: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Questions to Ask when Interviewing Peds?
  2. Intactivist gifts
  3. Buried Penis Syndrome
  4. Can a foreskin "naturally retract" on a two-week old?!
  5. Would this be weird?
  6. our intact boy was born!
  7. how do you respond to a statement like this?
  8. Frank? Condom use & the intact penis
  9. death related to circ
  10. Please write to Oprah re: today's show
  11. Frank!
  12. Ulcer on foreskin?
  13. going to urologist with intact son
  14. Circumcision repair for my 16 month old son next Wednesday.
  15. Definitely come vote!
  16. Newborn Needs to See Urologist
  17. How often do intact males get infections?
  18. Please Help! Swollen/hot/red/ ballooned foreskin in 3 yr old.
  19. good news
  20. circ rates in canada?
  21. Retraction Confusion
  22. Why does this bother me?
  23. ot: where is everyone today?
  24. Poor Dr. Fleiss..
  25. already worried
  26. Hollywood babies undergo cosmetic surgery....
  27. I had a great conversation yesterday!!
  28. How to deal...
  29. Finally a hospital telling the truth.
  30. Any stats on impotency rates in US vs non-RIC countries?
  31. show on tlc tomorrow
  32. A great intactivist has died:
  33. Circumcision in the News
  34. Found a good essay
  35. Circumcision study halted due to trauma
  36. Update to adult circ issue
  37. Quotes about intact foreskin
  38. Need input on letter to friend re: circ
  39. Do you think it's the same?
  40. Discharge Question
  41. Kinda bummed.....
  42. Erectile Disfunction
  43. Circumcision and AIDS Study
  44. Allegations of Fake Research Hit New High
  45. Those of you with family who just didnt listen...
  46. Doesn't the foreskin help protect against urinary infections?
  47. My first time!!
  48. Another HIV Article
  49. A pleasant surprise from DH...
  50. Oh, man, this is OUTRAGEOUS
  51. I Had Lunch With the Undertaker Today
  52. intact teens
  53. Who do I contact at D.O.C.?
  54. Are there any legitimate medical reasons for circ?
  55. Mothering News Bulletin (AIDS, Dr Jay Gordon)
  56. ? on a site
  57. So frustrating, docs comments
  58. What am I doing wrong?
  59. A bit of good news for a change
  60. I know this is a weird question...
  61. frank, or any knowledgeable mama that can help.
  62. What should I expect?
  63. regrets
  64. religious rights vs. human rights ~ draw a line
  65. Would you get divorced over it?
  66. Is your intact baby really rough with his foreskin?
  67. Should I or shouldn't I?
  68. i'm giving an anti-circ speech Tuesday....
  69. Family comments on Thanksgiving (unusual but nice)
  70. Other lines to practice
  71. How to keep an intact man from circing his son
  72. Foreskin Restoration
  73. How can anyone be so willfully ignorant?
  74. Idea for "It's cleaner"
  75. Even on Thanksgiving...
  76. Bad Day today :(
  77. OT: Birthday wishes
  78. just a thought
  79. My DH- now an intactivist
  80. Nurses?
  81. OT: trmpetplaya
  82. Cleaning my intact 2 y.o.
  83. foreskin length?
  84. Stupid ? from an uniformed mommy
  85. I just have to vent
  86. Is this creepy/wrong?
  87. How to deal with the 'anti-semitism' comment?
  88. Frank
  89. OT/ Happy Thanksgiving!
  90. Edgar Schoen's new book in Knight-Ridder papers
  91. spin-off of loose circ thread
  92. What is up with young people today???
  93. Intact? Are you sure?
  94. I educated some about circ!
  95. Penn and Teller 'Circumcision'
  96. Frank, anybody, need help with a website...
  97. how to answer circ son's questions about noncirc bro
  98. Help me with what to say to DH
  99. At the risk of sounding totally weird...
  100. Wrong baby circumcised! Yes, it DOES happen...
  101. How do you talk without creating walls
  102. I just can't stand it when they act all casual about it.
  103. The Most Convincing Arguments To Stop Circumcision
  104. Handouts??
  105. Comment about circ from 10yo son
  106. What can I do...
  107. Non-religiously offensive anti-circ slogans?
  108. Info on botched circs leading to sex-change?
  109. socio-economic status?
  110. ohhh....wow.....that's very purple......
  111. women prefer circ. men - how to deal with this
  112. I'm so proud of my doctor!!!
  113. Yay! Another whole boy!
  114. Wonderful piece for not circing
  115. Can anybody translate this circ dream?
  116. Please explain
  117. O/T ? How do you deal with this
  118. circing causing problem with sensing the need to urinate
  119. OMG! Look what dh said about circ our son...he is so awesome! my son is so lucky! :)
  120. Names of children that have died by circ
  121. I couldn't believe my ears! Conversation today about circ
  122. Is this yeast? bacteria? smegma?
  123. Why is my son being intact so negative?
  124. Not Circ'ing 2nd son; how to explain?
  125. A small step in the right direction.
  126. Ballooning of foreskin?
  127. How can people be against stem cell research, but not against the use of foreskins?
  128. Black Table anticirc essay
  129. is there some sort of pamphlet?
  130. some light reading...or not
  131. how much is too much re: retracting
  132. kinda dumb question but, still curious...
  133. Eczema on the forskin?
  134. Weird question
  135. Argh! So frustrating! (vent)
  136. FGM, custom or religion??????
  137. An alternative to medical circ
  138. When did circumcision peak?
  139. Pediatrician Roxanne Allegretti takes a stand! ARTICLE
  140. May I vent?
  141. Looking for a cruelty-free moisturizer, any ideas?
  142. I have never posted on this particular forum before!
  143. nevermind
  144. go me! go me!
  145. Salon.com has an aritcle about us
  146. 37 yrs old. Uncut. No problems. EVER.
  147. Just found out we are having a boy! Need some info please
  148. wish I was more mainstream...
  149. Mothering takes on FGM
  150. Mutilation Nation
  151. tight foreskin??
  152. newbie Q-- caring for intact penis info needed
  153. Need some help with this
  154. Circ article on hospital webpage
  155. Hi! New to MDC....
  156. spreading the word the best i know how
  157. anti-circ persuasive speech in progress- HELP!
  158. Idea for spreading awareness
  159. Stds on the rise when circumcision rate was at 90%
  160. Slowly progress is made
  161. Against cropping FOR CIRCing
  162. my letter to nice, but uninformed, doctor
  163. So like, how do you bring it up?
  164. Georgia Activism
  165. A Little Experiment
  166. Dr. Dean Edell interview
  167. Help! There was a thread!
  168. Prepping for debate with DH, need a stat...
  169. So, my sister is having a boy...
  170. How do I convince DH not to CIRC?
  171. Confused and concerned about scene in movie
  172. Article from Newsweek last week
  173. UK newspaper article
  174. Nephew will probably be circ'd
  175. Survivor host intact?
  176. Another Celebrity Intactivist!
  177. Why is my son saying this?
  178. Another Blister issue/ maybe
  179. Client with baby with meatal stenosis
  180. question
  181. Is the blood from the retraction?
  182. sometimes i hate my job
  183. what is the percentage?
  184. Another post on the anti-cir braclets
  185. Lovin' that Intact.ca Video!!
  186. Anyone need a circ video? "The Circ. Question"
  187. Circ discussion on a site I used to frequent
  188. kinda ot kinda not, testicle stuff
  189. New to US and pregnant with a BOY!!!
  190. Childcare for Intact Boys
  191. My mom says she won't...
  192. What would you do?
  193. Blister, I'm freaking out.*update-ped retracted*
  194. Most circs not covered by insurance in ND
  195. A Small Irony I Thought Of..
  196. Study: Circ helps prevent AIDS
  197. Hey! My 2 yo retracted himself last night!
  198. More ebay intactivism...
  199. Any intactivist regulars in Texas?
  200. Son's obsession with circumcision
  201. How do I convince him circ isn't right without making him feel bad?
  202. What Do You Tell People
  203. Help me design some bumperstickers!
  204. Very angry about LLL
  205. Yay! DH agrees with me not to circ...
  206. I hit the jackpot when I chose my ped
  207. Intact & catheters?
  208. Need advice--work related.....UPDATED
  209. retracting foreskin
  210. Dried, Red and Flaking
  211. Plastibell and Ameda made by the same company!
  212. Can anyone "translate" this?
  213. Pain relief during circumcision
  214. What's that called when...
  215. New baby boy at work
  216. anyone's circ'ing friends confess/repent/inquire at them
  217. My sil just had her first son
  218. The "Which is worse - to be circ'ed or not breastfed?"
  219. Another Reason To Not Like Circumcision
  220. Need help with argument
  221. Getting the word out
  222. UTIs
  223. I gave 2 pregnant friends information
  224. Anyone read Newsweek this week?
  225. Scary
  226. Which is worse - to be circ'ed or not breastfed?
  227. What should I think about this dr's appt?
  228. A British newspaper, The Guardian tells circumcision prevents AIDS
  229. An expirience in the maternity store today...ughhh
  230. Fathers Bond
  231. retracted penis
  232. Lol!!
  233. question regarding wiping of the penis
  234. The "Can anyone explain this to me?" thread
  235. How to "take care" of an intact penis
  236. Hot Properties (TV show)
  237. just want to make sure everythings ok...
  238. Anti-circ "myths"
  239. Circumstraint
  240. We are everywhere!
  241. He's ballooning!
  242. Went to a passion party last night...
  243. red swollen foreskin (I read the sticky) **update**
  244. Disturbingly freaky but intact?
  245. Been wondering....
  246. Intactivist potluck - greater DC metro area
  247. Coworker getting son "fixed" today
  248. Irish case ends with acquittal of circumciser
  249. My intact boy is here!
  250. Check out this poll!!!