: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Where is that link...???
  2. introduction and quick ?
  3. You won't believe what my DH's textbook says regarding circ!
  4. Governor's Pregnant Wife
  5. The View
  6. Q about later problems...
  7. BillBoard on Turnpike north in Florida: SAY NO TO CIRCUMCISION!!!
  8. Need advice on safe urine sampling 2 yo
  9. My step-grandfather was circ'ed at age 60...
  10. Not sure if this is the right place....
  11. Help? Looking for a post.
  12. Grr! My friend's baby just had "emergency" circumsion.(vent)
  13. Help: Resources re: circ and AIDS
  14. And this is from an encyclopedia?!?!
  15. Thought I would share....
  16. We've Been Slam-Dunked!
  17. Every Australian parent should consider circumcision
  18. "but it is only illegal if one mutilates a female -- there is
  19. "The Penis Monologues"??????????
  20. DH's new job....
  21. How do I bring up anti-circ with my pregnant SIL?
  22. Foreskin infected - red and white and swollen
  23. Chordee
  24. I cried
  25. Uncircumsized Penis is swollen
  26. I'm pretty torn on circumcision (please don't delete this!)
  27. I Helped!!!
  28. "And then his circumcision got screwed up..."
  29. Dear Frankly...
  30. My MIL is so weird...
  31. I am disgusted!
  32. It's time to bring it up with dh again...
  33. Guilty feelings
  34. surgery for undescended testicle
  35. New Baby Doc Intact!
  36. Daycare Resources
  37. Hygiene Questions
  38. The " I am beyond sick" thread
  39. kidney infections?
  40. Profs web page on circ-Ritualized genital surgery
  41. My Intact Son is Having Minor Surgery Tomorrow
  42. I saved one!
  43. Just armed myself with new info...
  44. Rant: Partial "natural" circumcision?? ARRRGH!
  45. ACS's Newest Statment on Penile Cancer and Circ
  46. thank you
  47. Help! He's got two little red blisters...
  48. Just pleased as punch here, I tell you what!
  49. Circumcision on Comcast's "ON DEMAND"
  50. speaking of testicles.....
  51. passing circ-reference in a movie
  52. Retraction Question
  53. Its the flippant attitude that gets me
  54. Just found out I'm having a boy, tell me about circumcison...
  55. Poor, poor baby...
  56. Uggghhh...ped retracted foreskin!
  57. need references (FRANK: this means YOU!)
  58. First post here. Is this info correct?
  59. Worried
  60. I just had to get this out.
  61. Need another reason not to circumsise? Read this.
  62. We just found out "IT's a boy"
  63. Seeking advice on discussing this with dh (long)
  64. a beautiful intact baby!!!
  65. Restoration possible for a baby?
  66. And I thought circ'ing would stop/help prevent STD's
  67. need a boost to talk to friend
  68. Halfway Circ'd???/Cleaning Little Penises
  69. The "Circumcision in the news..." thread
  70. My son has a UTI. Did I do something wrong??
  71. I'm so angry with my hospital!
  72. Where do we go from here?
  73. how long before totally retractable?
  74. I heard a rumor...
  75. Friends needs your help with intact babe!
  76. Wanna see a pic of my newest?
  77. Natural Woman, Natural Man - Should Include Intactness!!
  78. Anti-circ shirts for parents?
  79. So tired of denial
  80. how can I save it?
  81. Please Critique My New Signature
  82. Circumcision and AIDS
  83. YES, I know! But WHAT do I SAY??
  84. Intact penises inflate?
  85. talking to DS about circ
  86. My beautiful, intact son...
  87. One intact ds, one circ ds. Advice
  88. Told its too tight!!!!
  89. has anybody here witnessed a circumcision?
  90. Circ. advocay help needed re: Health Canada's position
  91. technical question
  92. I wish those considering circ. their sons could see the look on my DS face...
  93. Looking for a web site.
  94. Circ'ing preemies?????
  95. How I convinced my husband not to circumcise
  96. I had my baby boy!!!
  97. Refuting this study?
  98. ? about stats...
  99. 'Honey, Mud, Maggots...'
  100. eugh~~
  101. 6-month-old's foreskin completely detached/retractable...a question
  102. Need advice - tip of my son's penis is red.
  103. So what happens to the foreskin?
  104. Hooray for Sweden!!
  105. I changed a circ baby for the first time today...
  106. Need Links please...
  107. How to get people to leave sons intact
  108. Well, I tried.
  109. Aaaarrrrgh! ! ! !
  110. Intact.ca Down (Circ video there)
  111. Anyone see Law & Order:SVU??
  112. Circumcision and medical ethics..
  113. Woah...Law & Order SVU..the twist for tonight
  114. The "SmartKlamp"
  115. Are there any Jewish or Muslim moms here that chose not to circ?
  116. extremely rapid heart rate after circ?
  117. new here
  118. I made a difference...
  119. Dr. Haim G Ginott quote
  120. Not freaking out yet
  121. Please Help!! Phinitis????
  122. Hi! New here.
  123. What is the hospital procedure for giving permission to circ?
  124. "short" foreskin a reason to circ???
  125. adhesions on a circ'd baby
  126. Ping: Phoebe | Hi everyone!
  127. My letter to a friend......
  128. Canadian Stats
  129. Someone needs to write this man a letter...
  130. thanks..and another q
  131. How to explain the "difference"
  132. If I can help educate any parent.....
  133. So, so glad you are here!!
  134. New and Need Help here!!!
  135. Keeps getting red...
  136. Tell me, what is the definition of retraction?
  137. Thanks!!!!
  138. UPDATED Possible balanitis, (just read the sticky too)
  139. Dear Son
  140. Israeli study on sexual pleasure
  141. boortz again
  142. hey frank
  143. when is this a problem?
  144. Can I just give a public sigh of relief?
  145. At Least We Can Save Our Own...
  146. do you think it will ever be illegal?
  147. color of head of penis in ds? Not circ'ed, no forcible retraction
  148. baby magazines
  149. Have you written a letter to your insurance company?
  150. Young initiates kill circumcision nurse
  151. An Idea that may stop some hospitals from performing circumcisions!
  152. Wanna read something that'll make ya mad?
  153. I'm stepping out for a while
  154. Just had to vent, the ignorance!
  155. TTC 1st son circed because DH insisted....
  156. Can you believe this??
  157. Disreputable website?
  158. For those of you who circ'ed with first born, but not with younger sons . . . ?
  159. Can he retract it too much?
  160. My sister will circumcise :(
  161. some non-internet resources please?
  162. Oh no! DH wants to circ!!!!
  163. help! they want to circ fil!
  164. New here...and a question??
  165. SIL wants to circumcise
  166. So unbelievably great!
  167. *
  168. I have a new son
  169. He's discovered he can retract it.
  170. I am so heartbroken
  171. Great Spirit
  172. Wife and I were talking...
  173. Pus on toddler's penis
  174. Painful diaper changes...
  175. Smegma?!
  176. 2 year olds DS's foreskin starting to retract?
  177. Circ for teen?
  178. "But I don't mind" from men
  179. He Retracted
  180. Q re: red tip of foreskin
  181. OK, I just had to explain to my 7yo....
  182. Isn't this wrong information?
  183. I'm glad this board is here
  184. I wrote to my insurance company
  185. Looking for an article on circing and its effect on bfing
  186. Hes Home!
  187. Circumcision taken off Dutch health list
  188. So you're going to be a dad...
  189. Thank You!! Thank You!!
  190. "Can you BELIEVE they forgot to circumcise him??!!"
  191. Urgent Adive Needed
  192. misinformation and it's perpetuation
  193. What happened to the "Mothering articles" sticky?
  194. Has anyone seen this article?
  195. i finally did it...
  196. I'm ashamed
  197. Foreskin for sale
  198. Help- looks like a blister on his forerskin!
  199. The Case for Routine Labectomies
  200. Help! DS's foreskin is red, inflamed and peeling!
  201. Well it wasn't as difficult as I thought
  202. ok i just tried to watch the video...
  203. Any one see this quote?
  204. *sigh* I really should stop going to other boards...
  205. NON-PROFIT: Assisting Circumcised Men and their Partners Thru Foreskin Restoration
  206. saying no to circ
  207. Shrek and FGM
  208. Need links to articles taking apart studies on intact men, increased risk of disease
  209. "Don't you want him to look like Dad?"
  210. How did you become an intactivist?
  211. Taking a break from the circ forum
  212. What I saw in the doctor's office today
  213. Health Insurance and Circ.
  214. Help- infection in penis??
  215. How far do you go to convince others not to circ?
  216. New Scientific Study from the journal PAIN on circumcision
  217. OT,My little mans first meeting with Santa,
  218. Agggh UTI
  219. My dh is adamant about circumcision...
  220. The genital integrity ribbon?
  221. What do you say to this?
  222. Have you all seen this?
  223. forcible retraction in 4 mo old
  224. now I have a penis question...
  225. Need help with circ research
  226. First the good news...
  227. Help! Swelling, pus, and a scrip for Keflex...
  228. I finally watched a circ video :(
  229. Some questions!
  230. Sadness....and a bit of happiness
  231. Give me a reason why...
  232. Let's talk about what we tell our children.
  233. It seems things are better here
  234. Circumcision resulted in convulsion-like body jerks
  235. Circumcision resulted in convulsion-like body jerks
  236. Siggy line
  237. Unveiling of the circ status of DS with family
  238. I saw a no-circ billboard!!!
  239. Circ talk with my dad...
  240. I need someone's good writing skills!!!
  241. feeling so hopeless, family problems
  242. I cant take it anymore!
  243. Redness around the urethra??
  244. Thank you all!
  245. tiny hole
  246. Intact Teasing
  247. Circumcision Not Cost-Effective Says Study
  248. Saving the foreskin?
  249. letter regarding boston globe article
  250. Not fully retracted yet ?