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  16. Repair my old Elna 925 DCX or buy inexpensive Brother?
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  20. pareau?
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  27. Artists Way by Julia Cameron
  28. 18" doll clothes
  29. Questions about selling art??
  30. Cheapest way to buy a lots of beads.
  31. Yarn recommendation for baby afghan?
  32. DIY Wardrobe
  33. New Homemade: ArtWaters Arts & Crafts Kit
  34. Recommendations for a beginner sewing machine
  35. Any beginning knitters or wannabes?
  36. ptterns for a child's doll sling
  37. Looking for custom printed clothing labels
  38. Ideas for how to fix an outdoor playhouse
  39. Lady Kenmore 89
  40. Arts & Crafts
  41. What party decor is EASY to make (bunting?)?
  42. Mamas 250+ and short statured... Help.
  43. wedding gift ideas for dcs to make
  44. Craft-induced tendonitis, anyone?
  45. Sew wrap conversion mei tai
  46. Help with a crochet pattern
  47. What are the safest (NON TOXIC) fabrics/threads/yarns to use when sewing and crocheting?
  48. Handmade easter present
  49. How do you copy a pattern for use?
  50. Breastpad DIY
  51. how can I attach ladybug spots to a red shirt temporarily?
  52. Help with Fisherman Knit Sweater for 1 yr old
  53. anyone knit or do counted cross stitch?
  54. 2014 Project challenge 52 weeks 52 projects
  55. Touch & Sew 2 model 770 deluxe zigzag cam timing
  56. This week's giveaway!
  57. Dress Form Recommendations
  58. I thought some of us would like this listing of sale for fiber arts!
  59. Need ideas for homemade gift for a 9 year old boy!
  60. The Ultimate Etsy Holiday Gift Guide!
  61. Duplicate stitch baby hat pattern suggestions
  62. When is a good age to begin knitting and crochet?
  63. Can I repair this doll's face?
  64. Sewing projects for beginners (kids)
  65. Craft ideas for young children
  66. Need Help with dalegarn strikkedesign til baby 15505 pattern
  67. Where do you buy your tea towels for embroidery?
  68. What are you knitting/crocheting? And share pics?
  69. Buying sequined fabric online? Recommendations needed
  70. Simple beginner sewing book to share with dd
  71. Pattern for poncho
  72. Looking for apron pattern for older kids?
  73. Looking for a fantastic downloadable Waldorf doll pattern
  74. crafted pearl accessories
  75. Anyone start Holiday crafting yet?
  76. 2 year old obsessed with sewing machine!
  77. HELP!!!!!
  78. advice for natural dyes tie-dying with kids outside, no stove involved please?
  79. This is too cute not to share
  80. Need Genealogy Chart Suggestions...
  81. I can't count crochet stitches when working in the round???
  82. Out of the cloth diaper making loop- what fabrics, what patterns do you like?
  83. Dinosour with cart ?!
  84. Mostly indoor b-day party for 9 year old - ideas for crafts please, help!
  85. Need a source for waldorf doll skin
  86. Book/Folder covers without plastic
  87. Easy crafts for kids - what are your favorites?
  88. Non synthetic boppy nursing pillow replacement
  89. ceramics help
  90. Crafts and Art for kids
  91. waldorf doll hair tutorial
  92. stuck sewing second side of zipper - need help/advice (photos)
  93. Earth Day crafts? Are you doing any?
  94. help with quilt idea
  95. In response to creating a knitted/crochet or fabric bean bag chair; It can be done by loom or hand knit or fabric ( See Here)
  96. Have a great tutorial??
  97. Did you dye your eggs naturally? How did they turn out?
  98. Calling all crafters! I need some easter egg help!
  99. What is your favorite Yarn?
  100. Best websites for buying craft supplies
  101. Playstand plans...once again
  102. How to make my own printable fabric - esp. re: ink fixatives
  103. Any zinesters out there?!
  104. Stabilizing some fabric bows???
  105. Master-klass waldorf doll
  106. My waldorf dolls
  107. How did you learn to work with wood?
  108. Collapsing the many A&C forums...
  109. Collapsing the many A&C forums...
  110. 6yo girl birthday party craft?
  111. Play store/ Ideas please!
  112. Crafting with felted wool sweaters...
  113. Holztiger Vehicles
  114. I want to make this shirt... ideas?
  115. 52 Project Challenge, 2013
  116. Stuffing pillows question - help
  117. Handmade Holidays 2013
  118. Anyone do mehindi henna tattoo art?
  119. Where do you get your felt?
  120. Should I just give up crochet?
  121. I have been sucked in!!!
  122. How do you find the time/energy to be creative?? Help!
  123. Men's scarf question
  124. Build a basic playhouse
  125. Little Pnuts subscription
  126. microwave method for dying play silks?
  127. Alternatives to My Little Ponies
  128. Can someone please help me find a pattern for an infant stocking hat?
  129. Why can't I get this?
  130. Craft Gifts for 3-year-old?
  131. Sewing Machine Tune Up
  132. In & On Megactiocubo
  133. Sewing Machine Advice
  134. Broken needle
  135. Need Pattterns for Christmas Ornaments
  136. Making handmade gifts for the craft challenged?
  137. two sided cable scarf?
  138. DIY dollhouses?
  139. Gift basket for a new mom to be
  140. I need help understanding this pattern
  141. In need of baby knitting ideas!
  142. Tie-dye question - too difficult for party activity?
  143. using found wood -- does it need to be treated?
  144. cashmere gloves?
  145. Thoughts of sewing a thin down comforter into custom sleep sacks
  146. Pumpkins!!!!!
  147. making a baby clothes quilt
  148. Bendy doll Makeover
  149. KAM snap Co-op
  150. How confident do you feel when your kids ask you to draw something for them?
  151. Expensive habits
  152. Nova Natural Doll Stroller?
  153. American Girl "Rebecca" Inspired girl's pajamas
  154. Sling Rings in Canada
  155. Question about knitting the ribbing on soakers
  156. Altering medical scrubs for maternity?
  157. Need advice--want to start pattern line, WWYD?
  158. Where do you swap
  159. Laws & ethics of using patterns, tutorials and etc. for commercial gain?
  160. Where to get vintage lace?
  161. Have box of waterproof diaper cover fabric to sell
  162. Fluorescent light covers? Help me make them cool!
  163. Talk to me about Waldorf dolls
  164. ISO pattern for pregnant mama/birthing doll
  165. Where to buy acid free pen
  166. Waldorf Doll Repair-Kathe Kruse Doll
  167. Looking for printed cotton fabric with spanish words on it
  168. Finding supplies
  169. crochet nursing pads
  170. Help me decide! :)
  171. Handmade Halloween costumes? Decor, etc?
  172. ISO: dancing rain doll pattern: button jointed doll
  173. First time Diaper Maker Questions
  174. Help with Wool!
  175. Who are your favorite fabric designers?
  176. Fine Arts and Natural Family Living--looking for tips from other artists!
  177. Games with missing pieces
  178. crochet carrier
  179. dead fish hat
  180. buy lamb fleece
  181. Wooden ECO toys
  182. core spinning ques.
  183. NEWBIE needs help!
  184. Holiday Crafting!
  185. mei tai making help, please
  186. What craft fun kid activities are you planning this summer?
  187. Pinning PUL, Fleece vs Flannel
  188. where can I find premade vb aios?
  189. Dying my nylon swimsuit
  190. Miniature Dollhouses?
  191. Looking for a pattern for a simple doll that a kindergartener can sew
  192. How to get rid of (vintage) fabric odor?
  193. Duplicate Stitch Vs Intarsia
  194. can I dye stained cotton bed cover
  195. Crochet diaper cover/soaker pattern
  196. Quick Easy Wedding Gifts
  197. ? for drop spindle users
  198. convert a 1 piece swim suit into a 2 piece?
  199. Help with playsilks- what do I buy?
  200. Using glow in dark stars fabric to cover up ugly top bunk slats/mattress???
  201. Should I buy a vintage Viking Husquarvana?
  202. cake decorating gurus? I need a kangaroo.
  203. smoothest homemade play-do/clay recipe?
  204. Microfleece vs other kinds of fleece
  205. Diaper and diaper cover patterns need a new home`
  206. Patterns to give away
  207. Safe Motherhood Quilt Project Display and Rally
  208. replacing elastic question
  209. Fabric for kitchen chairs...
  210. Is there a site like Ravelry but for sewing?
  211. A couple of my Waldorf Dolls
  212. sewing space ideas? frugal shopping ideas?
  213. Knitted soakers and/or fabric source for wool?
  214. Waldorf Doll Question
  215. Postpartum Mama Pads
  216. Little comet tail one size diaper issues?
  217. Very Baby Snug Wrap pattern
  218. Pinterest
  219. Rings ito make your own baby sling in Canada
  220. Is it cheaper to spin your own yarn?
  221. do it yourself elastic replacement
  222. Fix 1980s Singer, or buy new entry-level machine?
  223. knit longies/shorties for a newbie to CDing
  224. Eco-Easter Toys - Basket Fillers?
  225. Post Your Homemade Play Kitchens Here!
  226. oops posted in wrong place
  227. Very
  228. Good books for kids + Teaching a different knitting style?
  229. help me find some wool hand carders
  230. Best adhesive for use with leather?
  231. source for zippers?
  232. I'm giving away two organic dolls!
  233. How to prevent or fix this issue?
  234. My Weebly- Jemima from play school doll + Unicorn Hobby Horse
  235. recycling clothes into diapers- am I missing something?
  236. My Handmade Birth & Breastfeeding doll- Check her out! **PICS!! **
  237. First crochet projects??
  238. favorite PUL for making diapers?
  239. Dollhouse doll body
  241. Finally!
  242. What is you favorite fabric combo for new baby fitted diapers?
  243. party hats
  244. Ideas for post-operation supplies
  245. PUL: more than one kind...?
  246. Kam Snap Press... Finding dies for other hardware findings? Rivets, grommets, eyelets, etc....
  247. topsy turvy doll
  248. A bit OT, but I am looking for the name of a specific artist
  249. What am I doing wrong??? (Crochet question)
  250. What are some good hidden layers?