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Maclaren Beginning Travel Kit for Mother
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                06-18-2013, 02:42 PM by fayebond

                This kit has six items in it, all hotel sample sizes. The fancily named lotion and shower gel are nice but pretty ordinary.  Where this kit shines is in getting to try products that I hadn't used before, like massage oil and belly balm.  Also fond of the bath milk, that stuff is worth buying more of.  But the massage oil part you really only need a tiny bit, same for the belly balm, a whole bottle would last through five kids, mine are only 1/3 gone.


                Actual contents of ki...

                  06-20-2013, 06:26 PM by jesusfollower

                  I was given this as a gift, and I enjoyed it. Pregnant ladies and new moms can always use a little extra pampering, so all the little bottles are fun. The massage oil is probably the nicest item, at least for me.

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