: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Intactivism Rears It's Head
  2. I Stumbled Upon StumbledUpon.Com
  3. The Evolution of Childrearing
  4. Restoration Question
  5. Why WOULDN'T a man want to restore???
  6. Help me without Flaming me
  7. UN is admitting mistakes in AIDS estimates
  8. comment from grandma
  9. petition to ban circumcision in the UK
  10. Routine genital mutilation of infant boys questioned by concerned parents
  11. Here's a little interesting thing I learned
  12. My latest creation...
  13. "Complete, as Nature Intended" by Karen Squires
  14. About.Com: Newborn Picture: Intact Boy
  15. Mommy's Minute
  16. Just got a folder of info from my MIL
  17. stunned by stranger comment
  18. Interesting Idea for Convincing a Reluctant Husband
  19. Sad Rant
  20. Did Circ lead you to Vax Choices?
  21. Something Nice & A Question
  22. I bring you glad tidings of great joy
  23. For a loose circ are you supposed to retract?
  24. Need info ASAP please-concerned about my ds's intact penis
  25. Just need to vent
  26. Confused about retraction of DS
  27. They cut him
  28. very upset
  29. It's a boy and he's intact!
  30. Another Boy
  31. I think my newest nephew will be INTACT!
  32. What do you think?!
  33. Fighting (female) genital mutilation in Egypt
  34. Family tradition of circumcision
  35. What do youthink of this..a childbirth educator told her this...
  36. Election '08: The Circumcision Debate
  37. Why I Didn't Vote For Bush... Circ + Hiv
  38. Accused of SOLICITING Anti-circ material....
  39. DS's foreskin retracted, now I have questions
  40. Good doctor experience today!
  41. reattaching foreskin
  42. My Nephew Will Be Intact!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. My pastor is an Intactivist!
  44. UPDATE!! RE: my neighbors bittersweet
  45. U.S. sets record in STD cases
  46. "Blog Drama - Need advice"
  47. new intact male enters world!!!
  48. Questions about toddler and retraction or cleaning of intact penis
  49. Time Magazine: The Backlash Against Circumcision
  50. Ugandans speaking out against circ hysteria
  51. My mother thinks i'm Gross.
  52. Is it THAT uncommom for a boy to get UTI?
  53. This is an excellent article to include with your will
  54. Circ a big issue between DH and I
  55. I know somone who Performs this torture!!!
  56. Brother's girlfriend is pregnant.. I can't be happy.
  57. Help! I need an easy to read article or pamphlet quick!
  58. Plastibell Method
  59. Gomco Clamp Method
  60. Catheter insertion in uncut penis
  61. questions about restoring, lawsuits, ect...
  62. s/o worries of moms of boys
  63. Kanye West's mom died after multiple cosmetic surgeries; HELLO, circumcision??!!
  64. HELP! Any REAL proof that most common form of FGM is just removing clitoral hood?
  65. Any good articles about circumsision in Russian?
  66. Activism suggestion with extended family...
  67. HIV and the elderly
  68. yes or no?
  69. Sad for my daughter
  70. Elizabeth Hasselbeck had a boy
  71. More hospitals in Australia banning male circumcision
  72. IMPORTANT! NEED a PROOF that foreskin=clotoral hood and labia.
  73. One SIL cut, the other will NOT!
  74. Not urinating after circumcision
  75. response to authority
  76. Meatal stenosis
  77. Info needed on foreskin retraction
  78. Foreskin Follies
  79. It's not possible to be neutral
  80. Hmmm...How am I going to get dh to not retract the foreskin?
  81. circumsized and not fully retracted
  82. This hit me hard.
  83. Saw a sign at a medical testing facility
  84. It's a boy! *UPDATED*
  85. A presentation to nursing professionals
  86. Oh you guys will appreciate this...
  87. Do you ever read siggies and wonder...
  88. Need a link, please!
  89. North America circ rate down to 41%
  90. Does anyone know...
  91. celebrate with me!!!
  92. GREAT article
  93. Please help, not sure what happen!!
  94. Went in for gastric bypass came out circed
  95. "uncircumcision" article
  96. New here-just had my first experience with intactivism
  97. Hahaha... I love this guy!
  98. Language: habit vs tradition
  99. Midwifery Today article now online
  100. Featured forum...
  101. What would happen if XH circ'd DS?
  102. Its a boy! And the debate starts, lol
  103. Desperate Housewives
  104. Uncircumcised adults
  105. Promoting loose circs?
  106. Cleaning a girl
  107. "The Great Uncircumcision Debate" TIMES Article
  108. Defenses
  109. article in time magazine
  110. Property of Mom.....Forever
  111. No retracting and cleaning after a poopy diaper
  112. Looking for a non-blaming article
  113. ? for the guys. S/O restoration
  114. Cross your fingers!
  115. The "He won't remember" argument
  116. Happy about the non-circ rate in my country!
  117. another one saved!
  118. 18 month old with sore, red penis (intact)
  119. Need article with phimosis pics
  120. 23-month-old retractable, how to clean?
  121. The "Just Like Daddy" video on YouTube - is it graphic?
  122. What could this have been? (Male friend had surgery as child)
  123. Hospital infections ... a place to complain
  124. how likely is it...
  125. Keeping her son intact too *radical*?
  126. I'm having a boy, she's having a girl!!!
  127. Popular Midwifery Lit ('Babycatcher') and Circ
  128. Circumcision and the Military
  129. Letter in Mothering...
  130. Intactivism aimed at younger generations
  131. Times (London) article on circumcision
  132. 13 yr. old doesn't retract , he's embarassed...what to do?
  133. Recent Circ Statistics
  134. Press Release from NOCIRC re MRSA dangers
  135. How early does the foreskin start retracting?
  136. question about foreskin
  137. Going to the urologist on Tuesday.
  138. Question about ballooning
  139. Awesome Times Online article out of the UK
  140. What might be a good way to let insurance companies know that circ'ing is unnecessary
  141. Why are you against circumcision?
  142. Yeah Peggy! Letter in Alternative Medicine -UPDATE WITH QUOTES
  143. info for friend
  144. *Update* Friend who was concered about her ds's intact state.
  145. Intact Grandfather's Prostate Cancer Scare Tactic
  146. *removed* Need help, cases of Muslim families NOT circ-ing
  147. North American circumcision rate down to 41%
  148. TIME magazine article on circumcision
  149. Finally! I met Someone else that didn't circ!
  150. The next level?: Digtal licence plate holder
  151. Chelsea Lately grrrrrrr
  152. Scrubs
  153. Do doctors EVER talk about it?
  154. My nephew will probably be circumcised tomorrow
  155. I showed my friend what a penis is supposed to look like
  156. redness
  157. Help - Need info against 2002 NEJM article Male Circumcision + Cervical Cancer
  158. Looking for circ info to share with dh's cousin.
  159. We do not OWN our children!
  160. intact care agreement for childcare providers?!?!
  161. Baby Human on Discovery Health today
  162. What does it take to organize a PROTEST...
  163. Young mother shares sory of bleeding son.
  164. Family JOKE "My son was circ'd by a vet"
  165. My thoughts on circumcision
  166. has anyone actually sued their circ-er?
  167. *removed for review* Health benefits to circ?
  168. * removed * intactivism opportunity
  169. Circ and HPV
  170. Paed said...
  171. "His Dark Materials"/The Golden Compass (film, 2007)
  172. Need help fast!! (baby could be here within the day)
  173. Out of the mouths of babes
  174. DR retracted my 1 yr old sons foreskin at checkup!
  175. Isn't it weird that AP doesn't have a 'view' on circ?
  176. protecting my son's privacy
  177. PSA: Human Right #1: We Are All Born Free & Equal.
  178. People are so insensitive
  179. sil is going to circ-need help!!! GREAT UPDATE!!!
  180. Need info fast! Update and more questions......
  181. Here I go again!
  182. 2nd UTI in intact son
  183. Irritated, Sad & Confused
  184. So much for circ preventing prostate cancer
  185. Choosing kidney scarring over circ
  186. Don't understand!
  187. Anything in Spanish?
  188. The Best SHORT and mainstream article?
  189. SOOOOO Frustrated!!!!
  190. circ video to lend, anyone?
  191. Found out my best friend is having a boy...
  192. Chistopher Moore's Book "You Suck"
  193. Superman mistake: Kal-El shouldn't be circumcised
  194. Help! Fiance wants to circ, I don't!
  195. Need your help-experienced folks
  196. Penn & Teller
  197. UPDATE!! New to thread...
  198. Discrimination
  199. The Perfect Cut
  200. Documentary: Somebody's Gotta Do It (Part 1&2)
  201. So many places I could post this!
  202. DH refuses to discuss circumcision
  203. talking to parents about decision to keep child intact
  204. maine circ video??
  205. Crunch-Free Anti-Circ links?
  206. Thank you MDC!
  207. Is the AIDS Issue Affecting Circ Rates?
  208. I Stand for Genital Integrity - video contest
  209. Keep your fingers crossed...
  210. things that make your head spin
  211. Retraction and cathing
  212. Nice magazine... @@
  213. Anyone else see parallels here?
  214. The Age (AU): "It's child abuse and it's time it was cut out"
  215. Intact penis care
  216. My 6 YO DS is red and hurting. Any advice?
  217. phimosis lies-even in India
  218. if genital mutilation were a problem affecting men the matter would long be settled
  219. The look-like-dad argument FINALLY explained
  220. public servants who cannot be bothered
  221. A person or a possession?
  222. Foreskin connection -have you noticed
  223. Is this normal?
  224. My nephew had a 'ring' put around the foreskin?
  225. Feeling worried
  226. Doctors' Own Families and Circ?
  227. Science Daily: Researchers Knock Out HIV
  228. The "Israeli teem works with Swazi surgeons to fight HIV" thread
  229. How old is too old?
  230. Question about baby check up
  231. letter to my senator
  232. Article: It's child abuse and it's time it was cut out
  233. Comparing Circumcision to FGM
  234. Do parents ever watch the procedure being done?
  235. What is an inner foreskin?
  236. CIRC-OUT in San Francisco, SATURDAY OCT. 27, 10:30am-1:30pm Moscone Center
  237. If it was worse, would RIC end?
  238. It worked!
  239. Lists of people, companies, places, etc. to boycott
  240. HELP - Day Care has been retracting his foreskin!
  241. I'm going to have a....
  242. possibly anticirc uro/question?
  243. Halperin pro-circ article in the Washington post
  244. Have you ever considered...
  245. For those of you that circ'd, how did you learn it was wrong?
  246. Do you know intact little boys?
  247. What do you say to a stranger?
  248. My complaint about fictional circ
  249. Another newborn will face an unatural welcome to the world.
  250. *Removed* Feel like I'm going to be sick