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  1. Keeping the lines of communication open
  2. Do we vax more adults against flu? Why isn't it saving lives?
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  4. 1/2 of all drug reactions occur after FDA liscensing.
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  18. HPV vaccine and ovarian dysfunction cannot be ruled out
  19. Rubella screening in pregnancy to end as disease ‘eliminated’ in Britain
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  21. Found during Vax research
  22. Blameshifting or Common Ground?
  23. The Ends vrs the Means
  24. automatic rejection?
  25. Corrupt system not just around vaccines
  26. Development of "us vs them" debates
  27. Obvious links between vaccines and autoimmunity
  28. Dangerous vaccine for thee, but not for me
  29. FYI on posting links
  30. Guidelines For Referencing Articles Or Studies From Another Site
  31. debunking
  32. Taking the P our of VPD's will WC TDAP do it?
  33. Mother: Port Orchard sixth-grader dies from flu
  34. Hey Mods! Get in here :)
  35. Vaccination Forum Guidelines
  36. Talking about MDC members in the support forums
  37. Waited 30yrs for Compensation
  38. Obscure research
  39. A Story of Bad Research and Loud Hype
  40. bump up GMO's and Vaccines
  41. Season Opens this Year on Time
  42. Looks like an HPV vaccine injury cover-up
  43. Holly's Law
  44. Vaccine Mishap! It's happened again, this time in a hospitable!
  45. We Already Knew This about the Pertussis Vaccine
  46. Proposed Changes to Canada's Vaccination Laws
  47. Group B Strep Vaccine For Pregnant Women Found Safe, Effective In Phase 2 Trial
  48. Vaccinating Cows for Burping and Passing Gas
  49. Pharma Death Clock
  50. That Baby with a Shot in the Arm
  51. CDC Says It Erred in Measles Study
  52. autism and vaccination
  53. clomid PCOS autism & vaccines
  54. Amy Parker's hit piece, "Growing Up Unvaccinated," Deconstructed
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  57. Early small pox vaccines ....
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  59. Is quoting from a support board allowed?
  60. Trust? What does that really mean when doses are cut??
  61. Whooping cough outbreak
  62. Help finding no vaccine or friendly vaccine pedi in Boston!!!
  63. Free Screening of That Vitamin Movie
  64. Nepal to hold institutions responsible for vaccine adverse effects
  65. "Whistleblower" documents released
  66. "Whistleblower" documents released
  67. Vaccine opinions?
  68. How to identify a bad vaccine reaction before it happens
  69. This conspiracy is a bit different from the usual
  70. Healthcare Workers on Forced Flu Shots
  71. Colorado must join California
  72. Will doctors vaccinate without consent?
  73. Opening up a discussion on GMOs. Will this apply to vaccines?
  74. Flu Vaccine for All: A Critical Look at the Evidence
  75. Former CDC Director Julie Gerberding sells 38,368 shares of Merck Stock for $2.3 Mill
  76. How did you come to your decision?
  77. I think I have shingles
  78. "Preventative Investments"
  79. Fascinating or useful old threads
  80. Call for intolerance!
  81. The Rate of Change is Appalling
  82. Christmas vaccine ornaments... Yay or nay?
  83. Are measles, mumps and rubella vaccines reducing atopic diseases in children?
  84. Genetic editing: The stuff they get away with, for science:
  85. Dr. Brinth responds to the EMA Report
  86. The big pile of good science supporting vaccines
  87. fluff holiday poll - you know you want it!
  88. Vaccines offer the promise of protection against a variety of infectious diseases
  89. Vaccination and free speech?!
  90. Father nearly killed by whopping cough vaccine..
  91. Medical Malice is Now Okay
  92. Why consensus is the go-to argument around here
  93. Grassroots pressure against HPV vaccine grows
  94. "Zombie outbreak" concerns from the provax...
  95. Life-saving vaccine addition or sweetheart deal for GSK?
  96. Court Ruling in NYC on mandatory flu vaccines for daycares etc.
  97. Debate this meme!
  98. When has this forum changed your mind?
  99. Gardasil in Ireland
  100. Hep B at birth vaccine question
  101. Gut damage & vaccines - they DO go together!
  102. More girls come forward in Ireland on HPV Vaccine
  103. "Don't Go With Your Gut When Thinking About Vaccines"
  104. Article about Pertussis Vaccine in 1998
  105. Book recommendations on Vaccine Concerns
  106. Can we discuss the CDC's unreliable flu statistical model?
  107. Health Canada: HPV vaccine Gardasil safe; no evidence of serious adverse effects
  108. "The missing generation"
  109. Italy's New Vaccine Strategy
  110. Vaccine Coercionist Experiences Adverse Events Following HPV Vaccination
  111. Aluminum & Math
  112. Public Health Ontario report highlights vaccine safety
  113. "147 Kids Died From Flu Last Year. My Scarlet Was One of Them."
  114. Putting aside aluminum salts and toxicity...
  115. Progressive help
  116. Ordered to destroy child vaccine files
  117. Hand Foot, Mouth Vaccine now in China
  118. 15 Things We Need to Stop Saying in the Vaccine Debate
  119. What is your favorite vaccine critical web-site?
  120. Vaccines in the '60s made people more likely to develop chlamydia- New vaccine soon!
  121. Let's Discuss "You Are Being Lied To"
  122. CP outbreak among adults!
  123. "Scientific Consensus and Corporate Influence"
  124. "Science Is No Excuse For Skipping Flu Shots"
  125. Saying it over and over again
  126. A Measles Death, Vaccines, and the Media’s Failure to Inform
  127. Should parental consent always be required for vaccines.
  128. Fair bit of new science on aluminum salts in vaccines
  129. Viet Nam Acknowledges vaccine injury -saves baby's life
  130. The next mandated vaccine?
  131. Why do people believe pharmaceutical companies are transparent?
  132. Why we must get vaccinated: To protect the people who can’t
  133. Parents do Not Own Their Children
  134. Teenage students advocating other students get the flu vaccine?
  135. THIS is why vaccine clinics in schools need to Stop!!!
  136. One-day treatment for influenza to be released in Japan, 2018
  137. "Water is the most dangerous ingredient in a vaccine"
  138. Medical system fails, turns families against vaccines
  139. Filing "False" Religious Exemptions
  140. Flu Shot Mix-Up Puts Kids at Risk for HIV, Hepatitis B
  141. Gut problems with autism? Provoked by antibiotics?
  142. Nurse needs schooling in recognizing coincidence disorder
  143. Subpoena Time
  144. FDA to Examine Maternal Vaccines to Protect Infants
  145. Mom urges to vaccinate; whooping cough video
  146. Uber. Needles. Flu vaccine. What could go wrong?
  147. Whooping Cough in West Virginia
  148. Heat and Microorganisms
  149. Tdap in pregnancy?
  150. HPV vaccine not as effective as abstinence, B.C. bishop tells parents
  151. Landmark ruling in Turkey a victory for non-vaccine parents
  152. US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans
  153. NY parents refuse flu shot for preschoolers, filing lawsuit
  154. Annual Flu Shot May Not 'Be Better'
  155. Was this an inappropriate use of government stationery?
  156. Japan not backing down: 11 cases of undeniable causal relationship: HPV vaccine
  157. Providers and Vaccine Information Sheets
  158. MMR & Breast Milk Study
  159. Cause or Coincidence? Gardasil Documentary: New Zealand
  160. Can we discuss this meme?
  161. Keep asking the questions that don't get responses
  162. is there a link to vaccines and add?
  163. Peer-Review Fraud - Hacking the Scientific Publication System
  164. Review concludes evidence does not support that HPV vaccines cause CRPS or POTS
  165. Dravet syndrome: Vaccination causing early onset/Continued vaccination recommended
  166. "Infant whooping cough infection tied to later epilepsy risk
  167. "Out of 25 Million Vaccinations, Only 33 People Had a Serious Reaction, CDC Finds"
  168. What Kind Of Doctor Fires Vaccine-Refusing Patients?
  169. Protest at the CDC: Vaccine Controversy and CDC Corruption
  170. Family says girl became paralyzed, lost vision after receiving flu vaccine
  171. The mumps that no one talks about...
  172. Flu vaccine less effective in statin users
  173. Canadian study - Flu vaccine was -15% effective?
  174. Mandated vaccines as television commercials
  175. Hospital beats flu vaccine procrastinators with in-your-face effort
  176. challenge, dechallenge, rechallenge and vaccines
  177. CDPH Study Shows Prenatal Vaccination Decreases Severe Illness and Death in Pediatric
  178. Does individual health matter?
  179. Issues with the OPV - WHO says to withdraw it
  180. anger a common ground? Maybe we need to protect ourselves?
  181. vaccine choice prior to pregnancy?!
  182. oh, more flu wooooo
  183. Determining Consensus
  184. Us 2016
  185. Corporate Media Laments: Not Enough Docs Pushing Gardasil
  186. It's doctors' fault for the low HPV vaccine rates!
  187. How effective would a vaccine have to be...
  188. Gandhi and vaccines
  189. If cattle could talk, would they create their own "antivaccine movement"?
  190. Vaccinated with first MMR dose, came down with measles
  191. Another vaccine in the pipeline for pregnant women?
  192. Vaccines and Socialism
  193. evidence based medicine and scientific consensus
  194. shedding - harmful or helpfull and to whom?
  195. The role of determining causality via case studies
  196. How much does vaccination status mean to you?
  197. "If I Had Gotten The Flu Shot"
  198. "100 bad arguments against vaccines"
  199. Is It Coercion?
  200. Doctors Not Diagnosing Whooping Cough in Vaccinated People
  201. Canadian scientist calls for moratorium of the HPV vaccine
  202. Federal program for vaccine-injured children is failing
  203. Biological plausibility and vaccine reactions
  204. Ireland joins questioning HPV safety
  205. Psychological Manipulation around Vaccines
  206. Rotavirus! A new one??
  207. Hep B: Who's More Dangerous?
  208. How are selective vaxers portrayed?
  209. Let's Discuss This Sign
  210. hey Canadians!
  211. Quality of Science on HPV vaccines presented in Japan
  212. Righty tighty; Lefty loosey
  213. "My Healthy Son Died from the Flu"
  214. How do you explain Iceland?
  215. Canada - Schabas criticizes flu vaccine program
  216. ACIP drops preference for nasal-spray flu vaccine in kids
  217. To those who use Paul Offit's 10,000 vaccine paper to scare others - prove it wrong.
  218. Look who wants a vaccine exemption
  219. MORE reasons non-vaccer exist - as if we need more!
  220. Cali wants exemption to use Thimerosol Flu shots in babies/pregnant
  221. Common Ground?
  222. How the ProVax Movement can Help Win Converts to Vaxing
  223. Who started the "anti-vaccine" movement?
  224. "Lawyer: Sue Feds and Pharma for vaccine fraud"
  225. Concerned about MMR 1 year later
  226. Just wanted to clear something up...
  227. Safeminds funds study which proves (again) no link between vaccines and autism.
  228. Nigeria off list of countries with endemic polio
  229. Regulatory Capture--a good thing?
  230. Measles and Cancer
  231. Spike in flu jab allergic reactions sparks investigation
  232. Anti-Recovery anyone?
  233. Pan's Not Stopping with California
  234. If chickenpox (the disease) were a vaccine
  235. Bovine leukemia virus/breast cancer
  236. The Unmitigated Gall of Vaccine Liability
  237. Well this is interesting....
  238. Astro turfing Voices for Vaccines
  239. For the avid defenders of pharmaceutical companies...
  240. Teen Mom Latest Victim of Vaccine Hate Campaign
  241. Is the infant immune system "defective"?
  242. Nominee for FDA Commissioner Has Strong Industry Ties
  243. Joining Royal Marines and vaccinations
  244. Antibiotic Resistance More Likely to Do Us In
  245. Disease outbreak - WHO - vaccine-derived poliovirus
  246. New Study: How the Influenza Vaccine Affects Health of Nursing Home Residents
  247. republican political debate
  248. 10% of those harmed by cervical cancer vaccines failing to recover
  249. Kidnapping Suspect Says Vaccine's Side Effects Led Him To Crime
  250. "These children launched the modern anti-vaccine movement"