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Chatter Telephone
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                02-21-2011, 06:42 PM by Maman A Droit

                This seems like one of those toys that everyone has and everyone remembers from when they were a kid themself! My son loves to pull the phone along and hear the noise it makes. One frustrating thing with the new version of this phone is that the cord between the phone and the receiver is so short you have to pick the whole phone up to talk! And as with all Fisher-Price toys, this phone is made in China, so if that's a deal-breaker for you, don't bother getting this phone. I think it's a cute...

                  03-26-2011, 09:46 AM by devasma

                  We got this for my ds when he was about 10 months old.  He is now 15 months, and likes it more now then he did then.  He really likes to pretend to talk on the phone, and with this he isn't stealing the cordless phone all of the time!  The only thing I don't like about it - the cord that attaches the hand set to the phone is very short, so when he puts it up to his ear the whole phone comes with it!  

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