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by Kamiro Combined Rating: 5.0

Hello Mothering Reader

I am going to throw out the FULL DISCLOSURE up front :

I am writing this review for the Boba 3g that I received to test out. I have not been paid monetarily for my...
Pros Cons
  • High Quality, Comfortable, Stylish, Good for infant & toddler, Can fit plus size (I'm a 3-4x on top when nursing) and can fit med. stature DH.
  • You may have to fiddle with it a bit until you get a good fit., May be difficult to nurse in

Hello Mothering Reader

I am going to throw out the FULL DISCLOSURE up front :

I am writing this review for the Boba 3g that I received to test out. I have not been paid monetarily for my review of this carrier, but I did receive the carrier in exchange for my honest opinion.

Since I already have the carrier, I gain nothing by claiming it is awesome if it is not.


I say all this in order that I may gush unashamedly. joy.gif



I have used so many different carriers in my 9 years of baby wearing and child rearing. Slings. Mei teis, pouch slings, even the baby bjorn back in its hey day.


I'm a plus sized mama, so the reality is that if I could fit it - I probably used it.


I would baby wear anywhere from 2 - 6 hours a day depending on the need and stage of child. It was always good for us, but to be honest - it wasn't always the most comfortable for me. It got less comfortable the older I got...

Being a 3x (26) combined with baby carriers meant for more petite women usually slapped me with the harsh reality that my comfort was going to be the first thing sacrificed in order to baby wear.


This babyhood around (its #4!) baby wearing was something I did if I absolutely had to (an hour or so a day on average)..


It wasn't something I enjoyed doing, it wasn't terribly comfortable, and to be honest I found myself sitting in the rocking chair comforting my babe more often than I liked...I couldn't get anything done and all of my cleaning chores were saved for after her bed time...and come on...being sleep deprived and having all your free time spent on dishes/laundry tends to rate high on the suck-o-meter.




ENTER THE BOBA 3g (and the angels began to sing).....blowkiss.gif



When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing I was actually pretty enthusiastic. I had never heard of a Boba before.

I decided it was worth a shot, and early this month the box came...


When I received the package I first noticed that it was packed in earth friendly materials. Hardly any waste, and no plastic.

The instruction manual was beautiful and concise and had quite a variety of languages (making this a pretty universal gift to any baby wearing curious moms worldwide).


I loved the print (I chose "Tweet"), but before I even tried it on I did a thorough examination of the quality. I found it to be surprisingly beautiful. The fabric had a good weight and feel about it, the snaps were all positioned correctly, the "Lock Robster" brand buckle and locks were high quality and durable feeling.


Now it was time for the most stringent test...Would it fit my body, comfortably?


I put it on, adjusted the straps a bit and wore baby. IT FIT! It felt mostly comfortable! Now to wear......


We did our grocery shopping day and after hours of wearing her I am sad to say that I kept getting an arm rub from one of the straps and it was - quite frankly - irritating me to the point of pain.


I took the Boba off and it sat there for two days gaining no more than a passing guilt filled glance from me.


On day three (being a woman of my word!) I put it back on in an attempt to do an honest review as best as I could.

I fiddled with the straps...placed baby in...fiddled some more...


and wore her.




From that day on, I have worn my 19 pound babe any where from 2 to 8 hours a day. I have gained my sense of freedom back, and even shed a few pounds from getting more activity!

We have been able to go to the beach, museums, the library, on walks around the neighborhood...I can do my dishes and cook and have my hands free!


Babe is so much more content and happy, and I have true FREE time now. I can read in the evenings or sew because I was able to get all my housework done during the day.


I have washed the Boba and the colors stayed bright and true, and the quality is still top notch. I absolutely LOVE this carrier...


Now, I awkwardly want to be add a little perspective here on how much I love the Boba...


These are some tough economic times for a lot of people. The freedom to just drop $125 on a carrier for many is an extreme sacrifice to their budget.


Yes, some can change their baby carrier as they would their underwear with no hit to their budget -and that is great- but for many of us that isn't feasible.



I know for my family $120 would be most of our power bill for the month, or a weeks worth of groceries, two point five days of my husband working...get my drift?


A question that pertained to my situation was "Would I have paid $125 for this?"


Mama is the last in the family to spend money on herself One could view my own clothing closet for a testimony of that!


So absolutely for that amount of money to be spent on a baby carrier would mean that it would need to be useful (as in - can't live without it!) and high quality (ie: not needing to be replaced in a year)...


After 1 week of Boba wearing - I began to see a lot of positive benefits to the family, to babe and to myself.

Now after 3 weeks of wearing babe on average of 4 hours per day -

I can say that if my Boba was lost or stolen:


YES I WOULD ABSOLUTELY PAY TO REPLACE THIS. Without a doubt. Yes, it would be tight for us for a month, but this carrier has hit 'can't live without it' status in my home.


I add this awkward financial review just in case there is a person out there who - like me - would be hesitant to spend any amount of money on baby wearing because of these economic times. shy.gif



Now, for the CONS.


You're probably going to need to fiddle with the straps some. My husband who is a size medium had to fiddle and I had to fiddle. Fiddling is not a bad thing! Just be patient and fiddle away until you get your perfect fit.



Nursing: I've been able to nurse in the Boba but the experience may be different for you depending on babe and breast size. Might be more difficult for you to nurse your babe in the Boba. Something to think about.


Alrighty Friends - This is my review of the Boba 3g soft structured carrier. I hope it helps some one out there make a decision. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Whatever you choose - best of blessings to you and yours.










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