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  1. Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Services in MA
  2. Montessori programs in Boston and South Shore, MA
  3. Pediatricians in Newport & Portsmouth RI area?
  4. Stay at home moms in manchester ct?.
  5. Vax friendly pediatrician in New Haven, CT
  6. Seeking midwife recs in central Mass
  7. Recommend CT Pediatrician? Hartford County
  8. ct homebirth mw's near new haven
  9. vax friendly doctor, s. coast Ma
  10. Looking for a Primary Care Physician for Mama!
  11. Baby due in November, where to birth
  12. RI Book Club?
  13. Doula Available in NW CT and Western Mass! Rushes Childbirth Education and Doula Service
  14. Looking for a Vaccine friendly doctor in Cambridge
  15. Who's your Northampton /Greenfield Ma Pediatrician?
  16. Cooperative Preschool in Watertown, MA
  17. Looking for a vaccine friendly pediatrician in Hartford CT area
  18. Cooperative Preschool
  19. Cambridge/Somerville Tribe
  20. Looking for a doula in Hartford CT
  21. Looking for Mama friends in Tolland County
  22. Gentle Preschool in Middletown, CT?
  23. chicken pox in RI
  24. Home-based daycare on the East Side of Providence/Oak Hill
  25. Hello From Rhode Island :)
  26. Homeschooling in MA - starting first grade in the Fall..
  27. RI- mama's, Women and Infants question.
  28. Moving to Bristol, CT area and need resources!
  29. Pregnancy and SSRI's
  30. Looking for childcare in Barrington/ Riverside/ Swansea/ FR
  31. RI pediatricians McGonigle/Kupperburg and sick visits?
  32. Homebirth midwife near Hyde Park MA?
  33. Meet the Doulas Night - Warren RI - March 20th
  34. Parenting Class Recommendations in RI/SE MA
  35. Birthing doula recommendations for Boston area?
  36. Any Experience with Vaccine Waiver in MA?
  37. Looking for Vegetarian/Vegan friendly pediatrician in South County, RI! ASAP
  38. Pediatrician in or around Chester, MA--Western MA--OK with alternative vaccination schedules?
  39. Looking for a used Birth Pool or link to birth pool rental (Worcester, MA)
  40. Looking for highly experienced dentist in boston/south shore area for 3 yr old with caries
  41. Western MA moms
  42. Moving to RI...looking for the best family friends and safe areas
  43. Need Pediatrician
  44. False alarm. We're not in Kansas anymore, Moving to Mass
  45. Nature based preschool program in Worcester, MA. area?
  46. Other AP mom's in Mansfield, MA area? and Pediatrician's
  47. chicken pox anyone?
  48. Northern Smithfield/Mass Area
  49. need help searching for an OB & hospital in CT
  50. Anyone give birth at Windham hospital? live in storrs CT
  51. looking for CHICKEN POX
  52. Homebirth midwife in central MA?
  53. Selective/Atl. VAx Schedule Pedis in CT?
  54. Homebirth midwives in Western Mass?
  55. possible pox exposure
  56. Stamford, ct- OBGYNs
  57. United Healthcare Homebirth in RI
  58. OB/Midwife Recommendations in RI
  59. Selective vax friendly daycare - Johnston/Cranston/Smithfield/Scituate?
  60. Shopping for Docs
  61. Need help finding resources fast
  62. Infertility in RI
  63. Nanny Share in the Waltham/Newton Area - Starting mid February, 2014
  64. Leominster-area play groups?
  65. New to Providence, ISO...everything :)
  66. Northern RI looking for friends!
  67. Holistic Moms Network- Ice Cream Social Tuesday - Norwell MA
  68. Looking for Info About Quincy, MA area. Please Help!
  69. Meet the Doulas Night - Rochambeau Library, Providence, RI. October 28, 2013
  70. Looking for friends
  71. New to the area
  72. looking for holistic PCP in Metrowest MA
  73. Religious exemption for under-vaccinated child in Massachusetts (x-post)
  74. Need name of pediatric dentist in ma
  75. Anyone in/around Pittsfield, MA?
  77. Western MA (Amherst area) - holistic pediatrician?
  78. Searching for Holistic Pediatrician near Ridgefield, CT
  79. Chicken Pox in CT?
  80. Holistic Pediatrician near Greenwich?
  81. Improving Birth National Rally for Change!
  82. home day care or nanny shares in Providence, RI area?
  83. Looking for preschools or similar in Central, MA
  84. Looking for feedback on Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center
  85. Mindful Birth - question for you
  86. Dr. Janice Pegels at Visions Health Care non-vax friendly?
  87. Infant Child Care in Newtown, CT Area (Newtown/Monroe/Bethel)
  88. Southcoast vs closer to Boston
  89. Any SAHMs looking to pick up part time child care? Cambridge/North Shore area
  90. Which hospital in Western mass for twins
  91. homebirth midwife in Northcentral CT?
  92. pediatrician/no vax or delayed vax
  93. Fairfield county VBA2C Doctor
  94. vbac friendly ob in MA that delivers at Milford Hospital?
  95. Lyme literate doctor in MA who works with children?
  96. Upper Ffld/Lower New Haven county playgroup
  97. looking for birth classes
  98. Looking for a delayed Vax Freindly Pedi in Stoneham/Wakefield
  99. Embarrassed to be pregnant.
  101. Birth Doula Services--South Shore, MA
  102. VBAC providers in Eastern CT?
  103. Any recommendations for family dentists in Chelmsford/Lowell area?
  104. Rebozo Workshop for Birth Professionals and the Partner with Gena Kirby
  105. Worcester Moms?
  106. CT homeschoolers
  107. "Quiet Corner" of CT - seeking Waldorf-inspired (or play-based) preschool or home program?
  108. Beverly Hospital/ North Shore Birth Center OB Dr. Lou Laz?
  109. Wedding Photographer in RI
  110. Cloth Diaper Stores?
  111. cp on cape
  112. homeschooling North of Boston- Melrose/Wakefied/Reading area
  113. Cambridge, Massachusetts Mamas: Mark Your Calendars for Sat, May 11th, 2013
  114. Alternative Family Therapy
  115. Does anyone worry about polio and swimming?
  116. Memorial Hospital birthing moms
  117. Does anyone know of any Waldorf Inspired Preschools? - RI
  118. Looking for a Vaccine friendly doctor in Berkshire County, Massachusetts
  119. Hamden play group?
  120. Good wishes/hopes/prayers to anyone connected to events in Boston
  121. dr. to perform circ at Beverly Hospital, MA
  122. Anyone in providence?
  123. Sacred Pregnancy Info Night ~ Free Event for Expectant Mamas
  124. Looking for other moms and moms to be in the killingly ct area.
  125. Worcester, MA: Home child care that is cloth diaper friendly?
  126. Looking for an OB in MA
  127. Looking for a pediatrician in RI..
  128. Pediatrician near West Hartford, Berlin, Farmington ct area
  129. Do you need to get a religious exemption notarized in MA?
  130. South Shore MA Families Collaborative Events
  131. Homebirth in Springfield, MA - Obtaining Birth Certificate
  132. Holistic dentist in New Haven area
  133. Need no vax friendly doc - willing to travel
  134. Introduction To Horseback Riding Program
  135. Midwife open to accommodating religious beliefs
  136. MA Public School Kindergarten Registration
  137. Free Birth Options Class 3/14 in Greenfield MA
  138. Moved to Guilford, CT and looking for other moms (and a family Dr, dentist)
  139. Nanny Share Update?
  140. New Mass. Legislation for CPM's
  141. Looking for Chickenpox Exposure in the Tri-State Area
  142. Waterbury, ct
  143. Does Mary Ellen Albini still attend births ?
  144. Playgroups in RI/MA???? Desperate
  145. 2013 MA Midwifery Act: An
 Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives
  146. Child psychologist or psychiatirst in Metrowest MA?
  147. Mamas near Fairfield, CT in search of a tribe!?
  148. Looking for mothers raising bilingual Children in NH area
  149. This may sound strange but what town in ct would you consider maybe more crunchy than other towns?
  150. St. Vincent Hospital - Worcester
  151. Looking for an open-minded pediatrician in the Hartford area
  152. South Shore Birth Circle - 2/24 Marshfield MA
  153. Pediatrician near Inman Square
  154. Preschool recommendations in Metrowest (MA)?
  155. Craniosacral in Providence
  156. Dentist Central CT
  157. Recently Single Mother looking to make friends! (Connecticut):
  158. Looking for a pediatrician who respects/accepts parents choice to delay/no vaccination
  159. Pediatric Naturopath Recommendations in Fairfield County CT?
  160. help...need a playgroup to get my two year to eat table food! southeastern ct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Homeschooling in RI
  162. BIRTH STORY: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives & New England Born Exhibit Opening Feb. 8 Brown University
  163. Pediatrician recommendation for the North Shore (near Newburyport/Amesbury/Ipswich)
  164. Holistic Dentist in RI
  165. Nanny share in Newton, MA...anyone interested?
  166. Dr. St. Onge in CT--still vax friendly
  167. Moms in Springfield?
  168. FREE! Mom's Night Out? One Night Only: Rhode Island Preview of the Acclaimed Documentary Film, BIRTH STORY: INA MAY GASKIN AND THE FARM MIDWIVES
  169. OT - house cleaning services
  170. Moving to Newburyport in June- any tips?
  171. Sign the petition to create a Gentle Birth Center in RI
  172. Newburyport area - seeking Pediatrician that supports no vax
  173. Anyone have a successful VBAC after twins?
  174. RI: anyone want a free Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Size M?
  175. Baby hold breath and passes out; looking for knowledgable doctor and motherly advice.
  176. Select Vax friendly Pediatrician in Boston burbs
  177. Natural oriented obgyn in Providence?
  178. Seeking MA mamas who've birthed/are birthing at NH birth centers: can we talk logistics?
  179. Seeking a Doula in Massachusetts
  180. Non-CIO Pedi in the Marlborough area
  182. Anyone deliver at North Shore Birth Center
  183. Recs for MA HB MW for VBAC in Metro West
  184. Help with birthing options in Metro West
  185. Gentle school choices in RI (maybe SE MA, too)
  186. Are their any hmebirth midwives willing to attend vbac 2 in eastern connecticut?
  187. Looking for Doula in New Haven CT area
  188. looking for Masshealth/Medicare care providers near Amherst,Ma
  189. Seeking info about greenriverdoulas volunteer program for low income families, and masshealth/medicare care provider recommendations near Amherst,Ma
  190. Newton Wellesley Midwives - WHA or Harvard Vanguard?
  191. Pediatrician's in CT, MASS and RI
  192. CT Families: Cloth Diaper Sale & Swap on 12/1 in New Britain!
  193. VBAC after HELLP Syndrome?
  194. ALF Orthodontic Treatment
  195. Doctor recommendation in CT
  196. Seeking an apprentice/low cost doula
  197. Homeschool/unschoolers group near Waltham MA.
  198. Moving to Waltham and looking for a Pediatrician
  199. Girl Scout Daisies
  200. Help finding VBAC provider in SE Massachusetts
  201. Holistic Moms Network Open House (Plymouth South Shore MA Chapter)
  202. Reggio Emilia or Waldorf day care/preschool for 2-year-old
  203. SE Massachusetts - hospitals for labor and delivery?
  204. Relocating to the new London area from Vegas , can anyone tell me what areas to avoid as we will be looking for houses before we get there
  205. Looking for a pediatrician who respects the parents right to NOT vaccinate their children. Live in Western MASS.
  206. CT families -- anyone with kids 5-7 know of a good gifted program?
  207. Looking for volunteers to participate in a FREE Childbirth Ed class
  208. Cambridge Birth Circle - Nov. 4th
  209. Boston Children's Hospital legally kidnapped a girl
  210. Online Auction to benefit the Holistic Moms Network – local Donor!
  211. AP Friendly Part Time Nanny Needed
  212. good doc in south eastern ct for children?
  213. Pediatrician recommendations in Arlington/Somerville/Cambridge area
  214. Free Birth Options class in Amherst MA 10/4
  215. Cambridge Birth Circle - Oct 7th
  216. International Babywearing Week: FREE events in Boston, MA
  217. Volunteer doula available in Fairfield county +/- 1 hour
  218. Mt Auburn Hospital L & D, Boston, MA
  219. Childcare centers in New Haven
  220. Finding IV Vitamin C
  221. Pediatrician recommendations in Duxbury/Kingston/Plymouth area
  222. Freedom for Birth South Shore MA Screening Thursday
  223. Newton, MA full time nanny share?
  224. RI Moms: Care to Share your Breastfeeding Stories?
  225. Green Energy Options
  226. Looking for chickenpox in MA
  227. Birth Circle South Coast MA Tonight
  228. MD/ND who gives homeopathic vaccinations
  229. catholic schools in Massachusetts and exemption question??
  230. Partially Vacc'd Friendly Preschool Near Braintree, MA??
  231. Looking for pumping moms
  232. Anyone near Milford CT interested in Parent Effectiveness Training
  233. Looking for a great, open-minded Pediatrician North of Boston
  234. Thoughts/Reviews on Holyoke Midwives?
  235. Free to a good home: Pregnancy books in Stoneham MA
  236. SShore MA: Holistic Moms Network Meetup Tues 8/28 KINGSTON, MA
  237. Looking for Non-Vax Friendly Ped Near Ridgefield, CT or Fairfield County
  238. Moving near Hartford, CT....looking for practitioners
  239. Baby friendly place to stay in Boston?
  240. South Shore MA Screening Freedom for Birth
  241. South Shore MA : Improving Birth Rally for Change
  242. MA elementary education letter of exemption sample anyone?
  243. "Crunchy" Home Daycare in Boston/JP/Cambridge/Arlington/Lincoln/Concord/Rte 2 Corridor
  244. east bay RI parenting group?
  245. Birth Rally
  246. chiro in new haven area
  247. thought i was in the clear
  248. Looking for pediatrician in western ma who is non vax.
  249. No Vax Friendly DR on the Connecticut shorelin as in Old Saybrook, Mystic Areas
  250. erinsjunebug!!!!