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  1. Carbondale, IL
  2. Looking for dentist--Des Moines, IA
  3. Springfield area roll call?
  4. Uncirc friendly pedi or urologist in Springfield Mo and surrounding areas
  5. Doctor in St Louis SSM group suggestion?
  6. St Charles IL Area
  7. Vax friendly doc in East Central IL
  8. St. Louis area Alternatve/holistic/naturopath Dr.
  9. Debating between two NW Chicago Family doctors - Dr. Sypien or Dr. Mendoza-Temple???
  10. Research Medical Canter - Experiences?
  11. new vaccination-exemption forms in Il
  12. Ped/family practice docs in northern illinois?
  13. KC MO/KS I need a good natural minded thyroid dr that takes insurance
  14. Live event update for expecting mothers!
  15. Mo HB804
  16. Springfield, MO
  17. Anyone up around Lake County area of Illinois?
  18. Ottawa, IL OBgyn and family doctor
  19. possibly relocating to Des Moines
  20. Family doctor in Chicago, Lincolnwood area?
  21. Looking for a pediatrician in the Blue Springs area!
  22. Caution about the Waldorf School of St. Louis
  23. Chitown Mom here with question about a possible second ;)
  24. Chicago toLabor Doula Workshop
  25. May be moving to St. Louis chiro and family doctor recommendations
  26. Lay midwife in SWMO?
  27. Vax friendly family practice Doctor in O'fallon, Mo
  28. relocating to St Louis
  29. Galesburg Area Anyone?
  30. Photographer-Maternity, Birth, Nursing
  31. IL law and Rockford pediatricians
  32. Recommendations for Natural Birth friendly OB/GYNs
  33. chicken pox party in Iowa???
  34. Looking For A OB Who supports Natural Birth
  35. Anyone around West Plains or know about the area?
  36. eye dr and eyeglasses covered by all kids chicago
  37. Relocating to Springfield, IL - CNM recommendations???
  38. Young Family Relocating to the KCMO Area - HELP!
  39. Moving to Rockford area... Any recommendations?
  40. Mo Bap vs Mercy
  41. Pediatrician in St. Louis, MO
  42. Pediatrician in Des Moines
  43. Gay families in Springfield, MO
  44. Newbie here
  45. Dr. in S/SW Burbs of Chicago
  46. Doctor for Mama in West Chicago Suburbs
  47. any on have a kiddo partially vaccinated in Il public school?
  48. Chicagoland doula
  49. Moving to Ames Iowa resources please!
  50. Presence Mercy in Aurora
  51. Homebirth midwives in the KC metro?
  52. Illinois daycare vs public school religious exemption.
  53. I need help!
  54. Cloth Diapering Class in Chicago Suburbs
  55. Wheaton Pediatrics--West burbs Chicagoland
  56. Chicago - Alexian Brothers Health System
  57. Looking for obgyn or midwife NW suburbs friendly to natural, non-invasive but equipped for emergency if needed
  58. AP Friendly Dr in Northern IL?
  59. St Luois Doctors
  60. santiago's group in B-Normal IL?
  61. home birth midwife near Rockford/Janesville
  62. Midwife and hospital recommendations
  63. Any recent experiences with West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, IL?
  64. Come & go nanny, in home daycare, or live-in nanny wanted in LaGrange, IL!
  65. Incredible Doctor in Chicago area (Western Suburbs) (Naperville) Recommendation
  66. Keifer Grains
  67. Debbie Boucher
  68. New Momma in Missouri
  69. Doctors in IL side of STL metro?
  70. Just moved to Springfield, MO and need a Dr who supports/doesnt care non-vaxxing.
  71. Pediatrician in Chicago?
  72. Relocating help
  73. State funded preschool offered in a private preschool do they have to accept religious exemption?
  74. Delayed/Alternative Schedule Vaccinations in Columbia, Missouri
  75. Dentist HELP PLEASE!!!
  76. Hillary Kieser/Gentle Birth Care or other HB midwives (Chicago)
  77. Where to go for social skills groups and/or adolescent psychologist in Chicago area?
  78. Where to attain philosophical exemption form for Missouri preschool?
  79. Linn Co, Iowa : looking for vax friendly doc?
  80. Talk me into STL?
  81. Looking for a wonderful doula in the Peoria, IL area :)
  82. Having a water birth in Southern Illinois?
  83. Meeting moms and babies in Champaign/Urbana
  84. New to Galesburg, Illinois area
  85. Any VBAC friendly OBGYN or midwives in St. Louis West County?
  86. First Time Mom in Rolla MO Seeking a Midwife :)
  87. Springfield Missouri moms...need OBGYN
  88. raw milk in Illinois
  89. Anyone here from Columbia, MO? Relocating and need info please.
  90. Pediatrician in Chicago
  91. baby with lip tie : resources near Spgfld MO?
  92. new to forum,seeking dentist ok w no vaccinations
  93. In Chicago with a little one
  94. Seeking like-minded parents near Carbondale.
  95. Homeschooling on the SW side of Chicago
  96. Moving to Rockford IL...freaking out!
  97. Need a family dr or pediatrician in the Centralia, Mexico, or Columbia, Missouri area!
  98. Elk Grove Village, IL
  99. Chicken pox wanted =)
  100. What all Parents need to know if declining Erythromycin and Vitamin K at Prentice Hospital (northwestern) Chicago
  101. Homeschooling on the South side of Chicago
  102. moving to chicago
  103. Missouri Religious Exemption Form - how to find?
  104. Dr. Bill Sears in St. Lois tonight and tomorrow 5-15 & 5-16
  105. Scott AFB
  106. Great accupuncturist in Chicago area for help maintaining early pregnancy?
  107. springfield mo or a town where not vaccinating is unaccepted
  108. Looking for gentle csection options in NW Chicago suburbs
  109. Traveling to Chicago with 2- Help with which stroller to bring
  110. Natural birth friendly providers in Independence, MO (Kansas City) area
  111. Moving to, or around Chesterfield, Missouri this summer
  112. Joplin, Missouri placenta encapsulation
  113. HMO provider (preferrably midwife) in illinois western suburbs?
  114. Midwifery experience
  115. Selective vaccine friendly pediatrician at Children's Mercy at Broadway Clinic
  116. Home birth in Urbana, IL. Need resources - we're from out of town!
  117. Playgroups/ ped/ dentist recs in Oak Park?
  118. Vaccine exemptions and private preschools in Chicago--need advice please!
  119. Moving to Peoria, IL
  120. pediatric allergist in Chicago, Indianapolis, or st Louis. GAPS knowledgeable!!!!
  121. Waldorf Schools in STL area
  122. Peoria....Medishare?????
  123. Doc for Mama
  124. Looking for a dentist in Chicagoland
  125. No-Vaccine Friendly MD in West Chicago Suburbs/Medicaid?
  126. Chicago area Doula
  127. looking for dr.s that accept medicaide....
  128. Need no vax friendly primary care in Peoria Il.
  129. New - silly question
  130. Calling all Springfield, IL mamas
  131. research hospital center, kcmo
  132. Rolla Missouri-ish?
  133. pediatricians in troy illinois area
  134. Looking for an anti-vaccine friendly Dr in the Sioux City, IA area
  135. worried mom
  136. Montessori for Elelmentary School Oak Park: Alcuin or Keystone?
  137. Galesburg, Dick Blick, and The Kids..
  138. Looks like we're moving to St. Louis!
  139. Best way to find a doula
  140. Non-vax and getting lots of crap from the family & info on purposely exposing kids to illnesses
  141. Illinois vaccine exemption - is it hard? doable?
  142. "religious Exemption" letter
  143. Need a Crunchy Connection for St. Louis Metro East (Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Scott Air Force Base Area)
  144. Like-minded parents in far SW Chicago burbs - Kendall co?
  145. Diasy girls-be a sister to every girl scout
  146. Chicago-area Doula- available!
  147. Help support an up & coming food co-op in Lombard IL
  148. Preschools in West St. Louis Suburbs - chesterfield, creve couer, ladue, brentwood, clayton?
  149. Cedar Rapids, IA Pediatrician Needed
  150. Home birth in St. Louis or Springfield, IL area
  151. Chicken pox! Chicken pox! Get yer chicken pox! (Kansas City)
  152. Peoria Family Practice Doc
  153. Looking for a midwife for a friend in Streator, IL (Peoria, Bloomington, etc, surrounding northern IL area)
  154. Online Auction to benefit the Holistic Moms Network – local Donor!
  155. International Babywearing Week events in Peoria
  156. possible move to davenport, good fit for natural mama like me?
  157. looking for natural-minded OB in Chicago west suburbs
  158. St. Louis OB/hospital
  159. Midwifery & Women's Health Moving To Elmhurst
  160. Willowsong Birth Center - experiences?
  161. Rolla midwife
  162. looking for a midwife in Chicago
  163. Relocating to Chicago burbs HELP!!
  164. Waterbirth with a midwife near Chicago?
  165. Thinking about moving to St Joseph, MO. Tell me all about it?
  166. i need to find a pediatrician in st. charles, mo!
  167. Need A Pediatrition
  168. Iowa Mamas- here is our chance for helping CPMs...
  169. MO or KS?? Natural birth and homeschooling easier in Missouri or Kansas? Need to move somewhere ASAP - Please help!
  170. Peds in O'Fallon/St.Peters, MO?
  171. montessori for 18 month old in chicago
  172. WOC in St. Louis! - Holistic Mama's Meetup September 14th at InPower Institute
  173. Does the Quincy area have ANYBODY?
  174. pediatrician near Ames or Des Moines, IA?
  175. Naturally Minded OB-GYN in Illinois?
  176. Non vax supportive Medicaid Drs in Springfield MO?
  177. Birth Rally
  178. Lookin to join CSA in STL area
  179. Looking for non-vax friendly doc in Southwest MO
  180. Iowa City mamas - Tix to Children's Muesum to be used 7/31/12
  181. Looking for a pedi Moberly area
  182. Swedish Covenant Midwifery Group - Chicago
  183. doula near Ft. Leonard Wood, MO?
  184. A good High Risk ObGyn or MFM around Chicago
  185. Springfield, MO recommendations
  186. Finding a midwife and where to move in Missouri? PLEASE HELP
  187. Anyone do Camp Fire or other boyscout alternate- chicago west suburbs
  188. Celiac / GF kids in St. Louis (metro east ideally) - GI's too
  189. Naturopath in KC
  190. Midiwife near McHenry County.
  191. OB that accepts Medicaid(Arlington Heights, IL area)
  192. swim lessons - chicago west suburbs
  193. Gymnastics for Boy in KC?
  194. Not Vaccinating in Chicago
  195. VBAC post-duedate friendly providers in Columbia or St Louis, MO
  196. Recommendation for evaluation in the Rockford IL area?
  197. Springfield, Mo moms!
  198. Anywhere I can find raw milk around North KC/Gladstone/Smithville/Liberty MO?
  199. Southern Missouri mama needs community!
  200. Looking for chicken pox exposure for one of my children in Illinois
  201. St. Joseph Hospital KCMO?
  202. Trader Joe's in Champaign-Urbana, IL
  203. Elmhurst Academy
  204. Pediatrician Recommmendations in Des Moines
  205. EVANSTON, IL -- Relocating. Seeking info on Grade Schools
  206. Columbia Childbirth Care Providers
  207. Best way into the Doula-ing community?!
  208. .
  209. Waldorf School May Faire festival Sun 5/20 in Warrenville (chicago w. burbs)
  210. Looking for a Homebirth Midwife - Central Il
  211. Homebirth Midwife
  212. Edwardsville, IL Midwife or OB
  213. Seeking doula in Rockford, IL area
  214. new here from stl Missouri!
  215. cedar rapids IA. looking for a shadow care doctor for homebirth.
  216. Anyone currently seeing the Swedish Covenant Midwives? (Chicago)
  217. Holistic / Homeopathic Dentist
  218. Thinking about Using a DEM in Chicago
  219. Birth Photographer looking to build portfolio (NW suburbs, IL)
  220. Cloth Diapering in SW Missouri
  221. mods please remove/thanks
  222. Illinois - Midwives - Medicaid ???
  223. Chicago Parent Play Coop in Ukrainian Village looking for members
  224. Dixon, Missouri?
  225. Hypnobabies class starting next week in OP, KS
  226. Looking for a natural childbirth friendly OB in Rockford, IL area
  227. Looking for an OBGYN in the Plainfield/Naperville area
  228. Babywearing Meetup in Peoria, 4/2
  229. Selective vax docs in STL?
  230. Anyone know anything about Ukranian village in Chicago?
  231. Iowa: Drug testing newborns? THC
  232. Pediatric dentist in Chi?
  233. Crunchy mom moving back to St. Charles County. Hopefully I'm not the only crunchy mom there...???
  234. Crunchy moms in University City??
  235. Best schools for aspergers child in western suburbs?
  236. VBAC Chicago North Shore area?
  237. Any birthing centers or midwives near Naperville, IL
  238. Looking for a recommendation for a dentist in the Chicagoland area who can safely remove amalgam fillings (xposted in dental)
  239. Waldorf Home Schooling Chicago/Near West Suburb Community?
  240. Search for naturally minded dermatologist
  241. Columbia, MO New to state,need lots of info
  242. NW Chicago Suburbs (around Hoffman Estates) natural hospital birth with a tub to at least labor in
  243. Hello Chicago! I Need Recommendations for Midwives or Natural-Birth-Friendly Ob/Gyns and Hospitals...
  244. Any recommendations for a Chicago-area ENT?
  245. Chicago Public Schools going full day (7.5h) What are your plans for your kids?
  246. Offering Placenta Encapsulation and Doula Services in NW Missouri
  247. Awesome event for moms of babies-2/25 at Swedish Covenant
  248. Any info on Dr. White in Franklin Park, IL?
  249. Details of life in Chicago
  250. Babywearing International of Peoria Monthly Meeting