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Bummis Tote Bag- large 23 x 22
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                03-25-2011, 12:06 PM by Gretchen_PDX

                I bought this tote bag to replace plastic bags in our diaper pail. I wash it with my cloth diapers- all on hot- and it is holding up pretty well. (I do the same with the smaller on-the-go bummis tote.) My only issue is that there is a mysterious odor from the pail (not really so mysterious as it is obviously from urine!!). I cannot tell if it is the tote bag or my pail. Even with repeated washes the smell doesn't go away. The tote bag is useful and I'm glad to reduce my plastics in the garba...

                  03-28-2013, 06:20 PM by kbvr

                  I bought this to line my diaper pail with. It works very well. No leakage into the diaper pail. I throw it in to wash with my diapers. Has held up nicely over 2 years of use. It does absorb some odor though...but stink is contained within pail as I have carbon filter on top of my pail.

                  The smaller tote works well for swim gear.

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