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Ultimate Baby Wrap
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                02-08-2011, 11:58 AM by brighteyed

                This is my go to carrier for long trips.  It is very comfortable and holds my child close so there is no strain on my back.  I carried my (then) three year old for hours at the Botanical Gardens in this wrap with no discomfort due to the wrap (the hot day was another story :) ) I have used this with newborns through three years of age and love the versatility it provides.  My only complaint is the length was WAY too long and I modified mine for a smaller frame.  Overall, a great carrier....

                  02-21-2011, 05:00 PM by theetieri

                  I had a love hate relationship with this wrap. It was great for wearing my daughter when I had to get groceries and to keep pesky hands off of her, but it took work to get it on. I had to put it on before leaving my house or the fabric would drag all over the ground if I didn't. It also fell right on my sensitve tummy skin and would irritate me because of how tightly I'd have to wrap it to keep my daughter in it safely. Once she reached about 15lbs, the fabric would stretch and she would sta...

                    02-21-2011, 07:18 PM by RootBeerFloat

                    I registered for this wrap when I was expecting my first child, before I knew anything about being a mom or babywearing.  Dd turned out to be very fussy, and I wound up wearing her in this sling almost all day, every day for her first three months.  It was easy to learn, and the stretchiness helped to compensate for my then underdeveloped wrap techniques.  I have very fond memories of having dd tucked in there; it was one of the surefire ways to calm her, or, at least, help us both feel c...

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