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  1. Parents wanted for a research project
  2. Why do girls believe boys are smarter at age 6?
  3. Recieved a letter from the school
  4. 4 year old is bored at school
  5. Long breaks from school
  6. Help Getting 1st Grader to Stop Talking in Class
  7. School Transition
  8. Tips for getting a shy, nervous 5 year old ready for school?
  9. Never thought I'd be joining y'all here!
  10. Play VS Education
  11. fun post - lamest permission form you ever had to sign
  12. When to push a kid, when to allow
  13. Is this common in your community?
  14. Testing Season
  15. What do "gifted" classes offer
  16. Re: Was this shaming?
  17. Stressed out 9 year old and school
  18. Dilly-dallying (homework)
  19. Problems in Kinder with Boys.
  20. Moving mid year with 4th &6th grader
  21. 8 Years old and bored
  22. common core math problem
  23. How much technology?
  24. I'm outraged by my DD's school- would you be?
  25. Mobile phone in school?
  26. Tell me about educating your gifted child.
  27. Canadian PS early grade homework
  28. Desperate for advice
  29. Special needs 5-year-old - Need Help Identifying Solutions
  30. Dual Enrollment (& AP) Options
  31. Dual Language or Fine and Performing Arts?
  32. Why do teachers do this and who really plans it?
  33. Registration Forms - Vent
  34. Moving to Bay Area: Advice on Progressive Public School for 5 yo
  35. Too young or ADD
  36. Bill for mandatory vaccinations for public school attendance in the US!
  37. NW Jersey schools?
  38. Dual Language -- 50/50 or 80/20
  39. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  40. xpost--can we opt out of Common Core testing in a charter school?
  41. Appropriate way to handle dealing with HS teacher/counselor?
  42. Math/geometry sites for kids with a metaphysical twist?
  43. School lunches
  44. Start of school
  45. Opting out of homework in the early years?
  46. Getting ready for kindergarten
  47. Junk Food, Tequila - Letter to the Principal?
  48. Teaching critical thinking using horoscope and tarot?
  49. What to look for in a search for a Middle School
  50. I'm thinking of sending my 1st grader back to kindergarten
  51. Erin misbehaved at School.
  52. Schools With Uniforms
  53. Dual language immersion
  54. after school routines
  55. Well Behaved at School, but Increased Bad Behavior at Home?
  56. Son getting into trouble for "adjusting" his privates at school
  57. He says he wants more/harder work, but he can't focus
  58. every year there's one teacher that just ticks me off!
  59. PTA moms - advice?
  60. How to help a 5yo with Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness) at school?
  61. When do all the kids go back?
  62. Here are 4 fun handwriting tools for kids
  63. special ed services interview
  64. No more school supply lists...
  65. Montessori vs homeschool vs charter
  66. how important is the school?
  67. labels in school - good or bad?
  68. Need Advice Plz- Hurtful school rule for 1st Grader in TX
  69. 7 year old first grader when do schools test?
  70. Learning at School
  71. parental rights for retention in 1st grade
  72. Fooling the teacher/WWYD
  73. public school and chemicals, chemicals everywhere!
  74. How to write a valedictory address for this situation?
  75. How much writing in 4th grade?
  76. Kindergarten or not?
  77. I'm confused.
  78. eye & hearing exams in school
  79. Want to supplement your older child's art and cultural education?
  80. "calm classroom" meditation in school -- any experience??
  81. -
  82. when did you discover your child had an eye problem? and what was done?
  83. STEM program at my elementary school is exclusive?
  84. How do you handle standardized testing?
  85. When Should Kids Start Kindergarten (redshirting study)
  86. School is boring
  87. Part time school?
  88. s/o What's right/wrong with magnet schools?
  89. Schools in Saskatchewan
  90. Pinellas County/St. Petersburg - elementary schools focussing on arts??
  91. what's wrong (or right) with charter schools?
  92. is this normal in a child learning to read?
  93. Does age of classmates matter (preschool - "semi-Montessori")?
  94. Four-day school week, longer school days: thoughts?
  95. Suspected dysgraphia
  96. Switching preschool help me with your inputs
  97. Kindergartner brought home religious picture book from school...would you say something?
  98. My daughter thinks she is not smart enough.
  99. School Rankings?
  100. How Do I handle kindergarten bus incident?
  101. Helping the kids with homework
  102. So Furious at son's principal
  103. What level of math should a fourth grader know?
  104. Cool bibliography website...
  105. Advantageous or Disadvantageous?
  106. Could use some feedback from others with grade schoolers
  107. Need to talk - ADHD screeners, what happens? child-labeling concerns, what to do?
  108. language immersion program?
  109. Should peanut butter be banned in schools?
  110. Help me help DC with her 6th grade math problem!
  111. Does anyone out there just have normal average kids???
  112. What grades are acceptable?
  113. Refusing to do homework?
  114. Kindergarten homework
  115. Halloween party at school and you don't celebrate Halloween. What do you do?
  116. What does "involved" look like.
  117. When and how to PS kids learn to type?
  118. What counts as "doing your child's homework"?
  119. Should homework be ended?
  120. Should schools stop having holiday parties?
  121. organizations/newsletters on best practices in public schools?
  122. Ugh, fundraiser time
  123. Starting full day kindergarten without ever having been to school?
  124. help with rough transition to preschool?
  125. Possible ADHD/ADD - now what? Looking for support against medicating, and how to help in school
  126. What does 3rd grade math look like?
  127. Sending my baby to Kindergarten
  128. what happens if you enroll your child in another town's school district using a relative's address?
  129. Transition to Kindergarten - how long?
  130. How involved are you at your kids' school?
  131. Drink containers for school
  132. Class representative
  133. Leaving your 3-4 year old crying at preschool - Isn't it the same as Crying It Out?
  134. How far do you live from your child's school?
  135. DVDs in the classroom?
  136. Worried.
  137. I need advice from other Mommies!!!
  138. 1st Grade
  139. Was "holding her back" the right thing to do??
  140. "Excused absence" for PTA meeting?
  141. Sex education: Should it be taught in schools?
  142. The Mothering giveaway!
  143. Mothering's Annual Back-To-School Giveaway!
  144. Anyone ever given up on their child's school?
  145. Middle School Reading Appropriateness for Sensitive Kids
  146. thoughts on the right lunch box for our situation
  147. Middle school community service
  148. YouTube EDU
  149. Should public schools require uniforms?
  150. Tips for helping a child prepare for their first year of middle school
  151. need help with drink container for lunch box
  152. Let's make a Back To School supply list!
  153. School forms - vent
  154. Made in the USA and Eco-Friendly School Supplies?
  155. Tell me about the International Baccalaureate curriculum.
  156. School recycling program
  157. Neen
  158. DD Denied Access to the After School Program
  159. Starting kindergarten + a midyear move
  160. Acceleration - differences for boys/girls? Facts and anecdotes, please!
  161. mneumonics for spelling
  162. 365L lexile score, end of 1st grade - what does this mean?
  163. montessori or language immersion - any experiences
  164. Baltimore Montessori Students Get Down to Business
  165. Is there any reason I shouldn't encourage this? (Magnet School Question)
  166. does your child's teacher use a "talking monitor" system?
  167. Mensa for kids?
  168. Why do the teachers who are bullies stay?
  169. Recent Ken Robinson TED Talk
  170. Vent - in the closet about private school
  171. What, if anything, do you do to promote summer learning?
  172. Teacher issue
  173. The value of preschool
  174. Assessment of skills and developmental stage
  175. My kindergartener is starting to hate school and thinks she's stupid- update post 19
  176. National Teacher's Day is May 6 - are you doing something for your child's teacher?
  177. Moving Back to the US after 15 years abroad: New York?
  178. best type of preschool curriculum for my highly sensitive child
  179. My childs' school just added a cell phone tower. thoughts?
  180. missing standardized testing
  181. Did you choose a school that compliments or reflects your family values?
  182. Poll - help me process/choose my opinion for DC's middle school options...
  183. Common Core?
  184. Repeat Kindergarten or go to 1st Grade?
  185. Chapstick at School
  186. Gifted? To test or not to test?
  187. Any moms with experiences at Saint Agnes in Saint Paul?
  188. Preschool struggles
  189. Affording Private School
  190. Preschool or Kindergarten?
  191. Back on the Charter School Lottery Roller Coaster
  192. What teachers wish parents knew... A good read.
  193. Security training in school (A.L.I.C.E. Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate)
  194. Teacher called ds a 'bad writer'/When to pull your kid out of preschool?
  195. Choosing a preschool?
  196. Why is school a good choice for your child(ren)?
  197. Cross posting- Try Kindergarten, or Homeschool?
  198. Principal blows off my concerns...what to do?
  199. Changing preschools midyear
  200. What do you do with all the papers they bring home?
  201. Need help from parents of 1st and 2nd graders
  202. Please help us creating better 3D nursery rhymes for kids..
  203. Tuition and divorce?
  204. Truancy letter for 12 excused absences (5th grade)
  205. How much homework is your 4th grader getting?
  206. Any Third Graders here ? How much homework ?
  207. Question about school ? It's a public school
  208. What safety procedures does your school use?
  209. Teasing at school
  210. Trouble with DS and Bus
  211. pre-k nyc
  212. Im a preschool teacher
  213. Homeschool to Public School and behind in reading...
  214. Skipping ahead a grade
  215. 4 year old not managing well in school - advice needed!
  216. Help me edit email to teacher
  217. What do you think of the US education system?
  218. is note taking part of the homework?
  219. Anyone w/ 4 day school week experience? Especially for lower elementary.
  220. Struggling with the afterschool program to allow my child to do homework at home!
  221. What's the big deal with charters?
  222. Anyone have a child at a small religious school?
  223. Would you take your 5th grader to a parent-teacher conference?
  224. i think we have a bad teacher
  225. Like minded parents in Baltimore City- any experience dealing with giftedness and Baltimore City Public Schools? Any local resources to share?
  226. Back to the drawing board - update post 29
  227. Synthetic Phonics program for parents to do at home with struggling speller....
  228. Teacher Says Child Is Immature and Disorganized
  229. US Department of Justice Investigation into Discrimination aganist GA Public School Students
  230. Debate topics for 5th and 6th graders?
  231. This doesn't bode well...
  232. Struggling with homework.
  233. The disruptive child's right to be in the classroom vs the other children's right to learn???
  234. Aid and Development Volunteer Programs for Students *Update Post #11*
  235. "Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School"
  236. 1 Child Public, 1 Child Private?
  237. if you are pro homework what are your reasons?
  238. Independent Learners?
  239. What your child actually eats for lunch? K to 3 grades
  240. sex education in 5th grade?
  241. How much homework does your child have and in what grade?
  242. Totally stressed - really BAD class - for the next 9 years.
  243. Son being bullied
  244. What to do?
  245. URGENT!!! How to prepare for the first ever year book photo shoot?
  246. How Do I Respond to Anti-Semitism in My Kids' Schools?
  247. Worried about Starting Mid-Year
  248. Intervention for Silent Mutism - Second Grade Girl
  249. Duct taping the principal to a wall
  250. Help? Do we even have Public Schools forum?