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  1. At what point do you throw in the towel?
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  18. AOPS - really great service
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  20. Music Practice
  21. X-post: Opt Out of Common Core testing in homeschool w/ charter school situation?
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  23. Is homeschooling a good decision?
  24. so I've bought my pre k curriculum.....im new :)
  25. Science and History Scheduling
  26. Singapore Math 5A word problem help!
  27. HS vs. Waldorf, weighing our options. Thoughts?
  28. Curriculum Suggestions Please!
  29. 2nd grade curriculum help
  30. Any caribbean homeschoolers?
  31. Where would be a great place to explore for a month in the southern United States?
  32. What is your child reading and listening to. MDC goodreads.
  33. Junior Explorers?
  34. Kids don't like to read or be read to
  35. Any other Mommies Homeschooling on the road "Roadschooling"?
  36. Do you know this video game?
  37. Help!!
  38. IL Law - Xfering out of Public to Homeschool
  39. oregon homeschoolers
  40. Guilt about younger siblings
  41. What are your absolute, most favorite curriculum & books(grades k-3) !
  42. Help! Ordering Classical Writing: Poetry for Older Beginners
  43. Where to find Enki materials??
  44. Starting HS in High School
  45. Any have 1 unschooler and 1 Homeschooler?
  46. Websites with 7th Grade Math worksheets
  47. Question about teaching legally blind children
  48. molecule model kits
  49. Homeschooling 6yo with a younger brother - logistics question
  50. Getting frustrated and doubting my ability to homeschool my teen
  51. Homeschooling young children. Advice?
  52. just starting out.... homeschooling or unschooling?
  53. What is 7th grade writing supposed to look like?
  54. How Long Do You Spend?
  55. Bored 7yo Unschooler
  56. Khan Academy Math Question
  57. high school homeschool options
  58. Spelling
  59. Any Edmonton Alberta families homeschooling?
  60. Any Maryland homeschool families here?
  61. Public School, Poverty vs. Abusive Relationship...
  62. Homeschooling Support
  63. Anyone have any experience or feedback with either IXL or Beestar?
  64. Are you the parent of a recent college graduate?
  65. k12 or Connections in Michigan?
  66. Is homeschooling a realistic option for my family?
  67. Mythology
  68. Workbook to combine cursive practice and spelling
  69. Seeking website recommendations
  70. preschool homeschool-great inexpensive ready made curriculum, hop?
  71. Spread the word about this film to your local hs community, please
  72. Returning to school while continuing to homeschool
  73. Has anyone used Dragon Naturally Speaking with speech issues?
  74. HS a preschooler with baby/toddler sibling
  75. Can we discuss why I need to learn that?
  76. Suggestions for a HS curriculum/plan to fit our family?
  77. Should i give in to technology
  78. I'd like to talk to people homeschooling near Redwood City, CA
  79. Opinions about Study Island?
  80. Costa Rica un/Homeschool group
  81. about to be a homeschooler in upstate NY - help!
  82. I think I am going to be a homeschooler! A question about style?
  83. HS in crazy seasons
  84. Resource for teaching negative numbers? 7th grade math
  85. Dissension in the ranks
  86. Beginning writer
  87. At A Loss - Feeling Scared. Advice Please!
  88. Help! 5th grade and 8th grade curriculum help
  89. ISO pen pal for my daughter
  90. Oak Meadow K Curriculum request?
  91. Help! 6 yr old sloth...ranty...send cuddles
  92. Chaos! How do you homeschool?
  93. I'm kinda over the playgroups
  94. What does your first grader do for science and social science?
  95. DS (8) is totally addicted to screens
  96. Preparing to travel - any ideas?
  97. Need some encouraging words...
  98. Physics?
  99. Moving to Iowa
  100. How do I start ?
  101. The Possibilities of Homeschooling
  102. My Daughter Needs Online Help in Maths
  103. New to homeschooling, overwhelmed
  104. Do you organize homeschool activities?
  105. Art of Problem Solving - how to get started
  106. Peace, Diversity, Social Justice Homeschool Ideas
  107. When are you starting school?
  108. Virtual school suggestions
  109. Reading and Recall
  110. Help me choose (home) Preschool Curriculum
  111. Question for those who use Enki
  112. Struggling to make the right choice...
  113. Homeschooling in Texas?
  114. Ah, the joys of phonetic spelling!
  115. Deciding on the future
  116. "Learning" pressure from noncustodial parent
  117. testing homeschool routine-kids watching too much tv!
  118. help starting a preschool co-op
  119. Chapter books for very young reader?
  120. Homeschool question for Floridians
  121. quality socialization?
  122. Fall Northeast US DIY history/foliage road trip
  123. A 2014 Foreign Language Thread
  124. Sites for Used OM curriculum?
  125. Zero support from husband and family... Year two
  126. Preschool or Kindergarten alternatives
  127. Leaning towards homeschooling...
  128. Fourth Grade California History Curriculum/Book Recommendation?
  129. Does anybody have experience/reviews of the timberdoodle curriculum packages?
  130. lesson plans
  131. looking for a secular group
  132. Learning Style? Curriculum? Help!
  133. Saxon Math 3
  134. Education Computer Games for 4yo
  135. OT - Preschool Coop Drama...advice?
  136. I don't think cursive is that important - am I missing something?
  137. Foreign Language: How and When?
  138. "School" pictures?
  139. Lack of support for special needs son at ps, I want to hs.
  140. kindergarden!!!!
  141. website suggestions for supplies
  142. Waldorf christopherus grade 2
  143. 6 homeschooled kids in college before 12
  144. Curriculum help needed for 7th grade
  145. Learning at Home and Beyond
  146. Helping a child reluctant to do anything?
  147. Doubt my ability to hs but want alternative education for my children...
  148. We just got back from the field trip of a life time !
  149. Words Their Way spelling
  150. Wow - Shocked by Enki Changes
  151. Literature-based history for elementary?
  152. "Pushing" good readers at home
  153. Educating children while playing games
  154. homeschool science lab supplies?
  155. how to make someone aware of inappropriate language?
  156. Help choosing Oak Meadow Curriculum
  157. DD just took Stanford 10 and did not do well. I am devastated
  158. how would you handle this?
  159. Time Management
  160. First step down a new path... Homeschooling children while traveling
  161. Mom's night out...director
  162. Do you give grades to your middle/ high schoolers?
  163. Question for people who pulled kids out of public school to HS
  164. Homeschooling and the Socially Anxious Parent
  165. Percentile ranking questions --
  166. Videos of Science experiments
  167. Waldorf Gnome Names
  168. Sonlight or Ambleside
  169. homeschooling....where to begin?
  170. please teach me about waldorf rhythms of the day and rituals
  171. Looks like we're going to be homeschooling next year...
  172. Prentice Hall lit versus Oak Meadow lit 8th Grade
  173. Raising an International Gourmet
  174. Feminist Homeschoolers
  175. Current events magazine?
  176. learning math facts
  177. Enki and Christopherus - specific Q's
  178. When does one start homeschooling?
  179. Oak Meadow high school question?
  180. How to get hubby on board??
  181. Curriculum options for 7th grade
  182. Enki Experience and Enki Homeschooler's Tea
  183. Enki Homeschooling
  184. Charlotte Mason
  185. Mammoth math
  186. Teaching about the moon
  187. An important video: "This Mother Tore Off Labels And Nurtured Her Son’s Hidden Genius"
  188. when kids are unsure about homeschooling?
  189. The Rainforest Musical Kakamega
  190. Learning to read- What was your child's comprehension when you first started?
  192. Beautiful Educational Materials?
  193. help me design my curriculum for next year! (5 year old doing first grade)
  194. would you consider using online school?
  195. Hands On Math Curriculum for K-1 in a Co-op setting
  196. possible micro school for 2e kiddos forming in nj
  197. time4learning, experiences with it?
  198. Minecraft homeschool
  199. (Where) is the(re) line for in/appropriate artwork for children?
  200. Choosing math
  201. Help finding good books/websites to teach grammar to 3rd grader
  202. Update on our homeschool journey
  203. LF online Spanish games
  204. On the fence about homeschooling-- looking for feedback/input/advice
  205. Any waldorf homeschoolers?
  206. Getting started. I need a push in the right direction
  207. Teaching Reading
  208. Starting over again?
  209. Issues again, considering Montessori school for my son (9)
  210. Homeschooling and High School...
  211. 2014 Homeschool Conventions
  212. Best educational apps on iTunes?
  213. If there are no homeschool groups in your community....
  214. Am I doing too much?
  215. I am struggling With mental health and h.s. I need help with Waldorf style curriculum comparisons.
  216. What does your life look like?
  217. MFW questions
  218. Algebra & Geometry
  219. Advice needed
  220. Balancing Act
  221. Homeschooling in SE Michigan
  222. What is on your "short list" right now?
  223. Sassafras/Elemental Science?
  224. Favourite Curriculum
  225. My son is 16; is it too late to start homeschooling?
  226. How do you handle correction with younger kids?
  227. What curriculum would you use if...
  228. Life Learning with Teenage Boys
  229. Homeschooling in Saskatchewan
  230. High school science recommendation
  231. Thinking of homeschool, wondering if I can?!
  232. Really need help with curriculum!
  233. How to find out child's interests
  234. Chinese New Year
  235. Homeschooling Really?
  236. New here and looking for some support
  237. On the fence and feeling pressured...
  238. Does the 2nd grade Teaching Textbooks require lots of reading?
  239. mom and child journal
  240. Really, how do you do it all?
  241. I really want to home school, but...
  242. wondering......
  243. Teaching History on my Weekends
  244. In search of buddhist curriculum
  245. Homeschooling veterans...tell me your experiences!
  246. excited
  247. Anyone homeschooling in Santa Barbara county?
  248. Homeschool only while traveling
  249. Just looking for ideas/advice
  250. Does anyone know a source for "Math & Music" software?