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: The Childhood Years

  1. Please talk me off the ledge re: kids sharing a room
  2. I need advice help a.s.a.p
  3. Brother, 9 and sister, 6, fighting constantly
  4. How much technology (iPad, TV, etc.) do you allow for your 5-ish-yo?
  5. dp's son is a holy terror, mean to my dd
  6. "Green" Carnival Prizes
  7. At my wits end. :(
  8. DDS says 7 yo has a frenulum problem
  9. balance bikes for older children question
  10. Friend rejecting my kids
  11. teaching 9yo to ride bike on street
  12. Imagination vs. Reality at 10 yrs.?
  13. Any advice for helping 8 yr old with persistence?
  14. am i doing something wrong?
  15. 5 year old daughter with vaginal bump
  16. Where to buy a backpack
  17. Would you tell your child he was right to distrust a former caregiver?
  18. Dress Up costumes for bigger kids
  19. ODD or normal 4 yr old?
  20. I've been annoyed by my child for three years
  21. My Son Loves Nail Polish
  22. Student looking for Questionnaire Respondents - please help!
  23. How are babies made?
  24. Any natural ways to boost melatonin in children?
  25. Bed-wetting support/advice needed!
  26. Eating too much/not eating enough
  27. How young is too young to be left alone?
  28. Nosebleeds
  29. Husband scratched daughter on purpose... help me please... I don't know what to do
  30. Do you have a kids pool at your home?
  31. 8 year old seems traumatized from sleep over camp...
  32. 9-year old separation anxiety?
  33. 5yo wetting bed since medical issues were brought up.
  34. Swim question
  35. Check Out This Funny Family with Four Kids Show!
  36. Talking with children about difficult extended family issues and painful past events
  37. Over affectionate 6 yo DD - scaring others
  38. My son gender confused? Need some advice.
  39. social norms -- neighborhood kids
  40. my 7 year old stole a phone... SHOCKED...what to do??!
  41. new gift alternative
  42. "Science-y" gifts ideas for $10 or less
  43. HopHopClock - A help for parents
  44. How to best handle being a parent to an extrovert when you're an introvert?
  45. Need advice for discouraging "potty talk" and some other behaviours in DS!
  46. Son's hand in crotch all the time ~ what to do?!
  47. Anyone ever have to find pet new home?
  48. Sensitive, emotional, passive-aggressive 4-year-old
  49. Pinpointing the cause of some SERIOUS gas in 6yo girl
  50. Almost 4 year old - constant questions, repetitive
  51. 5 year old child vomiting at only night & low grade fever
  52. 5 year old has a hard time falling asleep
  53. Cyst on dd collar bone under the skin.
  54. disturbing nicknames for the new baby. please help!
  55. road/boat travel with kids
  56. Siblings sleeping together?
  57. 5 YO still grieving loss of pet after 6 months
  58. Primer for "big kid" outdoor play?
  59. Looking for recommendations: Bedtime stories on audio CD
  60. Need bike trailer recommendation
  61. The Amazing Repeating Five-Year-Old
  62. Little boys and gun play
  63. Kids wanting to end friendships - WWYD?
  64. Do you think kids today are different from previous generations?
  65. Exhausted referee needs advice/to vent - Put my 6 y.o. boys in separate rooms?
  66. 5 year old losing baby teeth?
  67. "Shy" 4 yr old and preschool
  68. Playing Dumb
  69. lunch checkout process at your public school -- how does it work?
  70. 7 year old girl is pooing and peeing in the cat's litter box- help
  71. The Childhood Years
  72. 8 yo seems to be getting acne
  73. How can we make our backyard more fun for our kids?
  74. Rash on groin in almost 5 year old
  75. Dealing with violent outbursts in 8 year old
  76. Does DS have chickenpox??
  77. parents of girls: talk to me about body image
  78. "I'm sick" everyday - 6 year old
  79. Eating food/ the ground
  80. How many afterschool activities does your child do?
  81. Has Anyone Had Success with NAET?
  82. How to encourage 3 yr old to catch up on sleep after surgery?
  83. why is my 3.5 yo so miserable?
  84. how to mesh to kids with opposite personalities?
  85. how to help 4 year old feel more secure
  86. When to worry about weight of a 7 year old?
  87. Gun play
  88. Tell me about IEP plans
  89. Kid fears breaking stuff
  90. 4.5 year old boy, still wakes up at night
  91. When is it okay to leave kids alone in a public location?
  92. Bonding without playing
  93. Kissing game in kindergarten
  94. Little Big Brother...
  95. 5 year old boy and a "bad attitude"
  96. Keeping 3 year old occupied without technology
  97. Celebration Burn-Out. How to shift our kid's attitudes about holidays and birthdays?
  98. Please complete my survey on children and media violence!
  99. Bedwetting and more bedwetting
  100. Can't stand that all the neighborhood kids want to play at my house!
  101. Chore chart
  102. Pressures of peer groups start early
  103. My 5yo "confessed" he wants to be a girl
  104. 3yr old PMSing
  105. i think my 6yo is depressed
  106. 5 year old dd, plain shoes and birthday party unhappiness
  107. Are you a parent of a 1-10 year old and want to participate in a uni project about parenting and feeding?
  108. What is empathy supposed to look like?
  109. Toys for an 8 year old boy!
  110. I am a NINJA!!
  111. Outdoor toy suggestions??
  112. Little Big Brother..
  113. Are you a competitive or cooperative mother?
  114. Keeping 4 Year Old Active...Suggestions?
  115. What are your plans for your child for the summer?
  116. 3.5 year old and the potty
  117. How to fight with the monsters living inside my child 's play house ?
  118. Worried about meningitis
  119. Clothing brands for big kids: help my strong, healthy daughter stay confident!
  120. Is seven the new thirteen?!
  121. Advice for recovering from lingering illness
  122. That stinky kid smell
  123. Ds is having regular muscle cramps
  124. Did you sleep with your kids when they were little?
  125. In laws with no sense of germs, and wild cousins.....
  126. Attachment Parenting the ADHD child (please read and weigh in your thoughts if you are parenting an ADHD child)
  127. Uninviting someone to a birthday party.....what would you do?
  128. Five year old might be stealing at school--not sure
  129. Finding rain boots for kid with W I D E feet.
  130. Four and 1/2 year old wont do pretend play
  131. My daughters BMI is below 1%?
  132. Getting home from work (balancing unwinding and spending time w kids)
  133. Things I Said I Would NEVER Do..... (Let's see how well that turned out...)
  134. Need Help Teaching Kids About Safety and "Stranger Danger"
  135. 5 yo ds and hurt feelings
  136. Co-sleeping w/3 yo and new baby on the way. Help!
  137. How old to move playroom to basement?
  138. Surviving a Strong Willed, Clingy Child
  139. Does anyone have experience getting an older child to accept your pregnancy?
  140. Trouble getting "mobilized"
  141. Anyone else have a kid who just wont keep their hands to themselves?
  142. Violent 10 year old
  143. When one parent has to miss child's birthday, what to do?
  144. Is it time to tell dd about gender differences
  145. First Grade Mean Girls
  146. Feel like my 6 year old is always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to love and attention...
  147. I feel unfair but...trying to meet 4 kids' needs!
  148. Impossible to take out of the house!
  149. refusing warm clothes in a cold climate
  150. Video player in a childs bedroom?
  151. Nonviolent Chapter Books?
  152. Advice re: extra curricular activities for pre-school/K kids?
  153. 9yo persistent nose picking - ideas?
  154. I always come back to when there's trouble...
  155. Very shy 3.5 year old- to start school or wait?
  156. Moving to Big Bed fears (mine!)
  157. You WILL EAT, or table rules.
  158. 3.5 old curly hair - tangly - won't brush - help!
  159. natural toy companies?
  160. almost 5 year old talks so much and doesn't listen
  161. What are your views on The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  162. Help me make our neighborhood fun!
  163. Fluoride supplements?
  164. What are your kids drawing lately?
  165. Active kids and jeans/pants
  166. Friends- 1st Grade
  167. In bed with mommy - activity ideas for the little (and not so little) ones
  168. How much Vitamin C?
  169. Any kids with dreds out there?
  170. Am I being really mean?
  171. WWE - 6 and 8 year old boys want to watch
  172. Feeling overwhelmed and pressured...
  173. Worried about my 6 yo, should I look into getting him counselling? (long).
  174. Homeschooling
  175. start co-sleeping at 4???
  176. 4 yo boy loves everything "girly"
  177. Do you buy your childen gifts in between holidays/birthdays?
  178. Soon to be 7 year old son still wears pull ups at night
  179. Too young?
  180. staying home alone
  181. My son is sneaking candy
  182. 4 year old views sleep as public enemy #1
  183. 3 (almost 4) yo and constant tantrums! Help!
  184. Good-for-you birthday parties
  185. looking for Mr Dressup and Lassie shows
  186. Math book recommendations, please
  187. Six-year-old crawls into our bed every night and there is not enough room.
  188. 3 1/2 year old with lots of attitude!!!
  189. How do I convince my fiance to tell his children their cat died?
  190. seven and eight year old boys
  191. Strange Rebellions-
  192. Encouraging 5yo to sleep in his own bed.
  193. 6 year old's grief...
  194. Son playing with princeses
  195. Eating together
  196. deleted
  197. Advice on 4yr old that is maybe HYPO sensitive - SPD but not ASD
  198. Appropriate Cooking Age
  199. How to motivate dd to brush teeth?
  200. Books for 10 year old who finds reading a challenge?
  201. Two winter fairy tales.
  202. Undescended testicle surgery on a 5 year old
  203. Manners disappeared...HELP!
  204. At the end of my rope with DD (long)
  205. Dad tells 8 year old son "Not to tell mom" that she lectures a lot.
  206. Finding balance
  207. Tiny and angry
  208. Desperate for help, I'm falling apart as a AP mom!
  209. Overall immaturity and dyspraxia
  210. How to address topic of physical handicaps with a 4 yr old?
  211. HELP!!!! Not sure what to do with our middle child
  212. seeking negative attention is draining mom and dad
  213. tickling between cousins
  214. Longer/chapter book suggestions for nearly 5 year old??
  215. Grandparents & Toys
  216. 5yr girl bleeding-ok?
  217. How do we help dd?
  218. Neighbor boy's unfiltered insults hurting my family
  219. Leapfrog Leappad Ultra- Yes or No?
  220. boy, 3.5, SO PHYSICAL
  221. Desperate for a Change in our Dinnertime/Eating!
  222. 6 year old boy
  223. 6 year old boy still pooping in his underwear--encopresis
  224. picky neighbor kid is making my kid picky too
  225. What to do when my child's teacher punished him wrongly?
  226. 3.9 y/o Awake at 2 every night, normal?
  227. 3.5 Year Old - Time between dinner and breakfast?
  228. Did you tell your children about Santa?
  229. Tell me about Hanna Andersson
  230. Child exposed to porn at playdate
  231. Is it normal to wonder if your child is "normal"?
  232. Wish list for family to buy for your child...
  233. 5 year old has some small pimples.
  234. spirited, angry, worried 6 yr old
  235. Looking for a HOMEMADE Christmas gift idea for a 10yr old
  236. "Create Your Own Holiday Cards" Giveaway
  237. convince me Shrinky Dinks are safe -- melting plastic, really?
  238. Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner
  239. Another Christmas gift question - should I buy or should I not?
  240. Wjhat are you getting your 3 year old for christmas?
  241. Black Elderberry for Croup?
  242. My 4 year old can not draw anything
  243. Help with craft supplies?
  244. Need movie recs for 3.5 yr old
  245. Child being unfairly judged by school
  246. Becoming concerned with son's "slippery hands"
  247. Looking for games appropriate for preschool (4-5 year olds)
  248. Becoming a man book for 7 year old boy
  249. Kids Sleeping on Their Own
  250. Please tell me how to get my children to listen to me!!