "their" race/culture/ethnicity, etc, is better?
  12. Visualizing Race, Identity, and Change by National Geographic Magazine
  13. Learning to read bilingually.
  14. recommend a free e-book for learning Chinese
  15. Living in a shame-based culture
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  17. Your reaction to the reaction to the Cheerios ad
  18. Racist Family
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  20. Fixing the world, one "mixed' baby at a time
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  22. Picking an Indian Girl's name...
  23. Gift-giving
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  26. Need a boy bay name - Indian Origin
  27. why are kids so hard to tell apart
  28. Passing on culture
  29. Raising bilingual kids without doing OPOL
  30. Stripes?
  31. Modern Standard Arabic/Moroccan Arabic (Darija) help?
  32. Difficult Times
  33. Hispanic mother in law constantly disrespectng african american daughter for last 5 years
  34. teaching multiculturalism beyond books
  35. "where are you guys from?"
  36. Heartbroken about racism. (don't know where this goes, seemed like a place to start)
  37. Teaching a RARE MINORITY LANGUAGE with very limited exposure and resources
  38. insulin resistance?
  39. OPOL vs Encouraging Early Development
  40. Looking for Spanish immersion for kids WITHOUT travelling to DH's country (MX)
  41. Including some majority language in a parent-childhood relationship that was minority-language only
  42. Growing up with different cultures
  43. Communication...
  44. Anyone familiar wiht afghan hazara culture and language?
  45. Do you correct your multilingual toddler?
  46. Introducing second language at 2years
  47. When did your child figure out the use of noun cases?
  48. Long haul flights with breastfeeding toddlers, anyone? Also, carseats in taxis
  49. teaching your 2nd language to your child?
  50. What in the hell???
  51. Latino boys, illness, and long hair?
  52. Advice on handling oldest DD's comments/opinions...
  53. help with american muslim baby names?
  54. When a child's MINORITY language is weak
  55. Do you feel wrong to raise your babe without a large influence of their ethnicity?
  56. HELP!!! Blended family with upcoming visit causing major STRESS!!!
  57. ISO non-traditional dolls
  58. When a toddler's majority language is weak...
  59. WWYD: slur from a child at school?
  60. Anyone else with a multi-racial kid whose ethnicity isn't obvious?
  61. Quadlingual - any suggestions on doing it better or any experiences?
  62. baby sign language in trilingual household
  63. Happy Chanukah and beginning of the Holidays
  64. How do you approach the subject of "Santa" and "Christmas" if you are raising your kids Muslim?
  65. Pimsleur for learning Eastern Arabic?
  66. native au pair/nanny and day care dilema in a VERY diverse family. HELP
  67. Toddler adjustments to the "old country" during extended visits
  68. Seeking Diversity Images
  69. Challenges with being from different economic backgrounds
  70. Help a Midwifery Student!
  71. having a baby of a different race... preparing the older sibling(and myself)
  72. Searching for hair care wisdom
  73. looking for help from a Korean speaker
  74. Help please!
  75. How to handle one child getting far more public attention than the others?
  76. Success stories raising active bilingual children?
  77. Arabic Playgroup in North Carolina (Greensboro area or Charlotte)?
  78. Bilingual Toddler, Cohabitating Monolingual Grandmother, Handwringing Mother
  79. flying while pregnant with twins
  80. How do you deal with anti-Muslim discrimination?
  81. Flying on nearly expired passport
  82. kids in park yelling "hey Chinese boy" to my 5 year old
  83. Indian Inlaw's first visit to USA. what to expect etc.
  84. Anyone raising their kid tri-lingual?
  85. TV-free vs. media
  86. SOOOOO frustrated living in the US with my foreign DH
  87. Language exposure help
  88. Is anyone homeschooling?
  89. How do you speak to your kids in many languages?
  90. Mini rant
  91. What's something valuable you've learned from your 'other culture?'
  92. Is that your baby!?
  93. Newbie
  94. "Mommy, you're not Chinese..."
  95. MIL is horrified when ever babies appearance comes up
  96. How long did it take for your kids to figure out gender?
  97. Score one for DH!!
  98. Language dilemma
  99. Tips on dealing with kids' refusal to speak second/third language?
  100. is there a biracial barbie with kinky hair ?
  101. If you do OPOL, do you correct your child's mistakes in the other language?
  102. Bilingual home causing language delays?
  103. Inlaws worried about my child's hair and picking on issue
  104. Feeling a little sad DS will mostly be removed from cultural background
  105. Keeping up a language you don't speak
  106. Macho husbands and pregnancy
  107. DS (4.5) says he "wants to be white" ughh
  108. What does your foreign spouse think about SAHM?
  109. "mixed kids are cuter" ?!
  110. Teaching L2 when neither parent is native
  111. My first encounter with talking about prejudice and discrimination--parent to child.
  112. How will DD ever figure out pronouns? (OPOL with 2 minority languages)
  113. How do your toddlers talk about the differences they see in people?
  114. Anyone put a child in a immersion pre-k or k program?
  115. Losing a language?
  116. Not perfect bilingual child but considering 3rd language immersion school?
  117. Hair! White mama doesn't know what she's doing with DD's African hair :)
  118. daughter was watching her tv program in L2 and..
  119. Using multiple languages in the same sentence.
  120. A better term than "half" or "part" for biracial children...
  121. Fasicnated by bilingual language development
  122. Mexican in-laws and drunkeness
  123. DD screams bloody murder when I try to comb her hair
  124. Hindu Indian baby name that is American friendly needed!
  125. Helping DH and his family teach my children Chinese
  126. Cultural use of incense? Your experience?
  127. Scandinavian Moms - Question about bedding
  128. The Deeply Closeted Racist - in your own family!
  129. Chinese In-Laws encouraging competition between my daughters
  130. Rude questions about eyes from strangerS
  131. Feeling isolated and frustrated with the local culture
  132. Questions about mexican cultural expectations...
  133. Moms of mixed kids
  134. Spanish Mama's help me out? How do I use ~ and the accent when typing an email??
  135. Mother-to-be of biracial Latino girl
  136. Any Good Arabic Videos for Kids
  137. Complicated multilanguage situation
  138. Suddenly switching languages with a child
  139. What do do when you don't identify with the community holidays?
  140. "but, she should learn English!"
  141. cross-cultural birthday expectations=MAJOR HEADACHE
  142. correcting or letting go bilingual question
  143. Year three without a Christmas Tree for Christian mom married to Muslim man
  144. What do your bilingual children call your monolingual parents?
  145. PC games to support English acquisition for 3 yr old
  146. Bilingual baby with childcare in a thrid language? WWYD?
  147. Toddler not understanding grandparents
  148. does anyone have 2 children with 2 different cultures?
  149. Language Learning Connundrum
  150. DD doesn't use my language. WWYD?
  151. Does anybody speak to their child in a language they are not fluent in?
  152. how are these german-american names? updated in first post
  153. searching *african-american/european* waldorf dolls
  154. How to balance body boundaries with touchy-feely?
  155. Must see, especially for multiethnic children!
  156. Another hair product thread
  157. Western spouses living in "developing" countries
  158. What to bring on an international move?
  159. Being asked this question: "Where are they from?"
  160. What have you absorbed? What have you rejected?
  161. not peircing ears... any quippy comebacks?
  162. Speak-pals!
  163. looking for baby names... lost :(
  164. Trilingual 2 and a half year old boy
  165. Another bilingual family question
  166. Speaking only the minority language at home
  167. trying to make a bilingual baby
  168. How hard is Mandarin to learn for an English speaker?
  169. Spanish/ English Mom- Need help with some common phrases
  170. Attitudes towards children-how do the cultures differ??
  171. ill and aging overseas (Indian) il's and dh's guilt..
  172. What does doing your Childs hair sound like at your house?
  173. speaking L2 with kids
  174. how do you explain the *n*-word + its history to toddlers ?
  175. She's gone
  176. Resemblances beyond race
  177. Help Me Find Some Info Please!
  178. For those with Filipino partners...
  179. So your kids must be adopted, right?
  180. This forum needs a resource thread, please provide input
  181. Is there a good BASIC Latin American cookbook...?
  182. Short term childcare situation in a third language
  183. Sometimes it's hard being white
  184. Brazilian Portuguese News or Podcasts online?
  185. Comparing kids of similar heritage? Also, "Your baby looks NOTHING like you!" comments
  186. Going to religious community for Arabic language support?
  187. Would you explain race to a five-year-old?
  188. Going crazy in Mexico
  189. Vacation: and now they are speaking ENGLISH!
  190. DD's hair is out of control!
  191. Dh and MIl speaking language in front of me in my own home
  192. Language Development in Bilingual Kids
  193. Need Help: Collecting "Pet Names" From Other Languages
  194. How would you handle this?
  195. Multiethnic baby with Arabic name looks "white" and...
  196. Why do they have to stare, and stare, and stare???
  197. Hair SOS
  198. An Awfully "Weird" Family
  199. Italian baby boy names?
  200. Hispanic baby dolls with curly hair? Anyone??
  201. When Did Your Bilingual Child Start Talking?
  202. Trilingual
  203. Wow! :(
  204. Question for Muslim families regarding weddings...
  205. You're behaving like a bunch of wild Indians!
  206. *waves* Chinese/American blended family here!
  207. Anyone BTDT: Schooling in two countries at once?
  208. Words that don't exist in your minority language?
  209. Cold feet and hands/Turkish supersition or not?
  210. May I ask your opinion? (x-posted)
  211. Turkish/American family
  212. Planning to raise our daughter bilingual, but unsure how to proceed
  213. Need your help-need some good lines! (Islam followers please stop here)
  214. Racial insensitivity? Racial Microaggression? Outright Racism? Vent
  215. mexican americans - how will you teach LOs about the "real" history of USA?
  216. toddlers in Spain?
  217. Q: Where did you get your baby from? A: My vagina.
  218. ways to expose young son to the Korean language
  219. Thank you!
  220. Problems in DH's Culture Community
  221. I have some problems with one parent-one language--help me understand!
  222. achieving bilingualism in an unusual situation--some questions!
  223. Bone marrow donation for mixed- ancestry people
  224. French names- funny update
  225. Are Golliwog Dolls Racist???
  226. One Parent, One Language
  227. Census forms and race
  228. Language aids?
  229. Sunscreen for coffee n' cream toddler?
  230. Offensive "compliments"
  231. AA/Caucasian biracial kids & sickle cell trait/disease?
  232. DD is being funny about DH's native language
  233. Books for kids about bi-racial / multi-cultural families?
  234. Language/school decision -- interested in others opinions
  235. Has anyone adopted their DPs community as their own?
  236. My latest encounters with racism. Grr
  237. Textbook revisions minimizing minority's
  238. 2 First Names
  239. Multiracial no longer boxed in by the Census
  240. What happened in Dubai, those of us with more than one nationaity, are you too creeped out??
  241. racist MIL
  242. Formally teaching the other language(s) at home when they're not taught at school (or at least not at the required level)
  243. Would you move - change language again? Agonizing over a decision.
  244. mixed and happy website!
  245. Help with a French Book?
  246. Good kid videos for teaching Spanish?
  247. The cashier called DS "Oriental." UPDATE post #73
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