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Make superior yogurt for less! Edit
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Cream-on-top yogurt with home-canned pears and homemade fermented favorite breakfast!


Tired of buying those expensive little one-serving containers of yogurt, or even...
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Cream-on-top yogurt with home-canned pears and homemade fermented favorite breakfast!


Tired of buying those expensive little one-serving containers of yogurt, or even the pint-sized ones? Do you find yourself saving those plastic cups, trying to be frugal and justify the cost? Are you washing them, stacking them, finding a place for them to live? Are you rinsingg them and putting them in the recycling bin to deal with later? Or, do you suffer a tiny bit of guilt every time you chuck one in the trash? The solution is to make your own yogurt that is superior to whatever you buy in the store.


I have been making yogurt for MANY years and this appliance is by far the best and easiest way to accomplish large batch yogurt-making. I've tried several yogurt makers in years past and my biggest complaint was the small amount they made. We go through a lot of yogurt every week and I had to make it every two or three days which was time consuming and repititious. I then went to making larger batches and incubating it in mason jars, using a cooler and warm water. Those results were unreliable. I've used my Excaliber dehydrator to incubate and it does a fine job, but it uses 600w of electricity and the fan runs constantly. The Yogourmet uses 13w which is a BIG plus for those of us who generate our own power, or for those who try to be frugal with their power usage.


The Yogourmet electric yogurt maker is quiet, small, very easy to clean and sterilize, BPA free, and has a long life. I've had mine for so long that I can't even remember when I purchased it. I've used it at least once a week for the entire time I've owned it and it still produces consistent results every time. I've used commercial organic milk, our own goat's milk, and raw cow's milk and this appliance works for all. I've also read where people make coconut milk yogurt with great success.


The Yogourmet is a complete starter kit. It comes with a dishwasher safe two-quart container and thermometer. The straining bag, which is a great addition, was not available when I purchased mine. I've been using a cheese-straining bag for making yogurt cheese and greek yogurt. I've used both of their cultures and I prefer the CBA hands down. Of course, you can use whatever cultures you prefer. You can also buy additional containers so you may start another batch right away.


The best part of your own home-made yogurt is all the flavoring possibilities! You can add your own fresh or frozen fruits, or just leave plain for unlimited culinary uses (baking, sauces, dips, etc.). And, if you're a fan of the cream-on-top yogurts, this just knocks your socks off! It takes a great deal of self control not to pull out the spoon and...well, you get the idea!


For anyone who is tired of trying all the different ways to obtain superior yogurt at home, take it from me...the Yogourmet is by far the best investment you can make to get it.  I've seen them online anywhere from $18 ( up to $74. It pays to shop around!

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