: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Hypospadius- arrogant doctor (x-posted in LWAB)
  2. Funding circ an error
  3. Boston Globe article on circ
  4. "Germans crack down on circ" removed from boards
  5. 5yo wants a circ
  6. Scrotum question re: 2yr old
  7. South Park
  8. Intact baby scent?
  9. Just Like Daddy
  10. penn and teller
  11. Uncircumcised penis question
  12. First impressions
  13. "Curious about Pro-Circ'ers" Removed
  14. Why are people so anti activism?
  15. I just got banned from another board!
  16. Husband wont budge on Circumcision
  17. MIL apologized
  18. Man Circ'd as adult abandons safer sex as he now feels little when using a condom
  19. Problems with Circumcision
  20. Why is FGM so terrible and MGM no big deal?
  21. babysitters
  22. have appointment on friday what to say?
  23. How would you have handled this?
  24. NOCIRC: The United Nations Ignores the Suffering of Male Children
  25. Another conversation about my bumper sticker...
  26. A Random Observation
  27. 96.9 in boston circumcision discussion right now
  28. My DS "hurts"
  29. To cut or not to cut
  30. My Inactivist Diaper Bag
  31. Spraying pee; and disapproval from family
  32. Amazing my son knows his foreskin
  33. Plastibell circumcisions don't hurt
  34. Curious about Pro-Circ'ers
  35. The Thread "Okay, now this is just ridiculous"
  36. Thank God he has a foreskin....
  37. Circumcision in ancient times compared to now
  38. circ video shown in human sexuality class...
  39. ...
  40. The 11th hour, help me convince parents
  41. UN study on the world's children
  42. At what age...
  43. Friends gawking
  44. I managed to get circ into my speech!
  45. How many times have we heard of the informed decision comment ?
  46. 10/13/06: U.S. to End Funding of Anti-AIDS Program in Swaziland
  47. asking a parent??
  48. sowing seeds
  49. a little boys wish
  50. shop red
  51. Intact Care Poster?
  52. Looking for Foreskin friendly ped in Charlotte
  53. How many times have you heard circ is harder on the parent than the boy ?
  54. 'circ is not abuse'
  55. Head's up.
  56. Question
  57. My Ped Dropped Us!
  58. Save my nephew!
  59. Intact baby dolls?
  60. Any chance the next symposium can be in montana ?
  61. Penn and Teller anti-circ show - circed DH's response
  62. "Another foreskin saved"
  63. Hello all
  64. Did anybody else see 'My Name is Earl' last night?
  65. The CAC ghetto...
  66. If drs spoke frankly to parents. .
  67. victory!
  68. A birth story we can all appreciate...
  69. Can these two things cause infection/adhesions?
  70. OT: Just had to share
  71. info to debate the "it's cleaner" argument?
  72. My son sings about his foreskin!
  73. I need your expert advice.
  74. Boxers/Briefs Speedos/Trunks
  75. Local news report
  76. got me wondering...
  77. What do I tell son?
  78. Bent Foreskin?
  79. Are there parents whose sons who are circ and intact and have commented on each other
  80. inflamed foreskin on ds -- freaked out!
  81. Support thread for women with circ'ed partners
  82. Finally saw the Penn and Teller episode!
  83. just gotta share this thread in TAO
  84. HOW do we get into the news???
  85. Intactivism at the Auto Body Shop
  86. ? about newborn foreskin
  87. interesting article mentioning female circ
  88. shocking!
  89. New Doc made me cry! Help me!
  90. My son is here!
  91. children's self esteem
  92. circumcision and amputation
  93. a question about normal, intact penises
  94. Help, so depressed about this tonight
  95. DH has recurring penis problems
  96. When will it change?
  97. Anyone else dream about circumcision stuff?
  98. Opinions please
  99. man we need the red inflamed sticky back- question
  100. Take the TLC-Tugger "Foreskin Test", then post your score!
  101. Phimosis and retracting.
  102. Retracting an already circ'd penis??
  103. Anybody Here Run Linux? New Distribution instead of Redhat
  104. The Attitudes of Our Mothers and Mother-In-Laws
  105. Had a long talk with dh
  106. My Thanksgiving... with the in-laws...
  107. Yet another reason to maintain intact status
  108. Anyone know of a 'pro-intact doc in Utah
  109. Am I the only weird one?
  110. Thanksgiving Dinner = Loss of appetite
  111. Loose Circ
  112. I Am So Freaking Pumped Up!!!!!
  113. AAP's Stance on Circumcision
  114. Houston Intactivist... A Woman's Work
  115. Would you find it incredibly disgusting and creepy...
  116. I just watched a circing video.... wah! help!!!
  117. What are you grateful for?
  118. "The Body Odd" gives a worthless answer
  119. The only reason why I'm not looking forward to having a boy
  120. How is Foreskin listed as an ingredient?
  121. Foreskin products?
  122. This Morning I am Feeling...
  123. PuppyFluffer Baby Gender poll
  124. Receiving labor vibes
  125. So Surprised
  126. I was going to be dishonest....
  127. First Wave Doctors
  128. I'm at a conference this weekend
  129. My Daughter got a UTI
  130. What Doctors Don't Tell You
  131. Staunch Anti-Circ male with no interest in restoration...
  132. A little poll...how old were you...?
  133. Oprah
  134. Poll
  135. Foreskin phobia
  136. What are YOU doing for The Cause?
  137. MIL retracted!
  138. struggling.
  139. Speaking of ER...
  140. Am I allowed to ask this?
  141. I've been on a sort of break
  142. ER Hint
  143. How to find balance?
  144. People who leave their babies intact but aren't intactivists
  145. Heads Up
  146. Interesting article
  147. Appalling Crimes
  148. And these people are reproducing....
  149. do you ever notice??
  150. How do you be nice and not defensive?
  151. DS Quinn celebrating 3 years happy, healthy, and whole!
  152. intactavist vs LLL
  153. I've made it to the big leagues!
  154. Anti circ conversation on Howard Stern this morning!
  155. Bringing Home Baby on TLC
  156. having issues with DH being circ'd
  157. halfway there!
  158. DS probably has a UTI
  159. How can I gently approach this?
  160. New Canadian stats --intact is "in"
  161. Basic Penis Care
  162. Who says different is bad?
  163. Madonna adopts boy from Malawi
  164. Request: Related posts on other forums...
  165. Is it bad I think I would circ my son(s)?
  166. Snowflakes and Vulvas...
  167. I had a break-through with dh....
  168. Who was it that had the Jap./Scand. retraction info
  169. Please direect me to the map of states that have stopped covering circ.
  170. She's lucky I wasnt there!
  171. Old Pedy going to contact me re: D.O.C.
  172. horrible experience at dd's dance school
  173. Partial circ??
  174. How do I prevent DS getting yeast?
  175. I've never had this happen before
  176. Regarding the graphic circ video
  177. A Worrying Video {Contains Circumcision}
  178. I am having a boy!
  179. Anybody up for gentle prodding?
  180. Decided to wait on circ....:)
  181. Blog Spots?
  182. Found one doctor of inaccurate advice
  183. A question on restoration.
  184. I opened Pandora's Box
  185. "Who wants to look at an anteater?"
  186. ACK! Comparing it to a hairlip?!?!?
  187. uti's and circumcision?
  188. She will do it while I am away....
  189. Can someone help?
  190. I've been clumsy lately.
  191. Trying to 'find 'smart' doctors in my area
  192. Spinoff: What ages are your non-retracting kids?
  193. Willy Nelson/Kinky Friedman
  194. weird??
  195. I need 1 or two of the BEST articles on dangers of circumcision
  196. Research Paper
  197. The law against FGM?
  198. A poll: retraction
  199. DH Was looking over the forum...
  200. DH and not circing.......
  201. When you interview your doc about penis care
  202. A question about sex with a circumcised man
  203. Ok this is all just WAY too weird! Looked up Chimeras
  204. Circumcision in the Christian Religion
  205. That was awsome!!
  206. Interesting Social Commentar
  207. OT - Couple tech questions re: this board
  208. Thank you for my title!
  209. This thread makes me happy
  210. An idea for student inactivists
  211. Interesting Collection
  212. In need of a flyer...
  213. Circ as a MEN's issue?
  214. I'm excited
  215. Strong odor uncirc'd 7 mo old
  216. A Day of Mild Merryment
  217. debate
  218. I need help for a debate
  219. Wore one of my shirts today, response
  220. I recently had my hand slapped for providing TMI
  221. Now it's leaking pus! - Help - lopsided swollen penis?
  222. Wow, total turn-around!
  223. Circumcision and...Lit class?
  224. Senior Title
  225. I challenge YOU to save some foreskins!
  226. Adherent prepuce = more protection
  227. Does this word bother you?
  228. I feel sick...
  229. An Unsuspected Victory
  230. MGM Form Letter
  231. circing = abuse?
  232. A Request (sorta OT)
  233. I have a nephew!!! thumb crossing, prayers, chants, thoughts needed
  234. I'm glad I said something
  235. How do you feel about circ for religious reasons?
  236. "The Circumcision Decision" as a supplementary chilbirth education class
  237. updates
  238. circ rates
  239. To the Mom who pointed me here
  240. vax and circ
  241. Baby shower gift basket
  242. "Personal Parenting Choice" semi vent
  243. My Favorite Baby Doll- a little story.
  244. what pg friend's ped told her
  245. Every Superman needs a cape.
  246. Don't wait for trial results, cut em' now! (BMJ)
  247. I was talking to my mom yesterday...
  248. ok I've just gotta ask...
  249. Am I the only one here who didn't know this...
  250. My, "Do you ever feel masochistic?" reflection