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  30. There are no genetic epidemics
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  47. Does anyone actually vaccinate SOLELY "for the greater good"?
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  56. Vaccinations
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  61. Reporting of Vaccine Reactions
  62. Medical Professionals Lying to Parents/Others
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  66. Camp requires all vaccines, including Hep B
  67. Mom Takes Busload of kids to Canada for MenB Vaccine
  68. immunocompromised, vaccine and numbers
  69. "Starting June 1, proof of vaccination to be mandatory for international travel"
  70. Lies and Exaggeration in the Media
  71. Should parents be told the hepatitis B vaccine is much less effective if given before 1 year old?
  72. Selfishness?
  73. When parents disagree about vaccinations.
  74. Why is the American Media Failing to Tell Both Sides of the Vaccine Story?
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  77. Polio
  78. Should Vaccine Critics Be Punished For Their Speech?
  79. Gulf War soldier takes on MoD over vaccines
  80. A vaccine dud! ONE size does not fit all! Are perspectives going to change?
  81. We will NOT follow the herd...
  82. This is one of Big Pharma's first forays into patient compliance through electronic medical records
  83. Paul Offit thinks parents who don't vaccinate their kids are "evil."
  84. Is FDA cracking down on false autism "cure" claims?
  85. Less vaccines/environmental toxins/Tylenol more breastfeeding/whole foods/probiotics equals less autism
  86. Diphtheria in Dayton, OH Despite Being Vaccinated
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  88. Excellent advice for all
  89. Immune response
  90. Arm or Leg?
  91. Resolved: Old TV shows are not evidence that diseases are "safe"
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  93. Mandatory Vaccination for Post-Secondary Nursing Program
  94. Amish Seek Measles Shots After Ohio Outbreak Sickens 15
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  96. Let's All Say It Together: The Unvaccinated Are NOT To Blame for Pertussis Outbreaks
  97. Family dies of Diphtheria!
  98. US Congressman Bill Possy- I think the CDC should be investigated
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  100. The Media, Vaccines, and Competing Interests
  101. Posting Guidelines for the Forums
  102. Anyone from Arizona? Measles exposure
  103. April is Autism Awareness Month: Let’s Spread Awareness that Homeopathy Can Heal Autism!
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  105. Do you agree or disagree with Jon Polings's position?
  106. vaccinate, or not vaccinate
  107. dtap in pregnancy - let's discuss for pregnant mothers
  108. Tylenol, not vaccines causes autism?
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  110. M, M, and R
  111. Informed Consent and Double Standards
  112. "Maternal and Neonatal Vaccination Protects Newborn Baboons From Pertussis Infection"
  113. pertussis attack rate in children and teens, vaxxed versus unvaxxed
  114. "A Shot of Truth" showcases major flaws in 6 studies that claim no link between thimerosal and autism
  115. What kind of moderating do you prefer?
  116. CNN: US Autism Rate Surges--AGAIN
  117. Free riding behavior and vaccination
  118. New study: Autism 'begins long before birth'
  119. Is it fair to criticize individuals in support-only forums?
  120. Measles
  121. Measles transmission for twice vaccinated person as index case
  122. Child who gets hives with every illness
  123. Thimerosal DOES Affect the Brain, Even in Utero
  124. mumps vaccine effectiveness?
  125. Debate This Quote
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  127. Study: "Pro-Vaccine" Messages Not Changing Minds
  128. Traveling to Brazil for World Cup with NONVAX 2 year old.
  129. vaccination debate and the information age….
  130. Chinese Study: 42 Percent of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related
  131. Dr. Brian Hooker's written testimony to Congress
  132. "Vaccines are a victim of their own success"
  133. "Polio-like illness found in five California children"
  134. Pediatrician In Lexington/Columbia SC area
  135. "Is The CDC Hiding Data About Mercury, Vaccines, And Autism?"
  136. Filing a Religious Exemption Ethically
  137. mthfr mutation and vaccines
  138. Why isn't prevnar 23 on the schedule?
  139. "Student Infected with Measles Highlights the Importance of Vaccination"
  140. flu vaccine and increase in other respiratory viruses
  141. No idea where to start learning. Feeling so judged I created a new MDC name!
  142. Getting Exemption
  143. "5 Things About the DTaP vaccine: Adding Insight and Correcting Misinterpretation"
  144. Chicken Pox, and the rest of the VPD! Are we treating disease correctly?
  145. Should Health Care Workers Have to Get a Flu Shot?
  146. Do I need to vax for my child to attend school?
  147. Febrile seizures
  148. Are Influenza and HPV Mandates a Violation of Civil Liberties?
  149. Woman with Flu loses her life three weeks after losing baby
  150. the decsion to vaccinate or not should only have natural consequences.
  151. Pneumonia Vaccine for Father after heart surgery
  152. Fun spin off thread
  153. Herd Immunity
  154. First laboratory-confirmed case of infection with Shingles caused by the vaccine (Zostavax) in a person that had wildtype chickenpox
  155. the term pro-vax
  156. Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs
  157. First do no harm
  158. homeopathic vaccines? (nosodes)
  159. Evolution, Adaptation, and Vaccines
  160. Rubella vaccine strain RA27/3 possibly linked to chronic fatigue syndrome
  161. Aluminum & Math
  162. Vaccinating pets
  163. Military and Vaccines
  164. Confused about the debate
  165. Chicken Pox and Strep A
  166. A pediatrician's different perspective on why he doesn't accept unvaccinated children
  167. Vaccines don't make money....
  168. Baboon Study Reveals New Shortcoming of Pertussis Vaccine
  169. STUDY: "Mitochondrial Autism" is Real; Vaccine Triggers Cannot Be Ruled Out
  170. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated study
  171. Another industry whistleblower--this time, it's for Wyeth's Prevnar vaccine
  172. Meningitous and teens/young adults. Talk to me.
  173. New DARPA Project Aims to Make Vaccines Obsolete
  174. Rabies Protocol?
  175. Thoughts on this article CDC cover up of h1n1 fetal deaths
  176. Daughter was vaccinated without my consent. Do I have any recourse?
  177. Is This Behavior Modifying Vaccine Acceptable?
  178. "Endangering Others"
  179. New Study: More autism in kids who got mercury in DTaP and Hep B vaccines
  180. how reliable is titre test for chicken pox?
  181. Is discrimination correct?
  182. Prevnar? Looking to hear from people who had adverse reaction
  183. h1n1, seasonal flu and caution
  184. Unvaccinated Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  185. An interview with Jenny McCarthy's mother-in-law
  186. Wyeth DELIBERATELY hid evidence of harm
  187. illness and its role in immune function
  188. How did you come to your decision?
  189. Heather Whitestone- deaf Miss America
  190. Traveling to Mexico in two weeks with 3 month old HElP
  191. pertussis help
  192. Vaxxers, What Would Be Your Breaking Point?
  193. Over a dozen people on life support in Michigan from the flu
  194. not allowing exemptions for hospital staff
  195. Exemptions. Let's discuss.
  196. gee - those ANTI-vaccine people just don't trust results!
  197. Internet Vaccine Stalkers
  198. I put my foot in my mouth...come and let me have it!
  199. "Brains Hardwired to Accept Celebrity Heath Advice" new study in BMJ
  200. Trying to get accurate info on Syrian Polio outbreak.
  201. how to catch up on vaccines?
  202. Mandatory Influenza Vaccination for NYC Kids in Daycare
  203. This article bothers me. What do you think?
  204. Why are we so worried about vax vs non-vax?
  205. nothing on school site on this, plus my son graduates in June?
  206. Katie Couric admits disproportionate reporting on HPV vaccine
  207. Autism's Invisible Generation
  208. Have there been huge changes, within the last few years, in the way vaccines are made?
  209. Looking for a non-vax friendly pediatrician in the Rochester, Minnesota area
  210. New Study: Chickenpox vaccination not linked to increased shingles incidence
  211. Son recovered from vaccine-induced autistic-like symptoms but...
  212. how well is polio vaccine working?
  213. The Vaccination Effect: 100 Million Cases of Contagious Disease Prevented
  214. Brand New Pertussis Study: Let Us Discuss
  215. "Australian Vaccination Network ordered to change name"
  216. Mother believes her 19 yr old son died from complications of flu shot
  217. Pertussis Outbreaks and Responsible Public Health Policy
  218. Non-Vaxing and Vaxing Parents
  219. Return to old pertussis vaccine
  220. Hubris Can Backfire!
  221. Two sisters claim Gardasil caused their infertility
  222. "Influenza Vaccination Is The Best Tool"
  223. Debate this response...
  224. Bump after 4 month vaccines.
  225. Titers
  226. The pediatric flu death study, not to debate, but sources?
  227. "Baby's gaze May Signal Autism, a Study Finds"
  228. I'm pro vaccine and even I think this is awful
  229. Yellow Fever Vaccination and Disease Info
  230. "Don't Ask, Tell"
  231. CDC slow down
  232. I popped in to read the MDC feedback on the Polio cases in Syria - no thread?
  233. "Setting the record straight, debunking ALL the flu vaccine myths"
  234. California AB 2109 law
  235. How do you pronounce titers?
  236. Measles outbreak
  237. best links for starting points on the debate....?
  238. So...
  239. Aluminum Phosphate vs. Aluminum Hydroxide
  240. Fun thread for a change! Anyone up for a meme-off?
  241. Ahhh please advise!!
  242. "Flu Vaccine associated with lower risk of cardiovascular events"
  243. Another thinking doctor: The unfortunate story of 37 deaths from a ‘good vaccine’
  244. Study: 1 in 168 children end up in the ER following 12 month MMR
  245. Pro-Vaxxers, Talk to Me About Conflicts of Interest
  246. crunchiness and stereotypes
  247. if your child got chickenpox intentionally, how did you explain & deal with social stigma?
  248. Beyond #FLUgitive . . .
  249. A good friend just sent me this:
  250. Pertussis