: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Snappy Comeback Request
  2. Update
  3. Good news for MN....
  4. To Fight AIDS, US will fund circumcision abroad
  5. Another man with the "cannon-penis" idea
  6. This is HILARIOUS and TRUE...well written...
  7. Informal survey
  8. Probably not the most pleasant question to ask...
  9. Anyone know of a good Foreskin-Friendly Ped in Georgia???
  10. wrong information strikes again
  11. ER doctor retracted my 2 year old. *4th update, spoke with Marilyn from NOCIRC*
  12. Greg Fitzsimmons on my show tomorrow 8/20!
  13. xpost: infection
  14. My 4 Year-Old Intact Son Has a White Lump on His Penis
  15. Alternative Medicine Magazine / AAP now seem to recommend circumcision
  16. "Why was I circumcised?" Michael Schaap asks his mother...
  17. A circ site...
  18. Minor rant-"Baby Story" on Discovery Health
  19. Am I Imagining This?
  20. NJ paper article on circumcision
  21. Info on WHY the HIV study is flawed?
  22. Heads up, a bad article on circumcision
  23. The "I got in a fight this weekend" thread has been moved
  24. Lions and Tigers and Smegma...OH MY!
  25. Is there a list to report a Dr to who retracts?
  26. Really bummed
  27. Do you say something if you overhear discussions?
  28. Question Regarding Intact Penis
  29. She's having....
  30. I need HELP!!!!
  31. The Christianity & Circ... thread
  32. Question
  33. Intact doll
  34. Another doctor thread
  35. Howard Stern speaks out against circumcision
  36. at what ages...
  37. Would you find another pediatrician?
  38. NEWS: HPV found in men's *fingernails*
  39. Posted on behalf of John Geisheker, J.D., LL.M., General Counsel, Ex.Director, DOC
  40. I feel so awful!
  41. Dismissing feelings because they aren't 'strong' enough
  42. HELP-thoughts on my brother's response?
  43. Love is Never Wrong
  44. officially undercover
  45. Sue Johanson + restoration
  46. and a handy coin purse.
  47. MN medical assistance is no longer
  48. 5 year old with "tight" foreskin
  49. I did it
  50. Both of my cousins emailed asking for more circ. info!
  51. Details Magazine-The Unkindest Cut
  52. since of what happened with colleen
  53. Children's Commissioner wants circumcision banned
  54. Help - Foreskin Question
  55. 4 year old and retraction questions
  56. looking for an anatomically correct (non circumcised) doll
  57. Still new to all of this and a question
  58. Correlation Between Retracting and Infections
  59. CIRCUMCISION will be banned in Victorian public hospitals unless it is for medical re
  60. Disagreement, I am protecting my baby!
  61. Wow, you guys are great!
  62. yeast infections in uncircumcised boys
  63. For those of you who circ'ed your sons
  64. Anyone know the circ rate in Washington?
  65. mosquito vs penis
  66. Do you ask soon-to-be moms...
  67. Toddler discharge from penis... HELP!
  68. A Minnesotan concerned about son looking like peers..
  69. Exclusively breastfed boys and UTIs - research?
  70. Care of an intact penis
  71. Writing Insurance Companies
  72. Doctor Today...Out of line??
  73. I'm so conflicted
  74. How would you respond??
  75. I convinced DH
  76. The Attachment Parenting Book--Dr. and Martha Sears
  77. Does this sound like a buried penis?
  78. Oh My Gosh! What links/articles would you send?
  79. How to inform childcare helpers not to retract
  80. tricky situation
  81. Babysitter help...
  82. Info on Circ and Chronic UTI's...
  83. I am trying to convince my first family member to say NO to circumcision.
  84. Have a question about "high" circumcision
  85. My DH is goofy...
  86. How would you feel about this?
  87. How in the world does this make sense?
  88. Would you be bothered by someone saying somethign to YOU about your intact infant?
  89. I feel completely helpless
  90. I heard it with my own two ears...
  91. circumsion rate statistics
  92. My DH Finally Agrees!
  93. ABCnews: Study: Circumcision Doesn't Reduce Sexual Sensation
  94. Surprised
  95. red swollen foreskin
  96. Big Circ Argument this weekend
  97. Giving info without seeming pushy?
  98. Do you discuss circumcision with people IRL?
  99. Spoke to someone at a political picnic
  100. Straight Talk : Sex with Foreskin
  101. Born retracted?
  102. Intact Erections
  103. need a bit of help
  104. Oh my- breathe deep before reading this (HIV/CIRC in Zambia)
  105. New ped was respectful
  106. How do you know you can retract?
  107. Spam Me Please! :)
  108. Stupid article
  109. co-worker having a boy-how to approach the subject
  110. New Study: circumcision does not prevent HIV in homosexual men
  111. Revision of the AAP
  112. The "I just saw something so sad" thread
  113. The Anti-circ and other issues.... thread
  114. Routine procedure??
  115. Dirty Sanchez, the movie
  116. Quote from Morris's infamous pro-circ article...
  117. Circumcision and trauma
  118. thoughts on apologies and regrets
  119. The thread "circ in the local (NC) news" has been removed
  120. Frenulum question?
  121. I just saw a 3 year old's circ'd penis
  122. ABC News Story about Circ not reducing sensation
  123. Cellulitis help please - update
  124. Why do woman leave it up to the men?
  125. the circumcision issue
  126. Retraction, circed penis?
  127. spreadin' some love
  128. Pretty good article from USnews and World Report
  129. From the victim's POV
  130. Need a link--fast!
  131. Need help quick....
  132. BIG Interview coming....need your help
  133. FGM of American Women by American Doctors
  134. Advice for moms who regret circumcising but are being talked into doing it again
  135. WDYT: Inappropriate or not?
  136. Stirring it up .... my gratitude
  137. A new little man in the world...
  138. Slate formun on circ
  139. Incredible bumper sticker story!!! Please read...
  140. I am done with ignorant sheeple!
  141. What is this on my ds's penis?
  142. Why would 'removal later in life' ever be an issue?
  143. Heart problems in babies when do they usually find out ?
  144. Help my nephew! Please talk to me about caths.
  145. My POV on how bad Circ is on Hellium
  146. National Geographic channel "Taboo"
  147. Hopefully, this will cause some change, somewhere, somehow!
  148. They did it.
  149. Sex-Change Surgery forced on Infants?!
  150. Is Kevin Smith intact?
  151. NEED help not sure where to go with this ...
  152. I want to know
  153. An opinion piece on male circ/HIV
  154. Circ, the myth that keeps on giving
  155. circumcision in ancient times question
  156. This is just STUPID.
  157. My gramma is a wealth of knowledge
  158. Minor foreskin injury - any advice?
  159. What a difference.....
  160. We've made a decision re: Circumcision
  161. Circumcision men just as sensetive: study
  162. penis not retracting yet
  163. Dr. Refuses our family for complaining about forced retraction!
  164. Foreskin friendly/knowledgeable ped recommendation in CO?
  165. Suggestions for a letter pleading my doctor to stop performing circumcisions
  166. asked my doc his opinion
  167. Ask the leading Democratic presidential candidates their stance on RIC!
  168. Can foreskin regrow?
  169. Question
  170. Penn and Teller Video
  171. Raaaahhhhh!!!!! *removed*
  172. how to convince dh
  173. Foreskin:more useless than your tonsils and more problematic than your appendix
  174. Saved a future boy/s!
  175. An Artificial *retractable* Foreskin - Video
  176. Need help finding link...
  177. another?
  178. Unintentional Intactivist Bumpersticker
  179. Were you ever one of "them"?
  180. Thank you
  181. scarred for life?
  182. CAC Theme Song?
  183. natural remedy for swollen forcibly retracted intact penis?
  184. The Would you attend a bris? thread
  185. So when I give him a bath...
  186. Tell me I'm not the only one...
  187. Foreskin wont retract at all.
  188. Does anyone have a circ son and an intact son??
  189. European reaction to HIV/circ studies/recommendations?
  190. Simpson's Movie
  191. not to scary anti circ reading?
  192. Today I had the first medical person try to retract one of my sons
  193. Not so friendly email (HIV study)
  194. LOVE my pedi!!!
  195. Concerning a 'new' study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine
  196. Political Video on circumcision
  197. Political Video on circumcision
  198. Would anyone like to make an intactivist video blog?
  199. UGH...I can't convince DH!!!!!
  200. Talk to me about this African HIV study...
  201. What to do if he can't pee?
  202. labial adhesions??
  203. I've got a live one here.... (doctor re-education)
  204. Thank you to my anonymous admirer
  205. Hubby restoration?
  206. Whose Seen "Somebody's Gotta Do It"?
  207. Interesting skin experiment
  208. Please help me figure this out
  209. Locker room incident...
  210. Need advice on action to take! Murder is still illegal, right?
  211. Blogathon/NOCIRC
  212. Circumcision lawsuit: Stowell case
  213. Retracting and cathing.. Need info please
  214. Medical info on the foreskin
  215. American FGM by American Doctors -- A Request for Further Info
  216. A tiny ray of hope
  217. AnnArborites! (Or anywhere in MI)... AIDS letters needed to A2 News!
  218. she did it. again.
  219. The Foreskin Avenger
  220. does obama barrack believe in parents right to circumcise ?
  221. My niece and nephew have arrived
  222. Anyone care to add their comment?
  223. "Can I have a hug?" Thread Removed Pending Moderator Review
  224. Letter to my OB.
  225. I can do it.
  226. Everything has changed...
  227. Circumcision Key To Slowing HIV
  228. Circumcision mentioned on House M.D. (the tv show)
  229. credit cards
  230. To everyone who commented on my "need links" post...
  231. 4-year old can no longer retract foreskin because of pain
  232. happy dance!
  233. Horrible Sight!
  234. OT/ She's here! Future intactivist...
  235. What more can you do?
  236. I have weird dreams (Harry Potter spoiler warning, chapter 11 only)
  237. The New American Urological Association Statement thread
  238. *Sigh* She circ'd
  239. retraction question
  240. Involuntary Ritual Amputation among the Nacirema People
  241. Please vote for these pro-intact pages!
  242. Another intact one!
  243. Another retraction nightmare...
  244. now in pink!
  245. Routine Mastectomy to Improve the Health of Women?
  246. where is the site will all the 'sayings' on it?
  247. Letter to the Person Who Cut Off Part of Me
  248. I want to scream everytime I see/read HIV & circ propaganda
  249. Noah the Intactivist! (aka My kid is into controversy!)
  250. Adults damaged as children