: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Not a bad article.
  2. 'Cut' will be screened in NYC
  3. scar tissue at urethral opening
  4. Can un mutilated preemies 'spray'? Thread
  5. Fixing Circ Adhesions????
  6. Separation or infection?
  7. The In-crowd Mentality
  8. mainstream circ article
  9. can anyone help...5 yr old w/ sore penis
  10. Q re: admitted newborn and health care personnel
  11. The thread, " Held pressure on bleeding circ for an hour!"
  12. Sad eureka moment - long ranty post warning
  13. Found an anti circ petition on the petition site!
  14. Resources for new mom?
  15. "My doctor wants it done."
  16. So excited!
  17. Restoration Forum on Teen board.
  18. Celebrate with me!
  19. chicken pox on intact penis
  20. problem with uncirc'd toddler...please help!
  21. Trying to theorize of claiming
  22. Q about peri-care in intact grown men?
  23. Family--ugh
  24. Need statistics and reassurance please!
  25. sexasnatureintendedit web site
  26. The Other Jewish parents - please help with ignorance! thread
  27. 2 1/2 yr old complaining of pain in penis!
  28. An interesting theory
  29. Female Circumcision Debated on Egyptian TV
  30. All At Once: Activism Network
  31. idea to keep doctors from retracting
  32. DS has never been retracted.....UNTIL TODAY
  33. "The Joy of Being a Boy" (and THANK YOU!)
  34. Well that was easy!
  35. kinda funny -- perils of raising intact in the US
  36. underside of penis ?
  37. Penis infection
  38. The UN is anti safe injection sites, pro-circumcision - what's wrong with this picture?
  39. NOCIRC 2008 Newsletter
  40. The"I have sweaty palms" thread has been removed
  41. I thought circ cured this??
  42. Thank You
  43. Redness and Swelling in Intact 2.5 y/o
  44. What to say when DS sees DH
  45. Questions about adhesion on a circ'ed penis
  46. The No-Brainer Syndrome (A good Article)
  47. The No-Brainer Syndrome (A good Article)
  48. Penis Dementia
  49. Mothering Mag. Marilyn Milos
  50. Painful erections in 2 year old??
  51. What does a UTI look like in an uncirc'd baby?
  52. For all of you who are lurking......
  53. Nursing Textbook
  54. Night Nurse and any other nurses
  55. 2007 circ rates?
  56. My son's story from my view (blake) & my regreat
  57. Usborne book-why am I different-boy related
  58. A very good article
  59. An interesting article
  60. Need some help
  61. didn't know, sorry!
  62. Trying again...Litmus Test for Child Abuse (quote from CNN's Sunny Hostin)
  63. Anti-circ. advocacy?
  64. I'm not sure what I was expecting...
  65. Good WBV
  66. Aids & STD research studies
  67. Anyone familiar with this case?
  68. To those women who "can compare": Please do.
  69. bubble/bimp on penis
  70. I didn't think it would bother me
  71. Retractable at 2 and different looking foreskins
  72. Question about buried penis?
  73. Female Circ Film Moolaade
  74. Anti-circ parenting book?
  75. How can I help?
  76. My in-laws are going to circ.
  77. The Foreskin Test
  78. Adhesion question
  79. how different are boys and girls?
  80. hypospadius repair - is this the right place?
  81. Intact 2 month old question
  82. Adult Circumcision?
  83. Map of Circ rates in US, by State
  84. Good info to give to ped?
  85. Breastfeeding AND Intact on BOTH BringingHomeBaby Episodes Today!!!!!
  86. My 4 mo uncirc'd boy has pain while urinating...? UPDATE in last post
  87. How to educate a friend?
  88. Pain urinating for intact newborn?
  89. people's tendency to conclude that a familiar opinion is the same as a popular opinion
  90. In need of support
  91. How many shots are given for a Dorsal Penile Nerve Block (DPNB)?
  92. 3 Needles
  93. An Australian perspective
  94. My son is perfect the way he is...and here's why:
  95. I was *so* excited to hear this!
  96. I'd just like to say...
  97. Oh, I'm bad!
  98. Mothers Who Observed Circumcision
  99. I Don't know what I'm doing !!!
  100. Congratulate Him on His Research
  101. I don't know what to say......
  102. "Peeling" back the foreskin?
  103. My Son's exsistance (and intact status) makes me feel weird about my husband's circ'd status...
  104. retraction by toddler
  105. decent mainstream baby book
  106. Inspiring Historical Quotes for Intactivists
  107. I never knew this was such a hot topic.
  108. Have to get this off my chest
  109. *UPDATE (page 2)*URGENT. friend aborded circumcision but not before the foreskin was seperated
  110. Help!
  111. What does this mean?Restoring the native phallus following amputation.
  112. Help me convince my friend
  113. I need your help
  114. The "Poor Max" thread has been removed
  115. Help -- I need a few links for waffling mother-to-be
  116. Don't Watch Bringing Home Baby Today 2/25
  117. Old friends: the good, the bad and the ugly
  118. Circumcision in the Elderly
  119. Restoration question
  120. The thread, " A tiny bit of glee, and a note to lurkers - sorry, very long!"
  121. Can't believe it!
  122. 6 year old, intact, with painful penis. Help!
  123. have you ever been afraid to ask
  124. What to do with "my weiner hurts!"
  125. framing the choice not to circumcise as a compromise
  126. My new favorite movie - EVER!!!
  127. The Horrible Realization
  128. DS is 4 and i have a question about steroid cream
  129. CBS News: Helping Infants Suffering From Pain
  130. Please tell me what you think of this article
  131. what type of cream can I use on intact DS?
  132. Interesting FACT about Parents mag.
  133. The "Wondering about Barack Obama" thread has been removed
  134. Quick ? about getting urine samples
  135. *
  136. Was anyone else hoping
  137. How did it start in America?
  138. Group Hug!
  139. An editorial in college paper
  140. A new study for you.
  141. Herd-Mentality Explained
  142. Female Genital Mutilation on ANTM
  143. Maybe THAT'S why he was crying???
  144. Start writing your letters...Parents article on Circumcision
  145. I think I need diagrams or something.
  146. Discharge with blood
  147. The "ACTIVISM: help misha, 12-year old who might be forced to be circumcised! " thread
  148. Mini rant...my dad says I'm 'radical'...
  149. "Uncircumcised"... interesting thought.
  150. A pretty good article.
  151. Circumcised women - How many girls/women were/are circumcised in the US?
  152. I created an intactivist.
  153. Normal?
  154. Circ rates in the US
  155. Dear MIL
  156. Stephen Kazmierczak -Gunman's Rampage Baffles Friends
  157. "Hooded Warrior" on CBS's Big Brother
  158. Aborting a circumcision?
  159. **Update on my battle to not circ**
  160. Help! Asap
  161. Book Recommendation?
  162. Circumcision Syndrome defined
  163. Removed - Circumcision blog post - comments invited
  164. A mainstream TV show taking the side of the foreskin for a change: Penn & Teller's "Circumcision is Bulls**t!"
  165. Have you convinced a mainstream parent? Please help!
  166. First son circ'd, second intact...any thoughts?
  167. "Naturally Circed?"
  168. May I ask a dumb question?
  169. Every now and then ds says his penis hurts
  170. Love-Line
  171. Curved Penis - is this related to being circ'd?
  172. Medical benefits for intact.
  173. Circumcised--Question
  174. antibiotic allergy
  175. Sad, bad day for me...
  176. Need your help for a confused mother
  177. An intersting article from Rwanda.
  178. redness at tip of foreskin with discharge
  179. Pro-circ tv show
  180. Info about buried penis?
  181. Received reply to my letter to the CDC
  182. The "Anyone care to add anything" thread has been removed.
  183. Chelsey Handler & Jenny McCarthy gave the Intactivist world quite a scare
  184. Reasons Circ would be "necessary" as an adult?
  185. Imagine my surprise......
  186. A Radio Show of Interest.
  187. Circ'd and intact help
  188. video resources pls
  189. Link to the world incidence of circ site?
  190. Undo a circ on a baby?
  191. different way to organize CAC?
  192. Buried penis and potty training
  193. " Christina Augilera's comments on circ'ing her son"
  194. 2.5 year old separation question
  195. "Baby Diaries" fuzzing out newly circ'd newborn?
  196. Random thoughts of Circ and shaving.
  197. Circumcised = less likely to use condoms?
  198. Don't let the title fool you.
  199. Not enough foreskin being removed in South Africa
  200. You didn't just say that, did you??
  201. Ummmmmmmmm
  202. What if your grandchildren were to be circed
  203. what brand of condoms for intact men?
  204. Need some helping education about circumcision...
  205. I Made an Attempt
  206. Someone please enlighten me!
  207. NYT article about babies and fetuses feeling pain
  208. man circs sons at home with utility knife
  209. New to all this...
  210. I Saved A Foreskin Today!
  211. Need NEW video of circ
  212. wife wants to cut!- PLEASE HELP!!!
  213. Cosmetics
  214. SAfrica questions circumcision advice
  215. How To Proceed
  216. How many penis photos can you look at before it's all too much
  217. Babble Article *warning trigger violence*
  218. Not sure I want to ask....
  219. why do some people believe foreskin cause uti's
  220. parents didn't consent--can't sue
  221. An Interesting Observation.
  222. Am I odd for thinking this way?
  223. "So, when are you going to have him circumcised?"
  224. Help for my friend's 4 yo daughter with adhesions
  225. Two short videos of how a healthy foreskin retracts. Not pornography.
  226. men's health article link?
  227. Dr. Sears Performs Circumcisions?!?!?
  228. Guess the celebrity
  229. I broached the subject of restoration - update post 6!
  230. Not sure what's going on with DS (???)
  231. Path of a Midwife Blog
  232. Study results: genital herpes drug does NOT dramatically HIV susceptibility (mentions circ)
  233. Restoring...
  234. German court: Circumcision unlawful personal injury
  235. Oregon Supreme Court blocks circumcision! *removed*
  236. This may be tmi but just wondering...
  237. How can you tell if someone retracted your DS?
  238. Irony...
  239. I changed somene's mind...
  240. help!
  241. Next steps, care for him now???
  242. Study shows circumcision increases HIV risk in women (but dont worry, they will benefit from herd immunity!)
  243. blisters?
  244. Anyone Know?
  245. bumper sticker attention
  246. Story about Alfie Allen educates mother who circ'd!
  247. Sad fact
  248. heartbroken
  249. Just want to say thank you for being here
  250. Ungent! Need Links!