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  1. Correlation or Convenience? Leading are with "scientist" = highest exemptions
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  39. New website:
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  64. Ex-ISU scientist pleads guilty of AIDS vaccine fraud
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  69. "Don't Blame Parents for Vaccine Resistance. Blame Mothers."
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  79. just some FYI vaccines and med - not a mix!
  80. VAERS follow up (not much of a follow up)
  81. Fear Factor used to push Varicella Vaccine aka Varicella Lies
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  83. I Hate to Break This to Sen. Boxer
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  99. perspective
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  114. Sweden
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  129. For the Good of the Community
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  131. flu, pertussis, rotavirus, chicken pox, hep b for infants mumps…oh my
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  143. Hey, Moonbat - over here :)
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  145. Please answer some questions about first MMR at age 5
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  150. we need big brother
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  162. NEW - updated
  163. flu death despite vaccination
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  170. Neomycin
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  172. Citations, Please?
  173. There is no anti-vaccination movement!
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  175. Could this be a vaccine reaction? Please help!
  176. What the What???
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  178. NY mandatory Flu vaccine.
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  182. Tdap Vaccine during Pregnancy
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  184. CDC says Flu will kill more and vaccine wont work. Tamiflu will save the day.
  185. Data on Vaccine Reactions
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  196. An Oldie,
  197. how flu statsitics are calculated
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  201. genetic fallacy
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  205. Roll up your sleeves . . .
  206. polio!
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  208. s/o Doshi
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  217. Official letter of complaint sent to CDC/HHS, over MMR coverup
  218. Benefits of vaccines
  219. Time to Volunteer
  220. MD letter about mandatory Flu shot.
  221. Let's Say It Together, Loud And With Feeling: Mandatory "Education" Doesn't Work!
  222. Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis
  223. Whooping cough immunity lasts longer than previously thought
  224. Infographic of infections and deadliness
  225. Vitamin C and Glutathione treatment protocol for Gardasil injury
  226. Parents in Wales told to send sick children to school
  227. Aluminium poisoning may trigger Alzheimer’s disease, claims professor
  228. GMO criticism linked to vaccine criticism
  229. So anti-Semitism is allowed again?
  230. Have you had your flu shot yet?
  231. Candidate H7N9 Avian Flu Vaccine Works Better with Adjuvant
  232. The section of the flu vaccine package insert they won't let you see.
  233. Help with vaccinating (or not) 3 month old please
  234. New #CDCWhistleblower video, "Isolated Autism"
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  237. Marketing ploy for vaccine? Or legit concerns?
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  239. 1000 Chinese children harmed by vaccines for every life saved.
  240. Hooker study has been retracted.
  241. Child Cut by rusty metal pipe/rod...please help
  242. Bug in MDC website?
  243. Goverment set to reveal pharma payments to doctors.
  244. Vaccine Mandates = Industry-Driven Caste System
  245. Changes in WA state exemption policy?? Need info!
  246. Megan Davenhall adresses the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee
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  249. Organic Broccoli is the reason for no vaccinated/non-vaccinated study?
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