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My new go-to carrier Edit
by LiLStar Combined Rating: 5.0


For the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of trying out the Boba 3g via the Mothering Mavens. I've been wearing my children in various carriers for 6 straight years now, so I've had...
Pros Cons
  • Comfort, unique features, upper torso support for child, cute prints
  • nonfunctional hood, small pockets


For the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of trying out the Boba 3g via the Mothering Mavens. I've been wearing my children in various carriers for 6 straight years now, so I've had plenty of experience with various carriers, including 3 other soft structured carriers.
My overall opinion is this is a thoughtfully designed, comfortable, well made (and gorgeous!) carrier. I mostly use the back carry with my 14mo (25lbs) and 3.5yo (40lbs) The shoulder straps are well padded and easy to adjust in both front carry and back carry. The chest clip gave a good snug fit (I like my chest clips tight) and slides easily up and down on piping to adjust height. I was pleased to find that the clip holding it onto the piping has stayed securely attached with no signs of wear on the piping from all the use its gotten. I was a little nervous about the design, since another carrier I have that uses piping in a similar way gives me a fair amount of grief with the clips popping off the piping, but it works really well in the Boba! 
I noticed right away that the Boba holds my son's upper torso a little more snugly against mine, which is more comfortable and supportive. I think this is the biggest reason why I find the Boba more comfortable than other soft structured carriers I've tried. With my 3 year old especially, since his body is forced closer to mine, my center of gravity feels more stable. The extra snugness, I think, comes from the straps attaching to the carrier body a little higher up as opposed to the middle. The downside of this is it can cause some under arm rubbing since the straps attach a little closer to your armpit. I only notice this a little bit, and don't find it too bothersome. I think its worth it for the extra support. Much less shoulder strain. If my son puts his arms on top of the straps, as he likes to do so much, I do get sore shoulders much more quickly. I'm working on convincing him that his arms should stay inside the carrier! 
There are a few extra features that set the Boba apart from other soft structured carriers. One that has thrilled me probably more than 3 inches of fabric and a set of snaps ever should, is the purse holder! Ever find it a pain to carry your purse over your shoulder while wearing your baby? It slides off. So simple yet so brilliant, a little strip of fabric on the top of the shoulder straps loops through the purse straps and snaps down. Another is the removeable stirrups. This is a good one especially for bigger kids, as it will get their legs in a better position, with knees above the hips. I really liked this for my 3 year old. His dangling legs interfered with my balance and its no fun to get kicked! For kids who just use these to launch themselves into a standing position, they're removable. 
A feature that I didn't get to try out properly was the newborn carry. Just fold the waistband up, snap into place, and there's a little pocket for a newborn to snuggle into (legs in). 
Biggest bummer about the carrier? The hood. It doesn't cover my 14mo's head very well, and the snaps that secure it aren't very strong. He can easily remove it, just by pulling his head back! So, its basically useless. Stronger snaps would be an improvement!
I've been very happy with the comfort, fit, and features of the Boba, and I know my boys have too. I would definitely recommend it!
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