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  35. Just wondering.....
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  41. baby einstein and other things
  42. Awesome progress!
  43. just venting... tv free 6yo is now asking to watch the Matrix!!
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  45. The grandparents don't understand. Please help.
  46. I had no idea this forum existed!! And a question about youtube...
  47. I just can't seem to break the habit.
  48. What do you do when YOU are sick?
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  64. For families who use DVD's how do you/do you limit?
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  68. DD (2) is asking for cartoons
  69. Gifts
  70. How to convince sports-fan DH to ditch the TV?
  71. So proud of our solution, HAVE TO share!
  72. love this subforum!
  73. Documentaries/Resources pertaining to going TV Free?
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  80. .
  81. We're "officially" TV free as of today!
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  83. How do you get your news?
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  87. Avoiding movies in the car
  88. what other adults think
  89. just went to no tv cold turkey
  90. want to be tv free during DDs awake hours how to deal with it all?
  91. "Who is your favorite disney princess?" Aargh!
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  96. 3.5 month old
  97. What do you do when...
  98. article on the harms of screen time on infants/toddlers?
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  100. joining the club
  101. my friend suggested plopping ds in front of tv
  102. Going TV-Free
  103. A glimpse of the payoff of being TV free!
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  105. Computer/Video Games at the Library
  106. books on cd. WHat age did they start following along with the book?
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  108. for TV-free families who make some exceptions for DVDs, what DVDs do you allow?
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  112. Just a vent...
  113. How did you become TV free? With a new baby?!!? (and 3 and 5 yr old boys??)
  114. What does your 3 year old do when you are getting the baby down for a nap?
  115. research on changing camera angles
  116. going tv free, cold turkey or slowly?
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  118. Please give me some advice on going tv free.
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  122. Your kids favorite Audio books?
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  124. if your kids are tv-free, are you too?
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  129. TV free travel. What worked for you this holiday season?
  130. what do your kids want for the holidays?
  131. getting rid of the tv
  132. Spiderman and my TV-free 3 yo DS
  133. If you don't do live TV, how to handle when others do?
  134. I want the pink one so I can be PRETTY!" X POST
  135. What if dh isn't on board?
  136. If You're Normally TV-Free or Lite, What About When Your LO is Ill?
  137. How to find out which books are linked to shows??
  138. Good article on the "marketing machine" targeted at our kids
  139. What do you notice when walking in someone's house?
  140. Limiting books?
  141. Taking the plunge
  142. Need anti-media articles/links
  143. Little vent: Facebook related!
  144. Any advice on how to watch less TV?
  145. How do you convice DH/Partner?
  146. Videos? Good or Bad?
  147. Do you ever feel all alone?
  148. we are screen-free, but having homebirth - do i show her videos of other homebirths to prepare?
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  161. Too poor for
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  163. can i complain?
  164. Getting into a groove..
  165. The Brainwashing Is Complete
  166. how do you do it ?
  167. So have I ruined her?
  168. Can we get an internet-free forum??
  169. Camp and WWYD?
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  173. no telly
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  175. "But you're going to be a SAHM..." and other comments
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  218. Hulu
  219. TV Time Linked to Depression in Future
  220. What do moms of toddlers do?
  221. all this hand-wringing over the switch to digital
  222. Loving this!
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  226. with no TV, when or how do you "take breaks"?
  227. Just how lovely it is.....
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  229. Tsk tsk!! (a small rant)
  230. Does where you live affect tv time?
  231. Never noticed this thread--wow!
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  233. When someone is sick...
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  235. Article: "Two-year-olds 'to be screened for speech problems'"
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  237. Why? Success Stories. Tips. Etc...
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  239. Computer free too?
  240. Just checking in!
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  242. tell me I haven't blown it!
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  244. What about exercise videos for Mommy?
  245. Tiny rant- "but Hallmark e-cards don't count as TV!"
  246. we are officially a tv free household
  247. violence in movies, like Kung Fu Panda
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  249. tv free and nothing to do, ugh
  250. New research on "what happy people do"