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Picci Jenifer Carrybasket
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                11-01-2011, 12:00 AM by Mommel

                My mom bought this for us because although I co-sleep in my bed with baby, grandma has a health condition that makes it unsafe for her to nap in the same bed with him, so she sleeps next to him in his Moses basket. While a bit pricey, this basket is beautiful and simple and serves its purpose. As for washing and replacing the liner and matching blanket, it's harder than it looks. I struggled with it for quite a while before I managed to get it back on, and it sometimes pops off when I move t...

                  10-26-2013, 06:06 AM by jenplus4fr

                  To be honest, I didn't have THIS Moses basket, so this review is more for Moses baskets in general.  While I wanted my babies to sleep in the same room as us, we didn't have room for a co-sleeper, and my husband didn't like sharing the bed all night.  So, when my sil offered us her old one, it was a wonderful solution.  I could place it right next to the bed and have easy access to my baby.  I could also carry it downstairs and let the baby nap nearby.  I didn't have problems washing th...

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