: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. intact ds with lump
  2. Slightly OT, I feel bad for something I did...
  3. Has this ever happened?
  4. They did it
  5. Well, it was easier than I thought...
  6. When did you first learn about circ?
  7. All penises in the house should look the same
  8. Why would this be??
  9. How/why is this even legal?
  10. needing some intactivist love
  11. Yeah, WE'RE the ones that are obsessed with penises...
  12. Mailing information packets anonymously
  13. DH already on board
  14. Got hubby to change his mind!
  15. Got hubby to change his mind!
  16. Hello. My name is Amanda & I'm a mean intactivist.
  17. I had to get stitches last week... (circ related!)
  18. I just read that Britney Spears is having a boy...
  19. Another intact baby boy!
  20. How to go against the grain?
  21. More Fabulous News
  22. Pregnant with a baby boy!
  23. Fabulous News!!!!
  24. I was browsing around DH's secret "stash"
  25. HELP- How do I save my nephew?
  26. see my shirts
  27. UPDATE see post 9 - I have a pregnant friend who says if it's a boy she will circ
  28. Question for mom's who circ'ed the first and not the second
  29. Who *should* perform circ's/pain relief
  30. teensy speck of dried blood stuck on foreskin?
  31. ds is one day old and I already have a question
  32. Ques. for mom's of uncirc'd boys...
  33. Blog musings....
  34. skin bridge/adhesion on intact 5yr old
  35. SIL & Bris
  36. more information about pain and anesthetic
  37. Article-several pages- about the circumcision decision in paper
  38. Circ Fetish
  39. worried dh will change his mind
  40. Very Interesting! (words/definitions and more)
  41. Where to get it done
  42. blister help
  43. very surprised at friend's comment about circumcision in mexico and ecuador
  44. Immigration and Circ Stats
  45. Concerned about 8mo penis.
  46. Parents magazine sept 05
  47. Resources?
  48. Talked to a doctor today...
  49. Is It Really Legal?
  50. A bit apprehensive
  51. so upset--docs and nurses must have pressured this mom
  52. Are there circumcision stats based on....
  53. Current circ rates in the US?
  54. Good news!
  55. Do these arguments sound familiar?
  56. Activism: Parent's Magazine and Dr. Agins: Write letters!
  57. Questions!
  58. cleaning foreskin?
  59. Lesion on foreskin
  60. Another "news" article
  61. I saved my son...
  62. Excerpt From "Magical Child"
  63. Yahoo againstcirc group gone???
  64. Swollen foreskin and discharge
  65. Spotting on regular basis for a toddler?
  66. Lurker coming out here...
  67. Can anyone help me?
  68. Waaa My baby has the inflammed foreskin!
  69. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
  70. Straight Dope on Circumcision
  71. Links from other countries/ in other languages.
  72. Can anyone translate German?
  73. When do your son's usually notice
  74. Please help me w/ formal complaint to state medical board
  75. How many errors can you find????
  76. Circ Stats
  77. If you had to pick one website....
  78. Email Michael Moore
  79. Info on rates in a specific area (city, county) in U.S.?
  80. Circumcision&HIV...Finally some Common Sense!
  81. Teased for being intact
  82. Please critique my letter to Chicago Parent
  83. Becoming a NOCIRC chapter
  84. Okay, So It's Girl Parts, but Still....
  85. Very confused over foreskin retraction issue (see post #5)
  86. Names of anti-circ OB/GYN's, Pediatricians, and Urologists
  87. another one for the good "guys" :-D
  88. Howard Stern
  89. recently playing on the same team
  90. Help!! "foreskin sacred"
  91. Come have a party with me, people!
  92. Have you seen this article?
  93. Today I told my GP that he has blood money on his hands
  94. question about intact care
  95. Frank, buried penis in uncircumcised?
  96. Hypothetical question...
  97. Condom condom condom!
  98. Wow! I've been read!
  99. Make a Difference!
  100. CBC Canada News Story
  101. Help
  102. They took before and after pics
  103. Both my nephews had surgery...
  104. Why do dr's have to give both sides?
  105. "he didn't even notice"
  106. Female Circumcision Protects Against HIV too!
  107. o
  108. I had the wierdest dream last night *circ related*
  109. Ancient phallus unearthed in cave
  110. "Circumcision Prevents HIV" in the news!!
  111. Frenulum = Clitoris, etc?
  112. where do i start?
  113. Another nephew on the way
  114. My parents
  115. Update from 2 months ago
  116. Got yelled at today....
  117. Just making sure ?
  118. Horrible information in a pregnancy book
  119. He's here....
  120. Help preparing for an appt
  121. Don't buy!
  122. Think I will rile any feathers, I hope so!!
  123. Intactivist BLINKIES for siggies!
  124. truly clueless
  125. People can't say the word cut
  126. Pain perception in newborns
  127. Terrfied of Accidental Circ
  128. My mom the mini intactivist
  129. TNS Recovery Complex (anti-wrinkle cream)
  130. does it ever just blow your mind...
  131. My baby boy arrived
  132. Old post from Frankly Speaking
  133. I've been invited to participate in my local hospital's OB focus group
  134. another circed baby
  135. Circumcision Rates
  136. I'm so proud!!
  137. The "please- help me convince dh to protect our son" thread
  138. NOCIRC penile sensitivity study in San Francisco – participants needed
  139. Adopting from a Jewish mother
  140. Info for a ped on age of retraction
  141. About a PM
  142. just 'thank you'....
  143. epinions reviews
  144. Upset at another conversation...
  145. This is a little OT, but
  146. please don't flame me for bringing this up...
  147. Have you read this speech yet?
  148. How do we tell In Laws?
  149. When Should I Bring "It" Up?
  150. I Am So Happy!!!!!!!
  151. "The Mind of Your Newborn Baby"
  152. I know I haven't been around much lately...
  153. Sharing the Good News
  154. Give me some Guy input, please!
  155. You may want to post here, if you haven't already done so
  156. The "intact" tomato :) pictures (update)
  157. What my son said the other day
  158. Can somebody refresh my memory....
  159. Creativity Welcome!
  160. friend retracts baby to clean
  161. Questions Regarding- 1 cut son & 1 not/ intact care/ and OMG Help me with hubby!!
  162. Still another restoration question
  163. Tonight we decided...
  164. Medicaid is going to stop funding circs, what about private health insurance?
  165. WOO HOO!!! Information on Minnesota bill.
  166. Another quick restoration question
  167. How long do you think it will take?
  168. Retraction - what, when, where and why
  169. Can anyone help me reply?
  170. In retrospect, I think I did something bad.
  171. MrsMoe! (And anyone else who wants to read it)
  172. My informational page and referring stats! A bit of an update.
  173. Current circ practices question
  174. Another intact boy!
  175. My husband is considering restoration!!!
  176. Did she retract him!!???
  177. Medical Information or Misinformation?
  178. Welcome, Minky!!!!
  179. Intact Week?
  180. What would you do? Hypospadias & Circ'ing
  181. Help RE: Penn & Teller show!
  182. young brother, pen & teller etc.
  183. first retraction
  184. my 6 yr old is constantly picking!!
  185. I am becoming obsessed!
  186. Just want to say THANK YOU!
  187. Good Update!
  188. Epinions.com Covers Circ. Wow.
  189. oops... just saw other posts re: WSJ article about South African/HIV/Circumcision
  190. circ on the mind, I guess
  191. Article in July's "American Baby" magazine
  192. My Blog Entry About Circumcision
  193. How 'bout THIS?
  194. Positive intact information on Susie Bright's IN BED
  195. restoration question
  196. Can you help me help my sister's son?
  197. Tight foreskin in toddler, interfering with urination...need advice
  198. anyone think this is weird? Anti circumcision pro vasectomy
  199. Need Info...New to circ board
  200. Discussing the WSJ article on Rush
  201. Circumcision may offer Africa AIDS hope
  202. not sure if this is the same article
  203. UPDATE - asked Peggy about editorial in chat today
  204. copy of penn & teller
  205. a couple of questions
  206. WSJ article - Circumcision Reduces AIDS Risk by 70%
  207. Another baby boy saved~ so happy!
  208. My MIL saw Penn and Tellers "BS"
  209. Just need to vent...
  210. Penn and Teller doesn't always work
  211. yikes
  212. WWYD? one last question
  213. Look Like Daddy? how Bout....
  214. Friends sons emergancy circ has me wondering what to do?!
  215. Anyone have an email address for Dr. Paul Fleiss?
  216. Almost have DH convinced...
  217. Its a boy!
  218. Little tiny babies
  219. Coincidence?
  220. Messageboards...
  221. So, I Kicked This Dog in the Head Last Year
  222. The "he doesn't feel pain" thing
  223. What a difference a little research makes!
  224. make your own stickers
  225. Newest Mothering?
  226. Just got back from vacation this week.
  227. Fully retractable and still in diapers
  228. Can I just vent...
  229. Restoration question.
  230. I did it!!!
  231. need your assistance to help a friend
  232. Please - need a link
  233. "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Infant Circumcision"
  234. I give up
  235. Thank you!
  236. Anyone know of an Anti-Circ bracelet.......
  237. Circumcision article in July American Baby
  238. Critique my email to sis
  239. to circumcise
  240. I need some links please
  241. New book on circumcision says it's harmful
  242. Have you seen this video?
  243. How possible is it?
  244. So - am I weird for this?
  245. Are boys 'saved' from circ? semantics
  246. They had it REDONE!!!
  247. Just need to talk to someone who understands
  248. 6yr old nonretracted foreskin?
  249. Intactavist photo-Bay area
  250. I just wanted to say Hi!