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Prorap Classic Diaper Covers - White - Newborn
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                03-26-2013, 08:55 PM by LunaLady

                I bought several of what I had read were the smallest diaper covers when my son was in the NICU (he was born premature) and Prowraps newborns were one of the ones we tried. 


                I wasn't happy with them, and I did end up sending them back.


                They were properly sized - they were just a little bit big for my boy when we came home (he was 6 pounds), but they probably would have fit a bigger newborn just fine.


                However, the fit was just awkward. The l...

                  03-27-2013, 08:24 AM by Nikkiboo3145

                  You simply get what you pay for here. Worked, but couldn't use it on my daughter until just before she grew out of newborn diapers. I really don't remember having any leaks. Wasn't my favorite.

                    03-27-2013, 10:20 AM by Kamiro

                    I had chubby muffins, so I have no complaints about the fit. I found the Proraps fit well enough in a fluffy butt kind of way. These are inexpensive and reliable diaper covers. Never had a leak. Cleaning was simple enough and smells didn't build up any faster or slower compared to any other polyester/pul covers.


                    The diaper covers I had (2) lasted through 2 kids well enough; but not long beyond that. I was overall happy with the covers, but I also had simple expectations: Tha...

                      03-28-2013, 12:28 PM by fayebond

                      Much as I adore cloth diapers, newborn systems just have never worked for us.  Its two weeks, a month tops, and then we can break out the CD.  My husband (DH) is understanding, smart, and thrifty.  But he and the rest of my family do not see the point of working on CD at the same time as BF.  So these didn't end up getting used at all.  But I didn't have to change most of the diapers either! So I have nothing to complain about, it was worth a try. :)  Besides, it was only two weeks of ...

                        03-28-2013, 06:07 PM by letitiah81

                        I bought these for my middle child and then used then a second time on my youngest.  They held up fine through both children's newborn periods.  I really like the leg gussets. The provide extra protection if the diaper doesn't hold it all.  I really have no complaints about this product.

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                        Prorap Classic Diaper Covers - White - Newborn

                        Description: Prorap Diaper CoversThe Prorap Classic Diaper Cover is made from a soft polyester knit with a leak-proof urethane barrier. This is one of the few diaper covers you will find with gussets. Gussets are extra material around the leg opening


                        Detail Value
                        Binding Baby Product
                        Feature 6-10 pounds
                        Label Proraps
                        Manufacturer Proraps
                        Publisher Proraps
                        Studio Proraps
                        Title Prorap Classic Diaper Covers - White - Newborn
                        Brand Proraps
                        MPN Newborn
                        Model Diaper Cover
                        SKU O4-WML6-W4JP
                        PartNumber Newborn
                        ProductGroup Baby Product
                        ProductTypeName BABY_PRODUCT
                        Item Weight 0.2 pounds
                        Package Height 1 inches
                        Package Length 6.5 inches
                        Package Weight 0.05 pounds
                        Package Width 4.5 inches