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  1. HBO: Bill Maher Interviews RFK, Jr.
  2. Why parents are concerned about vaccines
  3. First they came for the anti-vaxers
  4. Texas Parents - 2 bad bills
  5. Homeopathy under attack by the FDA?
  6. How anti-vaxxers sound to normal people
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  8. Resources I am in need of...
  9. Dr Richard Pan D, State Senator -
  10. Medical Research Stakeholders Seek to Overturn Informed Consent Protections
  11. Merck Campaign Contributions
  12. A Small Minority?
  13. Another hit for Australians
  14. The Role of Your Faith Community
  15. Dog Flu Outbreak
  16. Enrollment info has changed in my state...
  17. "Exemption Forms Here"
  18. “No Forced Vaccination” Message; NYC, Philadelphia, and NJ
  19. If your child was the one in a million
  20. measles!
  21. All YOUR fault
  22. Rhett Krawitt
  23. Focus on the Family
  24. Chris Christie Embraces VaccinesAfter Saying Parents Should Have Measure Of Choice
  25. Half of the story -
  26. Death Threats?
  27. Dr Paul Offit pulls out of vaccine debate
  28. What is going on in WA State?
  29. New Yorkers: Bad Bill Alert
  30. National Immunization Week is Coming Up
  31. Abbott government withdraws childcare payments for anti-vaccination parents
  32. Let's Remove Dr. Pan from Office
  33. And then I see this...'net bots
  34. Student Sues School over Questioning Techniques used on Parents
  35. Dr Suzanne Humphries on Paul Offit's "exaggerations" (okay lies)
  36. vaccine friendly doctors in MA
  37. Oregonians: Urgent!!
  38. FDA’s Regulatory Framework After a Quarter-Century - Homeopathy
  39. Half empty or half full?
  40. Thread for Libs and Dems :)
  41. CA Senate Hearing Playing Now - SB277
  42. Manipulating Data
  43. Pennsylvania is next -- Bill HB883 is out
  44. "Anti-vax" ad stirs up vaccination debate, in response to CA bill
  45. CA SB 792 - Daycare Workers and Mandatory Vaccines
  46. Please help CA by doing this now!
  47. Vaccine Disposal
  48. Do you worry about your unvaxed children in college and thereafter?
  49. Tetanus freak out. Please help
  50. Design a Bill!
  51. Coming Soon to Your Child's Toy Box
  52. Let's Cause and provide the 'Cure'
  53. This is what happened to my non-vaccinated children when whooping cough broke out
  54. NC Bill Dies
  55. Uniformed Forced Consent
  56. How are vaccines produced?
  57. Truly Sad Story
  58. It's Not About the Money, or something like that...
  59. GMO Corn to be put in oral HepB vaccine
  60. Emerging Data on viral vectors to treat cancer
  61. Pertussis outbreak -
  62. The testimony of a mother of a vaccine injured child
  63. A Glut of Texas ‘Pro-Vax’ Bills Threaten Vaccination Exemptions
  64. queue up?
  65. CO with Lowest Vaccination Rate?
  66. The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics
  67. Robert Mendelsohn on measles
  68. Pertussis Outbreak and Vaccines
  69. Need your help!
  70. CA - if SB277 passes, I will homeschool ...
  71. Adult-onset autism - from a vaccine
  72. Old dogs can learn new tricks, right?
  73. Lies, Lies, Lies
  74. "Roll over ebola,
  75. Conscience Rights?
  76. Tetanus, Immunity and epigenetics
  77. Ri bill to remove religious exemption
  78. Roseola
  79. Strange picture on David Cameron's wall
  80. Sorry, in the Vaccine Debate, the ‘Experts’ are the Historians
  81. Resource: Vaccine Choice Advocacy Organizations
  82. anything but vaccines
  83. Forced vaccinations for all, even HOMESCHOOLERS in NC
  84. Has anyone in Michigan gotten the new waiver yet?
  85. What Got You Started?
  86. Do you live in a non-vax cluster?
  87. Vashon Island
  88. Send Some Love to New Jersey Today!
  89. Hurry!!!!
  90. Calling all Insomniacs!
  91. Do people lie to schools about vaccination status?
  92. What to do if your state mandates vaccines for homeschoolers as well?
  93. Neonatal immunity: the first three years
  94. A Little Girl Lost After Illegally Given an Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine
  95. Jimmy Kimmel on vaccines (with additional unreleased footage)
  96. Pbs: stress increasing sids in poor...
  97. The Syndrome - a new documentary
  98. German Virus Denier
  99. Wonderful Resource for People of Faith
  100. Laura Eisenhower, granddaughter of President Eisenhower
  101. Don't let the door hit you on the way out -
  102. Help! Can a private daycare block admission to children with exemptions
  103. Maybe can you help me?
  104. Book recommendations for teens?
  105. CREDO Removes NO on SB 277 petition
  106. Angry about forced vaccinations? Here's what to do...
  107. Parents take extreme steps ...
  108. HPV - looking for update
  109. Dear Prudence:
  110. N.J. Senate committee approves restrictions on religious exemption for vaccines
  111. Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Speak Out: 'The Guilt Is Huge'
  112. another coincidence
  113. Explaining religious or philosophical beliefs
  114. good resource
  115. Forced Adult Vaccinations on the horizon?
  116. Activists in the King County WA area
  117. CA chiropractors lobby against bill ending belief exemptions for vaccines
  118. listen to pod cast
  119. Very good
  120. Vax Friendly Ped Norfolk/VA Beach??
  121. The Next Marketing Frontier: Your Medical Records
  122. Help my ex husband wants to vaccinate our 12 and 9 yr old! Please help!
  123. Pennsylvania exemptions
  124. Remember this story when someone says the medical profession has your best interests
  125. PLEASE sign this petition to protect our rights in California
  126. Updates on WA and OR
  127. Who Cried Wolf in Oregon?
  128. New Mexico Vaccine Exemptions Under Fire
  129. Forced Polio vaccinations afoot
  130. Free documentary viewing until March 6th
  131. just read this
  132. Vaccination experiences
  133. Credo Mobilize petition to stop SB277 in CA
  134. White House petition asking to prohibit forced vaccinations
  135. Interesting Development in HB 2009 (WA)
  136. generic letter to representatives
  137. more parents selective and delaying.
  138. Utah family shunned for not vaccinating
  139. Science subcommittee chairman doesn't vaccinate his kids
  140. One More Girl suffers post Gardasil syndrome and more ...
  141. Mooresville, VA girl finally compensated, after 11 yrs.
  142. Gianelloni
  143. New to the forum
  144. Food for Thought
  145. Bill Gates on the anti-vaccine movement
  146. Kazakhstan Suspends Measles Vaccination Campaign After 100+ Students Fall Ill
  147. Narcissism
  148. Dr. Boyd Haley on vaccines
  149. A measles history and why higher vaccination rates still fail
  150. 20 Things I Wish...
  151. Look at New Vaxes Coming!!!!
  152. Bashing of unvaccinated
  153. Doctor who spoke out gets investigated
  154. Vaccine Reactions?
  155. Please sign this petition
  156. Jon Rappoport - The worship of vaccination in the Holy Temple
  157. Senator Wants Medical Choice . . . For Herself
  158. Left Behind
  159. Measles death in Germany
  160. Pediatrician visit
  161. Intersting view from a pro-vax doctor
  162. Vaccine Coincidences
  163. Bill Mayer - the vaccine religion
  164. PROUD & smart too - Mom's who are standing up!
  165. Think You Can "Just Homeschool?" Think Again.
  166. 14 unvaxed babies exposed to measles ...
  167. Now the media is instructing others on how to handle you ...
  168. National Adult Immunization Plan
  169. when and how to do you talk to kids about their vax status?
  170. "Anti-Vaxers" Getting the Boot from Zuckerberg
  171. White House Petition to prohibit vaccine mandates
  172. Benefits vs. Risks concerning vaccines
  173. While the media whines about 150 cases of measles,
  174. Uhh.. did you see the proposed legislation on the NVIC site?
  175. Support group Lafayette, IN?
  176. TB questions
  177. Naive about vaccines
  178. Share Some Sanity, Please
  179. Free viewing of BOUGHT
  180. Breastfeeding failed but don't vaccinate….
  181. Get your papers ready....
  182. Washington HB2009 Testimony
  183. "The Guilt Is Huge"
  184. Best explanation on how vaccines can cause autsim
  185. Pro-vax love?
  186. Another Whistleblower
  187. Urgent, Oregon SB 442
  188. Which profession is next?
  189. Head Start Vaccine Requirements Bill
  190. i would love your input
  191. It's time to make the pro-vaccine accountable
  192. playing with the numbers ...
  193. Microbiologist believes few escape neurological harm via vaccine
  194. Chicken Pox in Movies
  195. Here we go - no vax, no travel
  196. White house petition
  197. Measles question
  198. college professor, RN, refuses flu shot
  199. Great Article
  200. Would You Vax If Family Hx of Autoimmune/Immune Disorders?
  201. China enters the global vaccine market
  202. Genetic testing
  203. <INV>"Bringing Much-Needed Sanity to the Vaccine Debate"
  204. nonvaxing insomniacs !
  205. the chutzpah ...
  206. Hypocrisy from the American Medical Association
  207. Mandatory coming?
  208. Pennsylvania Vaccination law
  209. Because Autism is So Prevalent..
  210. Political Candidates
  211. Sharyl Attkisson on Astroturfing
  212. another whiner
  213. Katie Youngdahl, director of historyofvaccines.org does Q&A
  214. McShots at McD's???? wow
  215. Who are you, the great unvaxed?
  216. Vax Research Organization
  217. Measles-like symptoms
  218. Kids unvaxxed; school called me last night
  219. Poll: What Will You Do If You Lose Your Rights?
  220. What Will You Do If You Lose Your Rights?
  221. Do you think there will be positive change- one day?
  222. Measles Encephalitis in Infant by Vaccine Strain
  223. Science-Denialism
  224. Oh good grief
  225. <INV> TB in PA
  226. The unvaccinated: wealthier, educated, insured
  227. Joel Lord interview with CBS
  228. Do NOT Ask, Do NOT Tell,
  229. Changes to Oregon exemptions have been proposed
  230. Measles, Mickey, and the Media
  231. Did you notice...
  232. Measles outbreak unlikely to limit Iowa exemptions
  233. Measles on the Danny Thomas Show
  234. Babar on measles
  235. Old threads but good
  236. Would you volunteer your vaccine free child for study?
  237. Is anyone else worried?
  238. New York lawmakers push additional vaccine exemptions
  239. definition of "unvaccinated" in the measles outbreak
  240. cute infographic
  241. Five things that vaccine manufacturers say may cause autism
  242. A Case of Wag the Dog
  243. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
  244. measles death rate
  245. Where did it come from?
  246. What I really want to say ...
  247. The Earth Is Round
  248. Llmda tool
  249. I can't take the stress!
  250. Blended Family