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Badger Sleep Balm, A Calming Sleep Enhancer
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                02-21-2011, 01:12 AM by briannas auntie

                I purchased Badger Sleep Balm back in 2008, because at the time, I was having a great deal of trouble falling asleep.  I had moved into a new apartment, I was under a lot of stress from my volunteer job, and I was just having a rough time. 

                The first night I used the Sleep Balm, I didn't expect anything to happen.  Well, I was wrong!  I put the balm on my lips, temples, and on my neck.  Then, I closed my eyes and felt relaxation hit me rather quickly. I used it for an entire we...

                  04-04-2011, 12:18 PM by Gretchen_PDX

                  I use this product almost every night. I use the children's version on my son, but sometimes we both just use the sleep balm. I love the soothing smell of the balm. We incorporate this into a little night time ritual that includes a back rub for my son- he loves this!! The product isn't too greasy, and it blends into the skin really nicely. I just love this company! We use several of their products in our house!


                    06-21-2012, 06:12 AM by LizzieStewbutt

                    I used this on my temples at night, but was re-introduced to this in my yoga studio. The instructor uses it to massage our necks, foreheads, and temples. You have to get enough of it out of the tin to provide a stronger odor, but it still essentially takes very little to get results. It is pure ecstasy!

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                    Badger Sleep Balm, A Calming Sleep Enhancer

                    Description: 100% Natural Sleep Enhancer With Essential Oils. Calming lavender, cheering bergamot, mind-clarifying rosemary, refreshing balsam--these are a few of the ingredients and scents that help clear your thoughts and ease your mind so you can fall asleep naturally. Rub a little Badger Sleep Balm on lips, pulse points of wrists or temples, or massage into neck and shoulders. Essential oils, olive oil and beeswax formula is 100% natural, mostly organic, and totally good! 2 oz. tin.


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                    Feature 2 oz. tin.
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                    Title Badger Sleep Balm, A Calming Sleep Enhancer
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