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: Finding your Tribe Archives 2008

  1. Thurston County doctor recommendations
  2. We're vacationing!
  3. Any Sauga mommies?
  4. Looking for pediatric dentist recommendations near Orlando
  5. Pediatricians that won't push vaccines in Austin?
  6. MuseFest? (outside Ithaca NY)
  7. Any Massage Therapist Mommas in DC?
  8. Help! Ideas for 19 m/o in Louisville!
  9. Looking for family to Nanny for
  10. Help.. I Need an english speaking midwife in kaiserslautern!!
  11. Ancestral Knowledge Camp
  12. Dr. John Bosworth? Other ENTs?
  13. organic produce in Boca Raton
  14. Thrift/Consignment Stores In Fredonia, NY Area?
  15. Need a home birth midwife in the South Shore area
  16. Pediatricians in Southside Indianapolis?
  17. Boston Mamas - Need Help!
  18. Anyone have a Christian church they love in the east valley, AZ?
  19. Mama in need....let's rise up and support her!!!
  20. Cool Book Event
  21. Hand Knit Soaker
  22. Clarification about LC Services at GBMC
  23. Anyone In Nc!!! Read This And Please Try To Attend!
  24. Creating a Mom's Group, need some help (Morocco, IN)
  25. Child Enticement Warning for North Shore and Boston Area
  26. Boston - need advice! :)
  27. Acupuncture in Duluth/Superior
  28. no vax ped at Delnor?
  29. Good pediatrician near Boston/Quincy/Hingham?
  30. Organic part-time childcare in Burlington area
  31. If you've had a vasectomy reversal....
  32. Kamloops
  33. How about Ned Fest?
  34. Vaccine Exemption Help
  35. Myrtle Beach/Florence area moms?
  36. Who's up for a homeschool playgroup
  37. natural pediatrician, naturopath, or homeopath rec Monterey area
  38. childcare in downtown Manhattan?
  39. Stroller Strides class!!
  40. Nashville Mommas!
  41. Anyone here live in Great Neck, NY?
  42. SE Mass Pediatric Dentist Needed
  43. Tarrant co. house cleaning recomendations??
  44. Military Mamas?
  45. Physican & Midwife Collaborative Practice (reviews)
  46. Azure Standard??
  47. Preservative Free Vaccinations?
  48. Favorite OB at Evergreen?
  49. Mandatory Flu shot in NJ for school!?
  50. Preschool and day care
  51. Question Ideas for Nanny Candidate?
  52. Well Baby Visit/Vax Question
  53. anyone looking for a doula metrowest/south metrowest?
  54. Melbourne, Fl - Need a few doctor recommendations!
  55. Southern Coast South Carolina/Edisto Beach area?
  56. OB/GYNs in Knoxville
  57. Play Groups/Mommy meetings in CR, Iowa
  58. What do you think about my healthcare options (Kaiser vs Aetna)?
  59. Anyone know of a good dentist in NW or W Houston?
  60. Serger
  61. How do I contact the moderator?
  62. Roots and Shoots
  63. Roots and Shoots
  64. Take The Birth Survey, Get Hospital/Homebirth Feedback
  65. chicken pox party-warrenton, centerville,gainesville
  66. Raw goat milk in Eugene?
  67. Thursday 21st Plymouth Farmers Mrkt: Family Natural Living Day!
  68. Port Orchard WA Support Group
  69. Non-touristy Cancun suggestions...if there is such a thing
  70. Chapel Hill / Southwest Durham Mama's
  71. Orgasmic Birth screening in Bar Harbor
  72. VBAC in College Station???
  73. birth circle in pittsfield mass aug 27
  74. Help! Need a new pediatrician in Va Beach!!
  75. Diaper Service in NYC
  76. Midwest Midwifery- Call to action
  77. overwhelmed. pls help me find a midwife.
  78. Tampa transplant looking to meet local ladies
  79. OR and "opt out" HIV testing in pregnancy
  80. looking for Wonderful fabric stores in Seattle/Everett or N. area
  81. best yarn store in north central MA?
  82. looking for no vax AP friendly ped in Clearwater
  83. Pediatrician suggestions in East Valley?
  84. midwives in Columbus
  85. Doula (certification) laws in Florida
  86. how to get from manhattan to white plains airport
  87. San Francisco public schools?
  88. Which new car seat?
  89. A store in spokane similar to marlenes in tac? Or good online stores?
  90. Is Montreal's water hard or soft?
  91. Anyone in the ********** area?
  92. CO Personhood Amendment?
  93. Naturopath in Richmond
  94. glasses for a toddler??
  95. piog: Birthday ideas
  96. Homeschool co-op looking for a helper
  97. NW Houston homeschool/play groups
  98. OOps wrong forum!
  99. TC well-woman care recommendations?
  100. New moms group in the Columbus, MS area
  101. Homebirth or birthing center with Medicaid in Chicago?
  102. Dentist in NYC?
  103. German language question
  104. Does Disney insurance cover homebirth ?
  105. Dentist in Queens or Brooklyn
  106. Looking for Sitters/Nanny for doula
  107. Non/Delay/Selective-Vax-Friendly Peds/Family Docs in Findlay, Ohio area?
  108. Indianapolis Doulas?
  109. Indianapolis Preschools
  110. Desperately need a doula for Christmas Island
  111. Holiday time - Driving to chicago from detroit to pick up mammas milk -any other momma's have a freezer stash they dont need? :)
  112. NY HIP insurance question
  113. San Diego Mamas?
  114. Buffalo/WNY midwife
  115. Looking for a midwife in Northern Il
  116. Staten Island - doctor and dentist recommendations please.
  117. Rheumatoid arthritis
  118. Vaccination exempt forms in AZ?
  119. Help me with my vacation!
  120. Pediatrician
  121. Jackson MS area Midwife
  122. Nappy laundry service in **********?
  123. Things to do in Tampa Area
  124. RE recs in Greater Boston area?
  125. looking for a good realtor in the hamptons, ma
  126. Doula Bonnie ******?
  127. Metrowest MA mama's- Monday 8/18 meetup?
  128. Suggestions for best tourist activities with kids in D.C.?
  129. Vancouver ladies: Hotel recommedations & other info?
  130. so, Oakland- talk to me...
  131. Raw milk at Reading Terminal Market
  132. West Los Angeles - what's it like?
  133. Spencer Fair
  134. Considering moving to PEI
  135. Toddler Friendly Dining Downtown Chicago?
  136. Central Florida FFOM Meeting- New Evening time
  137. Any musician moms or dads in South Jersey
  138. holistic family therapist in baltimore
  139. CSAs
  140. birth class for hb in Atlanta?
  141. Crunchy neighborhood in NY/NJ area?
  142. Any MDC meets in Fort Worth?
  143. Doctor/dentist/chiro recommendations in Roanoke?
  144. Birth Circle meetings this week in Boston (Monday) and Stoneham (Tuesday)
  145. day care in silver spring area?
  146. Anyone happen to have....
  147. Yarmony anyone?
  148. Susterseel anyone?
  149. New Chiropractic Practice in Providence
  150. moving to new castle/glennwood springs area!!!
  151. In need of a doula!!
  152. kinesiologist in upper MI
  153. Birth Photographer Columbus Ohio
  154. Hair Stylest needed for DS age 15: Noho, Greenfield, or west to Fitchburg area!
  155. Hurricane Plans with kids
  156. Any opinion about Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary School in Woodbridge, VA
  157. Family Doctor in Woodbridge, VA and Medicaid/Medicare coverage
  158. Marquette insight please
  159. Moving to Concord, MA -maybe? Need town help!
  160. Indianapolis AP freindly doctor
  161. Your Favorite NH/ME products
  162. SLC VBAC friendly OB??
  163. Salem, OR Group?
  164. KBC Meeting Cancellation
  165. play groups/support groups in 77065?
  166. Anyone near portage/cambria/randolph???
  167. Fertility rec: UCSF or Pacific Fertility Center?
  168. Looking for a better ped or family dr in NW Indiana
  169. Please take the Birth Survey!
  170. Can anyone recommend a pediatrician in Phx East Valley that will delay vax?
  171. link for sustainable living fair FC Sept 20-21st
  172. Catholic schools in Columbus Ohio
  173. Kombucha Scobies and Kefir grains
  174. Free Pickles & Ice Cream event in Marietta
  175. Looking for Central Phoenix homeschoolers, anyone??
  176. Has anyone served on Jury Duty in Baltimore City?
  177. Need Ped recommendaton in Vancouver/SW Wash
  178. Vax exemption letter NJ
  179. Can you tell me the good the bad and the ugly about McMinnville, Or.?
  180. Midwife in grand rapids area?
  181. NonVax Friendly Ped in Abilene? Brownwood?
  182. Question about vax exemptions - IL
  183. vbac home birth washington state?
  184. Hunterdon Medical Center - Midwives
  185. Exposed to Chicken Pox in Knoxville, TN!
  186. Exposed to Chicken Pox in Knoxville!
  187. Raw Milk in South Bay
  188. Hunterdon OB/GYN
  189. Orlando Area Birth/Baby Expo's
  190. Chicagoland store selling cloth diapers?
  191. crunchy schools in austin?
  192. Detroit Natural Parenting/ Babywearing meeting 8/19!
  193. Good kid's stuff stores in Mississauga?
  194. La Leche League Picnic tomorrow!!
  195. Chicken carcasses in the E. Bay
  196. CNM in Baltimore for Well Woman Care
  197. Homeschool/ Unschool in Northern MI?
  198. Need help in IL
  199. Need some pregnant mamas in the Southern Indiana area please
  200. Looking for a part time nanny position Seattle
  201. Where to Find non-homogenized milk in ID???
  202. Month long visit to Halifax...looking for crunchy momma relief
  203. CT public schools
  204. unschoolers in WA?
  205. new in Brookline, MA
  206. Green Parenting Alliance
  207. Preschool Skating at Bonaventure on Wednesdays . . .
  208. in-home childcare recs?
  209. Do you know how to conduct a criminal background check for a nanny?
  210. Vaccine meeting in Jackson MS
  211. central mass- Table top high chair?
  212. Need p/t nanny, STL/ U City
  213. OBGyns in Jefferson City, MO?
  214. ped in encinitas/carlsbad area?
  215. vax exemptions, vermont, preschool?
  216. Eastside: what to read, mom info, etc
  217. things to do between Tucker and Stone Mountain?
  218. PDX: Back to School Clothing Exchange
  219. Labor Day 101 - Fairfax VA
  220. PDX - Working for Nike???
  221. Pediatrician Rec's in St. Louis
  222. natural toy store in Eugene?
  223. Central Fl - need GREAT ped dentist
  224. ISO CNMs on the North Coast, OR
  225. New England vacation
  226. Need info on HB midwives who file with insurance in GA
  227. Chicago area midwife/ob for twin vbac
  228. Upcoming Vaccination Seminars in NJ
  229. Resource Book Ktisap/Mason
  230. Piano Tuning on Eastside?
  231. What's going on in Vancouver?
  232. Advice on MMR vaccine and Breastfeeding
  233. Rocky Mount, NC Midwives or Obs?
  234. Cork Floor?
  235. Inner NE PDX afternoon Nanny for 4.5 yo?
  236. pdx-a weekend away?
  237. jan. 06 kids in the raleighish area?
  238. Any good childcare options in North San Diego county?
  239. ** TONIGHT Birth Movie in Cohassat **
  240. i need a pediatrician ~ live in stowe
  241. St. Louis Midwife advertises in yellow pages!
  242. Separating MMR in Goldsboro/Seymour Johnson AFB, NC... or nearby
  243. Dr. Bob Sears - Vaccine talk
  244. Chicken Pox in Middle TN
  245. Ann Arbor Babywearers Meeting Sunday August 17th 1-3pm
  246. Anyone familiar with Women to Women OB/GYN in St. Clair Shores, MI?
  247. Baltimore naturopath or homeopath
  248. looking for a gp in staten island
  249. Penninsula Moms -- Looking for recs! From South SF to Cupertino
  250. dentist in ct?