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I am a part of the Mothering Mavens program, so I did not purchase this carrier.  It was given to me so I could wear it and then give positive and negative criticism to the company that makes...
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  • 1.Very comfortable for the mom/dad! 2. My HUGE 3 month old loves it 2. Easy to take on and off 3. Very stylish
  • 1. Strap rubbed my arm until I re-adjusted it 2. Not really any storage space


I am a part of the Mothering Mavens program, so I did not purchase this carrier.  It was given to me so I could wear it and then give positive and negative criticism to the company that makes the carrier.


The Boba truly was "love at 1st wear".  Why?  It was SOOO much more comfortable than the Ergo (the carrier I was using until I received the Boba).  To be fair, my Ergo is 6 years old and probably a very old version of what they currently make.  With that being said, the arm straps on the Ergo always felt like they were falling off my shoulders and the side straps rubbed against the sides of my breasts.  The Boba straps rubbed my outer arm until I re-adjusted it!!  


More reasons??  Far fewer steps to strap it on... The back straps on my Ergo were always falling down when not in use.  So, if I didn't check before putting it on (I never remembered to check...I'm sleep deprived for crying out loud...), I would sometimes have lay the baby down (cue the screaming baby) and fix the straps~ maddening to say the least.  Also, I always had to re-adjust the waist strap bc it would always loosen to the widest width when I took it off.  Then, I had to thread the buckle through the elastic and then buckle it. Oh- and hood on the Ergo always fell out of the pocket and (into the sink when I was washing dishes).  The hood on the Boba rolled up nicely and actually STAYS in the zippered pocket.  


Since our baby can't tell you (he's 3 months), I'll let you know that he found the Boba much more comfortable because his legs aren't spread as far apart.  In the Ergo, he had to sit lopsided bc he was too big for the infant insert, but his legs were not long enough to fit symmetrically in the leg holes.  One leg stuck straight out and the other leg hung down...I always felt uneasy about it.  In addition, his head is much more comfortable because of the soft flexible part that his head leans against in the Boba.  He truly is much happier in the Boba.  


Finally, the Boba is so much prettier.  When I ordered the Ergo, I wanted something both my husband and I could use and that would look good with any the one I have is the tan/camel color.  But, I have admired other mother's "pretty" carriers so much since then, so this time around I requested the "tweet" version and I LOVE it.


Before I end my review, let me please add this amusing statement.  The only negative feeling I have had so far about the Boba is that when I wear the Boba (tweet pattern) outside of the house, I get so many great reactions that it can be embarrassing.  Yesterday at the grocery store I felt my face flushing with embarrassment as a mom and older daughter were so struck with the carrier (and the baby??) that it was almost a spectacle as they gushed loudly about how cute it was.  On several other occasions people have commented and came up to me to "ooh and ahh" over the carrier (and once again, maybe the baby??)  winky.gif  Anyway, at church today, I found myself AVOIDING eye contact my fellow parishioners because I didn't want to create another spectacle!!  Can you tell I don't like to be in the center of attention?  So, there you have it-- the Boba 3G "Tweet"  is an amazing carrier and made me feel like a movie star with paparazzi!!! 

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