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Bug Band Insect Repellent Wristbands - Blue
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                06-18-2013, 11:58 AM by fayebond

                Here's the thing, this does work pretty good.  But unless you buy them in a big bundle from a coop, they cost alot of money.  And they're hard to find.  They use the same stuff that is in dryer laundry sheets, we prefer to use those. Besides, its easier to tie a sheet to DD's back belt loop than to keep this on her wrist ;)

                  06-19-2013, 10:53 AM by MinneapolisMama

                  We purchased these bands at our local Target store.  They were super-accessible and inexpensive (I can't remember exactly what we paid-- Sorry!).  We were impressed by the ingredients and very happy not to have to use a spray/lotion on our kiddo (or ourselves!).  We utilized these bands in our yard, camping and at the swimming beach all last summer.  They are large enough that we could put it around our preschoolers ankle, which meant he barely noticed it.  They really keep the bugs off...

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