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  4. Wonder
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  12. Posterior Tongue Tie in Roanoke
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  19. Richmond Dentists??
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  21. Doulas in Fort Campbell, Hopkinsville, Madisonville
  22. Fresh Move to SOVA
  23. Moving to Richmond
  24. Vax friendly peds?
  25. KY Mothers Interested in LLL Leadership
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  27. Huntington, WV?
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  29. Any expecting moms in the NRV/Roanoke area?
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  31. Seeking a support group near 25401
  32. Looking for childcare in Hampton area of Virginia
  33. Available Nanny Oct 2014
  34. Connections & feasibility of moving to Richalnds, VA
  35. OB/Midwifery services in NOVA
  36. Moving back to Floyd Co
  37. Ft. Campbell area summer events
  38. Tell me about Harrisonburg~ moving in less then 6 weeks!
  39. Non-vax, non-circ friendly pediatrician, dentist and ortho recommendations
  40. Northern Neck Virginia
  41. Nanny Available May 2014 Charlottesville Virginia
  42. Richmond Mamas!
  43. tell me about rural KY
  44. Attachment Parenting Moms, are you there?
  45. MIdwives in Harrisonburg, VA
  46. Non-vaxxing waiver in WV
  47. Parenting resources | Lexington, KY
  48. Cross post: we have chicken pox in NoVa
  49. Relocating to Virginia Beach
  50. Meet the Fort Campbell area doulas on Sunday
  51. New to Charlottesville, VA
  52. Improving Birth Survey!
  53. Accupunturist in Fredericksburg, VA
  54. New to Williamsburg, VA
  55. Looking for Family Practice/ Doctor in Harrisonburg, VA area
  56. Looking for L-ville/Southern Indiana midwife, thoughts on Jennifer Williams
  57. birthing advice needed
  58. Looking for Halloween activities in this general area: home school teenage girl
  59. Looking for on call childcare in the 22192 VA area :)
  60. Seeking attachment-parenting style nanny in Roanoke
  61. Improving Birth Rally - Fort Campbell, KY / Clarksville, TN - LABOR DAY!
  62. Red Tent Event - Fort Campbell, KY - September 14
  63. Moving from San Diego to Richmond next April
  64. Holistic Moms Network Louisville Chapter
  66. Seeking home birth midwife for N. Lexington/Georgetown area.
  67. queer families/queer friendly professionals in Charlottesville/Richmond?
  68. Rally to Improve Birth- several KY locations!
  69. VBAC friendly OBs in Louisville?
  70. Waldorf in the Blacksburg VA area?
  71. Natural minded pediatrician in Hampton Roads
  72. Looking for out of hospital midwife in danville, VA area
  73. Looking for a VBAC Midwife in Northern KY
  74. Considering a move to Charlottesville from NOVA
  75. Good OBGYN near Blacksburg, VA?
  76. New to Charlottesville--Looking for Friends
  77. Birthcare in Alexandria!!
  78. Eating for Breastfeeding Class Early Bird Special
  79. doula,CBE and student midwife
  80. Kentucky Mammas...Please make this very important call to help legalize homebirths in KY
  81. Family doctor/pediatrician in VA Beach Area?
  82. military moms
  83. Moving to Alexandria
  84. Is it possible to have a home birth in Northern Ky?
  85. moving to richmond in a few wks
  86. Fort Campbell, KY area meet-up planned for February
  87. Kentucky Home Birth Coalition Midwifery Bill, consumers take action!
  88. Moving to Virginia
  89. Hampton Roads Area Peds
  90. Any Northern Kentucky mothers here??
  91. Northern Virginia music teacher?
  92. Milk Kefir - Anyone in West Kentucky area?
  93. new to WV
  94. Holistic Doula, childbirth educator, home-school mom in Lexington, KY
  95. IBCLC needed for friend at Ft Lee, VA
  96. New Birth Center in Emporia Va
  97. Kentucky Resources Thread
  98. Moving across WV state line in order to avoid vaxing
  99. Any aspiring/student Midwives in or around Louisville, KY? Study Group?
  100. Looking for an OB near Morgantown
  101. WV Check in
  102. want a home birth or bithing center birth
  103. Kentucky Home Birth Coalition - looking for connections across KY!
  104. Now a Doula in West KY!
  105. Charlottesville, VA??
  106. Doula recommendations in NOVA
  107. Virginia or Maryland? (cross posted)
  108. It's official!!! Moving to VA Beach!
  109. Kentucky laws on newborn tests, procedures, screenings?
  110. Possible relocation to VA Beach
  111. Any moms near Blacksburg, VA?
  112. Chicken pox party
  113. relocating to richmond/ intact-vax friendly pediatrician recs?
  114. Looking for a midwife--Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg VA area
  115. Lexington/Winchester, KY
  116. Midwife and Hospital in Alexandria area?
  117. Birth Rally
  118. Looking for like-minded mommas!
  119. Please help me find Doctors in WV who promote vaccine liberation/choice.
  120. .
  121. Looking for pediatric dentist in Martinsburg, WV
  122. Looking for a vax friendly pediatrician near Springfield/Alexandria/Fairfax
  123. anyone in woodstock va?
  124. Vaccine friendly doc in Louisville, KY PLEASE HELP!
  125. Need new care provider (Midwife of OB) in the Fredreicksburg VA area
  126. Looking for a midwife in KG, VA
  127. Saying Hi (WV-KY)
  128. Ped Recommendation Arlington/Alexandria area
  129. Natural Birth Podcast happening out of RVA
  130. Out of hospital births in RVA?
  131. Nature-Based Preschool Open House - 6/30 - Northern VA, Alexandria
  132. Calling all Hampton Roads mama's!! Moving to Norfolk in July! I need MW and neighborhood suggestions :)
  133. brookhaven birth center in harrisonburg, va
  134. Ped. recomendations in Winchester area,
  135. Midwife in Harrisonburg, VA/Shenandoah Valley
  136. Looking for hospital midwife or birthing center in Harrisonburg VA/Shenandoah Valley
  137. Homebirth midwife (Riverside Midwifery) experiences?
  138. Looking for a lactation consultant in NOVA
  139. Picnic celebrating moms! Ft. Campbell/Clarksville area
  140. Hello Richmond VA!
  141. Doula Information Richmond VA area
  142. Loudon Community midwives
  143. Ft Campbell KY / Clarksville TN Birth Community Gathering
  144. Doula Training coming up in Louisville, KY!
  145. homebirth vbac options Charleston WV area?
  146. Relocating TO Louisville, KY
  147. Homebirth in Emmitsburg MD?
  148. Midwife in south central Ky
  149. Soil lead testing in NoVa
  150. Moving to D.C. Area - Advice on Neighborhoods, Schools, Birth?
  151. Kentucky Home Birth Coalition and Advocacy Picnic
  152. Help! Midwife, Home birth, Northern Virginia, United Health Care, GEHA
  153. MotherBirth Natural Childbirth Classes being offered in Bristol, TN/VA area
  154. Midwife in Stanton KY/eastern gorge area
  155. Midwife in Stanton KY/eastern gorge area
  156. Homebirth in Louisville/S.Indiana
  157. LOTS of questions about the Blacksburg/Radford, VA area :)
  158. Northern Virginia Pediatrician - Near Sterling
  159. Resource for South Central KY
  160. Looking for a natural minded (or at least accepting) doc in the Lexington area...
  161. Referrals for Natural Birth in Kentucky
  162. Vaccine Friendly in Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio Area
  164. TCM practitioner in Louisville, KY
  165. Ashland, KY-Tracy Hunter?
  166. OB or midwife in Richmond?
  167. Any recommendations for a no-cost or low-cost birth doula in NOVA?
  168. South Boston/Danville VA Moms
  169. Hampton Roads Church?
  170. Looking for someone experienced diagnosing posterior tongue ties? (x-posted)
  171. Other Moms in Richmond?
  172. The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Lexington and I have a great discount code
  173. Thinking of opening a at-home daycare...need opinions
  174. just moved to Gainesville area and looking for friends
  175. Fort Campbell, KY / Clarksville, TN Birth Community Gathering
  176. Probably a long shot...any like-minded mamas in New Kent, VA?
  177. Louisville mamas: Need recommendation for a great LC (re: tongue tie)
  178. Looking for a CNM Recommendations (possible home birth) in Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati Area.
  179. Relocation to the Fort Belvoir Area
  180. Can Someone Explain School Systems in VA Please
  181. Need part-time childcare (near Warrenton, VA)
  182. Louisville, KY and surrounding area
  183. Ashland, KY? TriState Area?
  184. Birth Options - Low-Income - Louisville
  185. Neurologist in Richmond?
  186. Crunchy pediatricians in Louisville?
  187. need some help...
  188. Still have tons of milk to share in SW Va.
  189. Frederick, MD hospital vs. Meritus Medical in Hagerstown, MD
  190. HELP!! looking for OB/midwife/Birthing center in Va Beach/ TRICARE network
  191. ND/ referral
  192. Vaccine Friendly Ped, family Doc, ND in VA
  193. Lexington Area KY moms
  194. Looking for a Midwife and Doula in OH/KY tri-state area!
  195. looking for a delayed vaxing dr. in Lynchburg
  196. Midwife in Cental-West Kentucky?
  197. New to Front Royal, Warren County, near tip of skyline drive
  198. An Invitation
  199. Midwife for Charles Town, WV area
  200. Any suggestions on OB/ midwife familiar with blood clotting disorders in Virginia?
  201. Virginia Mamas - doula recommendations?
  202. Non vax friendly Pediatrician in Hampton Roads!?
  203. montessori/waldorf classes in Farifax
  204. Anyone in Northern VA (PWC) area?
  205. In-home daycare/preschool in Springfield area?
  206. Northern Neck, Virginia Birth Center Closing
  207. Stafford County pediatrician?
  208. Fort Campbell Kentucky Question (where to live)
  209. Suggestions for natural living in Stafford area?
  210. Pediatrician recs in Warrenton, Front Royal or Gainesville, VA area
  211. Homeschool friendly OT in NOVA
  212. Seeking Alternate Vaccination Schedule Pediatrician in Lexington, KY
  213. Louisville KY?
  214. HELP PLEASE! Need info on Newport News, Va area
  215. Anybody need milk in VA?
  216. AD: Prenatal Yoga, Holistic Childbirth Courses, & Natural Family Workshops in Northern Virginia Area
  217. Cloth diaper repair in VA
  218. Crunchy Moms in Harpers Ferry!
  219. Would you consider Fredericksburg, VA to be a "crunchy/hippie" city?
  220. New to Nova, need info!
  221. New to Owensboro KY -- anyone nearby?
  222. help finding a preschool/SAHM in he Centreville/NOVA area needed
  223. Lexington HSers?!
  224. Midwife/Birth recs near Gloucester/Yorktown/Newport News/Hampton Roads
  225. VBAC in Lynchburg VA
  226. Charlottesville, Virginia
  227. NOVA Preschools (Prince William County)
  228. Pedi in Herndon?
  229. New to WV
  230. Moving to Lynchburg!
  231. Medicaid and Homebirth -- Heads up in Virginia!
  232. Big Latch On Event 2011 - Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week SW - Virginia (New River/Roanoke Valleys & Surrounding Areas)
  233. co-ed scouting reviews for Manassas area (northern VA)
  234. Alternative Schools in NoVa?
  235. VA Beach kid friendly good places to eat out?
  236. New Student Midwife/Doula in Roanoke, VA
  237. Looking for vax friendly doctor in Hampton Roads area
  238. Prenatal Yoga classes in Lynchburg, VA
  239. ISO: Pediatrician in Portsmouth, VA
  240. Pediatric Dentist in NoVa area (Woodbridge? Lorton?)
  241. Educate me about West Virginia!
  242. Another check to see if there are any other eastern Kentucky mamas here (Letcher, Knott, Perry, Floyd Co.)
  243. Low-cost/possibly free doula in WV Eastern Panhandle?
  244. UC friendly pediatrician in Louisville?
  245. Lynchburg. VA, suggestions on a Pediatrician-and what questions do you ask to find a good one?
  246. New, military, and need help!
  247. Relocating to Newport News VA (near Ft. Eustis) ... Anyone near there?
  248. NOVA Natural Birth Hospital/OB/Midwife recommendation
  249. Just discovered site—I'm in Louisville
  250. Christian AP Playgroup in Richmond?