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  1. Recommended Travel/Taxi Service for Kids
  2. Please HELP!
  3. chicken pox this week
  4. Lehigh Valley
  5. Vax conversation - May 4th '17
  6. Looking for chicken pox
  7. North Shore, Long Island (Nassau County)
  8. Central New Jersey Young Homeschoolers
  9. Recommendations for Cold Spring, New York
  10. Syracuse?
  11. looking for a natural family living pediatrician in New York
  12. NEPA/ Binghamton NY Midwives
  13. Postpartum Doula Philadelphia area
  14. Health Care Providers in South Jersey
  15. MD for medical exemption
  16. Moving to NYC from LA!
  17. Traditional birthkeeper, unlicensed midwife?
  18. Great Nanny Needs To Find New Family
  19. Chicken Pox in Nyack, NY!
  20. Pox in Williamsburg?
  21. Thimerisol free
  22. Moving to NJ from the UK, religious exemption advice?
  23. VAXXED - CDC Whistleblower Documentary - showing in New York this weekend!!
  24. Choosing school district for special needs kid Philly northern suburbs-eastern Montco
  25. Holistic/ vac alt schedule pediatrician in Westchester, NY??
  26. Holistic/ vac friendly pediatrician in Bergen County/North NJ
  27. Experience with NYC midwife Christiane McCloskey?
  28. Private School in Central NJ
  29. Nassau County LI OB-GYN for miscarriage follow-up care? Leaving terrible local OB
  30. Looking for holistic pediatrician Central, N.J.
  31. Looking for Pox- anywhere
  32. Hi all, baby strollers wanted !
  33. Struggling to find a midwife in DelCo, PA
  34. Looking for midwife and Hospital advice/reviews close to The Rockaways, Queens NY
  35. What happened to LLL?
  36. Any Limited Vaccine DR's in PA?
  37. Hypnobirthing in Hoboken/Jersey City
  38. natural birth Midwives in New Brunswick Area???
  39. Northern NJ Realtor with knowledge of homeschool/unschool communities?
  40. Babysitter needed in Harrisburg
  41. obgyn bergen county
  42. New Jersey Homeschooling
  43. Does anyone know about custody rights or rights of parents?
  44. Looking for a midwive that delivers in hackensack or englewood hospital
  45. Looking for integrative medicine pediatrician in Queens are, or Long Island
  46. Good pediatrician or family med doc in Pittsburgh area
  47. Seeking a Chickenpox party in NJ!
  48. Yoga for Homeschoolers NEPA
  49. Homeschooling communities nj?
  50. ISO: Western NY or Erie area family practitioner
  51. Vaccine exemptions in Amherst, Williamsville NY schools
  52. ISO Pediatrician and OB recommendations in Harrisburg, PA area
  53. Home birth midwife recommendations in NYC
  54. Looking for non-vaxx school options
  55. Pediatrician or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Jersey City/Hoboken
  56. Trip to Long Island, NY
  57. Good private schools in south jersey
  58. ISO: Pediatrician Near South Salem, NY
  59. ISO Rochester NY Area Pediatrician
  60. Bergen County Midwives?
  61. Newly pregnant, looking for high risk OB, MFM & Hospital in Northern NJ & NYC area
  62. Astoria, NY Queens or Upper East side
  63. democratic/progressive schools in NW Jersey?
  64. ISO No-vaxx pediatrician in Morris County NJ
  65. ISO new pedi - local Philly/Main Line area
  66. Looking for OB/GYN in Luzerne County, PA
  67. In Philly Area?
  68. Mt Joy/Elizabethtown/Lancaster PA
  69. Winsome parchment
  70. PA vaccine exemptions
  71. doula in cherry hill,nj
  72. DayCare in Central Jersey
  73. Pennsylvania vaccination law
  74. CST rec in NJ/NYC
  75. Moving to Rochester, NY area
  76. homebirth midvife or hospital midwife in Bergen County.NJ
  77. Moving to Newark, NJ area...
  78. Westchester NY Summer Camps -
  79. hour south of buffalo
  80. Brooklyn & other New York questions
  81. Jersey City midwife and JCMC
  82. Lauren Pine Bildner
  83. Visit to Long Island
  84. Babywearing, natural childcare Nanny looking for work in Harrisburg/Grantham/Camp Hil
  85. Bergen County: Insurance covers Home Birth?
  86. Bergan County: Home Birth Midwives or recommendations for hospital/birthing centers?
  87. looking for VBAC provider in Ohio/Western PA area
  88. Any moms deliver at the Reading Hospital or St. Joe's in Reading that are non vax?
  89. AP-positive family law attorney in NJ/NY Metro
  90. New to central New York
  91. Raw milk source near Sheapshead Bay Brooklyn?
  92. Philly mamas?
  93. Queens moms?
  94. Compassionate Northern NJ OB for Type I diabetic?
  95. OB in Central NY?
  96. Pediatrician Rec for nonvax kids near Lakewood PA
  97. Any Western NY area moms?
  98. Mamas in Fresh Meadows NYC?
  99. Valley Birthplace or Homebirth? Trenton NJ area
  100. moving to Oneida County NY -- advice please!
  101. Drs/hospitals in NY that do vaginal breech births?
  102. Anybody in Pittsburgh?
  103. Excellent Free Pre-K in lower manhattan
  104. Attachment Parenting Nanny/Babysitter in NYC
  105. Families with older children near Malvern/West Chester, PA?
  106. Looking for OB/GYN that takes NJ Family Care
  107. Birth Center/Midwife Alternatives
  108. Need great holistic pediatrician or naturopath in MANHATTAN, medicaid friendly
  109. Vaccine exepmtion for YMCA?
  110. Vaccine exemption form NY annual or not for PUblic Schools?
  111. Albany NY (and surrounding areas) moms, where are you?
  112. Pregnant in Brooklyn (queens, manhattan)? Meet up?
  113. Hypnobirthing Certification in Philadelphia
  114. Anyone was able to avoid the vitamin K shot in NYC?
  115. looking for wilkes barre midwife
  116. Upper Bucks Pest Control
  117. Vaccine exemptions in NJ Daycares
  118. Looking for babysitting trades/swaps?! (Details inside)
  119. Question for those that have used a religious exemption in NJ
  120. Expecting in Brooklyn?
  121. Crunchy towns in NY?
  122. delayed vaccine doctor in Sullivan County
  123. FREE prenatal yoga and childbirth classes in Philly!
  124. Experience with these North Nj Midwives
  125. Homebirth Midwife for VBAC in Sullivan County NY
  126. Sesame Place trip...please share tips!
  127. Homebirth friendly pediatrician near Metuchen, NJ
  128. Natural Twin Birth PA
  129. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Area Pediatrican Recommendation
  130. Midwife in the Bronx?
  131. new york drug testing
  132. St. Josephs medical center
  133. Selective Vax Friendly Ped who Takes Medicaid in Delco/Philly area?
  134. Midwife southern pa
  135. Natural Birth Twins Bucks Cty
  136. Natural Doctor or Chiro for baby with ear fluid (Northern NJ)
  137. OBGYN: Morris or Union County??
  138. Special needs playdate in Westchester, NY?
  139. no vax ppediatrician near Albany/Saratoga
  140. Dr. Parchment's partners?
  141. Recent Overlook or Mountainside experiences?
  142. Philadelphia - Penn Midwives
  143. SE PA parents
  144. Natural birth friendly ob in nj
  145. Need new OBGYN on UES Manhattan
  146. Mother and midwife moving to South Central PA
  147. Family practitioner and dentist near Metuchen
  148. low cost doulas avaialble in NJ
  149. Need to find a midwife, Central NJ
  150. C-section/VBAC support group
  151. Medical access in PA advice?
  152. Tribeca Pediatrics UES
  153. CNY / Northern Catskills / Delhi / Oneonta / Cobleskill
  154. Vax friendly pediatrician in NYC?
  155. Holistic minded Doc in North Jersey or NYC
  156. Please help to find OB/ midwife in Morrisville or close
  157. I'm 11 weeks and need a Brooklyn ob or group that takes medicaid.
  158. One concerned parent to another
  159. Moving to Cherry Hill, NJ - Need Recommendations for Midwife / Doula / Hospital Supportive of Natural Birth
  160. In Philadelphia right now.....
  161. Pediatric neurologist NYC rec needed.
  162. Good family doctor near West Chester or Malvern, PA?
  163. Good naturopath in York, Adams, or lancaster county PA??
  164. Vaccine Exemption in NYC? Advice?
  165. Long shot here, but anybody in the Newark Valley (NY) school district....
  166. Ugh! Where to do you live that is commutable to NYC?
  167. We have chicken pox! Ithaca, NY
  168. Looking for a midwife for a home water birth near Aston PA
  169. VBAC Options in Northeast Pa
  170. NYC OB Recommendations?
  171. VBAC/C-section support group in NJ (free)
  172. Vaccine exemption in PA?
  173. Natural minded ob or midwife needed NJ and unassisted pregnancy in NJ?
  174. Anyone use Birth Care in Bart, PA?
  175. Philadelphia area nurse ins?
  176. Reading Birth and Women's Center
  177. Northern NJ vs. NYC and vaccine exemption policies
  178. Vax. friendly ped. in Rockland County
  179. Looking for Pediatrician in Central NJ who could do a home visit
  180. Looking for a midwife for homebirth near Jonestown Pennsylvania
  181. Free Comfort in Labor Classes at Babies R Us NJ. Tonight and Thurs
  182. Vax friendly dr in berks/ lancaster/Lebanon county area?
  183. LLL of the Garden St. Conference 4/11-13
  184. Searching for a holistic pediatric dentist in Central NJ (or a pediatric dentist that does not push fluoride!)
  185. Five year old has chicken pox. What next?
  186. Looking for a "pox party" near Pittsburgh
  187. Geisinger Wilkes Barre birth options
  188. Pittsburgh moms- what is it like to deliver at Magee? Do they have bathtubs?
  189. 2 Free 'Comfort in Labor' classes at Babies R Us
  190. Lancaster County selective vax friendly dr?
  191. Life changes, expecting first child, solo...have to move need a place to stay
  192. Home daycare rec for mercer county NJ area?
  193. Moving to Pittsburgh from Houston with 5 kids!
  194. Religious exemption in NYC?
  195. mamas near Buffalo
  196. PA Montessori and Waldorf
  197. Advice on registering my non-vax son for Kindergarten in PA
  198. Collective housing for parents
  199. Huntingdon/State College PA Area Doula Services
  200. ICAN Meeting for VBAC and C/S Support
  201. NUMC Midwives?
  202. Any Brooklyn mamas here with advice/info/tips?
  203. Northern New Jersey Pediatrician (Passaic/Clifton area)
  204. Babywearing and/or breastfeeding moms group in Jersey City or nearby?
  205. Family doctor/ PCP recommendations in NYC
  206. Chicken Pox Party
  207. Collective House for families in Maplewood, NJ
  208. Homebirth Midwife in Southern PA
  209. We have Chicken Pox.
  210. Family Friendly areas/towns within Commuting distance to Philadelphia
  211. Erie and crawford county- anyone want to meet? also want to start a buying club?
  212. Where to rent a birth pool
  213. pox in NY about 12/31/13
  214. Albany Doula is now booking births for 2014, community doula program plans and FREE birth photography offer!
  215. NYC Homebirth Midwives - advice and reviews?
  216. This is from WHYY in PA - midwife in Delware
  217. Looking for Holistic/Integrative Pediatrician in NYC
  218. Legal Advice Needed Fighting 50/50 Child Custody (Pennsylvania)
  219. Homebirths around the Shippensburg/Newville PA area
  220. Homebirth Midwife in Cambria County, PA or unassisted Options?
  221. Midwives near Carlisle, PA
  222. Moving Soon! Need Help!
  223. i am trying to find chicken pox. please help
  224. Any doulas in training looking to come to a vbac? :)
  225. Pediatric or family dentist in NYC.
  226. URGENT!!Looking for non/selective vax friendly doctor
  227. alternative/spread out vaccine plan in Harrisburg, PA area
  228. Non vax pediatrician in Queens/ Nassau County
  229. HB Midwives or birthing centers in Teaneck, NJ
  230. PA at it's finest! Judge orders mother to STOP breastfeeding!
  231. ICAN Meeting 12/6
  232. Looking for a midwife to do an at-home birth in So. NJ
  233. Looking for Non vax ped near Carlisle, PA
  234. Does anyone have feedback on Hom Sweet Homebirth practice?
  235. Looking for a Doctor between Allentown and Reading, PA that supports Delayed or Non-Vaccination
  236. Anyone had a homebirth recently with the Hackettstown Midwives? A few questions
  237. Naturopath or other holistic doctor in eastern/central PA
  238. Chiropractor - Prenatal (Mercer County)
  239. Natural birth friendly OB in SE Pennsylvania
  240. birthing center or hospital-based midwives in jersey city/nyc
  241. Chicken pox playdate in Orient, NY
  242. Philly Free School a Sudbury Model Democratic School in Philadelphia is having an Open House
  243. Non vax friendly doc capital region or mid hudson
  244. Home birth midwife in State College
  245. Staten Island grocery stores
  246. Donor Milk needed in NJ
  247. Holistic Moms Network, Monroe Cty Pa October Meeting
  248. Harmony at Home of SEPA
  249. VBA2C providers in S. Jersey/Philadelphia?
  250. Anyone in and around Sussex County NJ?