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  1. motivation for violin
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  14. Hello :)
  15. Does anyone here not assign chores?
  16. Interdependence
  17. mostly unschooled kid that went back to public school
  18. 8 year old reluctant to read
  19. October 2015 Unschooling Thread
  20. Too young :(
  21. Resilience and empowerment
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  24. unschooling bilingual kids
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  26. An Annual Learning Plan, unschooling-style
  27. September 2015 Unschooling Thread
  28. The unschooling mindset
  29. Leaving high school for alternative study
  30. Help please!
  31. Suggestions for Computer Activities
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  35. Talking to Kids About Unschooling
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  37. August 2015 Unschooling thread
  38. Driving and insurance question
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  40. Nostalgia!
  41. Advice for 12yo math catch-up?
  42. A Thousand Rivers
  43. Dyslexia and Unschooling -- Is there a reason to know early?
  44. July 2015 Unschooling Thread
  45. Transition to Public School
  46. Off shoot-outside time
  47. Offshoot - screen time
  48. Cross-post: What does your nine year old boy love to do?
  49. June 2015 Unschooling Thread
  50. Unschooling & Co-op
  51. Keeping Track
  52. Raspberry Pi
  53. Strewing
  54. Talk to me about age 7
  55. May 2015 Unschooling Thread
  56. Unschooling in Washington
  57. legalities
  58. Home Education Magazine
  59. An unschooled kid at school (observations)
  60. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  61. A day in the life of an unschooling family
  62. Looking for your best unschooling advice
  63. April 2015 Unschooling Thread
  64. back to school for one?
  65. Socialization
  66. Veteran Homeschooler/New Un-schooler (to be)
  67. What are some of your or your children's strangest interests or talents?
  68. Questions on unschooling principles
  69. Explaining unschooling to others
  70. March 2015 Unschooling Thread
  71. When people say, "But how will you cover all subjects without a curriculum?!"
  72. Stories of learning to read
  73. How to spend $1000?
  74. What are you unschooling?
  75. Facilitated self-structuring: critique please
  76. My kid wants to practice test taking skills
  77. The Paradox of Choice
  78. It is 9:42pm and....,
  79. February 2015 Unschooling Anything-goes Thread
  80. Learning from later-readers
  81. Searching for an English-speaking family to host a 13-years-old French unschooler
  82. unschooling a dyslexic child
  83. Accountability
  84. "why didn't you MAKE me learn that before?"
  85. Fun educational games
  86. Book recommendation?
  87. January 2015 Unschooling Thread
  88. Spelling
  89. December 2014 Unschooling Thread
  90. Winter is Coming...or is it here?
  91. Am I missing something here with handwriting?
  92. November 2014 Unschooling Thread
  93. "just doing what they want to all the time"
  94. Single unschooler question about testing
  95. unschooling in Seattle/ the PNW?
  96. unschooling in Nashville/Franklin?
  97. How important is fiction?
  98. Unschooling civics and media studies: more rural ponderings
  99. When college majors aren't practical
  100. So, what is MOM up to? ;)
  101. Urban vs. rural unschooled childhoods
  102. October 2014 Unschooling Thread
  103. Saxon math.
  104. Saxon math.
  105. About TV
  106. Being intentional about daily rhythm
  107. How to get ready for public school after unschooling
  108. What do kids really need?
  109. Unschooling for 1 to 6 weeks only
  110. Rainbow Gatherings
  111. What should I do
  112. OK, fine. They don't want my help to work things out...
  113. Prescriptive vs. descriptive labels
  114. September Unschooling Thread
  115. Scared, Again. Am I failing them?
  116. So this could be interesting....
  117. Rules
  118. Rethinking unschooling and chores and money
  119. August 2014 Unschooling Thread
  120. Nature skills for children?
  121. Unsure if I've done the right thing...
  122. Pressure to "keep up"
  123. Crippling Perfectionism
  124. In need of a pep talk on unschooling
  125. Siblings' roles in forming identity
  126. July 2014 Unschooling Thread
  127. sports and activities
  128. What are your plans for this coming school year?
  129. June 2014 Unschooling Thread
  130. The shape of your unschooling year
  131. Unschooling
  132. Ideas for raising bilingual kids when only one parent speaks a second language
  133. Anyone have time to answer unschooling q's?
  134. Guitar/voice/music with no formal lessons?
  135. Telling others you plan to unschool
  136. Motivating myself
  137. May Unschooling Thread
  138. Am I missing something or is unschooling suppose to be this fun?
  139. Music practice and pet care
  140. Finding the right amount of structure
  141. April Unschooling Thread
  142. Please reassure me that he will read
  143. Best Purchases for Open Ended Use
  144. Unschooled kids taking the CAT test....expiernces please.
  145. An important video: "This Mother Tore Off Labels And Nurtured Her Son’s Hidden Genius"
  146. research, articles etc that "show" advantages of unschooling?
  147. How do I best help my son learn?
  148. The subtle difference between "understanding" and "agreeing"
  149. Considering unschooling gifted/high needs child
  150. Question about unschooling and chores
  151. Unschooling irresponsible?
  152. March Unschooling Thread
  153. Unschooling in Europe
  154. wondering if unschooling is right for us, and what resources do you have available to your kids as unschoolers?
  155. Unschooling with an older adopted child
  156. How did you decide to Unschool?
  157. A rambling thread seeking advice
  158. I feel like my kids need to see ME struggling to learn something...
  159. Violin buying for beginners
  160. Unschooling in Maryland
  161. February Unschooling Thread
  162. Anyone else Unschooling in NY?
  163. Preaching to the choir: sometimes I need it--Peter Gray article about play
  164. "What do you want to learn about today?"
  165. Need music advice, please
  166. How early would you introduce formal math to a kid who might really like it?
  167. January unschooling thread
  168. Unschooly curriculum!
  169. Another "Unschooling Myself" Thread
  170. Difficult Things
  171. Coalition for Responsible Homeschooling? Anyone heard of them?
  172. mdc keeps kicking me out of my browser
  173. Homeschool schedule, breaks, etc?
  174. No challenges?
  175. Passions vs Interests...
  176. 12 y/o unschooler needs math book suggestions
  177. Just some things I've been thinking about...
  178. December Unschooling Thread
  179. delete
  180. How much do you go out/stay home?
  181. John Holt on the Phil Donahue show!
  182. Cross-post: High school options
  183. Sports & Unschooling
  184. How did you learn about Unschooling?
  185. New to unschooling
  186. Sharing your choices with family, etc.
  187. Learning to Read
  188. Unschooling Group Activities?
  189. unschooling the perfectionist
  190. November Unschooling Thread
  191. Combination of more formal hsing for core subjects, and unschooling for the rest?
  192. When math isn't challenging
  193. Do you let your kids watch whatever they want? Curious how this works
  194. U/S friendly how-to-write curricula?
  195. Offshoot thread: encouraging physical activity
  196. Struggling with my 7 year old
  197. October Unschooling Thread
  198. science ....
  199. The issue of strewing and manipulation
  200. recommendations for non fiction reading
  201. Grokking depth-- big time ramble
  202. Ok, minecraft...
  203. How can I homeschool/unschool 18 month old?
  204. Radical Unschooling, Attafchment Parenting, and Religion.
  205. Who wants to help me start an unschooling or alternative education project on my land in Vilcabamba, Ecuador?
  206. Boredom
  207. End-of-summer unschooling thread
  208. Please talk to me about unschooling/homeschooling post 11
  209. so hard to meet unschoolers in real life
  210. Anyone h.s. an only child or start in high school?
  211. Exposing kids to well-roundedness
  212. Have you seen the Mothering giveaway this week?
  213. Starting The New Homeschool Season? How's It Going?
  214. Project-based unschooling
  215. University without diploma?
  216. Unschooling Guru Scandal?
  217. Do I "count" extracurricular activities for school?
  218. What IS unschooling?
  219. Play the Education-ese Unschooling Challenge!
  220. My mother is concerned about some of the practical aspects of homeschooling
  221. My 6 year old builds the weirdest stuff
  222. Neufeld?
  223. Living privileged lives
  224. kids with "unbalanced interests"
  225. What websites/resources do your 9/10 ish year olds really like?
  226. Limiting Fiction Reading...what do you guys think?
  227. dream
  228. Unschooling and chores...how do you do it?
  229. Summer thread!: Feeling good about not doing what we don't do anyway :)
  230. Preteen and Teen Unschoolers link
  231. define unschooling
  232. What do you do for Math?
  233. What's your physical space/environment like?
  234. sewing resources for a 6 year old
  235. Tracking
  236. Anyone NOT limiting TV?
  237. Fun Endeavors for the "destructive" child
  238. unschooling and minority language
  239. Parenting Question, but need US POV
  240. How to cover the "basics"
  241. Blog post & link to new group
  242. Summer Blues
  243. Unfamiliar anxiety-- a Ramble about moving beyond the early years
  244. Who teaches you?
  245. Maker scout!!! Did you know?
  246. Unschooling an almost 3 year old who is "advanced" without pushing them.
  247. Looking for Unschoolers in Chicago
  248. What do you want to do today?
  249. I think we might be unschooling!???
  250. Socializing Woes