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Olive Waterproof Velcro EcaPants
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                12-07-2011, 09:53 AM by mama2sam

                I have 4 of these diapers and wish I had more. 2 of the older style and 2 of the newer style. My 1 yr old daughter is actually in one right now. :) I love these trainers. They are my go to when we go out because they are the easiest to use in a public restroom setting. We use them at home too in a rotation of non-waterproof trainers. They are trim because they are meant to hold only one wet, which is exactly what I want. They do tend to wick at the legs in our experience but it's not enough ...

                  12-07-2011, 02:28 PM by jessicahannon18

                  I purchased ecapants way back when Lisa was first starting her business and in need of testers. I loved them immediately. They fit my baby at six months old perfect (size medium) and they were so much easier to use that other trainers that pull up and down.  I purchased the waterproof ecapants and was very glad I did. They do hold a miss in very well. I never had a leak with one miss...even when it was a pretty big one.


                  That was 4 years ago. Now I have another baby who I pu...

                    12-09-2011, 08:27 PM by mixie

                    i have picked up a handful of these trainers and we like them a lot!  i wish we had a few more.  while they seem expensive, you can see the care that goes into making them.  and that really proves that the price is reasonable.  they are not made in a chinese sweatshop!  


                    the maker of ecapants personally takes care of you and provides amazing customer service.  


                    most of the ecapants we have are aplix, which we find easier.  but we have one pair of snap...

                      01-05-2012, 05:50 PM by nilatti

                      I bought a pair of EcaPants (not these olive ones, mine are actually not waterproof and they have the rocket print) to try them out on my son, and I love them. We use them around the house when we're home for the afternoon. I think they are super cute and trim. They are also easy to put on--even if the baby is crawling away from me, a big problem for us these days. I keep meaning to buy some more, but for now we're still using the diapers that we have been for a while. 

                        01-05-2012, 06:11 PM by kaylee18

                        When I first saw EcaPants and my son was tiny, I thought, "What a silly product. A cloth diaper with just an added belt to attach it." lol.gif Boy, was I off the mark. We EC'd with cloth diaper backup from birth, and it got really tiresome laying the baby down, getting the same (still clean) diaper re-positioned, and fastening it back on h...

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                        Olive Waterproof Velcro EcaPants

                        Description: EcaWare Baby manufactures ecaPants, a uniquely designed cloth training pant for babies and caregivers practicing early potty learning or elimination communication (EC). The patent pending design has a drop flap front panel that flips down and back up again for easy potty access, while a belt stays secure around your baby's waist so you don’t have to take the trainer off for potty trips! This makes potty time a breeze!

                        EcaPants also work great for traditional potty learning for those children who still require assistance undressing, or for any child who hates changes! They work especially well for the squirmy or very active child; your little one can be standing, crawling, sitting, laying down or even walking away and they can be put on with ease.

                        EcaPants special little learning pants come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. From newborn to size large, ecaPants can take you from birth to potty graduation. They are available in waterproof, non-waterproof, snap and velcro styles. As a hybrid of All-in-Ones and Pocket Styles, you can choose the level of protection your child needs.

                        EcaPants were invented by an WAHM (Work at Home Mom) who practiced elimination communication and early potty learning with her own sons and loved it so much she wanted to find a way to make it easier and more accessible for everyone! EcaPants are now sold worldwide to mainly family run cloth diaper or EC Specialty shops.

                        Take the next step and change the way you change with ecaPants; the flip down drop front little learning pants! To learn more visit:


                        Detail Value
                        Binding Baby Product
                        EAN 0804879229735
                        Feature Medium fits: 15-22lbs, up to 15" rise, 9-13" leg, 15-19.5" waist
                        Label EcaWare Baby
                        Manufacturer EcaWare Baby
                        Product Group Baby Product
                        Product Type Name BABY_PRODUCT
                        Publisher EcaWare Baby
                        Studio EcaWare Baby
                        Title Olive Waterproof Velcro EcaPants
                        UPC 804879229735
                        Brand EcaPants