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  29. Time to Volunteer
  30. MD letter about mandatory Flu shot.
  31. Let's Say It Together, Loud And With Feeling: Mandatory "Education" Doesn't Work!
  32. Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis
  33. Whooping cough immunity lasts longer than previously thought
  34. Infographic of infections and deadliness
  35. Vitamin C and Glutathione treatment protocol for Gardasil injury
  36. Parents in Wales told to send sick children to school
  37. Aluminium poisoning may trigger Alzheimer’s disease, claims professor
  38. GMO criticism linked to vaccine criticism
  39. So anti-Semitism is allowed again?
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  41. Candidate H7N9 Avian Flu Vaccine Works Better with Adjuvant
  42. The section of the flu vaccine package insert they won't let you see.
  43. Help with vaccinating (or not) 3 month old please
  44. New #CDCWhistleblower video, "Isolated Autism"
  45. Does the flu shot increase susceptibility to other viral illnesses?
  46. Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines
  47. Marketing ploy for vaccine? Or legit concerns?
  48. Choosing a 2014-2015 flu vaccine
  49. 1000 Chinese children harmed by vaccines for every life saved.
  50. Hooker study has been retracted.
  51. Child Cut by rusty metal pipe/rod...please help
  52. Bug in MDC website?
  53. Goverment set to reveal pharma payments to doctors.
  54. Vaccine Mandates = Industry-Driven Caste System
  55. Changes in WA state exemption policy?? Need info!
  56. Megan Davenhall adresses the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee
  57. Season Opener - Medical Community refusing flu vaccine
  58. Sneak Peek at Bought- The Documentary
  59. Organic Broccoli is the reason for no vaccinated/non-vaccinated study?
  60. Doctors’ Magical Thinking About Conflicts of Interest
  61. Vaccine Titers
  62. those CrAzY Anti-vaccers - why labels hurt all!
  63. flu.......tis the season
  64. peanut, vaccine, discrepency in attitudes
  65. Selling Sickness--Who's Buying?
  66. Opinion: Spacing Out the Shots
  67. Where Is There Herd Immunity?
  68. CDC's "Recipe" For Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand
  69. Children in Syria dead after Measles Vaccine
  70. CDC paralyzed on autism - more from William Thompson #CDCwhistleblower
  71. climate change, evolution, "anti-vax" house of cards.
  72. Whooping Cough Outbreak
  73. Nova - calling the shots.
  74. Excellent Infographic: Spotting Bad Science
  75. Gotta hand it to Canada....
  76. MMR, CDC and Brian Hooker: A guide for Parents and the Media
  77. Why did Hooker analyze data as if they were for a cohort?
  78. "Once you get it"
  79. Whistleblowers disclosing safety AND efficacy problems in MMR
  80. "You can't sue vaccine manufacturers!"
  81. A Vaccine For Every Virus?
  82. Time to Retract Thompson's Study?
  83. Who is orac?
  84. 200 teen and preteen girls with "Mystery Illness"
  85. flu shot in pregnant women
  86. Contamination of Gardasil
  87. The Greater Good Documentary
  88. 1 in 4 not buying!
  89. vaccine court
  90. The truth about vaccines cannot only be found in peer-reviewed studies
  91. I hate what this place has become.
  92. T-Dap during pregnancy
  93. Speaking of Cover-ups ...
  94. Interview with formerly vaccine faithful mom
  95. Autism rates steady for two decades
  96. oopsie! more whistleblower involving vaccines!
  97. CDC whistleblower - CDC knew MMR autism risk in African American boys 4 times higher
  98. On the Fence - Not Sure Which Way to Go
  99. The three Cs
  100. Speaking of mistakes
  101. NY State Ups Doses of Vaccines, and Changes Medical Exemptions
  102. vaccine love is just part and parcel of pharmaceutical love
  103. "Fired" by pediatrician
  104. Another coincidence?
  105. "Cocooning in America"
  106. for fun - politics and vaccine stance
  107. warding off cancer one herd at a time & why many aren't buying it!
  108. For doctors, how to convince parents to vax
  109. Coercion
  110. "I Have Decided To Vaccinate My Child Because..."
  111. Seeking Guidance And Balance Amongst The Chaos
  112. worried/scared
  113. Vaccines for dogs. Please help, I have no clue!
  114. A Crisis in Confidence?
  115. Vaccines, $$$ & "fight the virus NATURALLY"!
  116. can causation be established where vaccinne reactions are concerned?
  117. Vaccine defenses one after another
  118. NOT winning hearts & minds??
  119. Laser Light Used To Enhance Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness 400% to 700%
  120. Dan Olmsted's recent Age of Autism piece
  121. Good places to start reading
  122. Another Great One Has Passed on...
  123. Are You Pregnant And You Received The Pertussis Vaccine?
  124. Titer test results... no immunity to pertussis - Advice please
  125. Having a reaction to a vaccine and becoming anti/non vaccine
  126. censorship
  127. My Journey Leaving The Vaccination Movement
  128. What rights do non-vaxers want?
  129. flagged comments
  130. Bribing Children for Receiving Vaccines
  131. brother wants me and my family to get vaccinated?
  132. Total fluff piece
  133. Does this really happen? Share experiences please.
  134. The ethics of "disease parties"
  135. for the PRO-vacinators and those who "fully vaccinate"
  136. Safety of pertussis vaccination in pregnant women in UK
  137. Are "Vaccine Refusals" To Blame for High Vaccine Costs?
  138. Remembering J. Anthony Morris
  139. money,money MONEY! vaccines $$$$$
  140. Vaccines in pregnancy
  141. What really happens in "Vaccine Court"
  142. Yea! Doctor gave us a permanent vax exemption today!
  143. What conditions are NOT caused by vaccines?
  144. Anyone read this page on the CHOP site?
  145. 20% of children with recurrent cough have whooping cough
  146. There are no genetic epidemics
  147. New systematic review assesses ALL the serious risks of US childhood vaccines
  148. A different kind of discussion: Contagion
  149. $11.6 millón for Nurse injured by flu vaccine
  150. Why Measles? Why Now?
  151. Husband trying to force vaccinations
  152. Measles and Measles Vaccines
  153. Could we discuss this study?
  154. Documents from Merck MMR (mumps) Whistleblower Lawsuit
  155. Unvaccinated children during outbreaks
  156. How common are vaccination errors?
  157. "Stop damaging children with influenza vaccines"
  158. Consensus?
  159. Preemie Vaccination?
  160. PhD neuroscientist questions NIH's blocking autism research
  161. The Science Behind Vaccine Schedule Discrepencies
  162. Nonvax travel! - please help ease my mind!
  163. Does anyone actually vaccinate SOLELY "for the greater good"?
  164. Statistics on VPD outbreaks and vaccination status
  165. a WIN for the medical community who refuse flu vaccines
  166. Polio?
  167. Change in living situation?
  168. The Daily Show: Liberal "Idiocy" on Vaccines
  169. Romanticizing the past
  170. Exactly How Dangerous Are Alternative Vaccination Schedules?
  171. Testing....
  172. Vaccinations
  173. cherry picking
  174. Disturbing founds
  175. Journalism And "False Equivalence"
  176. Spinoff: Vaccine status and medical neglect
  177. Reporting of Vaccine Reactions
  178. Medical Professionals Lying to Parents/Others
  179. Should the smallpox virus be completely destroyed?
  180. Which component in DTap causes "DTaP scream"?
  181. Lying about vaccine status
  182. Camp requires all vaccines, including Hep B
  183. Mom Takes Busload of kids to Canada for MenB Vaccine
  184. immunocompromised, vaccine and numbers
  185. "Starting June 1, proof of vaccination to be mandatory for international travel"
  186. Lies and Exaggeration in the Media
  187. Should parents be told the hepatitis B vaccine is much less effective if given before 1 year old?
  188. Selfishness?
  189. When parents disagree about vaccinations.
  190. Why is the American Media Failing to Tell Both Sides of the Vaccine Story?
  191. vaccine shedding
  192. titer testing, antibodies and immunity
  193. Polio
  194. Should Vaccine Critics Be Punished For Their Speech?
  195. Gulf War soldier takes on MoD over vaccines
  196. A vaccine dud! ONE size does not fit all! Are perspectives going to change?
  197. We will NOT follow the herd...
  198. This is one of Big Pharma's first forays into patient compliance through electronic medical records
  199. Paul Offit thinks parents who don't vaccinate their kids are "evil."
  200. Is FDA cracking down on false autism "cure" claims?
  201. Less vaccines/environmental toxins/Tylenol more breastfeeding/whole foods/probiotics equals less autism
  202. Diphtheria in Dayton, OH Despite Being Vaccinated
  203. Interesting facts about mumps
  204. Excellent advice for all
  205. Immune response
  206. Arm or Leg?
  207. Resolved: Old TV shows are not evidence that diseases are "safe"
  208. Follow the money....?
  209. Mandatory Vaccination for Post-Secondary Nursing Program
  210. Amish Seek Measles Shots After Ohio Outbreak Sickens 15
  211. Are Vaccines a Black and White Issue?
  212. Let's All Say It Together: The Unvaccinated Are NOT To Blame for Pertussis Outbreaks
  213. Family dies of Diphtheria!
  214. US Congressman Bill Possy- I think the CDC should be investigated
  215. Why Is Jenny McCarthy Dangerous?
  216. The Media, Vaccines, and Competing Interests
  217. Posting Guidelines for the Forums
  218. Anyone from Arizona? Measles exposure
  219. April is Autism Awareness Month: Let’s Spread Awareness that Homeopathy Can Heal Autism!
  220. Vaccines and Cyberbullying
  221. Do you agree or disagree with Jon Polings's position?
  222. vaccinate, or not vaccinate
  223. dtap in pregnancy - let's discuss for pregnant mothers
  224. Tylenol, not vaccines causes autism?
  225. Deaths from measles in Canada?
  226. M, M, and R
  227. Informed Consent and Double Standards
  228. "Maternal and Neonatal Vaccination Protects Newborn Baboons From Pertussis Infection"
  229. pertussis attack rate in children and teens, vaxxed versus unvaxxed
  230. "A Shot of Truth" showcases major flaws in 6 studies that claim no link between thimerosal and autism
  231. What kind of moderating do you prefer?
  232. CNN: US Autism Rate Surges--AGAIN
  233. Free riding behavior and vaccination
  234. New study: Autism 'begins long before birth'
  235. Is it fair to criticize individuals in support-only forums?
  236. Measles
  237. Measles transmission for twice vaccinated person as index case
  238. Child who gets hives with every illness
  239. Thimerosal DOES Affect the Brain, Even in Utero
  240. mumps vaccine effectiveness?
  241. Debate This Quote
  242. musical vaccine fluff thread
  243. Study: "Pro-Vaccine" Messages Not Changing Minds
  244. Traveling to Brazil for World Cup with NONVAX 2 year old.
  245. vaccination debate and the information age….
  246. Chinese Study: 42 Percent of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related
  247. Dr. Brian Hooker's written testimony to Congress
  248. "Vaccines are a victim of their own success"
  249. "Polio-like illness found in five California children"
  250. Pediatrician In Lexington/Columbia SC area