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  1. Lay midwife in Northern Arkansas?
  2. Any Tupelo/NEMS pediatricians that know how to handle intact boys?
  3. South Louisiana Raw Milk Co-Op
  4. Anti-vax friendly doctor in Little Rock?
  5. Coming through ...
  6. chicken pox-free
  7. Homeschoolers in and around NELA!
  8. Gulfport Mississippi Pediatrician
  9. Natural-minded Mamas in NW AR? Where are my 'people'??
  10. Where to obtain vax exemption?
  11. Tell me about Biloxi Mississippi
  12. LA Birth Doula in Training offering free services
  13. Looking for natural birth and vbac options in Arkansas - ICAN resource
  14. Possible Relocation to North Mississippi (Tupelo area)
  15. Moving to Covington, Louisiana
  16. Looking for qualified homebirth midwives in Louisiana
  17. Want to Be A Doula?
  18. Lake Charles Homebirth Midwife
  19. hi im new here im in bossier. la
  20. Looking for pediatrician rec's in west little rock or little rock area
  21. Looking for a local midwife for home birth.
  22. VBAC in North Mississippi
  23. HBAC near Jonesboro
  24. Meet the Doulas Event
  25. Anyone in the Biscoe, AR area?
  26. Mississippi mother of twins!
  27. Relocating to the Lafayette area next month
  28. Looking for a alternative vaccine doctor/pediatrician in NOLA
  29. NW AR Midwives
  30. PEAK Tupelo, MS
  31. Acupuncture
  32. Home Birth in Searcy County, Arkansas
  33. Milk Kefir - looking for some!
  34. Any VBACs or VBAMC in NWA?
  35. help with homeschool laws in Mississippi
  36. NOLA mamas!!
  37. Has anyone used Joy Coonfield for their homebirth in NWA?
  38. Looking for birth center or MW in Tupelo, MS area.
  39. Harrison, AR area Midwives
  40. North Central Louisiana Anyone?
  41. Questions about Vaccinating Babies?
  42. Looking for an "Intact Friendly" Pediatrician in Central Arkansas!
  43. Recent VBACs at Cornerstone Clinic or Baptist Medical?
  44. Meet the Doulas of Northwest Arkansas
  45. Participants needed for Breastfeeding Workshop at AAP New Orleans, Oct 21 & 23
  46. Homebirth Friendly Pediatrician willing to do circumcision MS Gulf Coast
  47. Who would you reccomend as an OBGYN for my prenatal care & delivery in Little Rock?
  48. any up/uc laws in MS??
  49. Montessori Homeschool MS Gulf Coast?
  50. Birth Rally
  51. Delayed-vax-friendly docs near Mammoth Springs?
  52. Babywearing groups in Hattiesburg?
  53. VBAC with midwife.
  54. VBAC/VBA2C Friendly OB Gulfport/Biloxi area?
  55. Anyone near Vicksburg/Jackson MS?
  56. Non-Vaccine Friendly Doctor/Pediatrician in NWA?
  57. Hello From Mama, Doula in Mississippi
  59. Worried
  60. Home Birth Friendly Doctor in NOLA
  61. searching
  62. Looking for midwife in Gulfport area
  63. anyone from Mandeville, La?
  64. AR pox anyone?
  65. Are there any midwives/doulas who will help us in Southern Ark?
  66. Looking for Midwife - Northcentral to northeast Arkansas
  67. Anyone given birth at Baptist in Jackson?
  68. Becoming a midwife
  69. Looking for chicken pox in NE Ark
  70. Calling all midwives and wannabe midwives!
  71. Any doulas in training looking for clients?
  72. Midwife in Hot Springs, AR
  73. natrural birth and parenting on the Mississippi gulf coast
  74. Body-Mind-Spirit Expo coming up in Jackson!
  75. Anyone in Southern MS have Shepherds Purse Tincture and Angelica Tincture on hand?
  76. Gulf Coast MS homebirth friendly Pediatricians??
  77. NOLA mamas- I need a room to rent for about a week around Mardi Gras.
  78. Lafayette, LA?
  79. Trying to find an "all natural/holistic/non-vaccine" Pediatrician in Shreveport LA
  80. vacation in New Orleans next week
  81. homebirth midwife recommendations in NW Arkansas
  82. North MS Mamas!
  83. Need information about University Hospital in Jackson, MS
  84. Natural hospital birth in Conway?
  85. MS is my home :) I have questions for the Miwdives on/close to Coast
  86. Playgroup near Little Rock
  87. Natural Mamas in NWA
  88. Little Rock, Arkansas chiro
  89. Elimination Communication in New Orleans
  90. Looking for doula clients!
  91. Applying for Unassisted Home Birth in AR?
  92. Houma, LA
  93. Moving to NOLA next week.
  94. Central Arkansas Birth Options
  95. The Big Latch On-NE MS
  96. North Mississippi Home Birth Forum
  97. Playgroup in North MS?
  98. Frontier Natural Products Co-op in Shreveport/Bossier LA!!
  99. Talk to me about Ocean Springs Ms
  100. Anyone in the New Orleans area interested in a hypnobirthing class?
  101. Road trip from Houston to Louisana- Where to go?
  102. Talk to me about Bella Vista and Bentonville
  103. hospital midwives on base in Ft. Polk
  104. Natural/Organic Resources in and around Pontotoc MS?
  105. Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo in Jackson, MS June 25 & 26
  106. Relocating to Sunflower, MS. soon! What do I need to know?
  107. Talk to me about Fayetteville
  108. TTC newbie in South Mississippi
  109. Professional Photography of Maternity, Birth, and Breastfeeding
  110. Chiropractors in/near Russellville, AR?
  111. Natural Birth Friendly Docs in NW Arkansas
  112. Moving to Fayetteville,AR while pregnant
  113. Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana AP Mamas! (and Dads!)
  114. MS: insurance, home birth and CPMs
  115. Doula workshop in Jackson, MS
  116. West Central Louisiana Anyone?
  117. Gestational Diabetis and VBAC?
  118. Referrals needed
  119. NOLA playdate anyone???
  120. ICAN Conference April 2011 - anyone going?
  121. New Orleans, what to do, see and where to stay w/ kids
  122. Looking for a doula in Arkansas?
  123. ~Looking for Chicken Pox in NWA~
  124. Classical Conversations Parent Information Meetings in South Mississippi
  125. ICAN of Baton Rouge
  126. Declining the vitamin k shot, eye drops and hep shot
  127. Rethinking Everything conference- anyone going?
  128. Arkansas laws regarding homeschooling and vaccines?
  129. Visiting NOLA in a week and a half with no kids
  130. Spring Break in Mt. Ida, AR (west of Hot Springs)
  131. Looking for MW willing to attend HBAC birth in AR!!!!
  132. Need info on Ft Smith area
  133. VBAC in Arkansas?
  134. Help.....VBAC in LR?
  135. Natural Living Friendly Ped in Hattiesburg Area
  136. Looking for a Doctor in Arkansas?
  137. Mississippi PUSH Party~ January 8
  138. looking for doula a/o midwife in little rock area
  139. Birthing Centers in LA and AL?
  140. VBAC Midwife in AR?
  141. Anyone Near SW MO/NW AR border?
  142. Tupelo!
  143. NOLA with a 2yo
  144. EOF has 3 donors in MS willing to share excess breastmilk
  145. anyone in Lafayette/Lake Charles area?
  146. Looking for a Midwife/Birth Center in Mississippi
  147. Lafayette
  148. VBAC OB Ruston or Monroe Louisiana
  149. Looking for midwives a/o doulas in AR
  150. HELP! Lake Charles info for hubby heading there for work
  151. Coming to NOLA, want playdates
  152. Good Allergist in Little Rock Area
  153. La's NEW midwifery Consumer group
  154. Homeschoolers in Little Rock?
  155. Looking for naturopath/dentist...desperate!
  156. Baby friendly ideas for our visit to New Orleans?
  157. Pro-VBAC doctor in Lafayette, LA
  158. Wild Pox!
  159. Delayed Vac Doc/Ped in N MS?
  160. Coming to rave about a Central AR OB/GYN...
  161. Arkansas AP Playgroup Conway / Little Rock
  162. Moving to MS Gulf Coast
  163. Little Rock, AR pediatrician?
  164. Stepping Stones Montessori in Terrytown, or recommend another south of NOLA?
  165. Arkansas Resource Thread
  166. Mississippi Resource Thread
  167. Louisiana Resource Thread
  168. Progressive Homeschooler Family Contemplating New Orleans - Thoughts?
  169. Looking for a good osteopath/chiropractor
  170. ICAN of NWA has a new website!
  171. No vax friendly docs in shreveport/bossier?
  172. Shreveport, LA no-vax friendly docs?
  173. what's that long Louisiana bridge called...
  174. NOLA mamas!
  175. Louisiana Virtual School?
  176. Mom to be looking for friends in Shreveport/Bossier!
  177. Help! Looking for good pediatricians in Shreveport/Bossier LA!
  178. Midsouth mamas?
  179. Any doulas that will travel to Springfield?
  180. Homebirth in Lake Charles, LA??
  181. Arkansas - things to do while visiting there in a day
  182. LA radio station question
  183. Any midwives 'under the radar' here in AR?
  184. I need HB guidance in AR.
  185. Jonestown, MS
  186. Looking for MW for HBAC
  187. Any successfully get their insurance to pay for a homebirth in AR? And other insurance ?s
  188. Any home/unschoolers in Nola metro area?
  189. Lafayette
  190. Central AR Pediatricians Non-vax friendly?
  191. Birth Doula Training Workshop in the Ark-La-Tex
  192. Moving to Little Rock, AR
  193. Referrals for expectant mom in New Orleans
  194. help me
  195. Homebirth midwives in Central Arkansas?
  196. Mississippi Friends of Midwives
  197. Insurance for baby in Louisiana?
  198. Arkansas area?
  199. New Friends in Shreveport??
  200. Midwives in Vicksburg MS
  201. Baton Rouge Child Care?
  202. visiting NOLA next week, mid week, SUGGESTIONS?
  203. Has anyone used Beginnings Birth Center in Fort Smith, AR?
  204. Moving to Pontotoc MS in June
  205. need OB/GYN suggestions for south mississippi
  206. Need OB/GYN Recommendations in Tupelo, MS
  207. NWA preschool?
  208. Anyone VBAC'ed in NW Louisiana or NE Texas?
  209. Midwifery to be criminalized in Mississippi
  210. MS & LA mamas - need advice please
  211. Our orders have been changed...Anyone in Pascagoula, MS???
  212. Moving to NOLA
  213. Mississippi doulas
  214. Midwives (or OB suggestions) in NW Louisiana?
  215. Birth Film Expo April 8th and 9th
  216. NOLA: Camping? Work Trade? Traveling Family!
  217. New to Mothering / looking for NWA pedi
  218. nola breastfeeding mommies
  219. Audubon Montessori New Orleans
  220. advice for a vba2c in jackson, ms area?
  221. MW for Twin Birth near Clinton, AR
  222. wanted to say hello!
  223. Baking supplies and candy supples in LA
  224. Looking for a ped in New Orleans area!!! please help
  225. MS Gulf Coast Birth Options
  226. Anyone have a homebirth in AR?
  227. Touro VBAC policies/requirements
  228. Question about baby footprint/handprints
  229. need info about arkansas-NWA, ft smith area
  230. North shore HELP SHopping etc
  231. Hello to all
  232. Nwa obgyn reco
  233. Giving away items after yard sale...
  234. Is there any need in NWA
  235. Belle Chasse??
  236. Fayetteville vax friendly doc?
  237. MAMA Campaign needs Louisiana Support!
  238. Midwives in the Baton Rouge area?
  239. Help finding a midwife, Shreveport
  240. Anyone recommend an OB/GYN in Little Rock or Conway areas
  241. OB on gulf coast?
  242. West Monroe La
  243. asthma during pregnancy
  244. Anyone in Ascension Parish?
  245. Preschool Homeschool group in MS
  246. Vac Friendly in Arkansas
  247. 08.29.05
  248. Doula in MS
  249. seeking VBAC Doctor in Little Rock
  250. Hotel/Condo on the gulf coast beach?