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  1. Getting a puppy
  2. Looking for a good dentist
  3. Help! Need Non-Vax, delayed vax-friendly pediatrician or family doctor.
  4. Pregnant in MoCo?
  5. Baby Expo
  6. Fairfax Home Birth
  7. Any Crofton/Odenton mamas?
  8. Free to Low Cost Doula
  9. Looking for a local baby gift idea
  10. Old Member/New Doula
  11. Recommendations for Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) in PG county?
  12. Maryland moves to Eliminate Religious Exemption for Vax
  13. Waldorf School of Baltimore - vax-friendly?
  14. Infant care in Baltimore or Catonsville area
  15. Special beginnings
  16. Looking for homebirth midwife on the Eastern Shore
  17. WWYD? hospital birth due to insurance coverage?
  18. Vax Friendly Ped
  19. Anyone's kids have Chicken Pox?
  20. non vax family Dr in Baltimore MD?
  21. DC-area chiropractor for pregnancy?
  22. ISO holistic dermatologist in DC area
  23. free sitz bath
  24. In need of Baltimore nanny/nanny
  25. Natural birth options on eastern shore
  26. experience using the religious exeption for public school in DC plase
  27. Diaper cakes
  28. New to the Rockville area!
  29. St. Josephs medical center
  30. Birth Doula
  31. Carroll County, anyone?
  32. Home birth midwives in Maryland
  33. Easton or Anne Arundel County??
  34. Baltimore International Academy
  35. Vaccine Friendly Pediatricians
  36. Best options for VBAC in the Hagerstown area.
  37. Harford county daycare/Nanny
  38. Bel Air pediatrician
  39. Thoughts about Howard County General Hospital?
  40. homeschooling prep - is it too early?
  41. Wednesday play group in Baltimore
  42. Eastern shore looking for family doctor/pediatrician
  43. Playgroup NE Baltimore City
  44. Moving to Frostburg MD
  45. Meet ups, parenting groups in the metro DC area
  46. Catonsville Gyn?
  47. Infant care in Silver Spring
  48. Looking for pediatrician in Gaithersburg/Rockville/Potomac
  49. Pediatric/General dental practice recommendation in Howard County or surrounding areas
  50. Where to live in Metro-DC area
  51. Pediatrician Middletown, DE
  52. The thread "My homebirth experience" has been removed.
  53. We have chicken pox in NoVa
  54. where can I print 'MD laws' to take with me to my birth??
  55. Considering moving surrounding Wilmington DE area - Advice?
  56. New to DC suburbs and homesick!
  57. Family looking for another family to nanny share in Canton/Fells area in Feb.
  58. my experience with the 2 pediatricians for crunchy moms
  59. Waldorf School of Baltimore/The Greenmount School
  60. Choosing a hospital to have baby in Montgomery County
  61. Looking for a midwife near Catonsville
  62. Midwife Recommendation in Hagerstown MD
  63. No children under 12 at ultrasound "Sate Law"???
  64. Family Practice in Hagerstown/Frederick
  65. From WHYY in PA but on Delaware - midwives!
  66. Improving Birth Survey!
  67. Eastern Shore, pregnant, what are my options?
  68. new here and First Time Mom- looking for mom groups
  69. Kathy Slone and Assoc. midwife service closing?
  70. Nanny Share/Daycare Baltimore
  71. I was wondering if anyone who has taken Hypnobabies, has the home study course that I can borrow or buy
  72. Wanted: second family for Nanny Share in Catonsville Area
  73. Saturday, Oct 5, 1 pm: reading and discussion with author of Free To Learn
  74. VBA2C Waterbirth in Maryland?
  75. Birth, Bellies and Babies Expo is Sunday ,September 29th
  76. Home birth midwife that comes to southern maryland? HELP!
  77. new to Baltimore and being pregnant!
  78. Best provider for a VBAC, DC/Baltimore
  79. Looking for homebirth midwife
  80. RIE/ AP playgroup, anyone?
  81. Rally to Improve Birth, Baltimore
  82. Mandatory Drug Testing Mercy Hospital?
  83. VBA2C Baltimore Area
  84. Pro-BF or IBCLC pediatrician in Columbia area?
  85. Hospital midwife and doula?
  86. Introducing myself
  87. OB/GYN in Annapolis area
  88. Birth Center in Wilmington, DE
  89. NannyShare
  90. Looking for holistic doctor in MD
  91. Cord Blood Donation
  92. pregnant; looking for provider who will support my plan
  93. Maryland General closing there inpatient maternity ward
  94. Moving to the Eastern Shore and introduction
  95. Doula recommendations?
  96. Hi Mamas! Semi-new to Baltimore looking for good Pediatrician and mom groups
  97. Experience with Marie Herrick at BWMC
  98. Possible move to MD
  99. VBAC Friendly Midwife (or OB) in North Delaware or Philadelphia
  100. Sibling care during labor
  101. in search of a vax relaxed pediatrician in southern Delaware
  102. baltimore-area pediatric dentist?
  103. introduction: mom-to-be in SoMD
  104. Hospital based midwife recommendations in Baltimore
  105. Introductions
  106. Looking for an acupuncturist in the Glen Burnie / BWI area
  107. Introducing Myself
  108. no doulas in the OR at AAMC?
  109. Holistic Pediatrician Recs near College Park MD
  110. Northern Baltimore County Pediatricians that see unvaccinated children.
  111. Looking for a Host Nanny Share Family in Baltimore City
  112. Midwife or OB for in-hospital VBAC, near Alexandria VA?
  113. holistic pediatrician or family practitioner in Northern Delaware?
  114. HUGE Montgomery Twins Groups Consignment sale March 2nd
  115. Choosing an OB/GYN
  116. cloth and breast milk friendly Annapolis daycare recommendations needed
  117. Children's Consignment Sale on March 23rd
  118. For those of you that haven't had a chance to sign the midwifery petition.
  119. Still a few spaces open! ARTful Birth Program
  120. Student Doula (read: LOW COST) in Montgomery County!
  121. Eating for Breastfeeding Class Early Bird Discount!!
  122. Baltimore area preschools?
  123. ARTful Birth- NEW Childbirth Program and FREE!
  124. HB-friendly Pediatrician in or near Howard County
  125. Considering a move to the Delaware/ Maryland/ Virginia area... please advise!
  126. The New Maryland Friends of Midwives!!
  127. Wonderful Prenatal Yoga Class in Ellicott City
  128. Thoughts on Midwives at Special Beginnings (particularly as relates to delivering at AAMC)?
  129. New Prenatal Yoga Class in Ellicott City
  130. Delmarva Moms?
  131. Anyone know vaccine-relaxed pediatrician in Montgomery county, MD?
  132. URGENT Show DHMH New Deputy Secretary that we NEED CPM Licensing!
  133. Baltimore-Area Mommas: Spouses/Significant Others with Mental Illness Support Group?
  134. Fairhaven School Open House this coming Saturday
  135. NOVA mommies unite!
  136. Loudoun County Midwives/The Birthing Inn - NoVa
  137. NOVA Homebirth Talk to Me!!
  138. Infomation on Kathy Sloan group and delivering at Mercy
  139. Baltimore mamas: Where did you do Nucal Translucency &/or 20-week ultrasound?
  140. Looking for provider and doula recommendations in the South Baltimore area
  141. Baltimore-area Ultrasound practitioners & Special Beginnings
  142. DC-area/NoVa music teacher?
  143. Mending/ knitting group near Cloverly, MD
  144. Nanny Share in Harbor East/Fells Point/Canton starting May/June 2013
  145. Looking for a CNM for Maryland Homebirth.
  146. New Here
  147. Play Time for young children
  148. Holistic Pediatrician in Hunt Valley/Timonium Area
  149. Diaper Service in Silver Spring
  150. Looking for Wicomico County families who have experienced difficulty obtaining a birth certificate after a homebirth
  151. VBAC Panel in January-
  152. Moving across West Virginia state line into Maryland to avoid vaxing
  153. Holistic/Homeopahtic Pediatrician for ADHD up to 25 Miles from Ashburn, VA
  154. I'm writing as a parent/teacher founder to tell everyone about Creative City Public Charter School.- Baltimore City Public School
  155. Mom's Group - SIlver Spring MD
  156. Opportunity to help pass Question 6: Marylanders for Marriage Equality
  157. NEED a VBAC friendly option in RESTON, VA
  158. Baltimore- holistic pediatrician? Albuteral for a virus?
  159. Who does vaginal breech deliveries, preferrably at home, in MD?
  160. Seeking Psychiatrist that's good with *Adult* ADHD
  161. Shady Grove vs. Montgomery General Hospital? Also any OBGYN suggestions near Germantown, Rockville, or Bethesda
  162. Looking for Chiro/CST near Hagerstown, MD
  163. Fairhaven School Open House (free range kids welcome!)
  164. Open-minded Pediatrician in JHCP Network
  165. Save the midwife
  166. Shady grove vs mercy
  167. Cloth Diapers!
  168. Sign-On Petition for Licensing CPMs in MD
  169. Pediatric Optometrist?
  170. Need Family Practitioner in MD/NOVA for my parents
  171. Nanny share in Baltimore/ Pikesville/ Mt. Washington
  172. non-circ friendly pediatrician in hagerstown?
  173. Experience with CareFirst BlueChoice HMO to cover HB?
  174. Birth, Bellies, & Babies Expo - This Sunday (9/23)
  175. Car Seat Recycling?
  176. New to Columbia, MD - looking for like-minded mamas
  177. Breast specialist/breast center recommendations?
  178. Nanny Share in Baltimore - Cockeysville/Timonium/Sparks/Towson
  179. Moving to MD - need help deciding where to live
  180. Maryland, Virginia, or D.C?
  181. Home birth wanted bad, montgomery county md sucks
  182. Breech Experiences - Special Beginnings/AAMC
  183. Family with established nanny seeks additional family for nanny share
  184. National Rally for Change ( - Columbia, MD - TOMORROW!
  185. Looking for ped in Arlington area
  186. primary care doctor recommendation
  187. Looking for a good Chiropractor in Bethesda area
  188. Need dentist recommendations within reasonable distance from Owings Mills, MD
  189. cross post - protest re: John Hopkins Univ. recent study....
  190. Desperately seeking HBAC midwife
  191. Huge Consignment sale THIS week!
  192. Birth Rally
  193. Immunizations in Baltimore City Schools -- EXEMPTIONS POSSIBLE????
  194. Extremely frustrated with the academic climate of Baltimore county.
  195. ISO Intact-Friendly Pediatrician in Gaithersburg/Silver Spring/Bethesda
  196. Looking for Reproductive Endocrinologist in Maryland
  197. Doula rec. needed in Baltimore
  198. Meet up?
  199. HBAC info?
  200. Babywearing Group in the Baltimore area? Mama looking for a woven wrap to try...
  201. Pediatrician/friends/etc - Ft Meade area
  202. Cloth diapers for sale / to give away
  203. Carpooling or Transportation to BIA
  204. Ear piercing for my 4yr old
  205. nursery school recommendation for my 20m twins? Bethesda area
  206. Starting a new life in Maryland
  207. Looking for care provider for my mother
  208. Baltimore area daycares
  209. Anyone from Annapolis? Moving to the area
  210. rec for vasectomy reversal doc
  211. OBGYN for fistulas, abcesses, Crohn's, want natural delivery
  212. Looking for a non-vax or delayed vax friendly pediatrician in Delaware, Northeast MD, or South East PA
  213. Moving to Maryland--help!
  214. Relocated to the Gaithersburg area
  215. pediatrician in MD
  216. Looking for a domperidone source locally
  217. Looking for Pediatrician
  218. Smiles 4 Children Catonsville -- Maryland Healthy Smiles?
  219. Need help asap! Where locally to get a child's dose of the tetanus-only shot?
  220. New Pediatrician/Family Practice doc recommendation delayed or no vax friendly in So MD
  221. Towson meet up today!
  222. “S t r e t c h m a r k s: Growing into Motherhood”
  223. Ahhhhhhh what do you do about ANT AND SPIDERS without introducing chemicals?
  224. Revieiws on Susan Dodge and other recomendations for HB in MD PG county
  225. midwife mentor?
  226. New to Group
  227. Homeschooling in Maryland...
  228. If I need a c-section, where should I go?
  229. Well Woman Care in/near columbia, MD
  230. n/m, please delete
  231. Kelly Rudis at Maryland General
  232. Millersville Weston A Price Group meeting
  233. Anne Arundel Birthing Circle Meeting on Wednesday May 23
  234. Nils Bergman is coming to Baltimore!
  235. difference between Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington and LLL?
  236. Pediatrician open to alternative vaccine schedule in Harford County.
  237. Feedback on Kimberly Severn - Capital Womens Care in Bethesda, MD?
  238. Need advice on Baltimore-area hospitals and/or how to afford home birth and with whom for V2BAC
  239. Looking for a midwife who can deliver in a hospital. I live in Germantown, MD.
  240. Yet Another Homebirth Momma Desperately Seeking Midwife...
  241. Mobile telemetry
  242. May ICAN of Baltimore Mtg "VBAC After 3 Cesareans"
  243. DOD benefits?
  244. Domperidone?
  245. Pediatrician recommendation in Northern Delaware?
  246. Ultrasound question with Simmonds and Simmonds (MCA)
  247. In home daycare recs in Columbia area?
  248. Safe Motherhood Quilt Project Display and Rally
  249. Perry Hall Homeschool Association!
  250. Recommendations for Doulas in Baltimore / Parkville / Towson area?