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Works with surprisingly low suction Edit
by amberskyfire Combined Rating: 4.0

I have the Simplisse Double Electric Breastfeeding Companion and after a couple of weeks, I am still having a few problems with it, but am somewhat happy with it overall. The pump has a bit of a...
Pros Cons
  • induces letdown, beautiful bag, soft cups, comfortable, fantastic customer service
  • too many parts, very loud, slow, tiny collection bottles

I have the Simplisse Double Electric Breastfeeding Companion and after a couple of weeks, I am still having a few problems with it, but am somewhat happy with it overall. The pump has a bit of a learning curve and I was advised by both the manual and their customer service representative to give it at least on week. I gave it two.


Pro: The customer service is absolutely fantastic! I really felt as though they were there in the room with me to help me, answer all of my questions and meet my needs. I am absolutely thrilled and recommend them just for their customer service.


Pro: The carrying bag is brilliant. It's beautiful and stylish, unlike other breast pump bags that I have seen which tend to be boxy and obvious. The Simplisse bag is unmarked and you can't tell it from a regular handbag. Wonderfully discreet and you feel good carrying it.


Pro: The breast cups are soft and puff against your breast during pumping. It doesn't quite feel like a baby's mouth and face, but it does feel much more comfortable than hard plastic cups. The hole for the nipple is much smaller than with most pumps and the nipple is not drawn as far into the pump as with other pumps, so they don't get as sore after long use.


Pro: I have never been able to achieve letdown with any pump except this one. It does take a while, but I can do it. Not only that, I can sometimes achieve a second letdown while using this model.


Con: This pump feels like it has about a million parts! There are so many to clean. I had to get a separate closing compartment to go in the top of my dishwasher just to fit all of them. Taking them apart, washing them and putting them back together again is time consuming and more of a hassle than I personally want to deal with. I prefer a pump with just three or four parts to each collection unit.


Con: I found one common complaint to be true: this pump is VERY loud. I cannot use it while my baby is sleeping. It is loud enough to wake hm up even if I am using it in the next room. Not great if you want to get in a nighttime pumping session for your milk stash. It also makes it not at all discreet if you are using it to pump at work, though this is unlikely to bother most women.


Con: The collection bottles are very tiny - only 3 oz - and are very wobbly even when put into their stands. I have nearly upset them several times while taking the pump and pieces apart and getting the milk into storage bags. Either put them far away from you or move the milk to the bags before taking apart the pump and its pieces.


Con: I have found the unit to pump too slowly for me. I was able to get three ounces out of one breast in 30 minutes at best. I am able to pump 3 ounces in about five to ten minutes with my old manual pump. This is something to consider if you have only a fifteen minute pumping break. It was very frustrating for me to watch the unit pump one tiny drop at a time. It did get it out, but it seemed to take forever. I use my baby on the other breast while I pump to help with faster letdown and it was frustrating because he would be finished in five to ten minutes and would spend the remaining twenty minutes fussing and constantly ripping the tubing out of the pump or trying to get the entire thing into his mouth. The unit was incredibly interesting for him and if I tried putting him down while I pumped, he would just scream. There was just no way to get this setup to work for us and I was happiest to just go back to my manual pump in the end. I can get up to five ounces per breast with the manual pump and was never able to get more than three with the Simplisse and three was a good day. Most days I got one or two ounces per breast and it was green and lacking in hind milk.


While I was personally only somewhat happy with the Simplisse pump, I have to admit that I have little experience with electric pumps and have only used one other model which I was also unhappy with. (A Medela). I liked this model much better than the Medela Swing. I really do personally prefer to use the manual pump which more easily allows me to adjust the pressure and flow without having to constantly set dials in order to find the "sweet spot."

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