: The Case Against Circumcision

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  1. Please help, phimosis/retraction issues.
  2. Foreskin Adhesions
  3. Atlas of the Penis!
  4. HELP-ds's foreskin filled with pus, not peeing- can anyone help??
  5. Sounds fair to me....
  6. I don't think I can be friends with her.
  7. At the end of my rope. Please help!
  8. Did circumcision cause this?
  9. Childhood Hygiene- a cover for molesters?
  10. Overture
  11. trying to give friend advice
  12. Isn't it ironic
  13. One year birthday soon...
  14. For the dh who say do it for health reasons
  15. NOCIRC essay contest...
  16. Oh My Gosh!!!! I Can Not Believe This!!!
  17. New Baby Story
  18. Oops, double post!
  19. Used the wrong sized tool
  20. Washington State man in jail..
  21. My nephew was born...(sad update)
  22. More Blinkies
  23. Yay!
  24. How to talk to DH re: not circ'ing #2
  25. Looking for live circ video
  26. New Siggy!!! ;
  27. the "Look like me" thing (read LeeBruns)
  28. The Saturday Intactivist Filk Thread
  29. no-circ, no-spank symbols for email signature?
  30. What does your intactivism look like?
  31. Any Intactivists on this Board?
  32. Talk Sex again...
  33. One month old with UTI- need support/advice
  34. GRRRRR....the first time I watch Sex and the City...
  35. Anti-circ blinkie
  36. is this too bold?
  37. Letter to Peds office
  38. sore, itchy and pus. Md says normal??
  39. Newborn foreskin used in cosmetics?
  40. Help with care of new "looser" circ?
  41. I have a new signature
  42. Meet The Fockers trailer
  43. Retracted: was any damage done? An answer from Milos
  44. Good, but disturbing T.V.
  45. Rudolph the foreskinned baby
  46. can I brag about DH?
  47. I got my first book about circumcision
  48. News clip...
  49. Did You Fight DH?
  50. Intact ds, circed cousins....how have you dealt?
  51. Saved another one
  52. "My Husband Put His Foot Down"
  53. looking for "independant" info sources
  54. Essay Contest
  55. Circumsize?
  56. ? about retracting forskin??
  57. SElling Foreskins
  58. MadTV clip
  59. I made a bumper sticker
  60. a NON pc funny
  61. It happened to my ds: Another foreskin retraction nightmare
  62. Help a mom convince her DH
  63. The "A Plea For Help from the MDC Intactivists (long)" thread
  64. Need some reassurance . . . is my son normal??
  65. Do intact potty-trainers "spritz" when they pee?
  66. Um, now what do I do?
  67. I Saved A Foreskin!!!!
  68. the "why do I continue to read the threads..." thread
  69. What an absolutely beautiful article....
  70. Here goes....LONG
  71. An odd request...
  72. I lost another one
  73. How do you approach a discussion about circ?
  74. I brought circ up with sis, who is pregnant with twin boys
  75. I came here hopeing
  76. U.K. Circ Agency
  77. Does it ever end???
  78. Woman seeking male POV on circ
  79. Organic Style mag
  80. Foreskin question
  81. I feel so alone
  82. New doctor, bad info...
  83. *Sigh* just reaffirming my thoughts about circ'ing
  84. Confused and worried
  85. ignorant question....
  86. Talk my DH into restoring ;)
  87. What can I say?
  88. Question on behalf of friend
  89. Ritual Jewish circ that includes metzitzah puts babies at risk of Herpes
  90. coronal adhesions
  91. Restoration works!... probably TMI for some!
  92. did your mama circumcise?
  93. Uncircumcized babies going to sitters...how do I handle diaper changes?
  94. This tears me up!
  95. DS doesn't have erections
  96. An update on my post...
  97. Name change!
  98. OK, I'm almost too embarassed to even be asking this, but here goes.
  99. Another Baby saved from the evil of circ!
  100. Would you reject this practice on this alone...m
  101. A Breath of Fresh Air
  102. Pimple on tip of foreskin?
  103. Is circumcision different today?
  104. How to tell people not to retract?
  105. vh1 I love the 90's
  106. Ethan got Circed
  107. They NEVER learn, ARGH!!!!
  108. When they pee?
  109. symbolism of circ/affect on men
  110. Tragic, tragic story
  111. Extra long foreskin
  112. I think my son might have another UTI
  113. Anyone know of good links addressing 'social' reasons for circ?
  114. 4 year old with UTI!!!!
  115. I need infection stats...
  116. "As Though You Need Angered Anymore...." thread
  117. "DH is Moslem, Mom is Jewish" thread
  118. It hit me like a ton of bricks!
  119. AARRRGGHHH! Help!
  120. Intact son beginning Kindergarten
  121. No circ activist wear?
  122. Feeling a little defeated
  123. My toddler is retracted - now what?
  124. From our local paper (please read)
  125. fertility
  126. foreskinectomy
  127. "Body Bazaar"
  128. Please visit the parenting board
  129. To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise
  130. At what age should your son's foreskin be retractable?
  131. My co-worker that I informed...
  132. trauma to his penis?
  133. I have a hygiene question
  134. New pro-circ info?
  135. potty training intact ds
  136. Smilies
  137. Trying to overcome guilt of having Ds circ by informing others....
  138. masturbation and circ
  139. What would you tell your 5 year old dd about circumcision?
  140. help me put together a submission
  141. Making it personal for women
  142. Do you have a intactivist sticker/cling on your car
  143. Did you know this??
  144. Question about (natural) retraction
  145. You will not believe this!! (it's bad)
  146. Dr's Comment
  147. DS got his first locker room comment
  148. A 4 y/o discovers circ
  149. Missinformation on a web site, what do you do?
  150. we were the only no circ room
  151. just wanted to say thanks
  152. How do you keep your cool?
  153. circ. reconstruction getting press!
  154. Anyone have one son circ and another one not?
  155. What do you think about this?
  156. How many men have seen it?
  157. I just got the call........
  158. Can people really be this stupid???
  159. Circ. advice from book from the early 1900's!
  160. Did Jack the Ripper have mutilated genitals from a childhood surgery?
  161. Utterly Horrifying
  162. You people are fabulous!
  163. Nasty Potty Training Incident--Advice, please!
  164. absolutely sick to my stomach.....
  165. Need some links...
  166. Whoa!
  167. Best ways to convince husbands
  168. Nervous about Ped Appt
  169. why do people do this?
  170. Do you think it's appropriate to.....
  171. The best book(s) to convince people?
  172. Sending Fleiss book as a gift with this note:
  173. Brought up subject with my sister yesterday
  174. Looking for straight-forward info to convince a friend to not circ
  175. has your son ever been forcibly retracted?
  176. If you've changed from pro-circ to anti...
  177. just too hard to even read
  178. At what age?
  179. another Anti-Circ celebrity: RuPaul
  180. Convincing an RN
  181. Mother seeks high court order to block circumcision
  182. You Win Some, You Lose Some
  183. "Secret Wounds" by Hanny Lightfoot-Klein
  184. Anyone willing to help with a letter??
  185. pain relief and circumcision
  186. Circumcision- A human rights violation?
  187. Just a reminder.....
  188. Restoration question
  189. Help! DH pro-circ
  190. Toddler to be circed, against mother's wishes...
  191. I'm gonna be sick...
  192. Please help me!!!
  193. Yet another boy remains intact!
  194. Just a reminder about "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision"
  195. Speaking of hands and fingers and sensitivity. . .
  196. I wrote Howard Stern!
  197. Has everyone seen this?
  198. Spanish anti-circ web sites needed
  199. Are there any Anti-Circ groups out there besides NOCIRC?
  200. The Mothering book 'Having a Baby, Naturally'
  201. 'net review of 'the smartclamp'
  202. the doctor say my son has phimosis!
  203. Anyone have this book?
  204. Did I tell you? My newest addition is a
  205. I did it! I talked her out of it!
  206. Anyone wish their husband/partner were intact?
  207. Freaky Diaper Changes... and other stuff
  208. How to find a foreskin friendly doctor?
  209. My dh took my grandmother to church
  210. some tee shirts and stickers
  211. So sad for my nephew....
  212. My dad thanked me....
  213. Nathan1097 or anyone else who might know
  214. Has everyone seen the new smilie?
  215. Manhood
  216. A good article
  217. Sometimes it DOES happen w/o consent
  218. Retracted himself once, can't now
  219. Hey, Frank!
  220. Appropriate Quote from My Site!
  221. Why is THIS the part that seems most convincing?
  222. Need some numbers...
  223. pleasantly surprised...
  224. Action Alert: OPRAH show...
  225. My sis has told me that they "plan on doing IT"
  226. Foreskin Resoration
  227. You win some, you lose some
  228. Just had a thought while reading posts...
  229. Africans Against Male & Female Circumcision.
  230. Complications of circ
  231. I finally got brave
  232. tell me about Jesus' circ.
  233. The " Oh Boy, will probably get booted off my due in board" thread
  234. The "Can I just complain a little here? (DO NOT read if you've circumcised!)" thread
  235. I'm an intactivist! I'm an intactivist!
  236. Rosie O'Donnell
  237. Can we do it?
  238. Help! Son's foreskin is
  239. 2 in 1: Circ. discussion at new job and babysitting circ'd boy...
  240. have you seen this shirt?
  241. Ped surprise!
  242. Have you already seen this...labectomy?
  243. Thought you might appreciate this here
  244. Thought you might like this
  245. Payment up front
  246. Give me your best arguments for not circ'ing
  247. Mixed feelings re: dh...
  248. Ib4skins
  249. Do your older boys retract?
  250. Should I see a urologist?