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Dance of the Womb, Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth
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                11-13-2011, 11:33 AM by wombjuice

                This DVD far surpassed my expectations!  I thought I was getting a simple prenatal bellydance instructional DVD.  Instead, I got a motivational and inspiring full bellydance instructional class!  Maha's graceful movements combined with her gentle, easy-to-understand instruction made this workout both useful for birth preparation and fun, too!  By the end of the full workout, I was sore, knew the areas of my body that needed the most work in preparation for birth, and was inspired to kee...

                  11-14-2011, 10:31 AM by Conchobhar

                  I received my copy of "Dance of the Womb" and was so excited to get it in the DVD player!  Being 6 months pregnant, I had been having issues with my hips feeling very sore recently and after 26 minutes of various hip circle exorcises, my hips felt better than before I got pregnant! 


                  I also loved the mantras and breathing periods that encourage you to connect to your baby and how beautiful this connection becomes.  I definitely felt very "Earth Motherly" after these connec...

                    11-14-2011, 05:30 PM by RubyOrganique

                    Belly dancing for birth is rarely available in my area, so this disc set is a REALLY nice way to introduce women to belly dancing. The instruction is clear and the segments logically separated. Dance of the Womb addresses topics of the physical birth experience that many prenatal fitness videos won't go near. But what makes it extra special is the attention to the mental part of pregnancy and birth. Connecting with your baby and connecting with the many generations of women experienced in bi...

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