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  1. Can I just rant here for a second?
  2. Inclined NOT to vaccinate...
  3. Looking for Doctor willing to sign exemption forms
  4. autism
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  9. I'm Enjoying My Summer Vacation . . .
  10. artcile for you to read in your downtime
  11. I guess nonvaccinators now have magic powers?
  12. Vaccine specialist J. Anthony Morris dies at 95
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  15. 130 official ways
  16. Do not tell me you were not warned -
  17. Dozens of CDC workers reject anthrax vaccine despite possible exposure
  18. Toddler may have gotten whooping cough from vaccinated hospital employee
  19. Oh, those Amish!
  20. some propaganda to gain your trust
  21. Homeopathic vaccines
  22. Just needing support today
  23. Study says CDC has covered-up data showing that mercury in vaccines causes harm
  24. Measles at summer camp
  25. The BIG Pharma Conspiracy
  26. Anti-vax friendly doctors in Little Rock, AR?
  27. How to Lie to a Generation of Families - Malfeasance in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Prog
  28. Support for First Time Mom
  29. Doctor visits in first 2 years for NVers
  30. Uh oh..saw this on fb
  31. Put on your tin foil hats!!
  32. Measles-Vaxx Deaths in Pakistan
  33. Refusal to vaccinate form?
  34. California declares wooping cough epidemic
  35. Pertussis? Newbie with a question!
  36. Willful Blindness
  37. let's debunk
  38. Those Dreaded Exemption Clusters
  39. Burn and tetanus
  40. We are only fooling ourselves...
  41. Saba Button receives settlement from Western Australian government
  42. anti-anti-science
  43. can a school nurse administer vaccines without a parent present?
  44. Mayo Clinics description of Measles
  45. Unethical Practice by NIH
  46. Aidan Quinn's 25 yr old daughter, Ava
  47. Vaccination Nightmare: Whooping Cough Vaccine Almost Killed Perth Father
  48. Top 10 best-selling vaccines of 2013 (the usual suspects)
  49. I thought cocooning was discontinued in the Land Down Under?
  50. From Staunchly Pro-Vaccine to Vaccine Critic
  51. Autoinflammatory syndromes induced by adjuvants: A case for PFAPA
  52. Five children die and hundreds faint after measles vaccine drive in Pakistan
  53. So how do vaccines work again?
  54. Information and Research
  55. The Crappy-Medical-Advice Thread
  56. How Propaganda Works
  57. I'm Not Vaccinating
  58. How Healthy are Your Unvaccinated Children?
  59. "We all vaccinated."
  60. Conspiracy theories? Or reality?
  61. Malibu Moms to Vax Industry: Take Your Shots and Shove 'em!
  62. Insurance Companies Contemplate How To Handle You Rebellious Non-, Delayed and Selective Vaxers!
  63. Changing the narrative regarding Autism
  64. Hot Coffee
  65. Worrying: Do I need a tetanus shot, or the immunoglobbwhatever?
  66. somewhat surprised to find myself here!
  67. Toddler Supplements
  68. A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States
  69. One for the dogs! Prevent Parvo and Distemper without vaccination
  70. CO parents well versed in science says rebuttal letter
  71. Rebutting Amanda Z Naprawa's attempt to coerce vaccination by fear of punishment
  72. Article Featuring MDC Members
  73. Vaccinations don’t contribute to a longer life.
  74. Protecting unvaxed
  75. FTM help with vaccine decisions...
  76. First Aid to prevent Tetanus for Toddler falls?
  77. Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer- what do you all think about this?
  78. Is this chicken pox?
  79. You are smart enough to state your own rebuttals to the fify antivaccine myths and misinformation...
  80. Parents Object
  81. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...
  82. Selfishness?
  83. 5 day fever wants to nurse then stops
  84. Doctor in Indianapolis/Lafayette IN?
  85. Mumps on the rise ...
  86. Vaccine Extremism Threatens Democracy
  87. How did you start out?
  88. A New Study Shows....
  89. Vit K: Oral or None....How do you decide?
  90. Poli
  91. I was told to ask the "older" generation about vaccines, so I did ...
  92. Apparently educated, not scared of pictures or "outbreaks" either!
  93. "Your Vaccine Survival Guide"
  94. Andrew Wakefield Responds to Emily Willingham and Forbes
  95. Scientists urge delay in destroying last smallpox
  96. Interviewees Needed
  97. New study confirms increased prevalence of GI symptoms among children with autism
  98. Wave of babies born deaf or hearing impaired
  99. MMR + Shedding
  100. Are Tetanus Spores in All Horse Manure?
  101. A Doctor Share His Concerns About Mercury as a Poison ...
  102. Let Us Play, "Name That Falsehood!"
  103. NYC Health Dept Breaks Law, Denies Exemptions.
  104. Standard Vaccine Reaction They Refuse to Recognize
  105. another nice read
  106. How to find peace with our choices
  107. Should people with MTHFR genetic mutations not get vaccines?
  108. Vaccine propaganda film - Invisible Threat
  109. Vaccine friendly pediatrician near Henry County, GA?
  110. Newbie
  111. The Media Supports Vaccines Because........
  112. In Ohio and nearly ready to line my unvaxxed kids up for MMR
  113. HPV does not prevent cervical cancer ...
  114. Now guns & vaccines?!
  115. Didn't we mention this before?
  116. The Taboo Subject of Vaccine Injuries
  117. OH, now WI -
  118. Yeah, exemption accepted at College
  119. Anti-vaccine the NEW AIDS?
  120. CO vax bill gutted.
  121. Upworthy post and vaccine-research burn out. . .
  122. There is nothing new under the sun!
  123. Only one can be right.....
  124. "Really Sexy Science"
  125. Dear Vaccinating Parents -
  126. A great article …and I am just mad
  127. The New And Improved Medical Cure For Hunger And Malnutrition
  128. Some interesting articles to be read ... for those with time.
  129. LOVE........... & cholera
  130. Pictures Used to Warn Parents
  131. More Ontario mandatory vaxxes
  132. Your Child is Vaccine Injured– Just Like Mine
  133. Those Pesky "Anti-Vax" Experts
  134. Sometimes I get so appalled with society
  135. Please help a girl out...
  136. This is predictable ...
  137. Former Merck doctor - Gardasil will be the biggest scandal in medical history
  138. Editorial on parental vaccine choice
  139. The John Adams Story
  140. A litany of failed vaccines
  141. I love this blog!
  142. Looking for a chart
  143. wild chicken pox protective against allergies and asthma
  144. fun thread - let's make a list
  145. Funny Cartoon
  146. There's no such thing as a 'good reaction' to a vaccine
  147. One man's experience of measles
  148. Bill Gates
  149. The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  150. Proper Wound care and tetanus
  151. Someone please write a response
  152. Best Place to Start Research?
  153. Feeling yucky about our delayed vaccine schedule
  154. Puncture wound that didn't bleed - should I get the TIG?
  155. 1st Baby - A Whole New World
  156. Hey, non-Americans - get in here!
  157. Drowning in Kool Aid?
  158. After a long successful tenure in office, she is resigning ...
  159. Tetanus
  160. New Study Showing Glyphosate Found in Mothers' Breast Milk
  161. The real experts discuss Gardasil reactions
  162. Brian Hooker PhD is on the radio today
  163. 14 measles deaths/hour in 2012?!?
  164. Japan's vaccine schedule and autism rate
  165. States who are attacking nonvaxers and exemptions
  166. When asked about vaccination status....
  167. Life Cycle of a Failed Public Vaccination Program
  168. How can they call this 'safe'?
  169. Are there any tv shows that don't show non-vaxxers as complete idiots?
  170. Incredibly compelling testimony
  171. Time Magazine's VICIOUS attack on non-vccinating families
  172. Actos Verdict: Jury Orders Takeda, Eli Lilly To Pay $9 Billion In Damages
  173. Measles Report
  174. booster shots - convince me not to get them.
  175. Son going to SUNY School (New York State) School and having difficulties with religious exemption.
  176. Getting Ready for an Orchestrated 'Outbreak'?
  177. Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America
  178. The Anti-vaccine Label
  179. Chili's Cancel Fundraiser for National Autism Association
  180. Tetyana Obukhanych PhD, Herd Immunity: Myth or Reality
  181. Vaccine denial becomes mainstream
  182. vaccine reactions
  183. McDonalds New Campaign
  184. Court grants father right to vaccinate his children
  185. Horrible Reporting and Misleading news Stories
  186. letter to an editor on vaccine wars and bullying
  187. Voices For Vaccines - independent from the vaccine industry?
  188. Vax friendly Dr in Detroit Area
  189. advocacy
  190. Offitt stands Corrected by media
  191. Parents threatened with removal of baby for turning down hep b vaccine
  192. Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops on Mass Tetanus Vaccination for Women
  193. Finally, a fair and balanced article on Gardasil!
  194. Traveling to Costa Rica
  195. Roundtable Discussion on Vaccines from 1988
  196. It's not the parents who need a legislative mandate for education on the importance of vaccination
  197. Vaccine Stories not Covered by USA Media
  198. On Mandating Parent Education on Vaccines
  199. Read actual federal vaccine court cases
  200. Circumcision Rates Fall Despite Health Risks
  201. well, looky-looky, Dorit Reiss on industry-regulator collaboration
  202. Does anyone know what happened here?
  203. Medicaid requires at least one BWV?
  204. about linking to wikipedia
  205. Paying Families to Vaccinate for Polio and Others
  206. A return to darkness and tyranny
  207. Is Anyone Keeping Track of Offspring in vaccinated?
  208. President Sign Executive order for CDC
  209. Curious about treatments
  210. Why We Declined the MMR Vaccine Part 1
  211. One Reason I Don't Vaccinate: Aluminum
  212. Experience at ER with pertussis (?)
  213. Why You Should Question the Vaccine
  214. Disease outbreaks are concentrated in highest-vaccinated population – Council on Foreign Relations
  215. How measles vaccine is made (video)
  216. Brian Hooker PhD, interview - Vaccines Cause More Autism Than The CDC will admit
  217. Pro-Vaccine Immunologist Admits a Shocking Truth About Vaccines
  218. An honest newspaper headline - in Australia
  219. Never Miss an Opportunity...
  220. Big data tracking - social media bot created to search anti-vaccine conversations on social media
  221. Probiotics
  222. CDC - autism rate now 1 in 68
  223. WHO Officials Rig Inclusion Criteria for Vaccine Injury in Developing World
  224. Baby Can't go to Beach or Pool til Vaccines are done?
  225. Suing Colorado and/or the Citizens that voted for the vaccine legislation. Is it Possible?
  226. "Mikey Likes It "- Price et al. 2010 short analysis, by Brian Hoooker, PhD. (Pregnancy and the flu shot)
  227. HPV vaccine to be discussed on The Drs tomorrow
  228. Vaccination Important for Immunocompromised Patients
  229. This is deemed Safe for babies????
  230. Adverse Event Reporting Online
  231. Don't worry about mumps as a threat but get vaxxed anyway. Sorry, what?!
  232. A Parent's (BRILLIANT ) Response to The NY Times article, "Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions"
  233. Swish Cheese or Mandatory Vaccine Logic...which has more holes?
  234. Their Ounce Of Prevention Is Not Worth Your Pound of Dysfunction
  235. Parents Deserve to Have a Choice - NY Times
  236. Meningitis
  237. Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions
  238. Measles virus
  239. Age of Aluminum (video)
  240. How To Answer Those Difficult Vaccine Questions That Parents Ask
  241. "Canadian parents outraged after school officials vaccinate their children without consent"
  242. Pennsylvania Vaccine Exemption
  243. All vaccinated children in the Western hemisphere are now carriers of of MRSA
  244. Ohio Mumps Outbreak
  245. Surprise! HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial, Not Deadly
  246. Health and vaccines as taught by Common Core
  247. Has anyone ever heard of neonatal tetanus?
  248. The Latest Excuse the Media is Using
  249. The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth About America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  250. Scarlet fever vaccine?