: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Dr. Greene
  2. Hmm-did i handle this well?
  3. Help me educate yet another medical professional
  4. Red Foreskin, please help.
  5. Should young boys use soap under the foreskin?
  6. Thank You Everyone!!!
  7. Minimizing "REAL abuse"?
  8. Purely cosmetic reasons, ETA - more ideas welcomed! 1 month left...
  9. Cheap advocacy ideas!
  10. HIV Study quoted on Fox News this morning...
  11. A word of advice to parents concerned about their decision to cut
  12. Lack Of Sex Ed part of the problem
  13. Painful erections waking 2 year old
  14. 14 month old skin retracted, is this normal?
  15. Sex ed naturally, in the tub
  16. need help for a friend-circ son, left too much, might have to recirc-help!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Problem with DS's penis....Help please!
  18. New babe and intact!
  19. My personal experience...circumcision anesthesia related...
  20. Heartbreaking, re: Circ/HIV propaganda in Swaziland
  21. what's the link for that protective sleeve for circed men
  22. circumcision shown on Dr. 90210 (Dr Li has her 3 day old baby circed on tv)
  23. Remember we were talking about people on MDC thinking circ is okay?
  24. Portland/Vancouver Intactivists?
  25. Baby's dad's Arabic--what can I do???
  26. Help end Medicaid funding of newborn circumcision in Colorado
  27. Children We Have Saved From Circumcision
  28. Looking for intactivist advice re: medicaid
  29. Court case:fight to circ 8yo
  30. buried penis
  31. Are you kidding me?
  32. welcome to all the new posters!
  33. What to expect at the hospital?
  34. Men's Sexual Prime?
  35. Advice to Parents who have Circed*Editted for explanation*
  36. Restoration in Children
  37. How do you deal with the guilt?
  38. Reasons to circ and responses
  39. When can you stop worrying?
  40. Intro and questions
  41. Hot off the press - exciting news!
  42. Circumcision No AIDS Cure
  43. update on me
  44. isnt this website suppose to be anti cir???
  45. I'm new...
  46. Townmouse
  47. My friend can pee further than me mom!!!!!!!
  48. i want to thank all of you...
  49. Britney Spears' Son is Safe from Cosmetic Mods
  50. Upset about MIL update!
  51. Hey, Come To The Milos Chat, It Is Now!
  52. Finally got "Sex As Nature Intended It"
  53. Semantics of Restoration
  54. A Joke for you
  55. Free CD-ROM, "Abandoning Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting" from USAID
  56. Chat Today with Marilyn Milos!
  57. Childbirth Professionals-NEW resource & FREE dvd!
  58. at what age does the foreskin usually retract?
  59. After a long discussion w/SIL,
  60. Spinoff of "Brothers Have to Match" Argument
  61. In need of some good links, please
  62. the "brothers have to match" argument?
  63. How about a penis funny?
  64. intact penis help.
  65. Just hold me.
  66. Really Upset
  67. I need some help! My 9m old circ'd son's drs appt
  68. I just don't get this
  69. Help with my son's bleeding...
  70. Pulling back question
  71. Friends not circ'ing soon to be baby boy!
  72. Newbie Intactivist Feelin Shell Shocked
  73. court battle over 8-year old's circ
  74. OT: but circ related in a way :-)
  75. foreskin infection
  76. Great intactivist blogs
  77. Car Seat Criers ?
  78. I need some advice about my DS foreskin. Well sorta foreskin
  79. Horror at the ND's office
  80. Intactivist blinkies site!
  81. Awesome blog post!
  82. 2 and a half year old newly retractable!!!!
  83. OMG OMG! I converted Jewish grandmother to anti-circ!!
  84. I Was Talking To Mom
  85. Testing for Kidney Reflux in my intact son - UPDATE
  86. A follow-up to the August article in Slate
  87. Asking for help
  88. ARGGHH! LA Times recommends more circ in US to fight AIDS!
  89. Question from Playgroup
  90. Baby boys who have been saved~My happy story
  91. update! my little guy has a swollen foreskin (i read the sticky)
  92. Is the inside part of the foreskin
  93. screaming during diaper changes?
  94. burn burn burn
  95. My thoughts about circ
  96. Dealing with failure to save
  97. So sad right now
  98. My friend is at the ER with her 5yo DS--HELP!!
  99. Hooray for IMAX The Human Body!
  100. Retractable foreskin, when should that happen?
  101. A paralel I thought of:
  102. Random thought:
  103. How do you break the ice?
  104. Sex Ed. and the Intact Penis
  105. Green stuff coming out of penis??!!!
  106. Help me educate the OB's
  107. Interesting Article *note the countries involved*
  108. Yikes...problems with our pedi
  109. Test Your Knowledge about the Foreskin
  110. Colorado Parents of Intact Sons
  111. Circumcision Traditions Under Fire
  112. Interesting Article, anyone have it?
  113. Are there any negatives to not circing?
  114. Yet another reason I am glad we didn't circ him
  115. ARTICLE: Has BYU prof found AIDS cure?
  116. Please comment on this AIDS study
  117. When did Understanding Circumcision get renamed to The Case Against Circumcision?
  118. Circumcision and the family
  119. Hathor Chat
  120. Swollen penis :( *update*
  121. At what age..........
  122. Health magazine
  123. where is that funny website comparing circumcision to removing the lips?
  124. recurrent foreskin infections
  125. A little freaked out by those pictures...
  126. Dr. 90210
  127. Now I've heard it all
  128. Should baby boys be circumcised... Update
  129. Dr. 90210
  130. Cryptorchidism Undescended Testicle
  131. DS Bro to be circ'ed
  132. FGM vs RIC
  133. Quick!! I Need A Linkie!!
  134. Normal Newborn?
  135. Are their any
  136. How old is your intact son?
  137. Circ May Become Illegal
  138. Baby Fair in Atlanta
  139. Non Cutting Naming Ceremony
  140. 10 and Intact-Now tell me I am doing this right!
  141. Painful Erection - Non Retractable
  142. Circumcision statistics (by state)
  143. I got to do a little educating today...
  144. UTI & kidney infection in my intact DS
  145. Evening the score...
  146. Fathermag info
  147. adhesion question
  148. Looking for an article please help
  149. Intact 5 year old with a growth? help??
  150. Help nurse at ER tried retracting my son
  151. My son is home and INTACT!! Thanks for your support!
  152. How common is paraphimosis?
  153. Penn & Teller.
  154. A sore on my sons testicle
  155. This site needs bilingual help
  156. Links/info on restoration
  157. One intact foreskin at a time
  158. little happy update on DHs attitude
  159. reading assignments
  160. Two month old NEEDS circumcision because foreskin is too tight?
  161. ? for DaddyJoe and other restorers
  162. Health Care Movie (Michael Moore)
  163. Horrible question, but please help.
  164. dh finally said it...
  165. help! point me in the right direction...
  166. wheee, I got kudos for intactivism!
  167. Why smart people defend bad ideas
  168. Herpes Virus transmission thru circ
  169. Restoration and Frenulum Question
  170. Did you face pressure to circ?
  171. Surprise
  172. I need to get something straight...HELP?
  173. Thank You (Update and question)
  174. now dh speaks up
  175. Article by Dr. Judith Reichman at MSNBC.com
  176. Um... it grew
  177. MGM bill
  178. Ugh! Those guys at The Advocate
  179. Wow! Must sign contract stating that you will leave your children intact!
  180. PLEASE tell me this is normal - I am worried
  181. Puke - eBay
  182. OT- Charlie is home
  183. Dearmamma website, FYI
  184. How to communicate with my childbirth students
  185. How did they strap down my nephew with his broke arm?
  186. A mixed bag article?: Circumcision no HIV cure
  187. Dirty foreskin because sex is 'dirty'?
  188. Where & why did circ originate?
  189. circ on Travel Channel
  190. Does anyone have time to help me with some web design?
  191. Ideas for my intact husband?
  192. Bumper Stickers
  193. Stealing human tissue
  194. which method.......
  195. Pssst...
  196. Did anyone see this article?
  197. god said man
  198. Small peehole
  199. Circumcise because they can't pee?
  200. Adults who 'Had' to circ?
  201. question about foreskin and condoms
  202. I had an idea (re: my webstore) - LMK what you think?
  203. Keep it up
  204. Fairly OT- Update on Charlie
  205. Safety Pin?
  206. FGM thread
  207. Baby talk magazine and circumcision..grr
  208. Puh, got a girl this time...
  209. Very impressed with my hospital!
  210. Pro. Intact Book for Library
  211. I'm back, looking for some more info. about adhesion
  212. restoration?
  213. Need help convincing dh
  214. Now I know...
  215. So unbelieveable!
  216. Are We Human or Are We Dogs?
  217. a theory of mine
  218. My DH is at it again!
  219. Love song for the intact penis
  220. Msnbc
  221. That thing they do to boys
  222. Tongue clipping
  223. foreskin question 8 yo son
  224. :) Greetings and a Lengthy Story :)
  225. What is preventive medicine?
  226. some healthcare workers attitudes...
  227. ugh! my sister is not even pregnant and plans to circ!
  228. I guess I never told you our decision...
  229. Help with Chicken Pox on the Penis
  230. National Geographic Programs?
  231. OT - please give me advice...
  232. Meatal stenosis...one in ten!
  233. DVD review: ABC's Of Newborn Baby Care
  234. UPDATE!! Biology lecture on male anatomy is Wednesday - what should my students know?
  235. I need reasurance, badly.
  236. BABYTALK MAG reports HIV/Circ study
  237. Spanish language resource
  238. "MY child, MY choice!!!"
  239. "Neonatal Circumcision is Necessary"
  240. Too strong to circ?
  241. So glad Charlie won't be getting married...
  242. Viafin-Atlas is on our side!
  243. The "Why I don't support parent's choice" thread
  244. My baby boy is ONE!
  245. Post circumcision diaper patent!
  246. Ameda Breast Pumps & Circ???
  247. How I stood up for my boys!
  248. Can you point me to some specific circ info?
  249. What to say to a Conservative Mum who plans to Circ?
  250. Uugghhh kidshealth.org misinformation