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  49. Robert F. Kennedy in VT tomorrow
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  58. Journal Club: Examination of the Safety of Pediatric Vaccine Schedules in a Non-Human
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  63. astro-turf...please explain
  64. Peer-Reviewed Sources
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  69. so, lets say everything pro-vaxxers worry about is right.....
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  85. 6 Pakastani Children Dead from Measles Vaccine
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  107. Measles vaccinations jump after scare, public dialogue
  108. I noticed something.
  109. Student Who Refused to Lie About Vaccines and was Kicked out of Nursing School Fights
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  121. Rubella
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  125. Experience with Pediarix?
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  127. Exemptions-Public School
  128. Spin-Off: Whom Do You Trust?
  129. Poll questions & Pediatrician or Family Medicine doc for shots?
  130. whooping cough outbreak--isn't this absurd?
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  132. What convinced you to vaccinate?
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  134. Vaccine Injury Investigation: Good or Bad Bill?
  135. What do you think of GMO?
  136. Correlation or Convenience? Leading are with "scientist" = highest exemptions
  137. Millions of injection needles leaking glue resin
  138. measels death in last ten years meme....
  139. Aluminum and Vaccines: Who Is Right?
  140. Need your help!
  141. "The right to swing my fist..."
  142. Wonderful. Just Freakin' Wonderful.
  143. Vaccine Patents Set to Expire?
  144. well child visit=700 000 avoidable illnesses
  145. Paper on Aluminum toxicity
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  147. It's Not the Truck
  148. Vaccine Court’s Tough Standards May Face Supreme Court Test
  149. Merck--They supply a lot of our vaccines
  150. MMR = stomach issues?
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  153. monitor diseases in your area?
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  158. Liberals call for government to make vaccines mandatory in Alberta schools
  159. …and we worry about vaccines!
  160. 400,000 Dead from Physician/Hospital Error?
  161. bullying and examples thereof
  162. Baby Dies after catching Chicken Pox from his older brother
  163. Washington and Oregonvaccine bills are dead!
  164. Vaccines for Non-Casually Communicable Diseases
  165. Measles outbreak in Quebec
  166. Academic Freedom for the Win!
  167. Dr. Paul Offit: Anti-Vaccine Parents Should Not Be Given Legal Protection Of Religion
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  170. John Hopkins and shedding
  171. Denial -- voluntary or involuntary?
  172. Shot In The Arm Can Lead To Shoulder Injury
  173. Twinrix vaccination
  174. New website:
  175. So who is behind this push for mandatory vaccination?
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  181. "Check Your Privilege"
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  192. Baby passes away after injections, parents can't get autopsy
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  196. Feb 2015 Report on Vax Compensation
  197. Too much fear? Dr. Craig complains about MSM conspiracy theory to promote fear
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  199. Ex-ISU scientist pleads guilty of AIDS vaccine fraud
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  201. Am I the only one?
  202. Pro-vaxers, What's in The Pipeline?
  203. Politics
  204. "Don't Blame Parents for Vaccine Resistance. Blame Mothers."
  205. Polio vaccination with microneedle patches receives funding
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  208. ? If we are forced to vaccinate
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  211. FAPE lawsuit with Unvaccinated
  212. BOUGHT, the movie, please watch
  213. Texas losing philosophical exemption
  214. just some FYI vaccines and med - not a mix!
  215. VAERS follow up (not much of a follow up)
  216. Fear Factor used to push Varicella Vaccine aka Varicella Lies
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  218. I Hate to Break This to Sen. Boxer
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  222. New Approach to Blocking H.I.V. Raises Hopes for an AIDS Vaccine
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  234. perspective
  235. Ethical issues, fetal cell lines and MMR
  236. Do any anti-/non-vaxxers have an argument besides...
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  238. Should Airlines Require Vaccination Records from Travelers?
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  249. Sweden
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