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: The Childhood Years

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  7. ...
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  11. Opportunities for Independence
  12. Possible Sexual Abuse?
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  14. Playing in the street
  15. Outside Activities?
  16. Tics
  17. Probiotics?- first time on Antibiotics
  18. Playdate question
  19. Are our kids using technology too often?
  20. How to Handle Critical Children
  21. My five year old daughter and private parts... PLEASE HELP
  22. Is it wrong that I feel closer to my new daughter than I do to my older son?
  23. Please help me connect with my daughter.
  24. Kids and Gadgets
  25. How to control 5 y.o. girl?
  26. Further report "missing" 5-y-o?
  27. Flakey Relatives -- how to Handle?
  28. talking with 9yo DD about periods, sex - looking for advice
  29. Healthy development in boys includes... fighting?
  30. Tots on big kid playgrounds
  31. Changing schools...
  32. Fun song for Learning the Days of the week
  33. Small things add up
  34. How to deal with fear of the dark
  35. What would you do? (Behavioral Issues)
  36. Help with my 5 year old who is picking his nose etc
  37. Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue
  38. A 4 year old and a baby... Too rough?
  39. I don't know how to help my son. Help please
  40. How would you handle these situations?
  41. Art at Home
  42. unkind neighbors, sons oblivious
  43. Recommendation music app for children?
  44. Storing clothes for future children
  45. 7 year old homework this 'normal'?
  46. Feeling totally inadequate for my DD
  47. eco rocking horse
  48. Rude Friends
  49. 5yo says she's scared...of me
  50. Clothing brands for tall skinny girl?
  51. Social Concerns
  52. Nervous about my baby going to preschool soon!
  53. How much do your kids pick up after themselves?
  54. recommendations of apps/websites for learning math facts?
  55. Sleep Issues - Help!
  56. kids are jerks!
  57. Need help creating a BEHAVIOR CHART
  58. When would you consider therapy for your child?
  59. Blown off by another couple...
  60. To Kumon or not
  61. Kidnapping
  62. Child left alone in classroom
  63. Frozen
  64. How to deal with whining and temper tantrums?
  65. sticker album suggestion?
  66. My child is an energy vampire
  67. My 7 year old has diarrhea only at night.
  68. What funny things do your kids say?
  69. Bump in area of ear piercing
  70. "Tattling" at Playdates
  71. How can I make my godchild feel more comfortable?
  72. Too many presents!
  73. At what age did your child stop believing in Santa?
  74. 5 Ways I’m Trying Not to Be a Hypocrite Around My Kids
  75. Should You Pay Children To Do Household Chores?
  76. body odor in 4 year old
  77. insolent 5 year old- Please help!
  78. allowance-what do you do?
  79. Torn about my son's Christmas wish
  80. Haircut suggestions for flat head
  81. What Resources Do You Use to Save Time and Money?
  82. Weight of backpack
  83. Twin 5 year olds fighting all the time! Help!
  84. Any great ibooks for kids at the moment
  85. For mothers of girls: What do you have your daughters do about mean boys?
  86. 10 yo son having accidents
  87. Good books for 8 year olds?
  88. Teaching kids about time
  89. what brings families to events?
  90. Positive feedback to kids
  91. Food Allergies? Teal pumpkins to rescue
  92. Good shows for kids
  93. Abnormal Behavior, is it from anxiety?
  94. Nightmares / imaginary friends?
  95. Camden Rose Play Kitchens??
  96. Preschool separation anxiety in a "future" homeschooler
  97. Morning routines?
  98. my kids wake me up on saturday and sunday morning
  99. my daughter uses her diaper for convenience
  100. 3rd grade boys sleepover
  101. Clueless- 5 y.o. maybe ADHD and Kindergarten issues
  102. How to be calm and scream-free?
  103. My 5 year old cries all the time about school
  104. Garden tantrums!
  105. Anxiety attacks in 8 year old-- what natural things to try?
  106. Chickenpox protocol
  107. Angry 8 year old
  108. Before-School Tantrums
  109. I think my house exploded! Oh wait, I just have kids...
  110. Possible Developmental Disorder in Seven Year Old
  111. Advice for sticky neighborhood/work situation
  112. Dd doesn't want to go to a bday party
  113. Sickness Prevention
  114. Teaching parenting classes- ideas?
  115. Research study on children’s eating habits – voluntary participants needed!
  116. Does anyone know this song?
  117. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ABC SONGs kids songs - Little Star
  118. Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed ABC Song Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
  119. 6 year old clingy, constantly calling me, crying and screaming.
  120. Help! advice 4 yr old girl with possible asperger signs
  121. 1ST Grade cant read
  122. Recurrent behavioral issue
  123. Terms of Endearment
  124. Neighbour kids coming around?
  125. New glasses in 5 y.o.- he wont keep them on!
  126. Parent Effectiveness Training: READ THIS BOOK!
  127. Confession: I don't like my son very much sometimes
  128. alone time when one kid never wants to be alone?
  129. Help, my 5-year-old is still asking for help eating
  130. Parenting, how could it be easier?
  131. Any Single Mom's Going to College Raising Kids ?
  132. Soccer Dilemma
  133. 3.5 year old son fascinated with my body
  134. Difficult friend situation
  135. Need TV programming ideas that model decent behavior
  136. Do your kids do any school related work in summer?
  137. What do you tell the teacher on "Meet the Teacher Day"?
  138. 7 year old son refusing to wear jeans
  139. what is most hair-brained advice or criticism someone has told you?
  140. Single-Mom and 5yr old Son need to Separate a bit. Need some helpful wording
  141. Smartphones, Tablets and childrens
  142. Need advice on child adjustment
  143. 4 yr old hysterically scared of bugs
  144. Is my son an innocent victim or an informed perpetrator?
  145. Gender identity: Clothes, toys and colors.
  146. Has your son ever worn a dress?
  147. My son's very possessive "best friend"
  148. link between cavities and...?
  149. Enforcing discipline/consequences/respect for 5 yr old
  150. Passing social insecurities on to children
  151. Am I a grouch?
  152. Sex-positive book/adivce for school-age kids/tweens?
  153. babybehavior cause of nightmares??
  154. Adding a 2nd middle name
  155. Favorite "positive parenting" resources?
  156. I need advice
  157. baby and smart devices
  158. Grandmas better disciplinarians?
  159. Friendship troubles with 5-yr-olds
  160. 6yo bedwetter and vacation
  161. Does this sound alarming? Sons cub experience.
  162. 4.5 yo, emotional/behavioral stuff
  163. 5 year old "milestones"
  164. Help with friend and body image (8 yo)
  165. 4 year old nightly waking, finger sucking and nightmares
  166. Help! Keeping up with changing 4yo needs?
  167. Lessons from Children's Books for when you need a pick me up
  168. on having a second child
  169. Helping 5-year-old learn to lose games gracefully?
  170. How to Pick the Perfect Card
  171. Snacks to keep on hand?
  172. Scrapbooking Child's Growth
  173. Cavity and getting a stainless steel crown?
  174. Manipulative kid next door- how to help my 4yo deal with him
  175. Should I keep the dog, and give away the kids instead?
  176. How to handle a pet's death?
  177. How to stop my 5 yo hitting, kicking, etc.
  178. Car seat for 12 months old
  179. Refinished floor at Daycare
  180. Moving with a 3 year old, making the transition easier
  181. 8-year-old mood swings...already?!
  182. 6 yo daughter middle child who's angry
  183. New!! Upcoming product for your child safety!
  184. My 6 y.o son is throwing ridiculous tantrums
  185. need some ideas for 5yo bday party
  186. Ongoing problems with my DD
  187. Questions about former nurslings and personal space
  188. Graphic Novel Suggestions?
  189. Nighttime tantrums!
  190. Child having behavioral issues
  191. Daughter uses diaper for convenience
  192. Nightmares and general fear at night
  193. 6 yr. old Pees on Floor in Middle of Night
  194. Can you recommend kid's sunglasses?
  195. Fairytales survey
  196. cavities and adenoids????
  197. He wants what he wants or he has a fit
  198. What are your favorite free activities for kids? (or very inexpensive)
  199. Father violated agreement
  200. Genital anatomy books for preschooler
  201. Things learned from experience.
  202. Looking for your input on a New Product!
  203. Do you ever feel guilty about your girly girl?
  204. Stop/slow down early puberty
  205. Mean, unhappy, difficult 6 year old boy
  206. Why does my daughter like these videos where they unwrap toys? Does yours too?
  207. Parents, do you think play influences in who preschoolers grow to become?
  208. how to address social exclusion among girls
  209. Essential Oils in a Cool Mist Humidifier
  210. Healthy lifestyle app for kids
  211. Stye on 4yo a loss
  212. 3yo DD doesn't love me.
  213. 6 year old Angry gun play
  214. I think I made a Parenting Mistake :(
  215. Do i really want a second child? someone please help!
  216. games for kids
  217. cutting back on video games and tv for 8 year old
  218. Headaches in 6 Year Old
  219. Play room ideas?
  220. 7yo says nonsensical things all the time
  221. Am I the only one....
  222. How to tell if a child has memory problems
  223. Wild, dirty boys! Help!!
  224. Selective Mutism (SM)
  225. Non vaccine friendly Dr in central MA???
  226. Ownership and new siblings
  227. Parenting a child with ADHD
  228. Looking for advice for attention seeking 7 year old
  229. How do you deal with an obstinate 7 year old girl?
  230. Jealous of the new baby
  231. Head shots and encouraging free-thinking kid
  232. Packed Lunches
  233. Overly agreeable child?
  234. 3 year old has NO interest in self care
  235. Effects of Advertisements on Your Child
  236. "Special Toys" and Sharing...
  237. Need Suggestions on Motivating 5-year-old to do Sports
  238. HELP! - What is your biggest logistical problem as a parent?
  239. Taking your 3-year-old to numerous activities a week or the same place daily?
  240. DS won't listen.
  241. Need advice about DSs
  242. 5 year old doesn't remember the rules....
  243. What do you do with unwanted Christmas gifts?
  244. 5 year old says rude, hurtful things
  245. just a question about kid car trips?
  246. How can I get my 6 year old to fall asleep on her own?
  247. tonsalacmy
  248. How do you manage when day time sleeps end?
  249. New Book
  250. 4 year old whines/tantrums ALL. DAY.