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  1. Mourning after c-section
  2. Did your next birth heal your traumatic one?
  3. Nevermind
  4. Angry about previous c-section, hospital. (LONG)
  5. First postpartum period
  6. need urgent help with dealing with my fears
  7. Pain four and a half years later...how do I fix it?
  8. Vulvodynia and questions
  9. Healing Birth Trauma
  10. Diastasis Recti
  11. What kind of tear is this???
  12. Sex after tearing
  13. Vaginal Heamatoma
  14. Still having issues 19 months post!
  15. Holding onto anger from unplanned C-Section birth and tongue-tie that was undetected at birth
  16. Possible Prolapse - Really need help!
  17. Any experience treating painful pelvic floor spasms?
  18. Fistula after first baby, C-section on second?
  19. Haunted by Six Hours of Separation
  20. One way to help heal birth trauma
  21. Feeling traumatized after c/s
  22. Prolapse w birth right around the corner, tell me your stories.
  23. Has anyone else had to get surgery to correct improperly repaired perineum?
  24. Dealing with feelings of violation and self-blame, guilt
  25. Birth Reclaiming Ceremony
  26. I just want to have another baby so I can have a homebirth
  27. Struggling with a bad birth experience...
  28. When I do ever feel normal again?
  29. When not to listen to your care provider
  30. Rectocele (& other prolapse) advice? Discouraged & scared.
  31. Anesthesia-What anesthesia? My story- so long you may need popcorn. and a drink. and a bathroom break. : )
  32. New mothers' survey
  33. Getting a little tired of the catch phrases...venting
  34. DIsabled from childbirth?
  35. Not sure how I feel about a vaginal birth anymore
  36. Did you experience abuse in a hospital birth?
  37. Vaginal hematoma
  38. Why my most difficult birth was the best
  39. What herbs, tea's and supplements do you take post partum?
  40. Scared of what my second birth will be
  41. How To Handle This Homebirth?
  42. TMI constipation followed by diarrhea post partum?
  43. Urethral diverticulum
  44. Need a Pep-talk, fearful of this birth!
  45. I had a giant baby, 3rd degree tearing, and a PP hemorrhage, now I'm expecting #2!
  46. Birth story sorry its quite graphic
  47. My POP story, I would like to share
  48. Not wanting to hold the baby after birth?
  49. Did anyone have a really fast birth? Help a student out!
  50. How to help a friend who feels traumatized by her birth experience
  51. Can't get over my c-sections
  52. birth of a new earth . com _jeanice barcelo_ please understand why we feel this way
  53. Resources for preparing for birth after previous birth trauma?
  54. Advice/Info 2 1/2 Years ago I delivered and my stitches seemed very tight, now it feels like i ripped open? has anyone else experienced this?
  55. Tore naturally, 4mo PP still in pain
  56. Bees wax pessary I made work really well for me.
  57. A long labor and forceps by a Junior Dr ...Now having nightmares & flashbacks
  58. Episiotomy won't heal, Please help me!
  59. the taste of fear? literally..
  60. I'm curious about something that happened to my baby, GBS
  61. I need some support- really long
  62. Was my csection necessary?
  63. EMDR for birth trauma?
  64. Unexpected Accreta
  65. Craniosacral therapy..need help
  66. Any success stories of avoiding tearing after a 3rd degree?
  67. When Survivors Give Birth
  68. Birth trauma therapy question
  69. Don't Stop Doing Kegels for Weak Pelvic Floor, just Tight or Tight and Weak Pelvic Floor
  70. Stop doing Kegels
  71. Healing Birth Trauma and Postpartum Depression
  72. Has anyone had Pelvic Girdle Pain or other pelvic pain postpartum?
  73. Does anyone have a lawyer reccomendation?
  74. PPD, dealing with EMCS and also loss of bf'ing
  75. Choosing planned c-section after birth trauma
  76. Options for "Ping-Pong" skull fracture caused by forcep birth
  77. Free Hab-It DVD
  78. For Mamas in Madison, WI area
  79. Anxious about upcoming OB visit
  80. Forced back to the doctor?
  81. How to heal 3rd degree tears, granulated tissue
  82. Baby was not breathing after crazy fast labor, cord around neck...fine now, but processing this is hard...
  83. Brand new here!
  84. pitocin nightmare
  85. sacro-colpoplexy--removing most of my uterus...
  86. PG test after a possible loss???
  87. Hematoma recovery?
  88. It never goes away, does it?
  89. natural childbirth, pain, and shame
  90. Inverted uterus after labour
  91. terrified that it will happen again....ruptured (non-fatal, duh) ectopic pregnancy....
  92. Over 16 yrs later, upset over what "they" did to my son & want to share
  93. I just can't get past it
  94. I can't take care of my tear. :(
  95. Risk factors for repeat 4th degree tear?
  96. Feeling ruined months after delivery
  97. Can I Avoid a Tear Next Time?
  98. Healing your birth workshop
  99. Research - Father's experience of traumatic birth
  100. "He should of been on my chest....right?"
  101. Vaginal Pain (8 months) After Childbirth
  102. What if they cut me again?
  103. Anyone familiar with a vaginal granuloma following tear and stitches?
  104. Healing trauma from your own birth
  105. My midwife is practicing again
  106. Scarlett's Birth
  107. C-Section Adhesions nearly 7 years later
  108. Episiotomy that did not heal shut?
  109. The homebirth to hospital transfer: some perspective
  110. Born Alone, Die Alone
  111. When can I feel better?
  112. After birth pains?
  113. Birth Trauma Treated 50 years later...
  114. Not sure where to put this - Mom issues and Birth
  115. Tearing, squatting, epidural, time to push.... How to make things better
  116. Vaginal Birth after Trauma and Reconstruction
  117. What can I do to avoid such exhausting labors?
  118. Still processing...uterine rupture after VBA2C attempt.
  119. Looking for support and resources to heal birth trauma?
  120. has anyone else carried a pregnancy after a (non-catastrophic) uterine rupture?
  121. How to still believe in the ability of your body to birth naturally?
  122. Did your Dr even ask if you wanted an episiotomy?
  123. Giving Birth After a Traumatic Birth
  124. Trying to stay rational
  125. questions to ask if you're considering surgery for prolapse
  126. Feeling responsible
  127. You never think it will happen to you.
  128. How do you find a birth trauma therapist?
  129. How do I get over this?
  130. 4 Wks post partum, it definitely went awry.
  131. After a traumatic birth, my mother doesn't want me to have any more children. But I do!
  132. Any experience healing post-partum vaginal issues at home??
  133. I'm writing a book about healing from birth trauma-please participate!
  134. stage 4 POP folks--what has helped?
  135. Talk to me about a PP D&C
  136. How Do You Know If HB Is For You?
  137. I lost so much, how can I keep it from happening again?
  138. (thread removed)
  139. 1 year PP, still have hemorrhoids *Update, rectal prolapse too??
  140. four years ago today it all started, and a stab through the heart
  141. Umbilical Hernia Surgery - on ME, not my child
  142. Accepting Traumatic Birth?
  143. Accepting Traumatic Birth?
  144. All better!
  145. All Healing Moms On Here, What Will Be Different About Your Next Birth Plan?
  146. Should I attempt a 2nd home birth if the 1st one went terribly?
  147. Thinking about next time...
  148. Will Things Ever Be 'Normal' Again?
  149. My vagina feels weird now.
  150. So afraid of tearing again...advice?
  151. If you have had multiple births- fears to move past-
  152. Decisions to make for baby #3
  153. Ritually reenacting the birth/first week PP has a healing experience
  154. previous premie- getting scared
  155. Pregnancy after previous trauma
  156. Tear and no stitches??
  157. 2nd birth--likely to have HBP again???
  158. vbac birthart class...Please give me input.
  159. The "Is there any way to start healing birth trauma before the birth? (denied homebirth)" thread
  160. Where do I begin.....
  161. When people don't want to hear your story
  162. Is this possible?
  163. Still in pain from 2 year old tear & stitches... a little tmi... but please help :)
  164. Healing Trauma from someone else's birth
  165. Painful & looong stitch up with #1, already afraid for #2
  166. Painful sex 8 months later
  167. How can I get past this?
  168. Working through fears and expectations on my DH
  169. Resources for birth trauma, postpartum adjustment, sex
  170. sad to be joining you all *updated with birth story*
  171. I'd be fine if everyone else just stopped having babies already.
  172. What causes labial tears?
  173. 5 week pregnant and so lost.
  174. I can't move past my fear of having to birth again..
  175. Torn Labia misses by midwife
  176. Healing from a traumatic birth before the next birth?
  177. Birth After the "6th Degree"
  178. ICAN of Southeastern Pennsylvania Dec. meeting this Saturday!!!
  179. Give up on Csect recovery?
  180. 4th degree tear...will it happen again?
  181. Pelvic Floor Party: Kegels are NOT invited
  182. Trauma from experiences after birth?
  183. Suggestions on how to get through PTSD of previous birth traumas
  184. Traumatized by the pain of labor
  185. Angry at my mom...
  186. 3 months PP and blood in stool?
  187. preventing anxiety and grief over c-section
  188. fear and anxiety increasing as my due date grows closer...
  189. Writing a letter to your care provider
  190. Bruised Tail Bone or... ?
  191. Why does it hurt so bad and what can I do?
  192. Bonding issues with subsequent children?
  193. comparing births
  194. I'm starting a local birth trauma support group
  195. Shoulder dystocia
  196. Fixing a badly healed tear?
  197. First time writing my birth story...
  198. ICAN of SePa Meeting Oct. 16 - Birth Circle
  199. stupid question regarding birth records...
  200. When does it get better???
  201. How Do I Deal With It All Over Again?
  202. 7 month back pain - Epidural or OP
  203. Broken Tailbone?
  204. hints for healing perineum tear
  205. Letting go of birth trauma and fears as I approach my EDD
  206. My own birth trauma never really clicked with me
  207. horrible birth experience, any chance for VBAC?
  208. Questions about my labor - 4 month hindsight
  209. Pain from 4th degree tear 5 years later
  210. can we talk about feedback/complaints on birth care?
  211. approaching D-day after bad induction
  212. dealing with disapointment in how dh handled labour/birth
  213. 5 months postpartum with pain
  214. 2nd c/s 12 weeks ago and pain!!
  215. Anyone else with a traumatic or negative homebirth experience?
  216. Waking Nightmare
  217. Anyone still having flashbacks?
  218. Anxiety over 1st birthday due to trauma
  219. Having another baby after a c section
  220. L&D nurses violent perineal massage
  221. if you tore significantly what position were you in?
  222. helping my son heal from his birth trauma
  223. 6 months and still not healed
  224. Tips to heal incision
  225. ideas for laying a birth to rest, planting the placenta and a little ceremony
  226. vulvar pain
  227. Pushing before fully dilated & low back pain
  228. Still trying to understand why I had 2 c-sections??
  229. is my experience typical or not? scared to get pregnant again
  230. almost 2 years and still struggling
  231. Is this vaginal wall prolapse?
  232. Does meconium have to mean internal monitor?
  233. how long before you could be intimate with partner after birth trauma?
  234. Bleeding after delivery...?
  235. Lost Chance for Home Birth
  236. post partum Pubic Symphysis pain
  237. I never thought I'd be in this section...
  238. The "Traumatic homebirth, what to do next time?" thread has been removed...
  239. You wanna know what I resent?
  240. Wishful thinking- how long did you do it?
  241. anyone suffered Pre- E or HELLPS?
  242. Hemorrhaged after giving birth & placenta didn't detach itself
  243. pain during sex
  244. Would a Doula help next time?
  245. What are the odds of pre-eclampsia and HELLP happening again?
  246. New Birth support group in Grand Rapids, MI
  247. I remained in control the whole time and made the decision myself, but...
  248. Daughter disabled due to birth trauma
  249. Botched episiotomy and have to go in for major repairs :(
  250. Anniversary of my second cesarean and Baby girls birthday and.....