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First, I would like to note that I did receive the BabyKicks Organic One Size Fitted for review.  I have given this diaper an overall rating of five stars based on the...
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First, I would like to note that I did receive the BabyKicks Organic One Size Fitted for review.  I have given this diaper an overall rating of five stars based on the following: 


Absorbency.  The absorbency of this diaper has far surpassed what I expected in just a handful of uses so far.  As with all cloth diapers, there is a prepping process to go through to ensure that the diaper reaches is maximum absorbency; the more you wash, the better this becomes.  I have only put this fitted through roughly 4-5 washes, this does include normal wash routines after use, and it is holding up perfectly for my heavy wetter! I have to say that I was a bit skeptical when I pulled it out of the package, as it seemed so thin.  So far, we have had no problems with this fitted keeping up with my little one.  We have been able to go anywhere from 4-10 hours in this diaper alone.  It is a great option for overnight use. 


Fabric.  This diaper is super-plush and oh-so-soft for baby's bottom. You can rest assured that this fabric placed against the skin will not cause irritation, dryness, or rash the way that a fabric such as microfiber would. We have quite a wide variety of diapers that we use in rotation that include some minky fabrics.  This diaper is softer than every one in our stash.  It is made of 50% certified organic cotton, 33% natural hemp, and 17%% polyester.  Hemp eliminates the occurrence of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus, which means less diaper rash and less worries about damage to the diaper between washing.  One of the things I am noticing more and more with this fitted is that the more we wash, the softer it becomes.  You "wear it in", not "wear it out". 


Pocket.  This diaper has a front pocket where you can add to the absorbency of the diaper.  It did come with One Size JoeyBunz insert which I have been using in the pocket.  The pocket fits to the shape of the insert so that there is no slipping, sliding, maneuvering, etc ... as the child moves around; and let me tell you that I have quite the little gymnast! For the sake of this review, I did take a few other inserts that we had sitting around to see if they would fit in the pocket.  Pretty much any of the other inserts were able to fit properly, however I did find that it made the diaper much more bulky if they were not a JoeyBunz insert. 


Snaps:  One problem I have had recently is buying a diaper with snaps, and the snaps are difficult to fit; even in brand new diapers.  These snaps easily fit together, no weight training needed to snap these together and no prying to get them apart.  They are quality snaps.  Plus, who can resist multi-colored accents?  Also, if you are shopping for fitted diapers, you will notice that many of them do not include snaps.  They simply fold together, so they must always be worn with a cover or you will need to purchase an accessory item such as Snappi fasteners, Boingos, or diaper pins.  No need for those here.  Another thing to note is that side-snapping fitted diapers are not exactly mainstream, although I have to say they should be!


Breathable.  While this diaper does need a cover to be waterproof, it is a great option for letting your little one get a little air to their bottom without the worry of the infamous 'finger painting' (isn't it lovely?!) or just messes on the floor. We have tried this option in many other combinations of flats, prefolds, etc... and it always ends in disaster.  When using with a cover, be minded that any cover will work with this fitted.  There is no need to purchase specific covers to fit.  You can use any PUL cover.  Even if you have a favorite pocket diaper, you can just pop the diaper over the fitted, without the pocket insert of course.


Fit.  This diaper, even with an insert and cover, is extremely trim.  I have found that most BabyKicks products have this in common. I do not mind a fluffy bum, but who wants a thick, bulky diaper when you can opt for a trim fit?  I was able to compare the fit of baby's pants in a BabyKicks fitted vs an Earth's Best natural disposable, and found that there is generally no difference in fit of pants with either one.  It is that trim. I really like the placement and fit of the elastic around the legs. It does eliminate that pesky leaking. 


Overall, I absolutely love this diaper.  It is great quality and well worth the investment.  I love it enough that I am off to purchase more online today!  Keep this product in mind if you are in the market for fitted diapers.  You will not be disappointed. 

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