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  47. 2016 Election TIme
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  50. everything you ever wanted to know about adult vaccines
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  54. Question:
  55. CDC says children 14 and under need fewer HPV vaccine doses
  56. vaccines better if given in the morning
  57. The Dark Ages
  58. Does Science make Policy or does policy make science?
  59. Dead in here. Do you think the lines are drawn and there is just less to discuss?
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  62. Apparently some adverse events matter.
  63. are graphs memes? Saw this and thought of us :)
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  74. choice.....
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  77. s/o polio and tonsillectomy
  78. I am starting to notice a pattern here.
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  84. Catch Every Kid! What an awful name for a vaccine pushing campaign.
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  86. Always easier to demonize non-existent people
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  92. Whack a Mole Take 6,044
  93. "All Those HPV Vaccine Deaths Aren't After All"
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  95. New AAP technical report
  96. How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public
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  98. Autism and Vaccines--still waiting for the right studies?
  99. Aluminum and Neurotoxicity--Can anyone appease my fears?
  100. Dilemma re: Aluminum exposure in vaccines
  101. Dilemma re: Aluminum exposure in vaccines
  102. Good skeptics and bad skeptics
  103. Unborn babies and infectious diseases
  104. Vaccine Science is Not Settled: A Critical Review of the Literature
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  109. Continued Vaccine Compliance after Severe Reaction
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  111. How we know that cigarettes cause lung cancer and vaccines DON’T cause autism
  112. It's car seats not vaccines that have caused the rise in autism diagnoses
  113. Medical error is not actually the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
  114. Easy to get an autism diagnosis?
  115. There was a ruling on HPV lawsuit in India?
  116. HPV vaccine found safe in girls and women with autoimmune diseases
  117. VACCINES - one side fits all.......except!
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  119. "Worst case" of chickenpox increases calls for More UK children to get the jab
  120. Could HPV vaccine be causing auto-immune disease
  121. Breastfeeding First Vaccine
  122. Corporate Crime in Pharma (why not vaccines?)
  123. Cancer was around 1.7 million years before vaccination
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  126. Evidence of astroturfers in VT
  127. The criticism #Vaxxed doesn't want you to see.
  128. Pathetic research
  129. are doctors experts on vaccines?
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  131. WARNING: Vaccine Refusal Form
  132. Rubella CRS and Autism
  133. How high would vax rates need to be for "herd immunity"?
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  136. Brian Hooker's fuzzy memory?
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  139. Correlation exposed!
  140. Empathy on vaccine controversy? What a concept!
  141. Vaccines are very safe--but sometimes things go wrong
  142. Most clinical research not uesful
  143. Anecdotal Evidence! and "rare" reactions!
  144. Nordic Cochrane Complaint to the European Medicines Agency over maladministration
  145. Bring Vaxxed to Your City
  146. Aluminum in vaccines
  147. HPV vaccine reduced cervical abnormalities in young women
  148. Where are the outbreaks?
  149. Why are there so many reports of autism following vaccination?
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  151. the decision to vaccinate or not is not rocket science.....
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  154. Whups. NYU research shut down.
  155. Deep in the Heart of Texas
  156. Documentary on Wheat
  157. Freedom of Speech and Right to Offend
  158. Brian Hooker's autism vaccine court case
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  160. flu efficacy from CDC
  161. Challenging the HPV equals cancer narrative
  162. turning everything into a conspiracy theory is itself a conspiracy theory....
  163. Bye-bye Flumist?
  164. Left out
  165. Study: Communicating Risk Decreases Vaccine Acceptance
  166. First Zika vaccine to be tested in humans
  167. Here we go again - Blaming the non vaxxers
  168. Twisted consensus -- proven for GMOs -- how about for vaccines?
  169. Entering and leaving the "anti-vaccine" movement
  170. Vaccine in Development for Tampon Users
  171. Were you instructed to use acetaminophen for your childs fever pre or post vaccine?
  172. toot-toot CDC Whistle Blower full steam ahead.....
  173. At the end of the day...
  174. oops
  175. Vaxxed, reviewed: What happened inside the movie
  176. Serotype replacement just keeps rolling along
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  188. Wonder how her mother felt about the Sabin live oral polio vaccine
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  191. How very odd!?
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  193. Very carefully avoiding a couple of elephants
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  199. Oklahoma
  200. Documentaries and truth
  201. Doctors pushing vaccines for money?
  202. SUPPORT Religious Exemptions in NYC
  203. Folic Acid Autism link.
  204. lifetime immunity vs wearing off
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  209. Rhogam ingredients?
  210. Has anyone seen one of these "immunization contracts"
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  212. Thompson Rising
  213. California Dreaming...
  214. Like many people he used to trust the CDC
  215. Flu Vaccine Ban Across Australia after children suffer fever and seizures
  216. separate MMR
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  223. Vaccines vs. Treatments, Cures
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  225. Disparate Impact
  226. Bob Wright
  227. Ah, genetics, we hardly knew ye.
  228. Bad Analogies
  229. vaccines - Take it like
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  237. Tetanus!
  238. sick blaming
  239. India is a big market
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  242. Protecting the Vaccine program versus protecting the patient
  243. Revive Early Pertussis Shot, Study Says
  244. Doctors in the Closet
  245. "Vaccines . . . do not require informed consent."
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  250. Vaccines