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  1. Influenza vaccine really needed during pregnancy?
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  15. Liability protection hurts vaccine believers
  16. No Middle Ground Allowed
  17. Coincidence strikes again
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  21. Resurgence of whooping cough may owe to vaccine's inability to prevent infections
  22. Facts Don't Change People's Minds
  23. New Canadian study: Autism-Aluminum adjuvant link corroborated
  24. and in vaccine news....
  25. Post-Marketing Surveillance: You Are the Study
  26. Problems with rotavirus vaccines
  27. HPV vaccines recommended for old ladies
  28. Sad! Perfect example of why vaccines won't fix everything
  29. Vaxxed Bus came to New England
  30. Doctor Vaccine Education and related videos
  31. "Make America Vaccinate Again"
  32. Offit claims that there is a conspiracy
  33. This is why you cannot believe a word the government says/writes
  34. When Should Medical Exemptions Be Issued?
  35. My doctor doesn't listen to me. Your experience?
  36. Craig Egan's Pro-Vax World Tour
  37. Test Negative for Hep B? Your baby is a target for the jab.
  38. RFK Jr interview
  39. Great example of benefits for a poor country
  40. Dr. John Piesse
  41. Sign petition
  42. Carrying trust too far
  43. Something very important is missing from this article
  44. Is this ebil anti-vaccine science?
  45. "People with natural immunity are carriers."
  46. Why censorship is needed
  47. There are people fighting for safer vaccines
  48. SIDS case in the vaccine court
  49. Measles complications
  50. rise in oral hpv associated cancers
  51. Researchers call on ACIP to update tetanus schedule
  52. Censoring scientists
  53. Measles!!!!! Caution - CONTAGIOUS run ..... if you can!
  54. "Vaxxed is not an anti-vaccine film!"
  55. What they didn't do
  56. Trying to put vaccine choice advocates
  57. Smallpox from smallpox vaccine
  58. "Today’s new moms report more judgy comments"
  59. After delaying vaccines
  60. OR Clinic Chain: We Treat Non-Vaxxed Kids
  61. Some links missing in this chain
  62. Australia: flu shot and garlic, ginger and turmeric?
  63. Who started the topic
  64. Cures in the kitchen
  65. Small drop in measles vaccine acceptance
  66. Those CDC phone surveys
  67. Measles and nutritional deficiencies
  68. Rotavirus vaccines--no decrease in diarrhea
  69. NHS giving out very bad advice
  70. Want to give your child the chicken pox vaccine but you live in the UK?
  71. Influenza in the real world and the model world
  72. Dravet Syndrome to explain away vaccine reactions
  73. Hepatitis B jab to be added to immunisations of babies born in UK
  74. Media Blackouts
  75. Shingles associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  76. Vaccine ruling from Europe's highest court isn't as crazy as scientists think
  77. Case histories and vaccinations
  78. Measles wwyd?
  79. For Kicks and Giggles: A Quote Thread
  80. Want to discuss the statistical analysis
  81. Does this mean
  82. There are some problems
  83. You may have the SV40 virus and not even know it
  84. dangers of vaxing sick animals
  85. Autism vaccine studies, are they sound science?
  86. so I made a list...hypocricy
  87. hypocrisy/double standards....
  88. Sports Camp
  89. Sins of Omission
  90. Influenza Vaccination and Herd Immunity
  91. Vaxxed: Adam's Letter Board
  92. Cognitive Bias
  93. omission, commission, blah, blah, blah
  94. Interesting visualisation.
  95. Wonder how often this really happens?
  96. SOUTH SUDAN: 15 Children Die in Botched Vaccine Campaign
  97. WOW, this is a whopper!
  98. Precancerous Lesions Associated with HPV Dropping in Connecticut, YSPH Study Finds
  99. fun read - hpv vaccine and thinking moms
  100. VAERS is there...
  101. Morally Vindicated Rudeness
  102. Breaking! Merck's HepB vax contains AAHS
  103. "anti-vax" doctor list
  104. Inappropriate and unnecessary topic
  105. Babies die in India following vaccines
  106. Doesn't point directly at vaccines, however...
  107. "Don't Offer It, Just Give It"
  108. Medical Kidnapping in Australia
  109. Cytokines, immune stuff, autism
  110. Boston Herald Calls for Executing Vax Critics
  111. Portrayals
  112. adults skip recommended measles vaccine
  113. Cost-Shaming: Latest Pro-Compliance Tactic
  114. "Drug naïveté " and its impact on vaccination
  115. Shoenfeld recommends development of new HPV vaccine
  116. Vaccination as occult ritual
  117. Measles in Minnesota
  118. Adult vaccine quiz from CDC
  119. Noisy but non-existent science
  120. "Unvaccinated children spread pertussis"
  121. Effectiveness of Vaccination During Pregnancy to Prevent Infant Pertussis
  122. Vaccine-type HPV prevalence in US declines 65% among young women
  123. Fence Sitters are the Real Problem
  124. Lessons Learnt in Japan
  125. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on Fox News
  126. sciencism?
  127. Insult to Injury
  128. Could pharma make more money from disease than vaccines?
  129. Why can't these vaccines be delayed?
  130. Toddler "whoops" when coughing even with a normal cold . . .
  131. CDC Quiz tells you what vaccines your child "needs"
  132. Largent's Book: Has Anyone Read This?
  133. HPV vaccine death acknowledged in Spain
  134. The Truth about Vaccines
  135. Aluminum adjuvant in Gardasil
  136. Where ARE the "clusters"?
  137. Take the risk! Use vitamins!
  138. Measles Vaccination Results in Horrific Rashes
  139. Should Children Not Vaccinated on Schedule Be Denied Urgent Care?
  140. Life is not a True or False Exam
  141. Okay. What is wrong with this study?
  142. Science supports HPV vaccine for boys?
  143. Norwegian study on narcolepsy and Pandemrix
  144. Baby's First Vaccination at 6 Weeks [VIDEO]
  145. Brave journalist in NZ presents two sides
  146. Paediatrician on the Vaxxed bus
  147. Is There a Need for School Shaming Laws?
  148. Message muddle on flu vaccines
  149. Role of Vitamin D in reducing influenza illness
  150. out and out wrong
  151. Vaccines, Risk, and Moral Outrage
  152. Proposal for a book discussion
  153. Exclusion during an outbreak (mumps)
  154. Vaccine program angst
  155. If public could sue for vaccine injury...
  156. Diseases in Third World
  157. Is there a "vaccine bubble" about to pop?
  158. The Censored-by-Media Thread
  159. Censorship: solution to "dangerous" ideas?
  160. Good approach to vaccine approval process?
  161. Biased Polls
  162. yearly flu round-up
  163. talk to me about "fake news"
  164. Good science all on one side? Why?
  165. Personalized vs. One-Size-Fits-All Vaccination
  166. Does Your Social Circle Influence Your Vaccination Decisions?
  167. New study calls into question worldwide use of DTP vaccine.
  168. Early outbreak of fatal coincidence disorder
  169. Vaxxed vs unvaxxed, the full study
  170. More recent science on immune system development
  171. Vaccines can result in awful surprises
  172. pro-vaccine and flu shot
  173. Getting rid of inconvenient science
  174. The Belief-Behavior Gap
  175. skeptic doctrine and the assault on natural living
  176. Gardasil Challenge Rechallenge Let's not talk about it
  177. On the road again - Vaxxed bus is back on the road for country wide tour
  178. Press conference: Robert Kennedy Jr and Robert DeNiro
  179. Paul Offit slips on a pesticide peel
  180. Study on HPV vaccinations and screening outcomes
  181. Study critiques
  182. Excellent book about medical care gone bad
  183. 13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine
  184. Dose does NOT make the poison
  185. Pediatric drug, testing & follow up
  186. Late is better than never...barely!
  187. Credentialism and Vaccinations
  188. Offit - Vaccines good; Vitamins bad
  189. Evidence against increased mortality following measles
  190. One doctor's story
  191. My Dogs Reaction to Rabies Shot...
  192. Italian study shows vaccines contaminated with mirco and nano particles.
  193. Science not settled
  194. In a world where ...
  195. Pharma dollars change trial outcomes. Vaccines, too?
  196. How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public
  197. Ginger Taylor's Letter
  198. No real increase?
  199. OK Ped Brags About Sneaking Flu Shots into Patients, Sues When Called on it
  200. Was Raggedy Ann Modeled After a Child Killed by a Vaccine?
  201. If vaccines save lives
  202. Scienceblogs alas and alack
  203. Parental Disagreement
  204. Auto-immune disease following vaccination
  205. Great little parody film about vaccines
  206. Titers recommended in vaccine delivery mess
  207. Let's discuss Kennedy's book and the science
  208. Vaccine myths
  209. Polio Questions
  210. Vaccines Had Glass In Them
  211. Link between death and Gardasil?
  212. blood draw for titers
  213. The case against vaccinating on schedule in developed nations
  214. Overview on aluminum
  215. Science process description
  216. Yeah, the old pertussis vaccine worked
  217. measles outbreak
  218. Why do vaccine enthusiasts treat vaccines as all the same?
  219. How long will it take for this article to be withdrawn?
  220. Gift ideas include flu vaccines
  221. Why Don't Some Parents Believe In the Safety of Vaccines?
  222. The Vaccine Manipulation Thread
  223. Dr Suzanne Humphries goes through the Gardasil 9 package insert
  224. Conspiracy theories widely believed
  225. Anyone here in SC ?
  226. Influenza Vaccination, influenza, missing school
  227. Choose your risk: auto-immune disease or going without vaccines
  228. Spin off-Aluminum discussion from Zika Thread
  229. VAXXED review from provax mom
  230. Question Regarding Gardasil
  231. Aluminum in vaccines--considering total exposures
  232. Deaths following pentavalent vaccine in SE Asia
  233. How long will it take for this one to be retracted?
  234. Thick Irony
  235. Using bad science to protect profits
  236. Scientists point to problems with Dengue vaccine
  237. Medwatcher Japan stands up for the injured girls
  238. Could lifetime exposure to aluminum play a role in Alzheimer's?
  239. Since there have been SBS cases linked to vaccine injury
  240. 2016 Election TIme
  241. Fear mongering versus raising awareness.
  242. What is happening with Zika?
  243. everything you ever wanted to know about adult vaccines
  244. New study: SSPE more common than previously thought.
  245. Pre-Marketing in the Works?
  246. Doctor could lose his license -
  247. Question:
  248. CDC says children 14 and under need fewer HPV vaccine doses
  249. vaccines better if given in the morning
  250. The Dark Ages