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  1. How do you explain Iceland?
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  4. To those who use Paul Offit's 10,000 vaccine paper to scare others - prove it wrong.
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  6. MORE reasons non-vaccer exist - as if we need more!
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  13. Just wanted to clear something up...
  14. Safeminds funds study which proves (again) no link between vaccines and autism.
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  16. Regulatory Capture--a good thing?
  17. Measles and Cancer
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  19. Anti-Recovery anyone?
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  21. If chickenpox (the disease) were a vaccine
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  24. Well this is interesting....
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  26. For the avid defenders of pharmaceutical companies...
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  28. Is the infant immune system "defective"?
  29. Nominee for FDA Commissioner Has Strong Industry Ties
  30. Joining Royal Marines and vaccinations
  31. Antibiotic Resistance More Likely to Do Us In
  32. Disease outbreak - WHO - vaccine-derived poliovirus
  33. New Study: How the Influenza Vaccine Affects Health of Nursing Home Residents
  34. republican political debate
  35. 10% of those harmed by cervical cancer vaccines failing to recover
  36. Kidnapping Suspect Says Vaccine's Side Effects Led Him To Crime
  37. "These children launched the modern anti-vaccine movement"
  38. Cell Toxicity
  39. Risk
  40. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, holistic cancer specialist, claimed to have been found dead
  41. Barring Non-Compliant Children from Birthday Parties
  42. How does a pediatric practice that says all recommended vaccines
  43. KC Royals come down with chickenpox
  44. Whistleblower on Medical Research Fraud
  45. Vaccines Killing More Children Than Ever Before
  46. Autism research, digging for frig moms
  47. How Viral Vaccines Work, By Vaccine Mum
  48. He'll be sick forever...
  49. Why Influenza Vaccination Makes Sense to Doctors
  50. New human diploid cell line
  51. Being sick is good for the infant.
  52. 'Vaccinate or mask' policy struck down by Ont. nurses' union
  53. "A Growing Number of Unvaccinated Children"
  54. Waking up viruses
  55. Doctors, Public Health Specialists Speak Out Against Exemption Bans
  56. When medical care goes berserk
  57. Was Rimland right about vaccines and autism?
  58. "I thought all anti-vaxxers were idiots. Then I married one."
  59. Bring on the Adult Mandates!
  60. What is the Canadian vax schedule ...
  61. >>>on the horizon!<<< Yippie!
  62. Are Cures A Thing of the Past?
  63. Neonatal Eye Prophylaxis Help!
  64. Are the fully vaccinated really 'in fear' of catching the disease?
  65. Aluminum in vaccines
  66. polio - gone or changed names?
  67. No more annual flu jabs? - universal flu vaccine research making progress.
  68. Immuno-compromised man found to have been shedding mutated OPV polio virus for 30 yea
  69. Shedding: 12 month old to pregnant mother
  70. Does the CDC have a real problem?
  71. East Valley No Vax Friendly Arizona Pediatricians
  72. Participants Needed for PAID Research!
  73. What sort of information is being handed out by mainstream sources?
  74. flu vax of most benefit when NOT done yearly
  75. "The Need for Venture Science"
  76. Pertussis outbreak and I dont know what to do.
  77. PA Private School Vaccine Exemption
  78. Canadian Vaccination Rates?
  79. Compensation NOT from the ingredients!
  80. Where did the million go if Thorsen didn't steal it?
  81. How many of you know children with Hep B?
  82. A Friendly Reminder
  83. HPV Vaccine Troublemakers in Ireland
  84. Vaccines are a tiny part of pharma
  85. Upstream Vaccines
  86. New 6 in 1 vaccine coming
  87. The Vaccine-Safety-for-Pregnant-Women Thread
  88. Vaccine DOES cause an increase in shingles!
  89. Neymar's out with mumps!!!!
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  91. "They do not know how scary the diseases are!"
  92. Chicken pox
  93. Homeschooling convention in California, 8/6-8/9
  94. Scary Pictures Study
  95. Help Me Crunch Some Numbers, Please
  96. Would she have lived if she hadn't been exposed?
  97. Remember Merck and their hit list of doctors?
  98. Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed in Gardasil Vaccine
  99. France to launch national debate on vaccines
  100. She would have survived had she had measles as a child?
  101. Pg in 1st tri, 3 kids w/no chicken pox vax, I'm 'not fully immune'
  102. partially immune
  103. what should effective mean to you?
  104. Just curious
  105. A little bit of levity..
  106. Rights and Responsibilities of Vaccination Discussion and Debate on Mothering
  107. public health and education
  108. Philippines to suspend HPV vaccination in schools
  109. Congressman Posey On House Floor CDC Authors of 2004 MMR Paper Destroyed Documents
  110. Response to Petition Signature
  111. A thread just for Deborah!
  112. One Mom’s Experience: Vaccine Titers
  113. Rigging the numbers on HPV as cancer prevention
  114. Rigging the numbers on HPV vaccine reactions
  115. Is the CDC the new CIA?
  116. does anyone question this graph? I do!
  117. Relevant to vaccine safety testing?
  118. Study: Rising autism prevalence 'driven by changes in classification'
  119. Who's done it?
  120. Appeal to Scientific Consensus is not an Appeal to Popularity or Authority
  121. Undue industry influences that distort healthcare research
  122. Debate this response to Living Whole
  123. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Gets It Wrong About African-American Boys And Autism
  124. European Medicines Agency and HPV study
  125. Beliefs on Vaccines and GMOs
  126. HPV vaccine related legislation
  127. Right this instant....
  128. Funny how media kept bubonic plague quiet
  129. New shingles vaccine may be available in 2017
  130. Significant number of children compensated through VICP had pre-existing conditions
  131. College Vax exemption in MD? Other states?
  132. Chocolate Bars and Vaccine Research
  133. First Medical Textbook Devoted to Research Linking Vaccines to Autoimmunity
  134. a bit of light amusement--unless your kid suffers from coincidence disorder
  135. Older Adults, College Graduates Most Likely to Say MMR Vaccines Are Safe
  136. Time to reconsider the entire vaccine paradigm
  137. Time to stop studying the link between vaccines and autism?
  138. What is the evidence of safety for HPV vaccines?
  139. You Can Still Get Pneumonia And Die -
  140. Healthcare and end of life counseling
  141. CA Syphllis up 3x
  142. Foster Homes vs. Vaccination
  143. Woman took her own life after the swine flu vaccine and narcolepsy
  144. What made you wary of vaccines?
  145. European Medicines Agency to review of HPV vaccines
  146. Recruits show lower immunity levels to measles, mumps, rubella
  147. A better option than the Meningitis vaccination?
  148. DPT vaccine contaminated with milk proteins
  149. How Much Does This Forum Influence Lurkers?
  150. Is scientific fraud always inherent within the vaccine industry?
  151. Michigan DHHS pushing HPV vaccine, not everyone approves
  152. Vaccine Choice Electorate
  153. Is measles REALLY measles??
  154. The sticky complications of disease eradication and the unexpected consequences:
  155. 21st Century Cures Act?
  156. Montcalm County infant, meningitis, vaccination status
  157. Oops... Martha's Vineyard measles not measles afterall
  158. Vaccines, breastfeeding, public health
  159. U of T stands by health-studies course questioning efficacy/safety of vaccine
  160. Exuding Confidence? WHO
  161. Safer, with more benefits: Parents' vaccine views shifting
  162. New study on link between the swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix, and narcolepsy
  163. Children got wrong immunizations
  164. Sick children after polio vaccination, and infant death
  165. Antibody wipeout found to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome
  166. Bribery-Based Medicine: Coming Soon to a California Doctor Near You
  167. 4 year old boy in California dying of SSPE, a fatal complication of measles
  168. Giving newborns HPV vaccine at birth
  169. Measles death in WA (pneumonia)
  170. Prison Time for Fraudulant Vaccine Researcher
  171. Let's Play "Name That Irony!"
  172. Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015
  173. SB277 language
  174. Prop 8 vrs SB277
  175. Mandated Vaccines for Gov help/subsidy coming next?
  176. Can't let the topic go (tetanus)... any ideas on where to find specific case info?
  177. Don't vaccinate sick children
  178. Result of Vaxxes?
  179. How to get to the Vaccination Forum
  180. Legal Issues around vaccination
  181. Sspe
  182. Vaccines and Littering
  183. Mild case if vaccinated???
  184. Prevalence of the Righteousous
  185. Six Year Old Boy With Diphtheria In Catalonia Dies
  186. If CA Bill SB277 Passes
  187. MORE money $$ to be made........
  188. Response to Rubella Vaccine in Somali and Black Children Suggests MMR Vaccine and Aut
  189. Denmark invites Gardasil girls to speak up and is flooded with cases
  190. Will Vaccines ever keep up?
  191. Michigan Vaccine Education Class - any experience?
  192. Fraud and fraudulent studies
  193. It's time to hold manufacturers responsible for their product
  194. anecdotes, motorcycles and vaccines
  195. money, MONEY - MONEY! the ties that bind......
  196. No, Vaccines Are NOT Like Carseats!
  197. Merck, selective and delayed vaccinators
  198. White male privelege:
  199. 40 plus years of flu vax for the elderly
  200. Heterosubtypic Immunity VS Vaccines
  201. Deaths reported following vaccination most often unrelated
  202. "You don't need to worry about tetanus with good wound care!"
  203. Curious point on autism in compensated cases
  204. How To Dismiss a Vaccine Reaction in Seven Easy Steps
  205. Naming Names.
  206. Rethinking Hep B - HBV exposure matures infants' immune sytems
  207. New antibody test tells infections over lifetime
  208. Should Doctors Be Required to Provide List of Vaccine Ingredients?
  209. New numbers from CDC on infectious disease cases/deaths
  210. Fear of a future pandemic?
  211. Analysis of the Autism/Vaccines Research
  212. Kennedy - 70% of News Ad Revenue is from Pharma
  213. An update of the Merck mumps lawsuit
  214. First case of diphtheria in Spain since 1987
  215. A Simple Question
  216. Conspiracy theorism versus political realism
  217. experimentation logic
  218. I'm Not Vaccinating change
  219. Health-care workers face threats around world
  220. Study: Vaccine Marketing Training for Doctors Not Working
  221. Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website
  222. UK newspaper breaks taboo and speaks out against HPV vaccine
  223. Feeling Misrepresented? Sound Off Here!
  224. HP?????
  225. Bad medical practices--always due to conspiracies?
  226. Which is it? Promoting health or marketing vaccines?
  227. Confirmed Pertussis
  228. Risk hypothetical
  229. Need a Mumps Brush-up
  230. Why Do We Trust Carseats?
  231. topic for discussion - freedom and science
  232. Vaccinated 48 Hours Too Early? No School for You!
  233. Misogynistic Autism
  234. MIT Vaccine
  235. HPV vaccine support group, R.E.G.R.E.T., concerned at side effects
  236. Victims of Failure
  237. Young adults more likely to support vaccine choice
  238. Israel:No vaccination,no child support
  239. Measles confirmed in adult who visited DC, northern Virginia
  240. CDC - A Reputable Source?
  241. Eradication vs Elimination Gate
  242. Hib vaccine reduces risk of childhood leukemia
  243. Pregnancy Outcomes After (Tdap) Vaccination
  244. Leading FDA Official-To-Be Has Close Ties to Big Pharma
  245. Doctors cover up vaccine damage after killing infant with 8 simultaneous vaccinations
  246. If Hippies Could Text
  247. Risks of vaccination
  248. Risks of disease
  249. What Is an Unavoidably Unsafe Product?
  250. What constitutes health?